How low can one sink?

update: Chris Kayor came forward last night and admitted the information came from him, but he didn’t write the notecard, Chris mentioned that the noise spam was being generated by missiles and bullets getting stuck on sim borders and the notecard was a complete misinterpretation of what he was trying to tell people.

Apparently I’m a spammer

“For those of you who might be curious about who is behind a large percentage of the lag in the gulf, give some thought to this:

There are a number of bots in the gulf carrying sound spammers, if you go through the gulf and actually keep track of the uuids of those who are responsible for those sound spammers, you come up with a rather interesting group of individuals:

Timothy Scarborough 93614077-025f-4252-8f8b-6d5b0a102bcd
machawkeye Resident ee04ab95-de88-46ff-a4f9-5fdfdba30f2e
Hoolie Oh eb9026c0-539d-4f4c-92ce-92a4607f0864
Taylor Payne df7d8162-9040-4184-b507-3eaac4e44de7
Carlita Kamala e9ba3cfd-8104-48eb-b67d-df51c3deb6cc
Malcious Vuckovic e02a190e-09e3-4f7c-8ca6-84f5a1419b05
AJ Ulrik abec0099-6fa4-4175-9f1e-ce40723cab9e
cryu608 Resident cb24a66e-a5f8-4da8-9cbb-3b152be2625a
ortiga Waco 0c96d419-d9f1-42df-a9e7-85d2f3bc7d86
yoshiyukik f499eb32-54b8-4705-a6f5-c168ce16d3e9
LuciusM13 b11167cf-7b2d-4d92-a291-0f43b4147a7a
furniture Petras 4a77b36f-aefb-45b9-93fe-1e9af371cbbd
LynnBlank 3214c3d2-fb5a-42cf-ae31-931ba58a2d59
xxcharlie2012xx 794e135d-789a-4309-b292-4544119fa63d
conan horan da3d3fc8-980f-4cc5-b9f8-aedcead78350
TurdFergurson 1388cf79-c3d9-4b12-a803-6cdd77ae356e
Yaleg Yao f03f731b-ca58-4e73-ad06-aa6ad6823d97

I believe many of these names are familiar ones. I can tell you with absolute candor that none are friends of mine.”

This is a Notecard supposedly sent out by Joe Sparrow in regards to “bots” spamming the Jeogeot Gulf with “Sound Spammers” Joe has already confirmed he did not write the notecard and the entire thing is total nonsense, he had a few other words to say but none were really suitable to print in a Family Friendly blog.

Since my name appears in this list I’d say this is just another one of those annoying people out to discredit me and some other people for………….I dunno cake or something. The Jeogeot Gulf was my project and I spent nearly three years locked in arms with the Sailors, Marktwain White and eventually Linden Labs before I finally got what I wanted, for I am nothing but persistent.

Aside from the fact that to lag the entire region these bots (and I wont even question how the hell someone would trace a “bot” back to an avatar) would have to be racing up and down the Gulf 24/7 playing hundreds of sounds every second to which the Spam Detectors we set up to counter this very thing would have blown a fuse. Linden Labs have been great at keeping a close eye on the region and have responded to various AR’s on greifers and even Vice cheaters very quickly, only recently someone was shooting at Ships in the gulf with a one-hit-kill pistol, he got AR’d and was removed within half an hour, something of a record time for Linden Labs and I thank them for that.

Basically there is no way hundreds of bots could secretly lag the Gulf with sound spammers and get away with it and even if there were there is no evidence that any of the avatars mentioned above (including me) are involved.

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to who is spreading this kind of pathetic nonsense so there is no point in blaming anyone, I just find it rather funny.


2 thoughts on “How low can one sink?

  1. Isn’t giving out the avatar name and uuid a violation of LL TOS?
    -Rebecca Shiokaze


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