A Rope of Sand

I’m not sure why this always happens to me. Perhaps it was because I skipped home from work 10 minutes early because it was one of the hottest days in Scotland*1. Maybe it was because I forgot the pearls of eating Icecream without a shirt on, or perhaps it was because I happened to spot my shirtless bod in a Mirror and notice that the 6-pack I haven’t seen since I was 19 was very (very, very) slightly making a comeback and threw up my arms screaming “Yay” only to remember I was holding icecream.

Very, Very cold Icecream.

Either way when I logged into SL, ready for a weekend of pissing about reviewing the Cubey Atom, I had angered a God.

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): oh mal dont know what im mentioned in your note. we are far from ever gone
Jayson Zorric: howdy\
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): and you might want to get some of your infor straight.
Mal (malcious.vuckovic): You haven’t been seen in nearly two full years
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): im not on your friends list so how would you see me
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): and we have been on
Mal (malcious.vuckovic): You announced, to incredible fanfair that you were moving in with Jayson and leaving SL
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): but like i said get your facts straight would make for good reporting to be accurate

This was only the start, for over half an hour Jewels dominated the SL Aviation channel demanding that I “get my facts right” and that I was deliberately lying with Slanderous intent to cause Drama, cause Slanderous Drama, be Dramatically Slanderous and Slanderously Dramatic. Her issues? This Blog, specifically my last article, specifically this line

“Once stood shoulder to shoulder alongside the now long gone Jewels Silverbade and her husband Jayson in condemning Aeon Voom and his company AMOK for allegedly using assets downloaded from Turbosquid in their mesh Helicopters and tanks.”

Yup, that’s it. Despite

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): i have not spoken in sl avaiation in years

Jewels was insistent that she and her Husband were still active in the Community and just as relevant as today’s big builders because her Region stayed open for six months after she closed it nearly four years ago.

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): we kept the sim open for six months after we moved it
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): i close dthe sim in december <redacted>*2 (2011)

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): we are still here and actively building
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): on other accounts

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): next time try to get the story straight if you are going to call it news
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): great then try not to mention me in your drama hacking schemes them pls

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): tell you what to give you a fair chance.  since im a person of many chances  when we do we will let you know.  meanwhile we build in private.

Eventually she calmed down, it took nearly an hour and the efforts of four admins but the odd life of SL Aviation was allowed to continue and the chat eventually moved onto Aircraft and Toilet Brushes.

Jewels has been granted Notice powers in which to reply to me, as a comment on this blog is outwith her capability.

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): nah i dont post things outside of sl

Thus presumably if she hears the phone ring she rushes to her computer and logs into SL to answer it.

In essence I don’t really care about Jewels, she very clearly hadn’t read the article and presumed it was all about her. She had been told by someone that she was mentioned and dove straight into the SL Aviation channel to cause Drama then accuse everyone else of causing drama.

Knowing her from my past ,when I was an Admin at NATO, Jewels lives in her own world and views everything around her in a very special way only she can see and there is very little ,almost nothing, that can drag her out of it, it’s best we just smile, nod and then move quickly and quietly to a safe distance.

So I apologize and have corrected the line in question with something far more factually accurate.

Jewels Silverblade is still active in the community and wishes you all to know that she is back building again but would like to remind you all that she doesn’t want people to know that she is in SL building in private and has asked that we don’t talk about her but remember to mention that she is still around.

*1 Because I live in Scotland, not because I base my personal life choices on the Celtic Weather System

*2 Personal Real Life Information


3 thoughts on “A Rope of Sand

  1. Siris Vulpecula says:

    Actually after trying to publicly get into it with Tig and I she has been banned from the group.


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