Outlaw Acker passes away.

Posted on behalf of Debbie Carminucci over the SL Aviation group notice.

[12:46] Debbie Carminucci: I lost about my oldest friend in sl today Outlaw OHare, later on known as Outlaw Acker. He was a great guy and he really was one that was responsible for helping to promote flying and sailing in sl in the Blake Sea region. I helped him with Pirate Air when it was in the Blake Sea and other locations. I will miss his great voice, his confidence, and all of his advice he gave me. He is one of those types of guys that you never will be able to replace. Rest in Peace John, now you are out of pain and sailing onto the water of Lake Michigan you so loved.


Outlaw Acker was the founder of Pirate Air, a flying club which used to sit on what is now Honah Lee Surf many many years ago. He quit following a disagreement with Nikki Wylder who he had been a long time supporter of. Not to be dismayed he recently set about trying to re-build the Pirate Air group but sadly passed away before his dream could become real.

He will be missed dearly by his friends.

outlaw acker


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