Things that Annoy me Part 1

1) Having a Single Aircraft Carrier doesn’t make you a Fleet:

A Carrier ship plus escorts is called a CVBG or Carrier Battle Group, a fleet would consist of many Warships and several Carriers and would be assigned to a specific area with an Admiral commanding a Flagship, the fleet itself is a combination of several smaller Task Force groups but you already knew that being a “US Naval Vet” and all.

2) Stop calling your Airports International

There are no Nations in Second Life so you can’t offer flights between them. At best ,and only if your based in Corsica, Nautilus, Satori, Sansra, Blake Sea, Bay City or the Heterocera Atoll, you can claim to be Transcontinental.

3) Have some originality when building an Aiport?

Oh is that your Tower? ontop of your Terminal Building? with the One Runway of your “International” Airport in the middle surrounded by Rent hangers? Yeah no-ones done that before.

4) Oh your building a P-51 and/or a F-16?

Please stop.


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