Momma Bear Speaks

For those that Missed it:

Sent over the group SL Aviation

Dear SL Aviators,

There has been some worrying development in the recent weeks concerning Dani Airplanes created by Dani Falls.
Evidence has been brought forward that strongly suggest the models used by Dani Airplanes have been taken from FSX.
That said the SL Aviation group is not here to make any decisions on the legality of anyones creation in Second Life, but we do have a moral obligation and reserve the right to not promote such practices and subject our membership to such products.
Therefor we have decided to remove Dani Falls from the role of Creator and furthermore decide we will not allow his aircraft and products related to his aircraft to be promoted in the SL Aviation.
As for accusations that our members are not allowed to discuss Dani’s aircraft in the group chat, these are false. We believe in freedom of speech and encourage the membership to discuss all and everything concerning aviation and what not. We will however not tolerate people coming into the chat for the sole purpose to create arguments and grievance. Such discussions will be met with a mute if deemed necessary by one of the many officers in our group.
The majority of our membership does not want this sort of disturbing drama and will we always do our best to suppress and eliminate it.

These decisions may cause some dissatisfaction for a few of the members and I wish I was able to always please everyone all the time, but sadly that is just a wish.
For those that do not agree or want to further support Dani Airplanes, I am aware Dani has created his own group and I would suggest you also join his group if you so desire.

Yours sincerely in service SLA

Tig Spijkers

I’d like to thank Tig for clearing that matter up.


5 thoughts on “Momma Bear Speaks

  1. What is FSX and why some is ruling over Linden Lab, if any should act is only Linden Lab and i honestly doubt that many do really create all from scratch when using mesh.


    • Karl Reisman says:

      FSX is shorthand fo Microsoft Flight Simulator X, a commonly available Flight simulator program that runs on the P.C. Models there are created for the fSX community for free and for pay, for the use of the FSX Community, and not authorized for uses elsewhere. Models are often downloaded and converted into common 3d file formats and posted at sites like People might look the other way when the model is used in a GTA5 mod, as those mods are made avaialable for free, but as soon as the mesh ripper charges money for the mesh they did not create, that becomes Piracy.

      You obviously have no clue as to how the DMCA Process works, and why the Lindens are not responding to this. Full details can be found here: .
      the law itself can be found here:
      TLDR: basically the copyright owner, or authorized agent of thecreator of the original artwork must file to the Lindens themselves. We however are not prohibiting people from wasting their money of stolen goods, just informing them the good are stolen.

      I also take the time to track down the original creators, or their companies, and provide them with screen shots and inform them that their work is appearing unauthorized in Second Life, and that they should file a DMCA takedown notice against the stolen material. We would prefer that second Life not get a reputation for beign a repository of pirated Video Game mesh. it is then up to the creators or companies to file the DMCA notices on their own, and some have.

      Finally, just because you lack the talent to create mesh, you should not assume the talent is rare. In fact, it’s quite common, and like any skill, it can be learned and developed with practice. When the means of creation is free, using Blender, and with the multitudes of supporting tutorials and Youtube lessons, just about anyone with a little bit of talent and persistence can become proficient enough at making their original mesh to profit a little by it. Most people create from scratch on SL, it’s just that certain, vendors on marketplace and in the aviation community take an illegal route to quick bucks, and Tig and the other owners, creators, and managers see this as having a strong negative impact on the SL Aviation community.



      • Being a former Il2 well known user and also before that a red baron 2 user i do know a bit about flight simulators but i forgot about Microsoft flight simulator.
        And i do agree that if some is ripping of content and selling it it is unfair to the ones that build all from scratch.


  2. Albert Elson says:

    If all of these models are stolen and the real creators know about their models being for sale in Second Life. How come there have been no take downs of this content to date?

    Is it not up to the person who claims that their content has been stolen to file a DMCA? If so, then either people are wrong about the uploaded material or the people who are the original creators do not care if their content is in Second Life. If this should be the case, then who really cares with the exception of a small population that dominated the aviation market in the past and feel threatened by the new competition in the market today?

    Personally I will buy from who ever I please and will not have someone else dictate to me which product I can buy and cannot buy.
    When faced with people trying to apply pressure towards a particular brand, I ask myself “are the people who are leading me away from a particular builders of an aircraft or are they friends with a builder.” If the answer is yes. Then the real motivation is to buy their product and stay away from the competition.”


  3. First of all, there is a chance that Dani has permission to use the models. There’s been no definitive proof either way. Second, it’s entirely possible that the models used in FSX or others aren’t the ultimate holders of the rights for the models. They can purchase licences for them just as some makers in SL do. Thirdly, the vast majority of aircraft makers in SL have used illegal content in their aircraft at some point including some of those who have raised the stink about Dani’s planes. Grabbing photos off the net for instrument panels and using registered trademarks one doesn’t have the right to use is exactly the same thing as using mesh one doesn’t have the rights to use. Even Aeon has a few questionable models in his lineup and has certainly used textures stolen off the net many times. Fourthly, this group of malcontents seems satisfied to label every new creation of Dani’s as stolen even in the face of evidence to the contrary. The very work in progress photos from Blender they had demanded initially no longer are enough apparently. I don’t see any of the other makers forced to do that and most would be insulted and offended if asked to do so to prove their legitimacy.


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