The Ju-52

The DC-3, with it’s rustic looks, it’s trusty reliability and it’s almost legendary ability to fly through hails of gunfire, lightning storms, volcano’s, hurricanes and come out the other side still airborne and be able to land safely anywhere (though in some cases only once) is a plane for the slightly mad.

The kind of people who wake up one morning in a bar with a hangover, pour themselves another breakfast and stumble outside ready to find the lost piece of the puzzle to unlocking the missing treasure of Moctezuma the 2nd. Probably while being perused by a Snake Cult. They will refer to their trusty DC-3 as “Baby” and slam it down slightly too hard on a  mudtrack runway somewhere in some long forgotten Jungle where any manner of questionable adventures may take place.

Owners and Pilots of the Antov AN-2 however are people who look at DC-3 owners as being dangerously “sane”. The owner of an AN-2 never woke up because they don’t sleep, instead they “refresh” by sticking their head out of a moving train and wash their hair in the tears of their enemies. They most likely eat only raw meat they caught themselves by throwing a knife at a wild boar (fired from a crossbow obviously) and only go into town when they need a bigger Axe.

They arrived in the Forgotten Jungle a lot later than the DC-3 owner because they’ve had to deal with a load of Nazi ninja Cyborgs riding Dinosaurs, sent by the Evil Dr Nefarious for stealing his daughters virginity, en route, ignored the mud runway and instead slammed their plane right into the Jungle, fighting off the local natives and wildlife with bits of the wrecked plane, on fire, then using said wreckage to build a smaller plane and fly home, after burning the Forgotten Temple full of treasure to the ground.

Since that covers the majority of people in SL Aviation who aren’t interested in comfortable Leer Jets and commercial airliners, who is the JU-52 for?

Sure you can talk about how odd it is to have three engines, it’s amazing stability and it’s stupidly low stall point which allows it almost hover, it’s near infinite usability. it’s cheap repair cost, strong airframe, simple construction and how wonderfully easy it is to fly.

Meanwhile everyone else is thinking…

Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler, when Hitler marched in with Hitler and did the Hitler thing with Hitler!

I’m not sure why THI would choose their first entrance onto the Civilian market, since the old C-30 Auto-gyro no-one remembers,  as the aircraft most people identify with as the vehicle which ferried Adolf Hitler around Germany during his 1933 Election Campaign.

THI has a history with WWII Warplanes and has never shy’d away from the Axis “bad guy” stuff unlike most other builders who seems to concentrate souley on American Warfighters with a few “tokens” planes from other nations (P-51’s are EVERYWHERE these days) and with an American DC-3 already on the market it was probably the better option to go for it’s Axis counter-part rather than produce another DC-3 being that the builder of the Adventure Air DC-3 and the builder of the THI Ju-52 are one and the same person.

Hitler eventually upgraded to an Fw200 but not after he’d gone through three JU-52’s and remarked it being his favorite plane, leading Junkers to adopt the slogan “Even when you hate everything, everyone loves a Junkers” (I made that up).

So how does THI’s first Civilian plane weigh up? I’ll leave the Interior and exterior porn shots below and you can judge for yourself.

JU52 1_003JU52 1_010JU52 1_002JU52 1_009 JU52 1_011   JU52 1_004 JU52 1_005 JU52 1_006

There is even a Toilet and a Chair for fat people.

JU52 1_008JU52 1_007

Karl Resiman was the builder, he is responsible for most of the builds produced by Amok Dynamics including the Challenger 2, Chinook and the F-15 family as well as the Adventure Air DC-3 and C-47.

The scripting was done by Tank Kwaszes who’s PA-18 Supercub, considered one of the best Small Civilian Aircraft on the gird, needs no introduction, aside from the one I just gave it.

The two have been conspiring to work together for the longest time and aside from assisting each other on a few projects I believe the JU-52 is their first finally completed product.

So how does she fly?

When I first took to the skies in the An-2 I did a comparison test between it and the DC-3, with the Antov I could feel all the power in the front engine, I could feel it dragging it’s top heavy engine down only to be counterbalanced with the planes massive tail wings, the plane span around that center engine and when you moved into the turn you could almost feel the pressure riding on those gigantic bi-wings. In comparison the DC-3 felt lighter, it seemed a happier plane urging you forward, when you moved to turn it couldn’t decide which engine it wanted to spin around so it choose both and screamed, while the An-2 was a mad grunting bear the DC-3 felt like a tiny dog, bounding along the sky and overjoyed to see whatever happened to be in front of it.

In comparison to both of those the JU-52 feels like a much Older loyal dog, one who’s been with you since a pup, he’s not as ferocious as the AN-2 and he’s not as crazy as the DC-3 but when you take him out you know that ,whatever happens and wherever you end up, it’s going to be a fun ride. The Ju goes no where fast, it glides around in great lazy arcs and rolls like someone who’s had a little bit too much to eat, it feels slow, heavy but oddly stable, comfortable and with just a little bit of ferocity left in it to keep you on your toes.

In Short the Ju-52 takes it’s time, it’s for people who aren’t going anywhere fast, they ain’t looking to impress anyone and they don’t give a rats arse about Speed and Luxury, all they want are the simple things, the sky around them and the ground way below them. It’s for people who appreciate life and have found the simple joy of Flight, the fun of flying and the journey, not the destination.

For L$3,200 ($13) however it is one of the more expensive ways to enjoy flight, anything more expensive and you get into the more crazy Ego projects various builders have churned out over the years  which are never worth their price tag. For me however it feels worth it, that price gets you a lot of Good Quality plane that doesn’t feel hidden under countless Gimmicks and “special features” that basically amount to free t-shirts, there to make you forget you’ve just spent $20 on a plane that flies like the Freebie UFO from 2004, the JU is a good solid plane, it’s script light with an exceptional build and it doesn’t glitch out on every sim border. I would go so far as to say this is one of the best planes I have ever flown in Second Life in all 3,000 days I’ve spent online.

For those looking for a cheaper alternative there are two other Ju-52’s on the market, one at L$ 3000 and is from EG-Aircraft, its a fairly old build which was upgraded in mesh just recently, I flew it recently and found it a pretty good flyer, it felt as chunky and heavy to fly as you would expect a craft of that size and I like how each engine is it’s own slightly different noise, sitting in mouselook in the cockpit when all three engines roar into life gave me something of a sharp tingle in my spine.

EG_008 EG_003 EG_002 EG_004 EG_005 EG_006 EG_007 EG_009 EG_010

Though a longshot from the 14ms/s as previously reported the 0.994ms/s still gives this plane the script time of around eight Battleships (Astral-Tek Iowa [1980] came it at around 0.109ms/s with engine and vice scripts running, includes HUD) though I took it up and down the Jeogeot Gulf several times without much issues, it may be best to leave this one in the hanger during SL’s more fierce Lag Storms.

The only other notable JU-52 is a weird one, it’s downloaded and we know it’s downloaded because three companies are currently selling the same one but the only one you’ll want to care about is this one from Cheermaster (because they bought it legally under license, unlike everyone else) which is currently on sale at L$189.

JU52 Cheer_009 JU52 Cheer_007 JU52 Cheer_008 JU52 Cheer_001 JU52 Cheer_002 JU52 Cheer_003 JU52 Cheer_004 JU52 Cheer_005 JU52 Cheer_006

The bed in the back is a little weird and doesn’t fit with the rest of the aircraft, however it doesn’t hold any major bugs and is fairly well scripted, flies great and works quite well as a Budget version of the Ju-52.

Then again you get what you pay for.


8 thoughts on “The Ju-52

  1. Albert Elson says:

    The Cheermaster is an amazing build and for 189L, why spend 3200L and support the people that are trying to sink another builder’s business?


    • Siris Vulpecula says:

      If that were the truth why would I bother sharing code and even offering space at my airports for the cheermaster JU-52?

      Honestly Christie has done well on the plane, the scripts and model are both decent and improving. I’ve told her personally myself I look forward to seeing more from her. If you don’t believe me ask her yourself and find out.


    • Cheesus says:

      You Need Jesus!


  2. Sebastian Hendrickson says:

    I could see spending $3200L on a plane they spent such a long time building (the THI Version) and really it’s a well modeled plane and you know its going to have a decent to superb flight engine having been scripted by Laminar. However, anyone that would say that the Cheermaster version is “fairly well scripted” either hasn’t flown it, or is exerting an extremely biased opinion, or is on crack. Anyone who owns or has flown the Cheermaster JU52 will more than likely tell you that it’s one of the best flying and most reliable planes on the market and it’s still in beta testing, even with such a high land impact, which is even more amazing (143 LI I think). Insinuating that the Cheermaster JU is only worth the sale price of $189 by his comment: “..Then again you get what you pay for.” is ludicrous as well and further proof this blog is likely based on an influenced and affected or otherwise compromised opinion.

    Now let’s talk about the EG Junkers and his assessment of of script time usage and performance. I personally tested the EG Aircraft JU and the script time is nowhere near 14.62 ms. as I was getting readings of below 0.9 ms in every manner that I could test it, and furthermore, it has no issues crossing regions that I can tell, at least no more than any other plane and certainly is a stable flyer. The fact that the writer of this article had to take a picture of an EG Junkers on a vendor is likely an indication he didn’t take the time to test one, as he’d have likely included snapshots as he did the other two JUs, but that’s just speculation on my part. Had he done that, people would have likely seen that of the 3 planes, it has (in my opinion) the best looking and most detailed exterior. Though the other two JU’s exteriors look fine in their own right, and the interior of all 3 are magnificent.

    All 3 of the Junkers covered here are really different planes and really, it’s almost like comparing apples and oranges even though they’re the same model. They’re all worth owning without a doubt but take the time to copilot or guest pilot a friend’s to make that decision for yourself. ….The More You Know!


    • malcious says:

      The tagline of this blog is “The Alternate Opinionated Opinion” and thats all a review can ever be, opinion. Your opinion doesn’t match up with mine and like a lot of people in Second Life you assume I’m being influenced away by dark means from agreeing with you.
      I’m not biased, I’m fair and it doesn’t matter if you agree with that or not, your assessment that the Cheermaster Ju-52 is the superior plane is based on your own opinion, I would feel differently and I don’t feel the need to accuse you of wrongdoings and force you to agree with my opinion, that’s it.

      As for EG your right to think I don’t have one, I asked for a review copy sometime ago (my idea was to review all three planes at once) but never got a reply, so I found someone who bought one, you may have seen me frantically asking over the SL Aviation channel if anyone had one a few days back, and that spot was based on their opinion. That 14 m/s of script time was while the aircraft was in flight and included the hud and again, was based on what they told me.
      If you disagree then your welcome to write your own review of the EG Ju-52 and I’ll publish it for you.


  3. Sebastian Hendrickson says:

    Fair enough.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Here is my take on the three most popular Ju-52 models (there are at least 2 or 3 others available.)

    Historic accuracy. I have to give this one to THI with EG’s in second. CC’s is more a fantasy retrofitted military version which is interesting, but certainly never existed in RL.

    Model detailing and texturing. Once again I give this to THI with EG in second. Karl is extremely talented and the model for the THI version is a work of art. EG’s is also very good, especially the interior. However EG’s also suffers from poorly chosen LOD values so it starts losing it’s shape from a very short distance away. CC’s is ok and probably about as good as it could be given the model she used (legitimately purchased). It does have a few details the others lack, The working auxiliary wind generator with a prop that spins based on the aircraft’s airspeed is neat. The refitted gunner seat is possibly the coolest passenger seat of any passenger aircraft on the grid.

    Flight Handling:

    Take off – CC’s wins hands down. See what happens if you try taking off with no flaps or not enough flaps for the length of the runway. EG’s would be in second. It should be mentioned that EG’s has a more realistic startup sequence which some will prefer. This is a taildragger and I expect to see the tail come up prior to taking off. CC’s won’t even take off before that happens.

    Behavior in flight – I give this to CC as well with THI in a close second. While the default setting on the CC version is a little too responsive to the controls, there is a user changeable setting to tune this. The mid setting feels about right. The lowest setting makes it similar to the THI aircraft. EG’s is somewhat a penny turner. CC’s is scripted to deal with one or more engines off to allow for RPing engine failures.

    Landing – I give this to CC. This is one of the few planes I feel I have to keep my eyes glued to the instruments to land well, particularly the airspeed. Too fast, it won’t touch down, too slow and it will stall and not in a recoverable way that close to the ground with the flaps out. You will need to use the flaps, you will need to control the throttle, and you will need to start your final approach from the right altitude. It’s similar to the ZSK WWII planes in that regard. I’m not giving a second place here.

    Both THI and CC’s are paintable. CC’s is moddable.

    While it’s hard to ignore the current extremely low price on the CC version, it would not be overpriced if it cost the same as one of the others. It’s worth test flying all of them before making up one’s mind.

    If it were possible, I’d probably combine Karl’s exterior shell, EG’s interior, and CC’s flight scripting in a single Ju-52.


    • Siris Vulpecula says:

      Both the THI and the CC are modable actually, Iniital release went out with bugged perms and has since been corrected.


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