The Great Second Life Temper Tantrum.

When I started this newspaper blog last week I did so during the greatest SL temper tantrum since Warships started appearing in the Blake Sea.
The issue of downloaded aircraft has been a hot topic since the first mesh aircraft began hitting the market place and recently it spiked due to an alliance of airport owners and builders issuing ,what has been described as, a blockade against proven downloaded aircraft, disallowing the vendors at certain airfields or even banning the aircraft from landing altogether.

This has sparked a massive backlash and the man who lead the campaign, Tank Kwaszes, finds himself one of the most hated men in the community.
Something I found rather ironic since the same people who lead the campaign against him, once stood shoulder to shoulder alongside the currently secretly publicly hiding Jewels Silverbade and her husband Jayson in condemning Aeon Voom and his company AMOK for allegedly using assets downloaded from Turbosquid in their mesh Helicopters and tanks. That was later proven to be a false claim, yet for years, even as the various AMOK builders proved otherwise, “Aeon Downloads to make Money” was preached as Factual and anyone who disagree was shrugged off as being part of some monopoly against true, honest builders.

Now the opposite seems to be occurring, the rather desperate sounding protest rallies from the anti-blockade camp call for honest, true builders to stop trying to form a monopoly and allow people to download and steal whatever they want without consequence and be expected an equal share of the market.

And for the longest time I couldn’t understand why anyone would support this.
I originally assumed thus was because of the.some basic argument put forward by Dogs on the Run last year “but it’s a nice plane and I want it, why can’t I have it?” Which is what young children say when they are caught stealing.
But it seems its a little more in depth.
The reason this bizarre and pointless protest has any ground to stand on is pure and deliberate miss-information. talking about the protest or even the products that are banned is forbidden in the SL Aviation channel, something I feel is wrong, and it has allowed the anti embargo camp to use the Orwellian excuse of censorship and persecution to control what the public knows about the situation. This allowed them to paint a completely fictitious picture of the aviation community and the dark evil masterminds that are coming to control what you spend your money on.

So until recently the Pro camp hasn’t yet had a chance to publicly address peoples concerns specifying why they can’t fly certain planes, specifically Dani_Weapon planes. Since no-one cares about E-tech who’s planes use freebie example scripts or Fastronics who’s Huey is the first result in Google when you type “free 3d Huey Model” or even Aneta Babii who’s perfectly obvious downloads from HAWX models uses the same scripts as E-tech. Nope it’s all about Dani.

It’s almost odd how Airports, Aviation groups and even RP Charter Airlines have all came out in support, not of Anti-Blockade, but in support of Dani Weapons. Now his display models are everywhere, as is his Logo, his group has doubled in size and entire airports have been constructed (always often towering over Pro-Blockade airports) as “Dani Ports” with the usual cavalcade of Dance Parties, Sploders and bots designed to increase traffic, while his fans pour fourth into Alcoholic Anonymous style meetings where they cry a bit, get angry and try to convince themselves that they are doing this “for the community”.

No such attention or affection is attended to E-Tech or Aneta yet we are told, and expected to believe, that this is most defiantly not a Marketing Ploy, absolutely not, the other creators effected by this blockade are equally as important, just Dani sells the planes we like and we’re not allowed to use them anymore and that makes you a bad person.

Not that it’s all about people not being allowed to use their favorite toy because it’s stolen and deliberately inflating a rather dull topic to migraine enduing political levels for purely selfish means, it’s not that at all, it’s all about the community. Promise.

The arguments for the blockade are ,in comparison, very concrete if a little scary. Regions such as Jeogeot and the Blake sea as well as aviation groups such as Flying Tigers and DOR are all supported by true builders who put the lions share of the money they make back into the community to support Aviation community projects. When you buy an aircraft from a true builder you are directly supporting the community and projects they invest in, even if its rental for their vendor its still supporting an airport.

Your also supporting , and encouraging, new builders to get into the scene.

By supporting people who download we encourage the concept to people who care only about money who support nothing and can afford to undercut the competition and push products onto the market as fast as they can Google search. In turn this leads to a loss of true builders as old ones feel they can no longer afford to spend time on products which sell poorly and the various projects they support start to die off leaving the downloaders with a true monopoly meaning they can finally push up those prices and if there is no competition then why bother including those extra paint jobs when the ones included in the download will do just nicely, why bother filling in an interior when the download didn’t in include one, why bother making working landing gear when its easier just to aloha them out etc etc.
What we end up with eventually, as the current protesters feared back in 2010, is an aviation community that is forced to use inferior, expensive products sold by people who are simply out to make as much money as possible. Where new and upcoming builders and forced out of the market by people who are free to rip their mesh and resell it at a reduced cost.

This scenario ,aptly called the Walmart Scenario, seems a little far fetched and many would consider it a laughable concept, but think of it in a different way.

If you spent a full year of your life coding yourself an App, stuck it out on the market and Apple came along and said “nice App” then made a perfect 100% copy, stuck it on the market at a lower cost and made themselves a small fortune while you received nothing, would you be angry? Would you consider that theft? or would you shrug and say “well I guess if people like it then it’s ok”


6 thoughts on “The Great Second Life Temper Tantrum.

  1. MeeJay says:

    Thank for this article, I hope some people will understand that and think about it before buying stolen models, but yes, it’s up to them.. Just hoping that the aviation will not be hurted by that.


  2. Flothexplorator says:

    Aledgedly stolen. But for the writer, and the group he obviously supports, you are guilty until proven innocent, proclaiming yourself to be the rightous judge and policeman, knowing better than LL on that matter. And, eventhough the mesh “making of” is been presented in Dani’s shop, that is disregarded because contradicting the excuse used to campain for the hindering of a very successful competitor. Rather than being dishonest and spend their time and energy in defaming, censoring, threatening and banning, the complaining ones should rather come up with better scripts and builds, to keep their market share. That only would benefit the community they claim to defend.


    • malcious says:

      Judge? Cop? Sir I am neither, I am a journalist, the evidence of Daniels Falls (thanks for proving my point by the way) downloading models have been posted on numerous blogs, including the “SL mesh police” topic on the metaverse fourm, for nearly a full year. He has been judged, by others, and his punishment, or rather punishment to those who buy his products, was decided and implemented long before I wrote this article.
      Though since you seem like an intelligent person here are some questions for you:
      1) what statement from LL am I disagreeing with?
      2) what are these groups you proclaim I support and
      3) what makes you think Dani is my competitor? And just for personal curiosity
      4) why ,in your opinion, is it all about Dani?


    • Siris Vulpecula says:

      The problem with that assumption is I don’t feel threatened or that I am inferior to dani in any way. Infact I generally regard his product as sub par, half assed, with poorly made scripts covered by shiny bells and whistles but other wise inefficient. If he is putting out that work genuinely then he’s only showing how little he really cares about his customer base. But as the mounting pile of evidence would suggest (for example he freely admitting to being DMCA’ed for using the Embrier name two days after claiming to have rights to it) is not the case. As for taking actions, morality dictates.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Albert Elson says:

    Does anyone really care? Outside of a small group of unhappy people that are always trying to pick on other groups of people that this group of haters do not like, no one cares what you like or dislike. Everyone else is passing you by and having fun.


    • Anonymous says:

      would you care if you were a victim of fraud? no? so as long as they’re having fun with your information? buying a whole ton of stuff with money you earned with no work put into it? its the same logic. creators have stores they need to keep open and that’s being made difficult by people who upload out of spite or just for quick cash. there is no enjoyment in what they do for anyone.


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