There is an almost infantile sadness at staying up till 3am re-reading your old blog posts from years ago when you were still relevant.

“I used to be pretty!” I scream hurling an emptied bottle of wine across the 500 room mansion I bought with all the money I was making from Aeon or Astral-Tek or whatever people thought the conspiracy of that day was.

I slouch across the floor in my floor-length, ming, Gucci, seal pup leather, whatever nightie, my mascara running as I dive for the telephone and call my agent, screaming that I and I alone should play the lead role and to hell with those other girls, they may be pretty but they’ll never sing as I did.

But there is no answer, I’ve fallen off the edge of the stage and down into the pits of obscurity, down, down, doooooooowwwwnnn.


But enough about the dream I had last Thursday.


People do question why I stopped writing, not as much as I’d like of course. The outpouring of a Miricle of 34th street style outcry on why the MalQusition stopped never really materialized other than occasionally the question pops up in conversation from time to time. I know a lot of people have somewhat ‘claimed credit’ for whatever reason. They can think or believe whatever they want if it helps them sleep at night. But the reality is quite simple. I got bored.

I was writing an article on Unity Air and had an Alexander the Great Moment, ‘for he looked upon his kingdom and wept, for he realized he had written every truth, exposed every conspiracy, and took down every community leader, and there was nothing more to write about’. Which sounds more egotistical and far more dramatic than it really was. Unity Air wasn’t doing anything wrong, per se, there were just people who’d thrown money into every shortcut to get to the top and like rich yuppies trying to prove they were related to nobles and kings by buying old heirlooms and titles, they stood like Karens screaming for the manager persistently pronouncing superiority while shouting down anything that claimed otherwise.

Such a trainwreck was fun to observe but was hardly hard-hitting journalism and Unity could do what they’d like, no-one was going to get hurt by it. It seemed pointless and the more I wrote the more distracted and bored I became of it till I just well….stopped.


In fairness, just before Christmas 2018, I was hit by a bus that skidded on some ice and I was in a coma for a few months. I still can’t walk as well and my memory has large gaps, so when I went back to look at the MalQusition I re-read all my articles with no memory of ever having written them. For the best part some were rather cringy and full of grammatical errors or typos but others I was proud of and sometimes you have to cling onto what you are proud of. Even if it is just rambling about Luke Flywalker.


There are a few things I do want to talk about which we’ll get to later, at the moment let’s discuss the current state of aviation.

I think it’s fair to say the Golden age of Aviation is over, we’re moving into something of a highly polished brass age of SL Aviation, shiny but not as exciting. The days of the ego pilots are over. Those who cared more about their image and how good they looked while flying have slowly trickled their way back to the Sailing community, after all it is far easier to look good perched topless on the back of a sailboat than it ever was in an aircraft, hundreds of feet in the air where no-one could really see you.


As a result, the Blake has seen something of a return to normality. The Peacocks of Sirens Ilse have returned to their large pleasure cruisers and sail events are disrupted now by Mega-yachts and GTFO Cargo Barges, and less by planes.

As a result, more Airports closed last year than opened, there were almost no new aircraft and several notable aviation groups closed down or have, at the very least, not been running any events.

In spite of this, we do appear to be slowly entering what can be described as a sort of renaissance. A few small-time builders have begun popping up and are starting to churn out some surprisingly good planes, the few coastguards left are acting more like an S+R group and less like a sudo-military organization, Airports seem to be airports and not aviation-themed discos, and the SL Aviation group very rarely pops up these days, and when it does its often because of a genuine question or concern; not because of drama, someone even criticized a Dani plane recently and didn’t immediately get their eyes torn out. Progress.

Though I had nothing to do with any of this. I mean yes Tam hasn’t written any more infectious slime on his blog, Luke Flywalker has been reduced to narrating an SL rip-off of Miss Universe (an event so poorly attended I’ve actually fucked more people than were in the audience), Vickster has entombed himself in Bastogne a region now so dead I have….well see above example, No-one has heard or seen Fastronix (and I doubt anyone remembers), Joe now actually does something, Aeon doesn’t do anything, and the last I heard of Da ‘Princess’ Admiral he had been arrested.

But most importantly; no-one right now is causing any serious drama, no-one is planting little seeds of shit rumor into peoples minds in the hopes of weaponizing them against their enemies in some pathetic decade long feud, and no-one is trying to turn the whole thing to their political advantage and reminding us to exclusively buy from their vendors to prevent a monopoly.

In other words, for the first time in this weird-ass community’s long and terrifying history, it’s all good. Put a pair of wings between your ass and go fly, no seriously, enjoy it.

FYI I’m not back, just still around, there are a couple of things I want to talk about but we’ll get to them, go about your business as always and await further instructions.

But since most of the sailors have now left can we please stop saying “Blue Skies” it was never cool.

Go Away.

Blatant Self-Promotion

Since nothing else is going on, unless you seriously want me to cover the SL Blue Angels as they fly around at Lowest possible speed before Stall in wavy patterns and think that’s entertaining.

I think I’m getting too old to cover the LOOK AT ME community in Eagles Nest. So instead here is me attempting and failing to do a let’s play.

Honestly it’s terrible, don’t watch it.

The Hunter AC1

You may question the logic of an Aviation themed blog reviewing a Hovercraft but it’s got a propeller and ‘kinda’ flies so to hell with it, It’s close enough.

Hovercraft’s is not something we see a lot of in SL specially good ones. The physics behind them are not commonly understood and unlike Aircraft or boats there are not a lot of freebie example scripts to take ‘inspiration’ from.

I have a love/hate relationship with most “hovercraft” in SL. I love Hovercraft but in SL they resemble little more than spaceships, glued to the ground, sliding across water and dirt at near twice the speed of light like it was gliding through the fucking matrix.

And I’m sorry to you people who make them, yes I know you worked hard on your little after school project putting them little stickers on it complete with a shower of glitter and you thought Daddy Mal would tape it to the fridge with pride along with his shopping list, a angry demand from his landlord and the tattered remains of his soul.

But you were Wrong! He laughed at you, threw it in your face and that is why you have a drinking problem at the age of 45. Triggered every time you see some preppy white family out on the lake enjoying their Hovercraft.


I seem to have lost my thread.


Anyway let’s now talk about a Hovercraft I actually like.


No not that one.

This one.


Built by CatalinaHunter this surprisingly Hovercraftian looking Hovercraft looks almost exactly like one would expect a Hovercraft to look like. There is a distinct lack of Wings, jet packs and Monster Drink Logo’s.

Instead what we get is simplicity and orange. The overall design looks like a soapdish with a fan in it, an orange one. With a tiny Orange Plexiglas windshield that stops your nipples getting wet.


There are four seats for your three terrified friends and it even has one of those scaffold things from Police Boats, complete with a siren. An orange one.

The Hunter AC1 features a somewhat comfortable interior, it feels a little minimalist with the controls being large and spaced out but each one carries a functional yet stylistic sense of design without going too far into the hyper luxury of white sandalwood and Whale penis leather that everyone seems to think rich stuff is made out of.

The only thing I don’t like is these weird plastic mould chairs. Though the Logo was a nice touch I can’t help but see my old school chairs when I look at them, combined with this unflattering, untextured metal struct which pins them to the chassis.


Aesthetics aside the functionality of this Craft is rather good. It moves like a hovercraft should in that it glides across any surface like it was made of pure fucking ice that was allergic to hovercraft and was trying to get rid of you as quickly as possible but you can feel the thrust comes from the direction of the Rudders along the main fan as opposed to whatever direction button I happen to be pushing.

It requires a bit of practice to get the hang of but it’s not impossible. The craft is very fun to drive and something tells me these would be very fun to try and race.


The list of features it comes with are fairly standard. Co-pilot functions make a welcome return as do a user-created list of approved ‘guests’ in the lack of an actual guest mode, locator beacon in case for forget where you parked, an ejector seat for unwelcome guests and that most holy grail of all features Seat adjustment. Meaning I can now cruise through open waters without my arse hanging out through the back of the chair.

The Hunter AC1 comes with five options skins, Black and Orange, Blue, White, Stealth and Search and Rescue. Application is done by dumping a script into the chassis in the absence of a menu driven interface.

The option to create your own textures is also available and the materials are provided.

I give it 12 Schmekkles out of carpet. I like it, I really do. The Simplicity of the design and the amount of features presented make this a Reasonably priced car of a deal. I love the little details of this craft. I love that the Radio and the Satnav only light up once the engine is turned on and I love that the builder has taken the time to raise up all the little lumps and buttons on the dash as opposed to leaving it a flat texture.

The only down side is it’s script time.

This thing hits sim crossings like a bitch and with enough of them in a single region the lag can get quite intense.

A simple scan showed the script time ranging from 0.06m/s to 0.07m/s which is ranging into giant luxury yacht and battleship territory thus very much on the high side for a smaller craft.

Though Catalinahunter has admitted this herself and has promised several coding re-rights to deal with the high running cost. It my still be best to de-script yourself a little before taking this baby out.

The Hunter AC1 is priced at L$2,499 though is available in-world at L$2,400. It comes GTFO ready and in spite of the script time is highly recommended. By me.

Which is a rare thing.


Helijah Bailey


We have received several reports that Helijah Bailey has had his account hacked and that someone else impersonating him was now using the account.

After speaking with the account myself and knowing Helijah on a semi-personal level I could easily confirm that whoever was behind the account was not Helijah after he was unable to answer even basic questions.

This comes at a very interesting time and almost co-relates to another event happening soon which I have been keeping an eye on. This may or may not involve Helijah on some level.

After seeing this I have decided to make the announcement that until I can confirm that the Helijah Bailey account is back in the hands of it’s correct owner:

All notices, announcement and statements from the Helijah Bailey account will be disregarded as falsified information.

This includes all permissions given to companies to use his work made after this date.

The MalQusition is working with other third parties to encourage Linden Labs to look into this matter closely and hopefully bring a positive resolution quickly.

Critique Hypocrita

Oh, this is going to be fun.


Far from it for me to consider ranting against my criticisms worth of an article but when someone accuses me of fake news and that person of MarkTwain White then hoi boi we just can’t let that one slide.


The first thing to keep in mind here is when I suspect someone of doing something or even catch them doing something naughty and write about it the last thing I ever expect them to do is publicly own up to it.

No-one, in the history of the MalQusition has ever admitted to being in the wrong when I find out , even when it was blatantly obvious.

Instead every article is constantly proceeded by days, sometimes weeks, of the accused throwing up as must shit as they possibly can, and of course blaming me for “spreading drama”. The rule of thumb is the more guilty they are, the bigger drama they cause. You may have seen a few examples yourself.

And though I do take corrections seriously (and you are free to scroll back and see the several I’ve made over the years) the person I accused of doing the naughty-naughty standing up and screaming “NU UH!” sadly isn’t proof enough that I was wrong.

So now we’re going to talk about Marktwain White and his decision to compare me to Commander and Chief Donald J Trump.

Now I have a lot to say in regards to the current President of the United States of America, which at this stage is more disappointment than Anger but I’ll leave RL Politics to reality for now.

So let’s start at the top. I feel it’s best we all read his little notice, then you might get a better grasp of the situation at hand.

Earlier today Malicous posted on his Blob that Hollywood Airport charged L$2000 per week for wall vendors. Rich Reynaud called him out on that falsehood and Malicious told Rich he didn’t have time to fact check his claims. As the owner of Hollywood Airport I figured that Mal had at least a modicum of integrity, and that he would post my response to his posted false statement. I was wrong. Here is the post that I sent some time ago and was been ignored will more resent posts were allowed to stand.

“Wow! Hollywood Airport charges L$2000 per week for vendor spaces? I hear that Rich called you out on that error and your response was that you did not have time to fact check your fake truths? So Trump now has a competitor in the lying business. Why am I not surprised?”

— MarkTwain White

Now it may surprise you to learn in this badly edited notice which accuses me of spreading Lies MTW has himself, lied. Oh how ironic.

This notice came out less than an hour after my blog article went live. I was aware Rich had said something to discredit what I claimed were L$2,000 per week vendor slots at Hollywood airport being that he IM’d me, posted publicly in SL Aviation and then commented here on the blog, but I wasn’t able to respond ,as anyone around at the time was probably aware, Fey and Gota of Unity air were causing quite a scene. I’ll talk about THAT seahorse another day.

MTW’s claim that my reply to Rich was that “I don’t have time to fact check my claims” is about as bullshit as it comes.

My findings on this matter actually come from the draft of an article I never published in which I wanted to highlight the difference between ideologies and tactics of SLs more popular Airports and ones that struggled to fill even a single hanger rental. In it I contacted several people who rented spaces at Hollywood, along with several other airports, and found the Average per month for Hollywood was around 2,090 Lindens per week. I assume these were for the larger hangers though I only employed the phrase “vendor space” when I asked so that is what I wrote.

However just so we are clear. I used the world “reportedly” when talking about the rental prices. Language and the type of wording I use is very important. I say ‘reportedly’ because it had been reported to me that this was the case. Outside of contacting MTW or Rich directly I had no way of verifying if or not the people I had interviewed were telling the truth and since both MTW and Rich had provided me with alternate facts during my dealings with them in the past their ability to recollect the exact average of Lindens to Prim cost at Hollywood is taken with a pinch of salt.

So far none of his renters have come forward to back-up MTW’s claim that rental prices are as low as 250L per week. But several of his previous renters have come forward to claim they are in fact, much higher.

Now secondly I would like to talk about this phrase:

“Wow! Hollywood Airport charges L$2000 per week for vendor spaces? I hear that Rich called you out on that error and your response was that you did not have time to fact check your fake truths? So Trump now has a competitor in the lying business. Why am I not surprised?”

Firstly we’ve already covered that this statement is a lie. I gave no reply to Rich even when he posted the same comment multiple times in some vain attempt to get my attention. Secondly at no point did MTW join the conversation at state this. And I invite you to check the entire log to prove I’m not lying. Even if he did the group notice system is just for that, notices, not for you to broadcast your own personal quotes and opinions when you’re being ignored in group chat.

Thirdly,as I said earlier, this notice came out less than an hour after my blog post went live. I was indated with IM’s at the time and as we are probably all aware Fey was making a scene. So exactly what was he expecting me to do? Give him priority?

Well, I’d like to go back and talk about this line:

As the owner of Hollywood Airport I figured that Mal had at least a modicum of integrity, and that he would post my response to his posted false statement.

Because “As the owner of Hollywood Airport” Priority is exactly what MTW thinks I should have given him.

It’s no secret that when it comes to egos Mark’s pretty much up there with the likes of Me and Aeon. His battlecry of “As the owner of Hollywood Airport/Founder of The United Sailing Sims” often proceeds any argument followed by commands of “I can ban you from 200+ sims” if he doesn’t get his way. An argument he repeated so often that in a casual conversation with other members of the USS steerage committee MTW was referred to by his nickname “Mr Banufrom200sims”.

Mark has been allowed one single grace to which very few of us on the Earth will ever have. He has been allowed to write his own history. His ‘official’ version of the Blake Sea history places himself as the hero of his own personal fantasy. Claiming that LL approached him and his then wife Nber with a proposal for the Blake Sea and neglecting to talk about the deeper issues and months of drama which brought about the proposal.

He talks about the Battleship drama of 2012 as if the Blake Sea ran with the blood of the innocents and that he personally did everything he could to resolve the situation at the lackluster of Linden Labs while neglecting to mention it was himself that whipped the sailors into a mass hysteria nor that this was the fourth time he had done this (The Pirates, Ironcladders and an early form of the Aviation Community all suffering similar issues) nor that Linden Labs had threatened to shut the Blake down as a result of MTW’s consistent interference.

Nor that most USS race directors had their powers removed or reduced during his personal handling of a similar situation involving the Ironclad Community nor that Twice in the Blake Sea’s history has MTW called to LL to ban the use of Aircraft in the Blake Sea.

A detailed list of all MTW’s shenanigans would take me a very long time to write and that would just be the ones I know about and even before I’ve gotten to the times both he and Rich tried to impose their “rules” on the Blake Sea and even tried to pay a Coastguard to enforce them. But ultimately this leaves us with the understanding that “As the owner of Hollywood Airport” MTW does not receive any respect from me and does not get priority when it comes to my attention span.


But you are right Mark, I should have replied. So here is my reply.

How fucking dare you call me a Liar and a distributor of fake news you hypocritical ridiculous little man.

Vendors, Ethics and Oh My!

I may have missed the boat on this one but since this is still an issue I feel a good old “fuck it imma do it anyway!” is in order.

For those of you who may have missed it and thus may be confused with the subject I am about to rail on about let me bring you up to speed.

In the deep, deep dark realms of Second Life in a region known to the locals as Loach there exists a shop. It’s not much of a shop. Just a simple square skybox, a cheap logo and one of those Neo Post-Modern Art Deco desks that covers the rent cube.


It is nothing more than a bog standard Vendor farm, hosting a number of affiliate vendors from various builders including ZSK, THI, Shana Carpool, AMOK and several others.

But there is a difference and a seedy one at that. One that threatens to become a new chapter in the great, dusty book entitled “stuff that we don’t like”. For you see boys and girls this shop, these vendors and the spineless good-for-nothing weasel that operates it is STEALING sales.

Shock Horror!

And how does this dastardly fiend get away with such a scam? Well friend buckle in for I the great and sexy Malcious Vuckovic shall tell you.

You see my child when one sets-up an affiliate vendor and that vendor makes a sale the owner of said vendor makes a commission on that sale which is provided via a percentage of the final cost the customer paid, normally between 10-15%.

What these “vendor farms” do instead is return a percentage of their own commission back to the customer, effectively allowing that customer to obtain a Discount.



Offering discounts to people. It’s like these people are just trying to be evil! But it gets worse.

You may be asking yourself, how does this steal sales?

Well you stupid shit you see each and every time one of these vendor farms entices someone into their spiders web to buy a discounted product it steals a sale from an Airport that runs it’s own vendor farm but does not offer a discount.

And those Airports rely on the income produced by those vendor sales and now may have to close due to the rise of those greedy, discount offering vendor farmers.

Oh the inhumanity, ohhh the suffering, the children why won’t anyone think of the children!


You may have noticed a slight note of sarcasm in the way I’ve been writing about this and you would be right to assume so.

Blogs such as the SL Airmenship and McKeenan Aviation have brought up this subject in the past, questioning the ethics of this system and referring to it as a “scam” a way of “poaching sales” and calling out the owners as Parasites. Builders such as Astral-Tek and ZSK, people I like, have come forward to condemn the practice and many are already reviewing their affiliate vendors some going as far as to disable them entirely.

It may have not escaped your attention that I may have something of a contradicting thought on this experience. In fact I think the whole thing is dumb as hell. Hence why my article on this subject was a little late of the gun, this is a non-issue, it’s a mountain that’s been made of a molehill and I can’t even begin to describe how fucking stupid this entire drama is.


But I will try regardless.


Let’s not beat about the bush here. This entire argument, besides the unpleasant behaviour of several of the individuals who run these vendor farms, is a simple matter of “People would rather shop at this persons store, that is unfair because I don’t make money!”.

It’s a ludicrous and stupid argument and it bares a striking resemblance to the old “player poaching” accusations Sim owners used to throw at each other back in the days of SLace.

Firstly No-one has stolen sales from you. You lost them. What these so called vendor farms are doing is simply competing. Past and existing customers are not yours. You cannot claim ownership of a person because they once bought something from you and expect them to continuously patronise your store forever.

Customers can often be Brand loyal but history has proven that this loyalty does not transfer over to vendors and customers rarely consider Ethics and morality when choosing a Vendor to buy from. If they did then this blog wouldn’t exist.

Customers frequently drift between airports such is the nature of aviators. An Airport which doesn’t have the luxury or convince of being large and having the perfect location has to consistently re-invent itself in order to appear interesting to pilots through events, dance clubs, Airshows, Acrobatics courses or even things like the Landing game.

An Airports history, it’s behaviour, reputation, traffic, and the size of it’s group nor tales of it’s dramatic struggles do not win it any “karma points” in the community and it’s stories fail to make it any more unique from any other Airport.

Expecting exclusivity from any Pilots which drift into your net in terms of vendor sales is expecting them to turn their back on any number of other Airports which may also be looking for Affiliate sales to cover gaps in finances.

It also expects the customer won’t simply buy direct from the builder, perhaps from the convenience of marketplace or perhaps ,through an act of loyalty to the builder, decide that they deserves all the money from the sale instead of passing on a 10% commission to someone who did little more than rezz a vendor.

To expect and even demand that is, in itself, as much unethical as it is unrealistic. But this is where the argument has been lacking somewhat, my fellow bloggers, as much as it pains me to admit, have forgotten the Golden Rule. Always check the other side of the argument before filling the internet with cheese.

The problem here is that many of the people who run these vendor farms, or at least the ones that have been highlighted, are rather vulgar in their manner. Highly unpleasant and prone to outbursts of profanity whenever their fragile ego is prickled. Such childish tantrums, assuming they are real, make great Tabloid sensationalism at proving just how much of an arse said person is.

But in our rush to condemn such obviously distasteful people we are missing out a massive chunk of the argument and I’m afraid it’s about Ethics and well….common sense.

Out of all the Builders rushing to deal with this new arising threat of discount Affiliate vendor farms only Tig, surprise surprise, has been sensible in her approach. By matching the farms discount, so long as you are in her group, using her vendor.

It’s amusing how no-one else seems to have thought of that.

Other idiots builders like Tank have reportedly decided to “troll” people who do this. Quietly changing that persons affiliate vendor to 0% commission, meaning they are now accidentally giving away money on each transaction, potentially loosing thousands of Lindens without their knowledge. All for the crime of, well, offering customers a discount.

And let’s remind ourselves, there is nothing illegal or even shady about this. The builder isn’t loosing any money, the customer hasn’t been scammed in anyway. The Vendor farmer is returning part of their own money back to the customer and choosing to take a smaller cut of the sale. Hardly the work of a greedy mind. In fact it’s just good business sense.


There is nothing “unethical” about what they are doing. The builder hasn’t lost money, the customer hasn’t been mislead. The only people who have lost out at the Owners of other Vendor farms who refuse to match the discount.

But calling them out, referring to their business as a “scam”, insulting them and enticing builders to enact punishments against them. THAT is unethical.

It is unethical to expect customers to only ever buy from vendors that you can squeeze a profit form. It is unethical to slander your competitors when you lose sales to them. It is not the Duty of anyone to ensure that any Airport on this grid remains financially stable other than one person. The Owner.

Second Point and I have to pick on McKeenan for this. Reference was made in his Blog Post to Unity Airport which is situated on the Jeogeot Gulf. McKeenan wrote about how the Airport was struggling against the personal vendetta of one particular Vendor farmer.

The argument was based on a Hypothetical situation which showed that active marketing i.e approaching customers and talking to them, was a more effective way of making sales than sticking to the motto “build it and they will come”.

Now I could base an entire article of the shady dealings of Unity Airlines and I would immediately call bullshit to the claim that neither Fey nor Unity “did anything wrong” to attract the negative attention of the Vendor they mention but Unity will have their turn to bask in the unwithering Gaze of the MalQusition another day.

Instead I pose the thought:

Unity Airport has, in the past, requested from builders an Affiliate Vendor with a larger commission share than the Standard one other people might have. Average commission from vendors being around 10-15%. A few notable builders in the region have happily informed the MalQusition that Unity have specially asked for vendors of up to 25% and more using their High Traffic numbers as justification.

And they are not alone. Almost every high Traffic airport requests or demands a higher percentage when it comes to Affiliate vendors with places like Hollywood Airport in the Blake Sea reportedly charging up to L$2,000 per week for vendor space.

Unity itself is not a high traffic airport. In fact it uses Bots and traffic camps (services which tp newbies into the region and pays them L$1 for every 5 minutes they remain there) in order to artificially inflate their traffic numbers.


This could be argued as being a kind of deception. Don’t you think? And by playing this deception as an excuse to have builders fork over more of their profits. Now who is the one running the Scam?


In order to scavenge some conclusion in this rather dry and long overdue article. This is just another ill-thought out battle in the long war of People who don’t understand Capitalism and ,for some reason, expect everyone to adhere to a list of unwritten rules which aims to neuter anyone’s ability to make more money than a designated list of specific people. Finding out that life doesn’t work like that and bitching loudly to whatever authority they can find about how wrong it all is.

Effectively, it’s about money. I mean don’t get me wrong if I were in McKeenan’s shoes I would of disabled that guys Affiliate Vendors too. But in reality this entire situation boils down to someone doing something creative to make money and someone else getting angry that their ability to make money with little to no effort may be damaged as a result.

Boo fucking hoo.

The untitled Memorial Day Article


Ahh memorial day. When we remember the members of our armed forces that gave their life to defend their country. That’s it, no need to be controversial today and as a vet myself I know what it feels like to lose someone close to you in battle ,but I don’t like to talk about that so we’re not going to, instead we’re going to talk about another thing close to my heart, my lungs, full of hot air and constantly inflating, deflating, actually no, one of the things I care most about is Historical Accuracy for if we are going to remember those who gave their lives I feel it’s best to remember them correctly.

So without further ado here is some more WWII Facts that are Bullshit.


  1. The Sherman Tank was the worst tank ever made, it had paper thin armour, caught fire every-time it was hit and was known as a Ronson Tank because it “Lights first time”.

Firstly the worst tank of the Second World War was debatably the British Valiant tank, which could not be operated without the driver injuring themselves and was pulled from trails before production could even begin, or perhaps the Churchill Ardeer Aggie ,an attempt to attach a 300mm recoilless cannon to a British Churchill tank, which could only fire once and concussed most of it’s crew in the process. Or perhaps the Ferdinand a German Tank destroyer which had a tendency to catch fire for no reason and explode when moving up inclines.


The much criticized American Sherman Tank was actually a very good tank for the age, highly versatile, mobile and cheap both to build and repair.

It also had a secret. While other tanks made use of levers and bars to control motion and took an average of six months to train a man to drive the Sherman had a steering wheel, a pedal for breaking,a pedal for accelerating, a clutch and one simple gear level, arranged as you might find on a car. Basically if you could drive a car you could drive a Sherman.

As for mobility, the Sherman could go between mud, ground, tarmac, sand and snow without any extensive modification. It could cover terrain most other tanks could not, cross old bridges and ford streams. In comparison the German PnzIV needed extensive modification to handle the rough terrain it encountered in both Russia and in Africa. Mobility was never an issue for a Sherman tanker and while his counterpart in a Panther could boost better armour protection and a bigger gun but the Panther could only be deployed in certain area’s where they could handle the terrain, a Sherman could be deployed anywhere.

Thirdly, that gun the Sherman has gets a lot of stick. Adapted from the French 75mm ‘Canon de 75 MLE’ the Shermans main gun is often unfairly criticized for it’s lack of stopping power and it’s suitability for Infantry support, not anti-tank support. This is often blamed on people like McNair who, we are told, believed that a Tanks job was to support infantry and the job of taking out tanks should be left to the Tank Destroyers who were better equipped.

This is a quote from the American Tanker field manual “Tank vs Tank Action (cfm 1710) Attacking Tank units frequently encounter hostile tank units unexpectedly and other times may be required to attack hostile tanks deliberately“. The Americans were not so stupid as to think that just because they didn’t want to fight hostile Tanks the enemy wouldn’t bring any. While it is true that the role of the Sherman tank was envisioned as being an infantry support weapon, part of the infantry support role was taking down enemy tanks that might be supporting enemy infantry.

The 75mm gun the Sherman employed was not useless against all German tanks. Most ‘documentaries’ regarding the Sherman take their statics by firing a replica Sherman gun loaded with solid shot ammunition over a range at a solid steel plate roughly the thickness of a Tiger’s frontal armour and wet their pants with excitement when it creates nothing but a lovely dent. Solid Shot ammunition was only used very early on in the war and was almost completely phased out by the time the Sherman was being fielded.


By 1943 the Americans had developed a very sophisticated AP round called M61 APCBC which could penetrate the frontal armour of a Tiger at about 500 meters. To put that in perspective that is a distance of two sims, or five football fields. The Tigers side armour could be penetrated from nearly twice that distance.

Fourthly let’s discuss that ‘paper thin’ armour. The Sherman is often highly criticized for having very little Armour protection while the Russian tank the T-34 is praised for having an incredible amount of protection thanks to it’s slopping armour. To people who say stuff like this I always ask “have you ever actually seen a Sherman tank?”.

The Sherman offered around 50mm (60mm for a late war M4) of frontal armour at a 45 degree angle, offering 70mm (or 80mm) of armour in relative thickness. The T34 offered about 40mm of armour at a 45 degree angle, or 65mm of relative thickness. This meant that ,though it was still nothing compared to the 100mm offered by the Tiger, the Sherman was still better protected than the T-34. In comparison the PnzIV Ausf G had 50mm (later 80mm but at the loss of it’s side armour) on a 90 degree angle giving it a relative thickness of only 55mm (or 87mm for later models of the G), the Panther supported 80mm at a 55 degree angle giving a relative thickness of 97mm. Still well within the Shermans capabilities to destroy.

This would also mean a Pnz IV Ausf G equipped with it’s 75mm KwK 40 could destroy a Sherman at 1,500m, the same distance a Sherman could destroy a PnzIV. It is a complete Myth to believe the Average German tanker enjoyed any level of superiority in equipment in compared to his American rival.

Lastly that slogan “lights first every time” Ronsan didn’t use that slogan till the 1950’s. The Shermans caught fire just as much as every other WWII Tank, not because it was magically more able to do so but because if you shoot at anything enough times it will catch fire. This was a common tactic in WWII to prevent the Tank from being recovered, repaired and used again. About 50-80% of Shermans caught fire, and the Myth was largely generated because of inexperienced American tankers leaving dirty oil rags around the interior, not because the Sherman used a petrol engine.

After the US introduced Wet Stowage boxes for their ammunition, cases of fire dropped to around 15%, for the PnzIV it remained around 80-95% for the entire war.



2. The French were idiots in thinking the Ardennes was tank proof because of ‘Trees’ lol

Ah yes the silly Cheesy Eating surrender monkies quite literally gave up the entire war by thinking that Trees could stop a Tank and during any WWII Documentry the footage often enjoys cutting to German propaganda reels of German tanks pushing tree’s over. ha! Silly French.

What most people don’t realize is that, they were right. Firstly have you ever been to the Adrennes? Let me throw you some pictures.

101878-ardenne-belgeEifel 015

It’s miles and miles and miles of impassible rivers, jagged hills and endless forests, the tree’s themselves are packed pretty dense and some of them with trunks larger than that of the typical German tank at the time which was the Chez built Pnz 38(t). When Germany launched it’s attack on France it’s initial “flank through the Ardennes” plan, known as the Manstein Plan, 41,000 vehicles attempted to squeeze through the Ardennes region. They were given four separate routes and expected to take no less than two days. In actuality they took two weeks.

The massive traffic jam of men and equipment almost led to Hitler calling off the entire attack. The Germans consistently found themselves struggling through difficult, muddy terrain, up the side of hills, along narrow cliff edges and through centuries old overgrown forests. Their position led them to be increasingly vulnerable to French bomber attacks, which never came.


The German Traffic Jam was spotted, first by Belgium who had correctly anticipated when and where the Germans would attack from, then by the Swiss and finally by the French, who’s spotter planes picked them up on the 11th of May. At this point a squadron of French bombers could have ended WWII right there and then, the problem was that the French Air Force was not doing so well against the Luftwaffe, it’s Bomber force had been reduced from 135 to 72 in little under a few weeks and it’s fighters in their MS.406’s found themselves outmatched by Germany’s 109’s. The French did have a fighter superior, the D.520 but these were available in too small a number.e3739d8b0fc3c7952d22a6a711d74e16

The British were more concerned about keeping the coast in Allied hands, fearing any threat to their Naval Supremacy. The Belgians didn’t have to equipment nor men to take the Germans head on, they had spent the past year carefully turning their country into a formidable fortress and had hoped to last it out. The French were preparing to fight a second First World War, it’s static army was trained to dig trenches and build defences and were unprepared for the fluid rapid attack the Germans would unleash, which combined Tank, Aircraft, Artillery and infantry moving and attacking as one.

The Germans didn’t even need to fight the French. The French army still communicated through messenger, the French commander in chief, Gen. Gamelin, did not even have a telephone in his HQ outside Paris. So the Germans outflanked the immobile French, cut off their communication and supply lines which left two massive armies unable to feed themselves, unable to communicate and under attack from every direction. Panic set in and retreat became the only option.

When the Germans finally escaped the Ardennes forests they came face to face with six platoons of the 55th Infantry Division, mostly combat engineers which had been sent to construct Pillboxes in anticipation of the German advance. These units were already heavily de-moralized and weakened after an eight hour non-stop bombardment from heavy elements of the Luftwaffe, lacking AA support in response. In Spite of this for three days the French held, fighting off three German Panzer Divisions including the elite Großdeutschland infantry regiment.


Eventually crippling moral, a break down of communications and a false rumour that German tanks had already flanked their position and were attacking Artillery units behind them finally caused the French to break down and retreat. Fearing the worst General Gaston-Henri Billotte, commander of the 1st Army Group demanded every remaining Allied bomber attack the bridges on the Sedan river in an attempt to delay the Germans long enough to organise a counter-attack. This plan failed and the French lost a further half of it’s remaining bombers.

In conclusion of this it would be unfair to claim the French immediately surrendered. The French lost 217,000 men with a further 400,000 wounded in combat. Compare that to America’s loss of 416,000 dead during four years of war in the Pacific and Europe. Germany lost 46,000 men with a further 121,000 wounded. The Luftwaffe had lost over 1,000 of it’s planes and it’s Panzer divisions were now short of 800 tanks. The losses in irreplaceable men and equipment had been staggering, 36% of Germany’s fighting force had been lost and while Hitler applauded the “acceptable” loss of men ,having expected to lose almost a Million men, it was the loss of equipment that had dealt the killing blow.

With such a high loss of equipment operation Sea-lion, the invasion of Britain, could never truly take place. It’s armies attacked Russia vastly under strength and it’s policing force had been severely depleted, leading to numerous resistance forces none of which would ever be fully supressed.

German Economy, which had been preparing for a war of attrition, could not replace it’s loses fast enough and would eventually collapse under the strain. While the French leaders ultimately were to blame for the loss of the Battle of France, becoming struck down with a case of hopelessness and forcing France to Surrender rather than fight on. What France achieved was the beginning of the end for Germany.

The French continued to Fight on, giving way to the single greatest gorilla resistance movement even seen without which the D-day landings could not have been possible, or certainly not as successful.


3. Germany Was Superior, specially in 1940

Sticking with the battle of France let us examine the state of the German army of 1940. If you went back in time you would supposedly be looking at one of the most modern armies of the age. Fully Mechanised in preparation for Blitzkreig, with superior weapons, equipment, tanks and Aircraft.

Or was it?


Sub – German troops marching through occupied Warsaw during World War Two, Poland, circa 1939. 

One of the most persistent Myths regarding WWII has always been the superiority in both numbers and quality of German equipment, mostly Tanks.

The sheer of the complexity of the Second World War and the impressive scale of Germany’s victories requires, in the average mind, a simplistic answer. Superior numbers, training and technology undoubtedly satisfies that requirement and while public opinion regularly views the German Army of WWII as a High-Tech modern army using advanced new technologies invented in Germany this is nothing but a testament to the continuing effectiveness of Nazi propaganda, captured by German Film makers over 70 years ago.

Surprising as this may sound at the start of the war the most modern Army was France and the most mechanised was the British. 50% of the French army equipment was under 30 years old while 25% of the British army was Mechanised. This may not seem much but in comparison only 10% of the Germany army ,at the time, was mechanised. Around about 45% of it’s forces were using equipment over 40 years old and half it’s infantry had only two weeks training.


Hitler’s Elites the SS and the German Paratroop Fallschirmjäger divisions were the only division to be fully supplied with new equipment but even they were supplemented by second rate divisions and horse drawn Artillery. This would never changed and General Rommel’s Afrika Korp would be the only German Army to become completely mechanised, without use of horse drawn carts or bicycles and this was entirely through necessity.

Granted as the war progressed the German Army became increasingly more Mechanised yet at the height of it’s power, 1942, the German army only really ever achieved roughly 26% Mechanisation. It’s economy, still recovering from France, simply couldn’t cope with the production of new and replacement vehicles at the ever increasing rate which Hitler demanded.

Not even German Tanks, famous for being superior to their allied counterparts, were actually superior in anyway. Firstly it is wrong to assume that Allied tanks were inferior to Germany’s because they had been designed with the idea of Infantry support and not to take on other tanks whereas all German tanks were designed to fill Anti-Tank roles. As I stated earlier in the discussion regarding the Sherman the role of Infantry Support includes dealing with other tanks, otherwise all allied Tanks would have been fitted with Howitzers as opposed to AT guns.


While early war Nations, most notably the British, commonly accepted this required two types of Tanks, a small fast moving Tank to exploit breakthroughs and a large, heavily armoured tank to support and move with infantry. The German’s believed in exactly the same. Out of all 2,500 German tanks to enter France only 348 were the Panzer III, the only tank Germany had constructed to purposefully deal with other tanks, the StuG was a dedicated Infantry support filling a Mobile Artillery role and the Panzer IV was multi-rolled. Even then the Panzer III had only been equipped with the 37mm Pak 36. A gun outdated and outclassed by almost every other Tank gun on the Allied side and already christened as the “Armies Door Knocker” by German troops as it couldn’t penetrate the armour of the heavier French tanks being encountered all along the Western front.

Eventually these tanks would be up-gunned and upgraded but, in contradiction to popular opinion, would never match the level of technical superiority posed by the allied ‘inferior’ tanks. As the understanding of a Tanks role on the battlefield began to shift, both the British, the Americans ,and to a lesser extent the Russians, placed heavily emphasis on the development of a Multi-rolled Medium Tank that could support infantry, carry out breakthrough attacks as well as engage armour.

Post-war trails done by the Americans and the Russians found that German Tanks had only been superficially Superior, while having bigger guns and thicker armour than most Allied vehicles all ,save for the Panther, were still based on their original late 1930’s concepts with additional upgrades hastily bolted on. Lack of refinement had left most German tanks, most notably the Panzer IV a Frankenstein’s monster which limited their effectiveness as opposed to the Sherman which went through several major re-designs in it’s lifetime.


4. The Amusing tail of the Breda Ba.88 “Lynx” the most beautiful and useless plane of the war.

While not exactly a Myth I am always surprised at just how few people know about this Aircraft.

Mussolini hailed the Lynx as a triumph of Italian air design, the sleek black all metal shoulder-wing twin engined monoplane was a heavy advancement in aero-technology compared to what else had been achieved in the 1930’s. It was beautiful, stunning almost and when it took off on it’s maiden flight in October 1936  it proved itself a lot more than just a pretty face.


By the following year it has smashed two world Speed-over-distance records, averaging 321.25 mph over a 62 mile distance and by December of the same year it has raised these speeds to 350 mph.

However, when military equipment began to be placed on the aircraft numerous problems began to raise.

In 1940 during Italy’s raids on southern France two groups with 12 BA.88’s began strafing runs on the French Airfield of Corsica. They found the aircraft lacked power and the addition of the bombs and machine guns slowed the aircraft down and caused it to steer like a brick.

However with no real air resistance the raids took no losses and the Ba.88 was pushed into service in Africa. During the initial stages of the assaults on British positions two of the three aircraft couldn’t take-off, the third couldn’t turn and had to move in a straight line until it found another airfield to land at. When these issues were fixed it was found the sand filters fitted to the engines caused them to overheat, slowing the craft down to nearly half it’s top speed and forcing it to remain low some only achieving a pathetic flying height of 150m while others couldn’t take-off even with half the weapons, all the bombs and most of the fuel stripped out.

After this the Aircraft were stripped of all useful components and left scattered around Airfields as Decoy aircraft.


A sad, sad end to one of the war’s most powerful and beautiful aircraft.

In late 1942 the Agusta plant identified it’s main issues. The Frame was too heavy and the engines were underpowered and unreliable. Extensive modification on three aircraft was undertaken with new engines being fitted, the wingspan increased by a further two meters and the addition of Dive brakes. These aircraft never saw service, being ready only after the Italian armistice in 1943. They were handed over to the Luftwaffe for evaluation and promptly disappeared.


So that’s all I have right now. I’d say have a happy Memorial day but that always seems a little distasteful to me. So have a good day, enjoy spending time with those you love, don’t light any fireworks, if you know someone who is alone go check on them, invite them to the BBQ, there might be a reason they are so isolated and bitter. Always remember to wash your butt and try to remember that war is a vast and complicated thing, just because someone claims all war is pointless doesn’t mean those who died sacrificed their lives for nothing, but that is an argument for a different day.


Terrorists, Nazis and Conspiracy Theories. More than just a work of Pulp Fiction?

NB: Before we begin I have one slight correction to make. In my article regarding the Free the Gulf group titled “The Jeogeot Gulf’s secret War” an image was shown which displayed the groups members list with intent of proving Harry Chocolate as a member. Another name was also shown by the name of MeesterP. This person has contacted me and stated that he joined this group out of curiosity after being mass invited along with numerous other people and left quickly after. He has not participated in any of the Free the Gulf’s drama and does not support the group in anyway.


Yes I know, I promised I wouldn’t bitch about New Bastogne or the Free the Gulf (FtG) group anymore and I really meant it. Today’s article was planned to be a second part of my ‘How to fly a fucking Plane’ but after publishing the article regarding the FtG group I had the weirdest feeling.

Something wasn’t quite right, I’d passed off the Group as being nothing more than another sad chapter in Kyndy and Toscha’s desperation for revenge and Vickster’s involvement ,in the article before, as nothing more than a plea for attention. But for some reason this didn’t satisfy. There was just too many things that didn’t make sense, too many co-incidences and I couldn’t help shake the feeling that something bigger was going on.

Quietly I put down my coffee, dusted off my old Fedora and Trenchcoat and stepped out into the Night. I had some thinking to do and you, dear reader, need a history lesson.




About six years ago a new WWII-RP sim opened called “Where Eagles Dare” somewhat based on the Movie it featured a Large Axis castle and a smaller Allied base just outside. It contained a lot of Roleplay elements such as guard dogs, re-enforceable objectives, destructible walls and different puzzle-like entrances for the Allied players to try and break into the castle. It was interesting and different, no-one had done an infantry focused objective based map like this before and I was looking forward to the day it opened.

But that day never came, the region closed very quickly and became a run of the mill residential sim after the German players refused to go there and then greifers hit the sim en-masse.

I was around to capture one of the greifing attempts and I’ll leave the pictures below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The person who greifed them was someone by the name of Lancelot Woodford. An Alt account of a person called Hartmann, who we will be discussing later, so keep a note of that name for now.

Another sim came along about a year later, this time set in Tobruk and re-enacting the classic duel between the British 7th Army and the German Afrika Korp. There was nothing particularly special about this sim, just a desert with some arab buildings dotted about the place, but the British players were happy and Astral-Tek released a Crusader Tank with a planned Afrika Korp Panzer III to come later.


Sadly the same thing happened. The German players refused to go there and the sim was greifed, this time by Hartmann himself. The Sim owner also received a number of threatening and abusive IM’s from Vickster, claiming attempts at player poaching.

Annoyingly the only pictures of I have of this region were of a couple of Ponies playing out a “Pony Dr Who” RP in a skybox and were genuinely annoyed when the admins wouldn’t let them.


A few other WWII regions popped up every now and then and the same thing happened, Germans refuse to turn up, Hartmman alt greifs them. I’ve quite forgotten their names, since there was a lot of them, but one of them ‘Operation Goodwood’ was mine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Goodwood was designed for the idea of fast-paced combat with multiple spawn points and very few defendable positions, capture objectives were easy to take but difficult to hold and there was a few RP elements mixed in to keep things interesting. During it’s short existence it caused a high exodus of players from New Bastogne and it regularly past it in traffic numbers. We even had an article written about us in the SL Newser.

It too got hit by grefiing, again from Hartmann who, along with his alts, would regularly try to crash the sim or turn up at events and send people obscene pictures to distract them. I also got my fair share of abuse from Vickster, player poaching, sabotage etc etc as did both my Allied and Axis commanders.

[22:35] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): why don’t you back up any of the shit you talk?
[22:35] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): prove it
[22:39] Malcious Vuckovic: I’m sorry what?
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): prove one thing
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): just one thing
[22:39] Malcious Vuckovic: Prove what?
[22:39] Malcious Vuckovic: That you are abusive to my admins? Isn’t this conversation somewhat self-evident of that?
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you know what? i only have one thing to say to you.
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): fuck off
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you don’t know shit
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you’re a tool
[22:40] Malcious Vuckovic: to who?
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): i don’t care
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): i told you to fuck off and that means i’m done talking to you
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): g’night

Goodwood would eventually close. At the time we were nabours with DOR and well, readers of this blog should be aware of the coming shit storm that those people caused me for me. Goodwood moved away and Joe took it over, adding another six sims to it however the person who was helping him pay for it all lost his job after falling alseep at his desk and the region closed.

DOR and the central telehub region at DOR played host to a large hanger specifically dedicated to acting as advertisement to New Bastogne. At the same time, just before we took the decision to move, the region of void dedicated to our expansion was ‘blocked off’ suddenly by the arrival of two new sims, one of which a Pirate themed Hooker sim (no I’m not making that up) in which the only access to was through Goodwood. While we complained to Jessica Chung ,who was out landlord at the time, she merely mentioned that one of DOR’s estate Managers had greenlit it and wouldn’t help us any further. Princess Da claimed it wasn’t him and though he has done nothing to ever make me think I can believe him coincidently Vickster was also an Estate manager with DOR and this ‘coincidence’ has pondered me to this day.

Goodwood wasn’t an entire waste. Because of the high number of defectors from New Bastogne I started to receive a lot of detail into the rather bizarre and quite disturbing way the upper echelons of Vickster’s ,now disbanded, 1st SS Leibstandarte group worked. Vickster referred to himself as Fuhrer and would often sign RP Documents with ‘Seig Heil’ he also disallowed Furries or anyone without the Aryan look of Blonde Hair and Blue eyes to be promoted or allowed into the SS. This was apparently done for Historical Accuracy.


I was also made aware of the existence of a Group, one by the name of Defensor Civiaswdad (Group key: 0f0162d2-c2ba-81d9-32f2-69c4b044fb74 if you’re interested) a group specifically designed to identify threats to New Bastogne and to find ways of extinguishing them. Various higher officers in the 1.Armee and 1st SS would receive this invite:

“Hi (name removed), I invite you to a secret group, its purpose is to actively help New Bastogne by all ways, find good strategies to make the RP more active and stop all attempts from the New Ravenloft loosers and troublemakers to recruit our members and spread slanders and lies about us. This group is a secret society with only trustfull people.”

Supposedly this group has now been replaced by the more appropriately named PropogandaKompanie


But I’m just ranting now.

When Goodwood closed my passion for WWII-RP died with it and I moved onto other things. During that time a few other WWII Sims emerged, most notably New World.

Now the bullshit with New World would take an entire article to explain but suffice to say they suffered the same problems as Goodwood. Abuse from Vickster, German players refusing to fight there and greifing, lots of grefing from Hartmman and his alts.

New World caused an exodus of players from New Bastogne that far outshone Goodwood, it catapulted it off the radar in terms of Traffic and for the first time in a long time, events were held, battles were had and the WWII-RP community started to slowly grow back to the way it was before attracting nearly 100 active players as well as a number of new builders.

Why New World went from that to falling down the Bullshit Tree and landing with a crash is best explained by someone who was around at the time, but during it’s height an amazing war of Drama took place. People who went to New World and were seen by one of Vickster’s spies were instantly banned from New Bastogne and anyone who took an officer position in NW’s Axis group regularly found themselves under constant abuse and cries of ‘traitor’ from the New Bastogne’s officer core.

It was here we learned why a lot of the Germans refused to fight in these new regions that were popping up. Vickster was actively threatening to kick them out of his groups and from New Bastogne. In fact it was part of the group rules of the 1st SS.


6 – You always report anything you see/hear to the Gruppenführer. Anything you find relevant and important for him to know.

7 – You are NEVER to be found talking badly about Germany, about German values, German leaders or anything bad related to WW2. Preferencially, you will say nothing about these things and have no opinion to share publicly.

8 – There is no life after SS. If you abandon the SS, if you betray us, if you end up expelled from the SS, you understand you will be automatically BANNED from the WW2 permanently, as well as any other alt you may have. If you fail in the SS, you’re done in WW2 in SL.

9 – You will protect the name of our group and never put our SIM and/or group at risk by exposing ‘prohibited’ material or publicly speaking of ‘prohibited ideas’.

10 – You will always respect your comrades and especially your superiors. You will always follow orders blindly and efficiently without hesitation. Whatever the order may be, you will do it and will accomplish it.

(I’ll leave the entire hand book on pastebin for anyone who is interested. Pay particular attention to line 28. “We are not political, we represent the German Armed Forces and we do not care about politics. We are soldiers.” which then goes onto contradict itself in line 51 “basic aspects of being a soldier in the SS don’t involve combat at all“. Though I also rather enjoy line 45: “No furry avatars allowed in the SS. Only the lowest ranks of Heer and and all ranks of Luftwaffe permit furries”. Line 51 again “While you are in tag and uniform you represent the SS and its values.”  and of course who could forget line 68 “The minimum height for be part of the Waffen-SS is 2.10m (SL height). Your avatar must also be presentable, and this goes for the quality of the ‘appearance items’ you wear, such as skin(white), eyes(blue), hair(blonde), etc. You must be as historically correct as possible and this WILL be enforced.”)

Though it should be pointed out this SS group no longer seem to exist, so just to prove it once did here is a video of them training.


After that the only WWII regions I am aware of was WWII North and Central. Probably the most beautiful WWII region ever constructed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was another Joe Sparrow pet project there to show off what MCE could do and for a while it was successful. Hartmann of course consistently tried greifing the place and Vickster was less than too happy about the places existence, like he did at New World anyone caught playing at Central was banned from Bastogne and for a while he even had ,in his profile pics, an add mocking Central.

WWII-Central and North moved to the Jeogeot Gulf.

Now keep all that in mind while I quickly address one concern. Yes I am aware it is hypocritical of me to state that the Avatar Hartmman is controlling all these alts when in my previous article I denied doing the same thing. I am aware that I have no physical evidence to present here. Hartmann and his alts are well known in the community and the evidence for a Hartmann is alt usually him being French and speaking over Mic, which he does a lot when angry. I’m afraid you’re just going to have to trust me and this Redzone report.

Redzone Report on Hartmman Resident
Hartmman: seems he is quite a bad boy – an unprecedented -4 rating on RedZone’s neighborhood watch report. Red Zone also reports several “alts” (or more precisely avatars who have logged in from the same IP address). In the unlikely event one of these individuals claims they are not really him and it is a mistake, send me their name, and I can doa level 2 analysis to see if there is any merit to their claim.

Erich Hartmman
Hartmman Resident
CaptBlinker Kingmaker (Note: he took this name after Capt Blinker banned him from his sim, so don’t confuse the two)

Hartmann Resident
Lancelot Woodford
Jon123 Danik
Alexia Mekanic
Yoshi Deka

While not listed as an alt of Hartmman a RedZone Owner named Adrianna Biziou uses her status to constabntly remove hartmman from the neighrhood watch program.

Keeping with Hartmann and working to the assumption that all the alts are him. In the region of New Bastogne, Hartmann is known to greif, he cheats, he hurls insults at the allied players and he shouts abuse at his superiors. I have a lot of evidence to this so instead of a picture, here is a gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a once admin of Bastogne I spent a lot of time dealing with complaints regarding him, yet I could never get him banned. Worst still when Mogg Zepp, commander of the Axis tank arm after Albretch was banned, stepped down it was Hartmman who was promoted to replace him.

This was something I could never understand. Hartmman was the only person in the SS who was allowed to ignore the appearance rules, he had black hair and dark skin, yet this was ignored despite others being booted out for even so much as wearing elf ears. He was given a high position in the Heer and ,for a time, his own office. When he was finally booted out the 1.Armee for abusing his superiors he was given Command positions in the other Axis armies, the Azad Hind, the Italians and the Axis Soviet group which closely parodied my own 3rd Shock Army. While Allied factions had to fight for office space and often share buildings, Hartmman’s groups were given graciously sized HQ buildings, often at the expense of another group.


History lesson over. Now I know that was a lot of information to process so I’ll summarise. Of every WWII region that has opened that I am aware of the following has happened:

1) Vickster has banned his German Players from visiting or fighting there and has threatened to ban others he catches playing there.

2) The region has been greifed by Hartmman or by a suspected Alt of his. Hartmman receives special treatment in New Bastogne and the admins turn a blind eye to him cheating.

3) The region closes down shortly after, citing reasons for lack of players and greifing attacks.

A curious connection and as we wander aimlessly through the night, the illumination from the gas lamps throwing shadows across the dusty street, the music edged with the subtle undertones of muted trombones.

images (2)

What does it all mean? What does it all prove? Other than what we already know, that Vickster doesn’t like to share, nothing.

Theorise with me a little.

If Hartmman is the one behind all these greifer attacks we must question why? And since he receive special treatment at Bastogne we must also question why that is. We could assume the two are connected. That Hartmman was attacking these regions with the direct intent of having them shut down.

If so it is not entirely outside the realms of possibility that Hartmman and his alts (assuming they are not all different people) was acting under orders of either Vickster himself or someone else at New Bastogne and was being rewarded with various special privileges.


Hold the phone, that’s an interesting theory, certainly one that holds water, but other than my own memory of these events we have very little proof, so it is just a theory.

Theorise with me further

The Attacks we are seeing on the Gulf, first by DOR now by this “Free the Gulf” group seem to be following a similar pattern. We proved last time that the Avatar, Harry Chocolate, is a greifer associated with the Free Gulf Movement and I played on the idea of ‘what if Kyndy is right’ and showed that even if I were in control of the griefers, attacking myself would be entirely to my own detriment as it would lower traffic. What I may have done is accidentally stumbled onto something, what if these grefers actually are trying to draw traffic away.

Let me put it this way. If you typed ‘WWII’ into search this screen would come up.


This screen was taken just before the peak of the ‘Free The Gulf’ and greifer activity, when Joe had most of his rentals occupied, interest in the sim was high with a considerable amount of players being pulled by the Lance freight & combat system and even a few tank battles.

Note the traffic level of both sims sits higher than New Bastogne (WWII Role Play & VICE Combat – Caen)

After weeks of FtG activity and numerous greifer attacks the level of traffic reduced considerably and New Bastogne sat above Jeogeot. After this the greifers suddenly stopped and the trolling attempts by the FtG started to slow with only Meelyme putting in an occasional appearance and according to Joe Sparrow this is perfectly normal.

Joe Sparrow: every single time the gulf and my sim becomes active. every single god damned time. UP GOES THE WALL. down goes my sim. its targeted harassment aimed at shutting us down

The Greifers only show up when his traffic surpasses New Bastognes.

A curious coincidence maybe? It’s not a clear link, I mean it’s not like members of the 366 and FtG movement are in the New Bastogne players group or anything…

kyndy 12


But thats just nit picking, I mean anyone can join that group it’s not like there are members of the 366 or FtG that are Admins of New Bastogne….






Suddenly our theory seems to have gained a bit more ground. It explains the FtG’s final Mission which ,as we revealed, was not to ‘Free the Gulf’ per say, but to destroy it. An odd objective and why were most of it’s members admins at New Bastogne? Why did Vickster involve himself with them and IM both myself and Joe random insults?

Could this just be another attempt to rid Vickster of a competitor, after all as a 44 sim super-region the Gulf is New Bastognes biggest threat. Could that be what all this bullshit really was about?


Perhaps, it’s still just a theory, a conspiracy theory. After all there is a conspiracy theory that the Titanic never sank and it was all an insurance scam but then again, Watergate was also once a conspiracy theory.

What we need then is maybe a little more subsistence. It’s time to come in from the rain and take off our jackets, but leave the hat on it’s more dramatic. Allright fine you can take it off, but quit smoking, it’s seriously bad for you.


Let us consider the Targets of the Free Gulf Movement. Because I’ve been a little selfish. You see for all my defensive blabbering *I* have not been a target.

This is curious, after all despite what people may claim, I am the liaison between Linden Labs and the Gulf, the ONLY Liaison (or at least now I am). I’m the one who calls the meetings, brings up peoples concerns and puts forward new ideas to the Lindens. Yet, aside from a little personal harassment my groups have remained clear of any messaging, my Blog comments remains clean of any attempts by the FtG to spread their message and my house in the Gulf has gone completely untouched despite being in farting distance of Hawkside Airfield, where the 366 hang out.

So who has been the Targets?

Joe, Aeon and weirdly, Zora.

Yup Zora of ZSK has been the target of Attacks from the Free the Gulf group, spam messages in his groups and greifer attacks on his airfield.

It was during the discussion of the nature of these attacks that Zora happened to mention something a little weird. You see we’d been getting complaints that members of the Free the Gulf group, specifically Toscha, were harassing people in the area and the type of harassment was incredibly specific:

[04:51:22] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): There has been a lot of complaints from people in the Gulf that Toscha has been prowling the regions outside Archerfield, pouncing on ZSK players and singling those out using demo planes
[04:51:30] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Would you consider that he is profiling your products?
[04:53:31] ZoraSlade Karu: Yes, today was an example of that. I saw him pounce on one person trying my products twice, until he was shot down by flak to stop him. And then, later on he was tailing another user while they tried to land on the carrier. He also hangs around the carrier and surrounding sims, and we’ve caught him alt camming into the B-17 a few times.
[04:54:14] ZoraSlade Karu: Also, Julius says there is rumour that he’s been spreading false claims that the B-17 is a “cheat weapon”, and that in the last event it “crashed the sim 2 sims after take off”.
[04:54:40] ZoraSlade Karu: And that he personally was in the B-17 during the event
[04:55:30] ZoraSlade Karu: Oh let me get the log of him ccalling us hypocrits
[04:55:54] ZoraSlade Karu: [17:42] Toscha Vayandar: fuck you. you always talk about realistic planes but when someone comes along in a THI and keeps owning all of you in LEGITIMATE fights, you shits bust out the AA. fucking hypocrit wannabes, all of you
[04:56:13] ZoraSlade Karu: While flying THI’s old P-40.
[04:57:02] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): I see
[04:57:13] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): And this is a common occurrence?
[04:58:40] ZoraSlade Karu: Toscha has chased me, and a few other’s that he dislikes around the Gulf whenever we are in Combat aircraft.
[04:59:49] ZoraSlade Karu: He also rammed Julius out of air in an EG P-38 the other day for turning VICE off.
[05:00:08] ZoraSlade Karu: Julius was in the P-38. Toscha was in the P-40
[05:00:28] ZoraSlade Karu: Julius was trying to land at Archer
[05:00:54] ZoraSlade Karu: So, I’d say recently he’s been targeting us.

Profiling Aircraft? going after people with Demo Planes? spreading rumours about ZSK products? That’s not within the Mandate of the Free Gulf Movement. And all three of their targets, Joe, Aeon and Zora could leave the Gulf today and nothing would happen.

No, something else was going on here.

maxresdefault (1)

I poured myself a Whisky and set a new ribbon in the Type writer, it was going to be a long night.

Something big was going down by the docks, something what would blow all this shit to hell and back and old Mal was stuck right here in the middle of it. The Gulf was no place for a dame. Kyndy and her clique were up to something bigger than some stupid 6 year old chip on the shoulder. But As I metaphorically chased her through back alleys and over rooftops doing my best Gordon Ramsey impersonation….


…I suddenly realized that I didn’t have too. It happened when I was on my 13th Whiskey of the morning (I live in Scotland, it’s used as water here shut up) I decided to re-read my previous articles and like last nights bad choice Taco bell it came fast and without warning..


I’ll be honest I’ve been carrying that GIF for years and I just wanted to use it, but let me show you what I found.

Go back a few articles to my Vickster Rant entitled “So then this happened” and have a look at the notice Vickster sent which triggered that Article.

Self refrence

I’ll quote it for you:

“We denounce them (Joe Sparrow, Aeon Voom, Myself & Tank Kwansas) for all their blatant lies against Battle Bitches, Blueworks and Mistral Arms and Shana Aircraft….”

Wait Shana?

Yes, Shana Carpool. Now I know I have a bit of a reputation for not liking Shana Carpool (the products not the person) but she’s never been the target of a MalQusition article, sure she’s been mentioned, but if DOR had exclusively used EG Aircraft, if Luke Flywalker kept plugging THI planes they would have been mentioned as well, it was their bullshit I was highlighting, not Shana’s.

So why specifically mention Shana? I’m not a threat to her. Am I?

Move onto my last article and take a look at Kyndy’s Notecard, specifically the last section where it points out a list of builders Kyndy would rather you support over Joe and Aeon.

Self refrence 2

Aside from being a small list, who is the first person on that list, the first name Kyndy writes down. Shana Carpool.

The Music gets more Dramatic, I’m getting something here, I’m wandering down ally ways with steam gushing out of every manhole as my large tan trenchcoat flaps behind me.

Would this be the same Shana Carpool who’s mainstore is in a sim called Meridas?

shana store

The same sim with her House and Sandbox?

shana sandbox

in a parcel called…I forget what was it?


Shanatown, yeah.

And Meridas, remind us again, that would be the sim that Vickster lives in right? the one he owns and pays for?


Yes, yes it would be.

They even race cars togther.

V+s 1.png

But that doesn’t prove anything does it?

I mean it’s not like Shana hangs out with members of the 366?


Oh…well again that doesn’t prove anything I mean it’s not like they would be stupid enough to add Shana to the Bastogne Admin gro…



So the Free the Gulf group Target Joe, Aeon and Zora, people who makes WWII planes, people who threaten Shana’s business as competitors and it should be mentioned that the creation of the Free the Gulf group and the arrival of greifers on masse to the Gulf, not including Turd Fergesson (who I should emphasize is a different griefer who pre-dates FtG), coincides with the time THI made it’s newer planes VICE enabled. A day in which one pilot quoted:

“In one half-assed notice THI has simply destroyed it’s competition.”

coincidently (I’ve been saying this a lot) Vickster’s Notice ,that banned all Astral-Tek products from New Bastogne, came out the day before Joe was set to release his new Panzer IV tank.


Was this perhaps an attempt to de-rail sales of this tank? To protect the two other tank builders he mentions in that Notice, Battle Bitches and Blue Works?

If so then could it also be possible that the actions of the FtG group are backed and supported by New Bastogne, not only to try and have the Gulf shut down, ridding themselves of a competitor, but also to rid Shana Carpool of three competitors? Is that why Joe, Aeon and now Zora have been dragged into this?

This is of course, just a theory though the evidence is factual the conclusion is speculation. To analyse a Conspiracy theory one must always follow the money.

It has been rumoured for a while that Shana has been loosing sales and to understand the significance of that you need another History lesson.


One of the reasons I’ve been on Vickster’s shit list for the better half of the past 6 years, well one of the many reasons, is my relationship to Joe Sparrow. When we first meet Joe’s sandbox was in a region called New Fallout, Vickster was his landlord, he paid for Fallout and helped pay a portion of New Bastogne’s tier. He also made weapons and aircraft for Vickster’s group including special “upgraded” (by which I mean over-powered) versions of those weapons specifically for Vickster, often painted bright red.

After I joined Astral-Tek Joe began to trust me more and would talk to me for hours on whatever was on his mind, it was after discussing his finances I realised that Vickster was over-charging him for New Fallout, by about 5k a week. Joe brought this up with Vickster who immediately brought the price down claiming he had “forgotten”. After this Joe received a number of plea’s from Vickster claiming he wasn’t going to be able to pay the tier. Over the short time Joe remained at New Bastogne he forked over an extra 160,000 Lindens and that’s just the times he would tell me about.

After Joe left he stopped paying Fallout’s Tier and stopped assisting Vickster with New Bastognes tier.



No Cold heart, no lovers tiff, insurance scam or jealous husbands here, just cold hard cash. The lifeblood of everything. We sit back a little pondering what we now know. So I caught Vickster over-charging Joe, so what? Like I said I could write a book on Vickster and the stories would just get worse so why mention just this one? Why is this significant? and…


..Where the hell was I going with this?

Oh yeah.

One question should be remaining. After Joe stopped paying tier and stopped helping paying New Bastognes tier just exactly how was Vickster then able to pay for it all himself with the addition of New Fallout on top of that?

The obvious answer is that either Vickster was lying and extorting Joe for extra funds or someone else took over.

If that’s true then who?


Rumour has it Shana took over from Joe. Of course that’s just a rumor, there is an equal rumor than Blue Works and Battle Bitches also help with the tier and this would explain why Vickster is so defensive of them.

But if all that is true, if Shana is really loosing money and helping pay New Bastognes tier then eventually she is going to run out of money and have to stop. A scary prospect for Vickster. With one single vast ocean acting as a sponge for his players, and therefor customers, and harbouring three of Shana’s biggest competitors giving them access to an open, unrestricted area to which he cannot control nor influence. Is it so much to understand why two of his Admins, including his ex-boyfreind (oh I should of mentioned him and Toscha were dating once) turn up and start supporting a group who’s intention is to destroy this Ocean as well as give them a platform to attack Shana’s competitors in an attempt to keep her sales up and therefor securing New Bastognes future for another year.

Or is it simply a massive coincidence.

download (3)One more thing before I sign off.

That person who was attacking me personally?


Who was attacking Archerfield and harassing people in the Gulf as well as Zora’s staff and beta testers?

[05:33:21] ZoraSlade Karu: Dexter had an altercation with Hartmman a while ago over the Freighter system. He went nuts claiming that Dexter “destroyed his army” or something stupid. So, afterwards Kirk Difference shows up and directly attacks dexter in his freighter with a kracken.
[05:33:46] ZoraSlade Karu: Then Hartmann for no reason start attacking Tom and harassing both him and Dexter at Archer, which got him banned.
[05:33:57] ZoraSlade Karu: And the other day, we was stalking the ban line
[05:34:58] ZoraSlade Karu: I’d have to get their logs again.

Yeah, Hartmman. Who ,I should point out, is now a member of the Free the Gulf group. And still a player at New Bastogne as leader of the 33rd SS Charlemagne.

A final word on Bastogne

When I published “and then this other thing happened”  two things happened. My WordPress was DDOS’d, that’s denial of service to you and me, though it was just one person using Low Orbit canon so the effect lasted a few seconds (hint Script Kiddies, Low orbit cannon needs to be used in groups) I also got a number of ‘Password Reset’ notifications for both my WordPress and my Second Life accounts, suggesting someone was trying to guess my password.

More significantly a lot of people applauded me and IM’d me asking when I was going to “bring the hammer down” onto New Bastogne sending me hordes of Screenshots and chatlogs, and several (alright two) of New Bastognes admins, IM’d me pleading for mercy and desperate to prove that it had all changed.

I was getting ready to rail on Vickster for that, laugh at the hilariously failed attempt at censorship. I was going to write how the bullshit tactics employed by people like him simply don’t work and how Community Leaders don’t have nearly a fraction of the power and control they once thought they has and that this community takes a very harsh stance on any idea of Censorship.

But the thing is New Bastogne has sucked out most the interest and enthusiasm I once had for WWII Roleplay. I was once an admin there and once I did my best to support the region but to face facts the region hasn’t been good since it had the Channel/Normandy landing set-up. It’s gone from 300 active players to a measly 20 and even that is slowly falling, it burns through Allied groups faster than I do toilet paper, it has more Admins than players and the teething issues that plagued it nearly six years ago are still an issue. none of them have been fixed, not one.

There is just something so spectacularly hopeless about New Bastogne that I’ve given up even giving a fuck about it. Sure if I really wanted I could add a small section at the end of every MalQusition Article that called out Vickster on some bullshit he once did and I’d have enough material, on chatlogs alone, to last me ‘probably’ the next five years. But the reality is I just can’t find the effort to care, all of Vickster’s rants, interference and otherwise screams of desperation the “I’m Still relevant look at me!!” argument brought in the only way Vickster knows how, Aggression and intimidation.

I don’t feel mad about it all, just somewhat disappointed. Anything Bastogne has done that has been brought to my attention has never really sent me flying to my keyboard in disgust and rage, even my first article, it has always instead left me sighing deeply and wandering off the kitchen for another coffee as I mull over the idea if writing about it is even worth it anymore.

Frankly I feel people just don’t care about Bastogne anymore and why would they? Bastogne hasn’t been great in years and it’s settled happily into it’s own nest of mediocrity. Dressing up itself with new buildings slapped down into weird places that really can’t disguise just how aged the core of it is and while I would have loved to stand here and say that Bastogne has changed and that effort has been put into moving it away from the Neo-gaff that once dominated it, put simply, it hasn’t, it’s expensive wallpaper on a Trailer. A new hat for a dead horse and no matter how many times you point out the new hat, it’s still a dead horse.

The Jeogeot Gulf’s “Secret War”

The Jeogeot Gulf, despite being my own project, hasn’t really featured much in the MalQusition. It’s pottered along nicely, maybe not as quickly as I hoped but it’s two main objectives, to re-build the Combat Community to it’s former glory and to wake-up Linden Labs to the fact their ‘Community Outreach’ Program could really become a central focus of a developing virtual world (if ,you know, they put some fucking effort into it) haven’t yet been fully achieved though there are signs that this is slowly taking form.

Just recently two groups of people ,Shana pilots and THI/ZSK pilots, two groups always described as hating each other, held an event where Shana Planes, THI Planes and ZSK planes were all used alongside each other with no complaints and no real issues other than a sim or two going down due to the sheer amount of people trying to enter it. A great sign for a re-developing community and a show of what we can all do when we actually stop bitching at each other and work together.

So I’m happy with the gulf, LL is happy and the players who use it are happy, so I have nothing to write about regarding the Gulf, oh if only someone stupid were to come along and try to fuck everything up in the most ridiculous and desperate way possible.







I’m going to introduce you to two people since it’ll save time later, their names are Kyndyrjik Benell and Toscha Vayandar. Did you hear that noise? That was them juicing their lady parts with the excitement of finally being mentioned in this blog after countless attempts to attract my attention. We’ll get onto that later. For now think on these two people, they are not stupid people and once upon a time I counted them as friends but they are however a little hot headed and somewhat easy to manipulate so we’ll get back to them in a moment.

Now this article may sound a little preachy at the start, but bear with me because it gets fucking weird.

About a year ago I started to receive complaints from various players about the behaviour of a certain group of people called the 366 which I was led to believe were the Hardline remnants of DOR, the ones that didn’t sign up with Barry Foehammer and his new group. According to reports this group ,or at least some members of it, had a habit of Vice’ing off mid-way through combat when they were loosing, screaming “cheater” when they lost, using Vice cheat weapons and turning up with modern jets and helicopters to fight WWII Aircraft. Always going back to the tired old “oh well Joe Sparrow once used a Type 45 blah blah” excuse any time someone complained despite the fact that two of them sat in Type 45’s blockading Tulagi for several hours, attacking anything that moved, shooting at sailors, passing planes, launching nukes at nearby houses and using all manner of Vice Glitch tricks, shields and cheat weapons to protect their ships from harm and immediately re-rezzing them when they got sunk.

At the same time Wright Brothers Airfield was being greifed by a person by the name of Jody Genesis (again with the moist lady parts) a tiresome 14 year old who had been banned from several regions for his persistent use of cheat-push weapons and derogatory behaviour.  He was dealing with the situation by using one his many alts, in this case Turd Ferguson, to build a giant wall around the Wright Brothers Airfield in the North and cover it with pictures resembling it’s owner Tank Kwaszes as well as several oddly specific attacks against Tomm Box, who has nothing to do with Wright Brothers or the Jeogeot Gulf, going as far to use Real Life pictures of him.


Both of these problems never amounted to more than minor inconveniences and while Linden labs “eventually” took care of Turd, I never guessed that the Turd issue and the complaints against 366 squadron were related. As it turns out they were.

Let’s go back to those two people I mentioned earlier. Both of them are members of the 366 Squadron and both with a reputation for bullshit antics and loud-mouthing any time something goes wrong. They turned up at an unscheduled event in the Gulf. There was a lot of Battleships, aircraft and general insanity that always proceeds events in the Gulf but it was brought to an almost amazing close after a 366 Squadron Aircraft carrier taking part in the event, suddenly and without warning took Flight.

Naturally the complaints of greifing starting flying immediately but there was about 20 witnesses or so to this and despite everyone camming onto the Carrier to see what was wrong, no-one could find anything. What was curious about this situation is it was an Astral-Tek Carrier, which has built in counters to prevent being pushed in this way, most of the time ,if you shift into neutral gear, they will lock in place and refuse to move if it thinks it’s being orbited or pushed. Secondly the carrier rose up steadily to about 80m then flew off in a straight line which is not something a greifer attack normally does.

Curious, but in spite of this the Jeogeot Gulf chat buzzed and 366 squadron member Kyndyrjik Benell immediately launched into an attack on several other players. No-one paid her much attention as they were used to this sort of behaviour from Kyndy.

She then changed tactics and claimed that her Aircraft (modern of course) was shot down to which she claimed had been done by a one-hit-kill device, her evidence being that her “bumps, pushes and hits” log (a feature of every viewer) claimed she was hit by a ‘scripted object’.

Again no-one cared.

The result was her spamming Jeogeot Gulf group chat and screaming at everyone and anyone who would listen about the nature of corrupt Jeogeot Admins greifing everyone: She goes on for quite a while so I’ve edited out most of it but in case you really want it here is the entire log on pastebin: http://pastebin.com/kaFRvQML.

[2016/04/18 09:36:36] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): there is an interesting setting in firestorm

[2016/04/18 09:36:40] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): not known by many
[2016/04/18 09:36:49] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): the bump / pushes logger
[2016/04/18 09:37:08] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): [09:35] MeellyME Resident: [09:21:24] Infinite Rage hit you with a scripted object
[2016/04/18 09:37:08] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Doesn’t work in vehicles 😉
[2016/04/18 09:37:12] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): it does
[2016/04/18 09:37:17] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): yo do know
[2016/04/18 09:37:22] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Nah, Tig’s missiles push things around but Joe added in a System which stops it launching you out of the water, it sort of locks the ship in place if it detects you being pushed
[2016/04/18 09:37:22] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): that plane carrier been griefed
[2016/04/18 09:37:23] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): that rockets and such
[2016/04/18 09:37:25] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): are scripted
[2016/04/18 09:37:37] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): literally every bullet is scripted
[2016/04/18 09:37:57] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): You probably dun goof’d some how
[2016/04/18 09:37:58] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): and amazingly I got it all on video
[2016/04/18 09:38:06] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): smile to the camera
[2016/04/18 09:38:11] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Good!
[2016/04/18 09:38:25] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): So we can see your talking shit 😉
[2016/04/18 09:38:40] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): suuuure
[2016/04/18 09:40:04] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I’m impatient to put this on youtube
[2016/04/18 09:40:11] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Go ahead
[2016/04/18 09:40:13] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Just upload it

(For those of you curious this is what she uploaded.)

[2016/04/18 09:40:21] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): peopels from Tulagi, griefing players in the gulf
[2016/04/18 09:40:23] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): I’m not really sure what you’re expecting
[2016/04/18 09:40:39] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): that’ll be a blast for an AR
[2016/04/18 09:40:47] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Upload it already 😉
[2016/04/18 09:41:06] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Feel free to AR people for shooting vice rockets at you
[2016/04/18 09:41:55] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): shootign vice rocket is one thing
[2016/04/18 09:41:59] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): orbiting players another
[2016/04/18 09:42:24] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Let’s not jump the gun here and turn this into a little “he said, she said” argument.
[2016/04/18 09:42:32] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Yeah
[2016/04/18 09:42:46] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Besides Kyndy, bitching about people girefing in the Gulf is a little rich coming from you
[2016/04/18 09:43:26] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Upload the video and AR the people if you’re sure about them being griefers 😉
[2016/04/18 09:44:22] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): https://gyazo.com/dc9efc5d43554f5ace1ffd1656b6af92
[2016/04/18 09:44:28] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): for those doubting I have the video
[2016/04/18 09:44:35] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): what does that proof
[2016/04/18 09:44:58] Xin (velen.forager): Apart from the fact Tig really needs better rockets
[2016/04/18 09:45:02] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): I actually had transparency on, saw nothing it
[2016/04/18 09:47:01] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): https://gyazo.com/1fee2be0c1a229f3b4025c4f7b4dcf8f
[2016/04/18 09:47:20] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): woops looks like the timestamsp doesn’t match for a tig missile fired by me to collide with that ship…
[2016/04/18 09:48:08] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): ok, so you proved it wasn’t you. But can you prove what it was and who, if anyone, did it?
[2016/04/18 09:48:11] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): The only scripted objects that came from Ruri were the vice missles. So unless you actually have actual evidence of who it was go ahead. I didn’t see any objects hitting the carrier in the way thats necessary to push it like that. So with no objects hitting you repeatidly like physics rammers, it’s probably something llPush, which only works on yourself in a no push zone.
[2016/04/18 09:48:33] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): suuuuuure

Now in situations like this I can actually do something. I have a little priority when it comes to AR’s and in my experience any AR I’ve made on people using greifer tools and cheat weapons has been dealt with pretty promptly. However if I get a complaint from one side I have to ask the other side for their story who will likely always counter it, so I ask people take multiple screenshots and preferably video evidence to prove what they claim.

But ,because Kyndy couldn’t provide any evidence, what started off a legit complaint  that could have been very easily dealt with by me became the epicentre of a raging soapbox rant as Kyndy, outraged that I wasn’t insta-banning everyone from the Gulf because she said so, started to turn on people and the accusations came fast and thick.

[2016/04/18 09:52:47] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Don’t accuse people of doing things they aren’t. That’s just causing drama. We’re just waiting for them to provide actual proof. It’s very rude to accuse people of griefing.
[2016/04/18 09:52:58] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): oh you’re going to cry?
[2016/04/18 09:53:06] Joe Sparrow: everyone come get some tropical drinks http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tulagi/139/179/22
[2016/04/18 09:54:57] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): what amaze me is the peoples here, all of them, got no power out of their respective sims, but act as the gulf cop, in other words, they impersonate LL agents, which is just fabulous, and yet they wonder why the gulf is dead!
[2016/04/18 09:56:30] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): by using UNK bullets on peoples you dislike or think they cheats…
[2016/04/18 09:56:50] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Kyndy do you have proof someone used a UNK bullet today?
[2016/04/18 09:57:03] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I have proof of someoen using UNK saturday
[2016/04/18 09:57:10] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Send it to me
[2016/04/18 09:57:20] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): no
[2016/04/18 09:57:25] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I’ll put them in a blog
[2016/04/18 09:57:32] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): at the view of everyone
[2016/04/18 10:02:35] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): #JeSuisGulf

Her “proof” as it came was first to paste a text log which we can’t accept for obvious reasons. So I asked her to take a Screenshot. This was me still trying to be a good admin and resolve the situation even though by now it had become clear that all Kyndy wanted was to start a flame war.

About 10 minites later she finally provided a Screenshot, this time showing a private IM conversation with Joe Sparrow to which she tried to pass off as an actual local chat hit detector.

Kyndys proof

but of course that wouldn’t fly with me so off she went again.

[2016/04/18 10:17:43] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): Ruri
[2016/04/18 10:17:48] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): where you’re a fucking liar
[2016/04/18 10:17:54] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): is when you look at the logs
[2016/04/18 10:18:03] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you cna clearly see me switching my collective
[2016/04/18 10:18:09] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): so I WAS IN A FUCKING HELICOPTER
[2016/04/18 10:18:11] Ruri (infinite.rage): Oh, you mean in the helicopter.
[2016/04/18 10:18:16] Ruri (infinite.rage): I’m talking about later than that.
[2016/04/18 10:18:16] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): bunch of liars
[2016/04/18 10:18:40] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you get caught in your own lies
[2016/04/18 10:18:55] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): Oh the log of this conversation is going to be epic

Eventully after nearly an hour she finally handed me a screenshot of local chat and what would appear to be acceptable proof of a one-hit-kill usage. Of course becuase of the several attempts at passing off an evidently faked chat log I would have to investigate the image, including running it through a program that detects Photoshop usage.

However at this point both Kyndy and several others were acting like asshats and I was getting a lot of IM’s from people claiming that Kyndy and her freind Toscha were now actively greifing people outside of Tulagi in the Gulf. And since this was now a case of two idiots greifing each other I couldn’t actually do anything outside of AR them both. I decided to be more mature about it and have the two of them kiss and make up.

That, of course, wouldn’t fly with Kyndy who began a series of personal attacks agsint me.

[2016/04/18 10:19:41] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): ok, Kyndy has handed me what would appear to be good evidence of Ruri using a UNK
[2016/04/18 10:19:45] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): But
[2016/04/18 10:20:02] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Kyndy you’re acting like the worlds biggest asshole right now so nothing is going to come of this
[2016/04/18 10:20:09] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): bwhahaha
[2016/04/18 10:20:12] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you’re apthetic
[2016/04/18 10:20:21] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): finding excuses to what can’t be excused
[2016/04/18 10:20:25] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): so you two apologize to each other and act like the adults I assume you to be and we’ll leave it there
[2016/04/18 10:20:44] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): what’s your next lie malcious? Up again with these lies about your brain cancer, or perhaps th
[2016/04/18 10:21:01] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): that you’re a highly burnt veteran that got no money ?
[2016/04/18 10:21:10] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): what’s will be next?
[2016/04/18 10:21:12] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I’m curious
[2016/04/18 10:21:28] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Yes because people who survive cancer are clearly liars and all War vets are rich and living comfortably
[2016/04/18 10:21:34] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): now peopels will know your true face
[2016/04/18 10:21:48] Ruri (infinite.rage): Kyn, you are the biggest fucking faggot I have ever met in my life. Please go fucking off yourself.
[2016/04/18 10:22:02] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): yes, but vets, especially in Uk and if “battle damaged”
[2016/04/18 10:22:07] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): get a lifetime pay
[2016/04/18 10:22:12] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): No
[2016/04/18 10:22:16] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): we get a “state pension”
[2016/04/18 10:22:17] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you forgot that I was in the french navy perhaps?
[2016/04/18 10:22:18] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): for five years
[2016/04/18 10:22:31] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): blah blah blah
[2016/04/18 10:22:37] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Also a laptop
[2016/04/18 10:22:52] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): lies again Malcious?
[2016/04/18 10:23:47] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): Peoples, you want to know about another lies told by Malcious?
[2016/04/18 10:24:23] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): he pretend to be allowed by the Lindens to be the local cop
[2016/04/18 10:24:35] Xin (velen.forager): Sasha
[2016/04/18 10:24:39] Xin (velen.forager): Do you have any proof of this?
[2016/04/18 10:24:41] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): He rpetend that him, Malcious is the only bridge between LL and the SL resident using the Gulf
[2016/04/18 10:24:48] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): but when asking the said lindens
[2016/04/18 10:24:48] Xin (velen.forager): Right
[2016/04/18 10:24:53] Xin (velen.forager): When did he say this
[2016/04/18 10:24:54] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): they just laugh
[2016/04/18 10:26:08] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): it’s time he realise some PLAYERS here, are given themselves rights they haven’t
[2016/04/18 10:27:12] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): I’m not a cop nor have I ever described myself as such, I am the Gulf Janitor. At best my AR’s by-pass a lot of screening and go right to the AR team assigned to this area with a big Priority sticker. Which doesn’t mean much
[2016/04/18 10:27:49] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): You’re playing the cop by handing out UNK bullets to your friends
[2016/04/18 10:27:58] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Prove it
[2016/04/18 10:28:01] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you’re playing the cop by ganking legit players
[2016/04/18 10:28:19] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you’re playing the cop by getting your friends to mass AR peopels you don’t like
[2016/04/18 10:28:32] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Kyndy
[2016/04/18 10:28:35] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): if that was true
[2016/04/18 10:28:38] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): if I had that power
[2016/04/18 10:28:38] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): you
[2016/04/18 10:28:39] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): You’re playing the cop by orbitting / griefing peopels you don’t like
[2016/04/18 10:28:42] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): wouldn’t be here
[2016/04/18 10:29:00] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): But you are
[2016/04/18 10:29:13] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): as is a lot of people i don’t really approve of
[2016/04/18 10:29:36] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): and you are welcome to be here
[2016/04/18 10:29:53] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): It’s not “my” ocean
[2016/04/18 10:30:06] Dexter Church (church152): Ive been around the gulf for almost a year now and ive never seen Mal start a mass AR or give out/participate in a grief attack
[2016/04/18 10:30:12] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you behave, you say, the other way
[2016/04/18 10:30:23] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): and this will come to an end
[2016/04/18 10:30:37] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): of course
[2016/04/18 10:30:40] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you want some white knighting
[2016/04/18 10:30:45] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you’ll Have some
[2016/04/18 10:31:05] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): because 44+ free sims for anyone to use just isn’t acceptable unless someone you approve of is in charge
[2016/04/18 10:31:13] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): and the logs of this public conversation will be spread around
[2016/04/18 10:31:17] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): so everyone will know
[2016/04/18 10:31:45] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): I genuinely do
[2016/04/18 10:31:52] Xin (velen.forager): Sasha
[2016/04/18 10:31:55] Xin (velen.forager): I’ll do you one better
[2016/04/18 10:32:06] Xin (velen.forager): I have been logging this entire conversation
[2016/04/18 10:32:55] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): No thanks Xin, I rather have one log, not cut buy your dirty hands
[2016/04/18 10:33:49] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I have a log here, a private IM, where someone tells me that he get peopels to use UNk bullets to prevent peopels for using some vice stuff
[2016/04/18 10:34:01] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): it’s private
[2016/04/18 10:34:07] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): so of course I won’t disclosure it
[2016/04/18 10:34:13] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): buuuuuut
[2016/04/18 10:34:23] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I can disclosure it to LL employee

And finally that was it. Yeah there were things I could have done better, things I probably shouldn’t have said. But until she stormed out later that evening people in the Jeogeot Gulf group chat had grown used to Kyndy’s amateur dramatics scenes almost everytime she got shot down. It was just a typical day for 366 Squadron.

So Kyndy stormed out for what was probably the eighth time this year, threatening to contact LL to have me dealt with and supposedly left the Gulf. Or so we thought

You see this is where it should have ended. Everyone should have gone to bed and the following morning should have been the start of a bright new day and to most it was, but not for Kyndy you see that hour long rant was not just a heat of the moment thing for Kyndy this was her ABC Cafe moment of the Viva La Revolution scenario playing out in her head and the following day this group appeared.



No you are reading that correctly. Kyndy is now claiming that the Gulf has “long been abused” to serve the purposes of a small group of people.

Who are this small group of people? Me and Joe Sparrow? who else? Well as it turned out anyone in the Gulf she personally didn’t like which was pretty much everyone.

But pay attention to one name here, Harry Chocolate, remember that name it will be important later.

Now of course This is just the start of Kyndy’s revolution, she needs an argument, something that will draw the crowds to her side and win her the confidence of the Gulf populace. Something that will really highlight the abuse me and Joe have done to the Gulf over the years.

And so the Notecard, released over marketplace and then spread to the populace using day old alts that would swim the length and breath of the Gulf shouting it’s existence and marketplace link, promising it would ‘expose’ the corrupt Gulf Admins once and for all, made it’s debue.

I will post it in full here becuase I want you to read it, no actully read it.


Some may know me some, don’t, but anyway this is not about me we’re talking. We’re talking about V.I.C.E and its creator Creem Pye.
Creem Pye as a legacy before he left SL gifted us with V.I.C.E and a free SDK with a semi open combat system, for all to enjoy on SL. Unfortunately as the time was passing bye, and Creem Pye definitely away from SL, some players tried to master V.I.C.E, to possess it, to choose who could or couldn’t use it.
More recently the Lindens opened an area of water named The Gulf, it’s be an utopia to think it’s be a free area, where everyone could use vice freely. Yet some peoples abused what V.I.C.E had to offer and started to grief players using vice with other vice weapons, more or less true to what V.I.C.E was intended to be. As of today it became impossible to use vice in The Gulf without being attacked by griefers.


There is a solution. Creem Pye wasn’t a fool, and he added in his system the private channels. What are those channels? Well, they’re channels protected by a password. For example if the password is 1234, only peoples setting 1234 as channel password will be able to interact, damage or take damage, with others in this channel.


It’s super easy! When you’re in your vehicle, turn it on, vice it on, then on local chat say “channel” without the ” obviously. Once done, the vehicle/weapon will tell you something like this : Choose a combat channel by chat: /920 <password>. Here it’s, again, simple. Just write the number key given to you, here 920, then the channel password you want to join : /920 11 (11 being the channel password.) Now, the vehicle/weapon will tells you : Joined private combat channel (FF off). Congrats, you’re now in a private channel and safe from the randoms in the basic vice. I promise, safe from others outside of this channel!


You want to hold an event between you and your friends in the gulf or in any sim, but don’t want sad peoples to ruin your fun? USE A PRIVATE CHANEL! Share the password with the one taking part in the event and you’re safe!
Now, imagine, you’re flying in The Gulf and don’t want to be ganked by randoms but still want to show you’re up for some fair combat. USE A PRIVATE CHANEL!


Hahaha! You got me, the interesting question! Because, now I see how some power hungry peoples that I once called friends, try to ruin everyone’s fun to force them into their own combat system now that they know how to make it. LANCE, MCE…. Don’t get fooled, these combat systems seems great, but they all got a common point they got a built in killswitch, if the owner of the said system doesn’t like you for any reason he can remove you the right from using his products, want proof? HEHEHE, enjoy!

[2016/04/15 17:07] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you put a killswitch in any of your thing
[2016/04/15 17:07] Joe Sparrow: they screamed at me
[2016/04/15 17:07] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): don’t tell me you haven’t in the 88….
[2016/04/15 17:07] Joe Sparrow: the 88 doesnt have that script to disable old versions
[2016/04/15 17:07] Joe Sparrow: it was before it

(before you try to AR me, this was said in public chat…. lol)


Why do you think that only Astral Tek and Amok Dynamics, removed this private channel setting from their products? TO PREVENT YOU FROM USING IT! TO FORCE YOU TO USE THEIR “PROTECTED” SYSTEMS!

In end why all of this? I believe in a few things, most importantly freedom, not the freedom that is sold to you with chains hidden, real freedom, and here I have an occasion to break those chains, and I will do it!

I hold no credits for V.I.C.E, nor for the private channel feature, I was only the one with the memory of it.

So far a list of builders that haven’t removed this feature: (if you want your name added here, IM me inworld, I will update it.)

SC – Shana Carpool
Spijkers & Wingtips – Tig Spijkers
old Astral Tek products – Joe Sparrow (at one point he was a good guy…

Now, if you read that and I really hope you did,  you may realise that her entire argument. For the accusation of bias admins trying to control the Gulf is down to one thing.


Yup, Joe and Aeon’s removal of the Combat Channel system, a wonderful idea that allows a group of people to input a password and then only take or do damage to someone using the same password, was an attempt to control you and instead of buying their products and supporting their regions here is a list of people you should buy from instead.

Except that it was of course utter bullshit.

Aeon Voom’s products still have the channel switching ability and Joe’s, while it is true it was removed, hasn’t been a feature of any of Joe’s products since 2010 about four years before the Jeogeot Gulf existed.

Why? Because it’s non-compatible with the Naval Plugin.

Further to that, long before this notecard was even created, Joe Sparrow spent a considerable time telling people about the Combat Channel system and ADVISING THEY USE IT as a way to by-pass Vice hackers.

So realizing that the ‘Combat Channels’ argument wasn’t going to work, Kyndy picked up the goalposts and ran away, only to come back a few days later with a new Cause.

The Gulf Admins were ANTI-FURRY.

Here is a picture of Joe Sparrow:


And here is a picture from Kyndy’s profile pics.


So yeah, that argument wasn’t going to work either. Up came the Goalposts and off Kyndy went.

So we sat for a couple of days, anuses clenched in anticipation, for Kyndy’s New Argument. And it came, oh boy did it come. This time it wasn’t notecards or stupid rumours, this time it was the YouTube Channel. Brought to you by day old alts.

[13:57] Jessy (kerry0101): As many are already aware for 2 years the Tulagi admins in association with the alts “kirk difference”, “harrychocolate” “turd” and several others, have consistently abused and harassed several groups and numerous innocent people, with griefing, severe intolerance in an attempt to get control of the rest of the Gulf. They think that by creating alts to grief the Gulf Jeogeot they can persuade Linden Labs to give them admin powers over the LL owned sims of Jeogeot so they can “stamp out the the griefers” that they themselves control!

The admins in Tulagi make up false accusations, and stories about people that successfully win against them in fair combat, often resorting to cheating and using modified weapons or even griefer push weapons and sim crashers in an effort to drive people out of “their” area.

As you can see on the provided screen shot and records its Joe Sparrow’s most trusted admins and advisers. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDSRtj1QDzG5Om4GIj_rl4Q

Now hang on a second here. And I’ll be polite and sit back. What they are saying makes sense, having powers in the Gulf would be very beneficial to me and this sort of thing does make sense, show LL that I need powers by flooding the Gulf with greifers, causing a spike in complaints that all magically go away once I get said powers. And certainly this is the angle that Kyndy is going for, even going as far as to contact Michael Linden in an open letter suggesting that Tulagi (Joe’s sim) should be “cut off” from the Gulf.

[13:07] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): Dear Michael Linden, we have the proof of peoples impersonating LL employee, and forcing their own rules in a testing area known as the Gulf, a solution been given to avoid them interacting with the combat system when not wanted, so they now use griefing tools, like pushers. We hope you’ll take an action to ensure a good virtual experience to most of the players. (Adding a no rezz buffer area to cut Tulagi from the Gulf would be, we think a good solution to start.)

But hang on a second. Some of the more Inquisitive of you might ask, that list of greifer alts she mentions, that one in particular “Harry Chocolate” would that be the same Harry Chocolate in the ‘Free the Gulf’ group?

ftg 2

Why yes, it would be.

And just if your curious, that thing I mentioned earlier with two members of 366 squadron blockading Tulagi with a couple of Type 45’s acting like jerks and using cheat weapons, who was among them, sitting in the boat alongside them and shooting Stinger Missiles at planes?

Why don’t you take a guess.


In fact, just to sprinkle some suger on the top of this delicious Bullshit Cake here is a chatlog of other ‘Free the Gulf’ member Meellyme actually defending Harry Chocolate from people claiming he was a greifer.

[00:34] Frieda von Fuchs (meellyme): dunno what hes up to or those guys. They cheat and grief just cause ethey get killed.
[00:34] HarryChocolate: indeed
[00:35] HarryChocolate: they have a new griefer weapon
[00:35] HarryChocolate: shoots UNK
[00:35] HarryChocolate: Joe is using it too
[00:35] HarryChocolate: Ryo, Joe, Ruri..
[00:35] HarryChocolate: all the in furfags
[00:35] Frieda von Fuchs (meellyme): They cant stand the heat I guess and are a veyr immature kiddos with paranoia syndromes
[00:35] HarryChocolate: and hypoctites
[00:35] Ruri (infinite.rage): Ah, actually, it’s just mine. Joe is fairly unrelated.
[00:35] HarryChocolate: thats whats so funny
[00:35] Ryo (ryokotensaki): full auto CAN is griefing
[00:36] HarryChocolate: they talk about griefers and they are griefers
[00:36] HarryChocolate: lol
[00:36] HarryChocolate: so we’re both griefers then I guess Ryo
[00:36] HarryChocolate: is that right?
[00:36] Ruri (infinite.rage): You guys have a very strange definition of griefing, imo.
[00:36] Ryo (ryokotensaki): nope
[00:36] HarryChocolate: so..full auto can is griefing but one hit UNK vice hack is not?
[00:36] Frieda von Fuchs (meellyme): Im new in the Gulf and the guys tells me to follow rules.. umm what rules? No one told me anything, so how to know about any rules other then play fair?
[00:37] HarryChocolate: there are no rules for the gulf
[00:37] Ruri (infinite.rage): In my experience, griefing would be client crashers, orbiting, sim crashers, etc etc.
[00:37] HarryChocolate: they don’t own it

So we can pretty much go ahead and chalk this up to Bullshit. The theory is insane and we can quickly prove that none of these greifers in the Gulf are alt accounts of mine or anyone involved in the Gulf Project.


The video’s themself I shall post here.


Which you can view at your discretion. They show very limited of what any regular SL user would called Greifing. The video’s are edited to only show members of the Free Gulf Movement, mainly Meellyme, being attacked by what they claim are “Joe’s Trusted Admins” (a list of people which seems to include almost everyone in the Gulf) and at best show people shooting at them with Warships, Helicopters and other various Vice weapons. There is no evidence of greifer tools, dubstep guns, push weapons or anything else I would consider greify.

They also don’t show the hours they spend sitting infront of Tulagi playing loud music, trying to bait people into attacking them. Fortuantly we do.

and in video’s like this one

It accidently shows the standard Bullshit tactics of the 366. using a self-regenerating boat that fires seeking Torpedo’s and sitting about with Vice off, waiting for people to pass them by before suddenly vice’ing on and hitting them in the rear. Over and over and over regardless of how many times they are sunk.

The also have comments disabled and anytime they forget and a comment is posted they quickly deleted it. They’ve also been shown to quickly delete and re-upload video’s to “scrub it clean” of any negative views.  Thankfully MalQ’s screenshots to the rescue once again.


Why the deletion of comments you ask?

It’s simple.

Kyndy’s entire purpose here is not to highlight any great tragedy or expose corruption it is simply to justify her own existence, to make her and her small group feel big and important.

I know this becuase I once worked alongside them back in Gungnir, where they hounded Aeon Voom as “the great evil” and attacked anyone who disagreed and I was stupid enough to go along with it.

Since that day ,when I finally wisened up to their bullshit and kicked them both out of Astral-Tek back when I still worked for Joe, they have attached themselves to any and every cause, regardless of it’s purpose or intent, as a six-year long fixation with getting revenge.

I know this, because this entire episode of bullshit they are currently spewing forth is not the first time they have tried this exact same thing in the Gulf. Here is a picture of their previous attempt.


These people are not freedom fighters. There is no conspiracy in the Gulf, no great Woodworm or Cthuhlu style monster sleeping in it’s depths, these people are nothing more than children determined to spoil the fun for everyone else. And I truly wish they would just learn to let it the fuck go, shut the fuck up an play fair with everybody else.


Let’s, just for the fun of it, presume that Kyndy and her Free the Gulf group are correct. That I’ve created these greifer alts in an elaborate ‘evil genius’ scheme to take control of the Gulf.


What, exactly, do I have to gain from this?

These greifers attack Me, they attack Tulagi and Wright Brothers, they don’t put people off coming to the Gulf they put people coming off to these sims, that Northern sector of the Gulf which they can easily ignore. So it disrupts the business of my supposed ‘friends’ who, as a result, lose sales and lose rentals and requires them to take extra shifts at work to cover the lose or simply shut their regions down. It disrupts the LANCE freighter system which people can now no longer use and it makes me look like a useless idiot to the rest of the Gulf Community.

All so I can try to convince LL to give me powers which they ‘might’ do but only after years and years of meetings, presentations and paperwork. And if I even got these powers (which is never going to happen) LL would start with Return powers, something that would mimic the powers given to the Steerage committee in the Blake Sea. I would be monitored almost constantly and any usage of these powers would be subject to AR’s and complaints of people desperate to show off “Corrupt Mal abusing his powers” so everything I did would have to be clearly documented and justified.

It would take longer than the probably current remaining Lifetime of Second Life to convince Linden Labs that I needed Emergency ‘Total Control’ powers over the Gulf.

And then, saying I do get them, what do I do next?

Everyone has ,by this point in our hypothetical future, been chased off because of the griefers, no-one trusts me, all my freinds have moved on so now I have total control over an empty region of Ocean watching as it slowly gets taken over by Property Developers. Am I to latch onto any passing boat or plane and return it and ban the user if it’s not a product I specifically like?

Probably not, I’d still be being monitored by LL.

Seems an awful waste of time to just be a little nit-picky over what planes people can use. Not that that really matters.

IF I was creating greifer accounts, as Kyndy suggests, I wouldn’t be wasting time attacking myself to justify to LL why I need powerz.

I would simply use these alts to attack people I don’t like. Force them to leave because of greifing, not my friends. Wall off Unity Airport, make personal attacks against the owners of Whitestar, fire push weapons at Shana planes and greif the ever loving shit out of Kyndy and her bunch of ‘Freedom fighters’. The doing of which would be so much easier and far more effective.

In all their video’s you don’t see them actually being greifed. The greifer Alts I apparently control never show up to ruin their day, only mine. The only “greifers” identified are what she claims to be “Joe’s trusted Admins and Advisor’s” of which only one is an admin, Ghost Menjou, who is only a chat moderator who’s job is specifically to kick out the “Can I have 100L to pay my rent, promise to pay you back pretty plz <3” spammers who seem to be out in force these days.

There is nothing to gain from anything Kyndy and the FtG group are doing. So far all they have achieved is pissing off everyone in the Gulf which has caused their own members to be subject to humiliation, ridicule and a sort of “karma sucks” retaliation greifing hardly the mass uprising which they’d hope.

Of course, causing an uprising is no longer their motive. It’s been over a week since the last video was uploaded and it seems once again they have moved the goalposts. To free the Gulf, From What? was just too complicated for their delicate minds to handle, instead now they simply wish to destroy it.

[13:26] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): Joe’s 2 sims will be tight for your ego guys
[13:26] Joe Sparrow: the gulf is our project with ll…
[13:26] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): no
[13:26] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Yes it is
[13:26] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): the Gulf is LL social experiment
[13:26] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): stop lying about that
[13:26] Joe Sparrow: getting rid of us will only reward you with a no rez area as it was before we came
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): in fact i hope to get rid of mallcops
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): and to keep the gulf at is
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): with or without tulagi
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): depend of you
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): but
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): honenstly
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): if it’s not possible
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): well then, farewell the gulf

Happily upgrading the status of their group from Freedom Fighters to Terrorists. We don’t get enough Terrorists in Second Life these days, I’m thinking of starting up a charity.

As for the rest of the 366, outside of Kyndy and Toscha? Well they claim that they have nothing to do with Free the Gulf group and it’s a total co-incidence that most FtG members are also part of the 366 and that they hang out at their airfield and use it to launch attacks.

And I’m sure they are, I mean it’s not like they are all fucking each other is it?

Why did you even ask that question?



Ugh, that face is going to give me nightmares.


At the end of the day all this “free gulf movement” have proven nothing. The Gulf is already Free and it does not need the permission of Kyndy and her Clique to be so and if you go around greifing and attacking people in the Gulf regardless of whatever moral high ground you assume the Gulf is not going to tolerate your shit and your going to find yourself quickly become the subject of humiliation, the butt of everyones jokes and another amusing chapter in the glittering biblical pages of the MalQusition.


Now to get the horror that is Cornelius’s ‘O’ face out of everybodies minds, here is a cute picture of a pig.


Here is a Scottish Darth Vadar riding a Unicycle


And here is a T-Rex playing a Ukulele trying to woo a Japanese School Girl


There that ought to do it.