Well this is Embarrasing

As a celebrated figer of pure hatred and vile, as my attempt to cover an airshow at Tag has shown, I sometimes find it quite difficult to actually “do things” as my reputation arrives before me, well not my reputation, someone else’s reputation as a vile insect who spreads lies and rumors and infects your children with his mighty infectious opinion hammer on the street where your children play.

Though as an Orphaned, Mentally disabled, Cancer Surviving, Gay War veteran dating a Transgender I suppose I can be a bit of a political minefield when trying to smear.

In such a case I often find when people are aware I’m doing a piece for the blog they act differently, either to promote drama, their own opinion or make something up at random so they can later accuse me of lying. So I sometimes use third party “reporters” to get information for me.

And occasionally, very occasionally they get it wrong.

Naturally at the end of the day I’m only human so I make mistakes and though this is a long winded kinda ranty way of going about this, I made a mistake.

The Erick Gregan Ju-52 was noted in my own article at operating around 14m/s of script time, this was information given to me by a Customer of Erick’s and has been found to be incorrect.

Erick has kindly given me a review copy of the JU-52 and under the same tests we found the following results.

On the ground while idle it weighed in at 0.082 ms fresh rezzed and 0.200ms having being flown for an hour, one third party claimed 0.217 and two others 0.097ms.

In flight we measured 0.513 for the plane and 0.431 for the HUD giving us a total of 0.994 a far cry from the 14m/s previously reported and the “source” has claimed it was a typo. I’ve decided to remove this person from my list of reliable sources.

Sorry about that.


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