Skydiving, with a difference

When someone said the immortal words of “Skydive for Money” I was immediately interested. Partially because they’d told me I could do something fun for money but also because they were holding a tiny hamster.

There was a lot of things going on in the Grid that night, Luke was doing some DJ thing, NAS were playing with Torpedo boats, The Jeogeot Gulf was beta testing a Cargo Ship system, Daniels Falls Wife had been caught trying to illegally place giant vendors at various Blockade supporting Airports and Airfields and someone had unleashed a load of Breed-able Kittens upon my unsuspecting neighborhood.

But to hell with that, being paid money to drop onto a target? What could be easier?





Oh dear god no.

When it comes to Skydiving the chaps over at BooVille have taken it to a whole new level.

We’ve all seen them at airports, the little discs with the chairs on them, take a zip to the top and watch as your avatar plummets uneventfully towards the ground before your chute deploys and you land gracefully on the target. I never saw the attraction, seemed too easy and somewhat boring so what could be better than doing it for money.

Booville understands this, and that is why when they throw you out of a plane or shove you off a tower and watch as you go screaming towards a small target on the ground you could have sworn was bigger when you took off, they may quietly giggle to themselves.



And what happens when you finally spot that tiny pinprick of a target on the ground?

Well Booville’s got another little surprise for you, it’s own custom Parachute. With Parachutes of Old one would simply enjoy the auto-deploy and let it carry you gently to the ground, Booville’s Doesn’t, instead you have to stare at the ground with agonizing intent so you can bring your knee’s up at just the right time and slow down your decent, too soon and you’ll veer off course, too late and you’ll snap those legs of your in half, with a suspiciously realistic sound and a shameful announcement to all those nearby that, son, you done goofed.

Easy it is not, but fun it is. Booville skydiving seems to bring a new idea of involved skill and Terror, learning to Skydive takes time and a lot of practice.

They have contests every week or two, normally prizes range from 300L+ depending on donations, the target is tiny, the tower a lot bigger than it looks and some people make it within 0.100th of an Inch.

The region is at they announce events regularly over the SL Aviation channel however I highly recommend getting some practice even before you even think about trying.

I’ll leave some pics below

Boon boon2 boon3 boon4


One thought on “Skydiving, with a difference

  1. Booville is a lot of fun and their advanced chutes are too. You can’t just hold them flared either or they stall and you plummet to a crunching death so you have to steer them all the way to the last second. The skill some of the jumpers there is pretty insane. You won’t even be in the list of the top 5 with a distance from center of more than a tenth of a meter scores in the centimeter range aren’t that uncommon. There are lots of fun jump points on the sim and guide points to help you learn to swoop land.


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