A short rant about Dani and why you fucked up.

Fans of the Malqusition may remember I posted an Article regarding my thoughts on the “mesh Rip” controversy and asked the question why ,despite the many examples of people all over the Aviation community downloading Assets from online websites, people choose to focus the entire thing on Dani Weapons.

I spent the best part of last week mulling over this problem and just recently came to ,what I think, is a pretty solid conclusion and I would like to take a brief moment to talk about it because there has been bullshit on both sides of this Drama and I want to make it clear that just because your on my friends list or a builder that I like doesn’t make you immune from the Fiery Death Glaze of the Malqusition.


I should first clear something up, when I go on a bitching session about Dani or ripped mesh I’m not stating that you can’t buy his products in spite of people insisting that I and people like myself are somehow “controlling what people spend their money on” I’m not, at the end of the day you are the consumer and it’s up to you how you wish to spend your money and if this really bothers you so much then…

I give you permission to buy a Dani Plane.

This does have a flip side. It is not correct to assume you have the “right” to fly whatever you want and buy whatever you want, to put it simply you don’t. Second Life works under the Governmental Authority of Linden Labs which in turn states that everything done in Second Life is subject to United States Law and this includes the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and US Code 2315, the sale or receipt of stolen goods.

That Second one is more of the issue basically stating that if Daniels Falls can be proven to have made $5,000 US or more in sales of his products then you the consumer can be held liable and may be subject to charges of up to $1,000 US (and if you paid over $500 US in total you could face jail time) if it can be proved you were aware the Mesh was stolen and by reading this blog or receiving notices from the SL Aviation group, it can be, which is why so many people are desperately trying to make you aware that if you buy a Dani plane you are accepting Stolen property which you do not have any legal right to posses. Flying Virtual planes is not covered in the Human Rights charter.

Daniels Falls builds planes using mesh assets taken from various sources and cobbles them together Frankenstein’s monster style in Blender. This has been proven, it is factual and the evidence to prove so is widely available. If you find yourself screaming at the computer screen in rage and proclaiming that it’s all nonsense and lies then that makes you ,and I’m sorry to draw this comparison, no better than the Anti-Vaccination Movement, ignoring the evidence however compelling because it doesn’t fit with your opinion and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard the “Why can’t we just all shut up and have fun” argument that is so quickly discarded when the subject turns to things MCE or ZSK Pilots refusing to fight Shana Pilots or Unity Airport demanding that Warships shouldn’t be allowed to fight the combat Ocean of Jeogeot Gulf.

The “let’s have fun” line does not constitute as a quick and easy Statement Hammer to slam down whenever you need justification for the Dramatic amounts of Vicious bile you throw in someones face whose opinion you disagree with.

But what about the “Making Of Mesh” Documentary at Dani’s shop?

Interestingly when I IM’d Dani and his wife to let them know I was coming to view and take screenshots of their Make Of documentary they told me I wasn’t allowed and promptly removed them from the store.

Dani3_002 Dani3_001

Thankfully I had sent someone earlier that morning to take pictures.

Dani_001 Dani2_001

Firstly, it’s not a documentary, it’s a series of still images  depicting a finished product from various angles with several assets hidden or displayed as a Texture map. To the untrained eye this may look like a model under construction but in reality this is just what you’d see by viewing a Model in Blender, in the same way I can use these screenshots to claim I made a ME109.

me109_wip_03 Untitled

That in fact is a Render by Anders Lejczak and is the one E-tech ripped.

In reality the “Making Of” Images show nothing, the only way to prove once and for all that Dani wasn’t using Stolen Assets was if he made a quick time-lapse video showing him actually build a plane then things might be different (unless he attempted to do what a previous Mesh Ripper in the Fashion community did which was to video himself deleting parts of the Jacket he’d ripped then playing it in reverse) Questions may be asked as to why all of his products can be found online under different creators name that seem to be a perfect comparison to each other when the Wireframes are shown, something that should be almost impossible.

If you’re still not convinced there is a blog which documents stolen meshes and as we speak a list specifically for Aviation is being made up. I’ll Link it Here You can find Dani on Page two.

In short I am not stating that you can’t buy a Dani plane or get any sense of enjoyment from it, it’s your money and how you wish to spend it is no business of mine and frankly I couldn’t care and everything I have to say is written here and in world I wouldn’t go out of my way to bully or harass you on your choice of Aircraft you are welcome to use whatever you want but if you use a product you know is stolen then you accept the risk that comes with that. Legal cogs in regards to Copyright are famously slow and even slower when the Internet and small time users are involved.

Though things may be silent now keep in mind LL has in no way Granted anyone permission or Leniency in uploading ripped mesh and the reason they refuse to get involved is through their own legal problems, if they did get involved they would automatically assume the requirement to “police” the grid for stolen mesh, meaning extra employees would have to be brought in and a shit ton of money would be wasted.

The way things are set-up now puts the actual copyright holder in charge of policing their own products, meaning they have to put in a DCMA take down and prove that the mesh is theirs, which is difficult if it’s been edited in any way and is a lot of work. Not something people would want to do if they get nothing out of it, so they would be looking for a Court Case and some serious legal actions, which costs money, a lot of money. So anyone willing to go that far would first want to dam well make sure that Dani was over the $5,000 US limit and wait the full five years the law gives them to Sue thus allowing them to reap the maximum funds back. Assuming that Dani would even turn up to an US Court of Law to defend himself and if he didn’t then it’s a hit or miss if the Brazilian government would Arrest and extradite him and even then if he had been regularly withdrawing his funds from SL or funneling them through his wives account then there would be no prospective monies nor assets for the courts to seize, leaving Dani banned from SL and his products removed yes, but nothing but a massive legal bill for the person who took him to court.

So Is Dani essentially Immune?

Actually, No, and this is where it becomes much more serious. This isn’t like pirating Music or smoking Weed, let me explain.

Several “builders” have been noted ripping Assets from the video games HAWX, which is owned by Ubisoft. Ubisoft are happy to sue anyone regardless of financial gain as could Disney for anything Starwars related on the Grid as could the John Norman estate for all the Gor things, the Tolkien estate etc etc If any of them decided to follow through with a court case this would enact a Class Action lawsuit, meaning EVERYONE with a DMCA claim on anything in Second Life could bring their case to court and be trailed under the same case as Ubisoft or whoever. If that wins or if Dani fails to show up then Linden labs may be forced to take responsibility for the management of illegal mesh sales in Second Life and given their ham-fisted response in everything that is not a future anyone really wants to see.

That’s a pretty over dramatic way of saying SL is Doomed, if you were telling the truth then why hasn’t his happened before?

Because it has. At this point I was planning to go over several high-profile cases, including the famous one made by Xcite which started it all and the more recent ones made by Disney but after a long weekend of thought I decided it was pointless.

Second Life has been scared and changed by Real Life laws applying to Virtual Worlds, in 2007 Linden Labs had to drop its policy on allowing Residents to keep copyright on everything they build, Virtual banks have been forced to close as have Gambling Casino’s and a Virtual Themepark emulating Disney World was wiped from the Grid.

But anytime I tried to talk to someone about it their eyes glazed over and instead of listening they wait till I said a word they understood then used that as the basis for an argument or piled back on the old faithful “Why don’t you just shut up and let people enjoy themselves” to these people, if they are still listening, I say this.

People in Second Life seem to be very ignorant of the world around them, speaking of either the Internet world, the real world or the rest of the Second Life world outside their own Bubble. It’s one of the crowning achievements of Second Life and why it holds mass major appeal to those with Aspbergers syndrome, depression, low social skills or those who simply feel uncomfortable fitting into todays modern world. People create their own world within Second Life until it becomes their whole world and they would fight to the death to protect it, hence why Opinions are so controversal and the Drama Flame so brilliantly lit. Since this is the case with the majority of everyone most of you may be unaware of what is currently happening on Youtube.com.

Youtubes owners Google have been hit non stop with DMCA takedown claims regarding Music Video’s online so to save time and money they introduced a new automatic DMCA take down procedure allowing any corporation with a copyright claim to pull down video’s without any human interaction unless it’s contested. This in turn has caused these same companies ,and we’re not always talking big Companies, to Weaponize DMCA laws in an attempt to control content, dominate opinion and delete criticism see Total Biscuit’s review of Day One: Gary’s Incident for examples on this and pay close attention since what TB states is relevant to Second Life.

Why? you ask, because when you start charing money for a item it becomes subject to all sorts of crazy laws effecting copyright and none of them are going to be on your side, if companies large and small are trolling youtube and hiring Paton trolls to file lawsuits in a futile attempt to control the internet and make money then how long will it be before the Eye of Sauron lays to rest on Second Life as the next target of opportunity.

Right now Second Life is widely regarded as a place for Bored housewives to legit cheat on their boring husbands and for Furries to put their pixel dicks in each others butt, that reputation is quickly changing to a view that SL is becoming a dumping ground for Copyrighted assets and for people to make money for them. As that reputation grows it is starting to catch the attention of the larger businesses and Paton Trolls who will inevitably flock to Second Life in order to exact the same Weaponisation of DMCA as they are on Youtube.

You may feel safe in your own protective bubble in Second Life but that nightmarish horror is growing, it’s becoming worse and it’s going to notice us sooner or later. I’m not saying you CAN’T buy Dani’s planes and if this article offends you that much please do click it off and storm back to your pilot’s chair, imagine all the things you would do to me if I was tied to a chair and you had a baseball bat (stuff I wouldn’t enjoy please) but just be warned by buy purchasing Stolen Mesh vehicles you are encouraging that market and speeding up the Patent Troll process, it may be quite for a few years but it’s only a matter of when not If.

This Article has a second Half, because I’ve bitched at Dani’s customers for near on two thousand words now It wouldn’t be fair of me to leave it at that, because Dani’s Customers are not the reason we have this problem, they are simply the little cogs in the wheel that keep it turning, the snowflakes in the path of the avalanche.

Who is the problem?

You Are, you other builders, you high and mighty self-righteous pricks who looked to Dani as if the Apocalypse had arrived, you tried to ignore him at first and when he started to grow bigger than you could handle you scrambled like scared children trying to put the pudding back in the bowl before Mother gets home, you issued statements, threats, punished his customer’s and proclaimed visions of Horror to those who supported him*.

All this achieved was to allow Dani to take the position of the Victim, the “small weak developer being bullied by the larger Companies” and from that got support from the Anti-MCE movement who were feeling abandoned and needed a new Cause. This has left you fucks, the other builders fondling your moustaches, rubbing your hands and plotting your plots to destroy a man you deem “open game” because he downloads, all while claiming the Moral Highground.

Fuck You.

No Seriously, Fuck you to the Builders and Companies that supported this blockade and Fuck you times twenty Cuntfucks and a Shitcock to the larger group of spineless Builders and Companies who secretly support the Blockade but refuse to go public incase they get a bad image.

Let me explain why I’m so angry.

We have major problems with all sorts of companies trying to pass themself off as legit with ripped mesh vehicles AEB&W, E-Tech, Fastronnix, UXU designs, Vortex and everything ever shat out by Darim Darkfold to name a few. But rippers such as those guys lack creativity or any cermountable level of Skill. They look at the big companies and well-known builders and try to emulate what makes them successful and what they inevitably end up with is a badly filmed VHS tape of a man sitting in a Movie Theatre pointing the camera at the screen. Yes you get to watch the film but you can see the heads of everyone in front of the camera, the quality is shoddy and the sound is “meh” at best, they then have the audacity to charge $20 for the privilege.

Dani is different and it’s nothing to do with the quality of the products he is making. I flew one of his planes recently and I found it no better than any other plane, it looked great yeah but it also flew like a Jet Fighter, the sounds were awful and way too loud the animations were often glitchy, the plane was Script heavy and often crashed on border crossings and there was a substantial number of physics bugs and errors, it was a decent plane but in terms of where we are in SL Aviation technology it was way below average.

Anyone of the top builders could do better and they tried, or so they claimed, to crush the download with the Superior product but they missed the trick, it was never about the quality of Dani’s scripting or even the builds which made them popular. Let me explain in simple terms.

Dani’s first projects were something of a Joke in SL, a P-47D with a shelled out interior and a Race Care seat jammed into the cockpit next to an awkwardly placed prim acting as the instrument panel. It was pathetic but it sold, for a very specific reason, it came with a Brazilian Camo scheme. Next came the Super Tucano, a hilarious disaster of a plane, badly filtered out mesh parts replaced haphazardly with prims, low rezz textures and a flight script that worked “occasionally” but it was popular because it was based on the two-seater version used by the Brazilian Airforce, we see the pattern, next comes the Mirage 2000 again in a Brazilian Camo scheme sold well because it is the main jet fighter of the Brazilian Airforce.

And who is buying all of this crap? Brazilians, the pattern is complete.

The Single largest Minority (next to flag waving Americans) that band together in great numbers, ignorant of the politics and the world outside their own Green, Yellow and Blue bubble, disregarded by the larger population of self proclaimed “superior intellects” as being simple-minded bling tards, copybotters, greifers and pathetic musclebound womanizers. They never followed the rules, they were always rude and so we called them Stupid and forgot about them.

Well you fucks turns out there was a market there. Dani was nothing special, he just appealed to a market you refused to consider, your fault.

Now lets look at Dani’s lesser popular planes, the Commander 112A, the Pitts Special, the E-120, all of these planes are unpopular because they have alternate ,and in nearly every case cheaper, counterparts on the market. So lets now look as his most popular planes.

The Two Phenoms, here you tits have really fucked, ask any big builder in SL what the common or garden “stupid” pilot wants and they’ll always reply “Oh some big fancy Lear Jet with a sexbed” which is an interesting response, have you ever tried to look for one on the market?

You have two choices outside of the immobilize prim nonsense, a small range from Eric Gelgen and this piece of shit.

Both old, both primmy, neither has the class that the modern Lear Jet should have which leaves everyone who wants one scrambling around desperately trying to pick up anything they can that vaguely resembles one, or buying a super yacht instead. Then Along comes Dani with his Phenom. It’s engines are loud, fire comes out the back, it flies like shit but it’s EASY to fly, perfect for someone who doesn’t know the first thing about Aircraft but wants to live the rich lifestyle and have a different girl on each arm. Again a market you casually ignored because you always assumed some retard somewhere was making them and you were right, your fault.

Now lets ,just for fun, look at this new plane the A318 , currently one of the most popular planes in SL and why is that? The Roleplay Airline market, people who spent their childhoods at airports watching massive Jumbo’s Land and Take off, their tyres screeching across the runway, the fleet of vehicles sent out to maintenance them. That is what they wanted and somewhere in the back of your little minds you knew that large Jumbo’s and Modern Day airliners would be popular, but it would be too much work and it wasn’t what “you” wanted, so you made your excuses then along came Dani and filled that market and people went apeshit for it and again it’s your fault.

Dani is entirely your fault, other Mesh rippers never do as well as they could because they appeal to the combat market or to markets already covered by the Superior Craftsman ship of all builders big and small, Dani appealed to a market you were ignoring. If you hadn’t been so self-absorbed with the set mindframe that all “real” pilots were just like you, who enjoyed Big Belchy machines, Huge classy helicopters and props from Aviations “Golden Age” you spent all your energy and effort creating the Oddities of Aviation hoping to tap into some unknown market and create a monopoly when the Bigger Market, the core of SL Aviation was staring at you in the face, being ignored, then Dani and all those who plan to follow in his wake wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

Perhaps you ought to think on that a while.

So this nonsense, this bullcrap, these backroom meetings and imposed restrictions, this evil sounding scheming and statements aimed at the Customer, it stops, because you’re never going to end this by words, you cannot control the Market and how people spend their money by stamping your feet and screaming, you ignored the people who became Dani’s customers and allowed him free rein and you should feel shame for it, you should apologize and you should build, by Harry’s Great and Mighty Titian Tits do you need to build. Not some passenger Pop plane relic from the 1940’s, something Modern, something good, something that feels land acts like a Jumbo but is small enough to fit into a typical SL Airport, you need to make Lear Jets and Airport Vehicles and all the other things Aviators get excited about, Planes that have nice little features that enhance the passengers experience and the Pilots enjoyment.

You have the power to create the Greatest experience for any Aviator in Second Life, Dani is just a guy who downloads Planes and fills them with Cubey Terra’s plane DIY script, he can’t provide, only fill the gap you created. You need to fill the gap back up and pay more attention to the market that you ignored, trying to dictate what it does will not work, forcing people to spend money on your products and not someone else’s ,regardless of reason, will make people hate you, so cut it the fuck out and hope people will be forgiving.

Now that nonsense is over with here is my deal with you guys. I aim to make this the last rant post on this subject from here on it’s it’ll be mostly Product reviews, Events coverage and the occasional opinion peace and if you’re really good I’ll post some funny stuff would you like this? Well since this article is rather controversial in it’s nature how about this, if we can all agree to keep the comments civil then I’ll agree never to go on an hour long rant about this subject again and next weeks article will be on something nice, like bunnies. Deal?

*I am aware I am being a Hypocrite at this point.


22 thoughts on “A short rant about Dani and why you fucked up.

  1. Sebastian Hendrickson says:

    Great article and well stated about both sides. The only disagreement is that I have is that the Commander and the E120 aren’t popular selling planes when in fact they are. Type “airplane” into the marketplace search, the higher in the list an airplane is, the more it is selling. The E120 and Commander are always at the top of this list with the Phenom 300 and the A318 and E170. But doing this also proves your point of what the general public wants on SL, and that is airliners in general be they corporate, jumbo, vintage or turboprops. See that “crappy” Etech 737 close to the top of the list that everyone complains about? If it’s so bad, why is it always on the first page of a general “airplane” search? Because that’s what the people want to fly and there are less airliners than there are stupid spaceship looking thingies and one-seater fighters that these companies are putting out.

    Conversely, a builder should build what they like, it’s SL and everyone should do what pleases them most, but they shouldn’t also wonder why everyone is buying Dani planes instead of their obscure models. A builder building what they like kind of shows me it’s less about the money and more about the love of the craft, but getting upset everyone else doesn’t love it as much as them quickly throws that logic away, and I’ve seen proof of that sentiment on their part with my own text reading eyes.

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    • malcious says:

      Thanks Sebastian, it’s good to see someone else agree with me for a change. I based my idea of what was popular or not by what I saw “peacocking” at SNO and Hollywood Airports during peak time and what was flying about. The Marketplace can be easily manipulated to boost products above their actual sales rankings which is why I don’t consider it a good way to tell.


      • Sebastian Hendrickson says:

        I thought you might say that, in that case let’s look at Hollywood’s traffic data directly to see if it matches up with the MP:


        (note the “Top 10 Aircraft All-time” section)


        • malcious says:

          That’s an interesting chart but I can’t take it into consideration, firstly it would be wrong to base any Global sales from statistics gathered from one airport specially when that Airport is Hollywood. Having known Hollywood’s owner, Marktwain White on both a personal and professional level I am aware of the pride he places in his Airport so much so I would not place much faith in the accuracy of the traffic number that document is reporting, my second point would be on the attitude of the person who goes to Hollywood, since most serious aviators avoid it like the plague it is often frequented by newer pilots who I have witnessed taking off from Hollywood, doing a quick circuit and landing almost immediately back at Hollywood, in the same sense a person who flies a smaller craft is more likely to be alone and only fly for a short time, do a short run and then return, people with larger craft like Dani’s 318 are more likely to spend a long time at an airport and an equally long time in the air, fly further and land at a different airport. In such a sense one person in a commander could generate 10 times the amount of traffic generated by ten people in a 318.
          I would also question how long those statistics have been gathered for, “of all time” suggests the entire length of time the Airport has been in operation, Dania’s planes have not been on the market for long enough to knock the freebie Z95 Attack Helicopter off the top list unless the records only started recently.


      • Sebastian Hendrickson says:

        You can look at the daily totals and see the data goes back to 11/13/2014. Btw, you’re the one who is basing their sales stats on Hollywood’s traffic by merely getting a visual of said traffic. This is real time data of traffic from the EXACT airport that you’re saying you were basing your information from only 2 comments ago by looking at the planes visually, and now you’re saying it’s not a good airport to base traffic numbers on. You have a real problem with statistical data accuracy in your articles and should realize that making up or fudging numbers to prove your point takes away from the validity of your articles that may otherwise have a good point to make, regardless of how you try and spin it once the accuracy of your data lack thereof has been pointed out to you.

        Your article also should consider the car market, where widespread mesh rips are so abundant and have been for quite some time, that Dani’s handful of rips is less likely to influence ant “Patent Trolling” (check your spelling on “patent”) than the thousands of illegal uploaded cars from any and all major car manufacturers that dominate the MP’s vehicle listings. This would bring up the real exposure to “Patent Trolls” as any MP listing shows up in Google search with keyword matches as well as in the MP search, which is likely why Aeon Voom doesn’t list his products on the Mp, SL’s best method for buying and selling things, and is likely why Drusilla Saunders did’t list his products until just recently when Dani’s MP sales started kicking everyone’s asses, but I will admit that’s all just pure speculation on my part as I don’t have any real facts or data to back that up and don’t intend on losing bits of my integrity by making up or fudging data just to prove my point. >.>


        • malcious says:

          An excellent and most well thought out point there Sebastian with just one slightly major flaw, I wasn’t standing at Hollywood, I was actually taking readings from both Hollywood and SNO by standing at Blake Sea China, which is the tip of the Noob Triangle between Hollywood, Honah Lee and SNO THE busiest flight path on the Grid.
          Your assumption is that whatever sells the most is the most popular, I was more interested in what people fly the most, since we can both agree that nearly everyone has the Z-95 Attack Helicopter but that doesn’t make it popular.
          Though if you honestly think my entire article’s argument hinges on Dani’s Commander not being as popular as his A318 then you’ve clearly missed the point of the Article.


      • Sebastian Hendrickson says:

        “Great article and well stated about both sides. The only disagreement is that I have is that the Commander and the E120 aren’t popular selling planes when in fact they are. ” is what I said had you might have remembered had you not gotten so focused on the negative part of my comment, I said nothing about your article’s validity hinging on the data, only your data’s integrity as a journalist as I have read 2 articles from you, both having statistical data reporting inaccuracies that helped to prove your point.

        As far as your assessment of a plane’s popularity by standing in Blake Sea – China vs. using actual, real-time data based on sales and traffic combined that I pointed out to you, my response to that is as follows: “lol, omg”

        Great job malicious though overall, I was just trying to help and if you’ll reread my first comment from that perspective, instead of a defensive one, you’ll see that. Keep it up and good luck to you.


      • Sebastian Hendrickson says:

        Also I literally have no idea what a Z-95 Attack Helicopter is but I’ll look it up!


  2. Albert Elson says:

    “Unity Airport demanding that Warships shouldn’t be allowed to fight the combat Ocean of Jeogeot Gulf.”

    That is funny statement. The Unity people advertise Joe Sparrow’s combat sims and the combat areas to people who are new to this area. Even went so far as to personally teleport me to Joe’s vender area to show me the free items so that I could join in on the combat fun.
    I ended up buying one of Joe’s PT boats when I wanted something better than the free offerings. Two thumbs up for Joe Sparrow.

    In fact I have yet to hear anyone at Unity Airport complain about the combat or stand around in hate huddles putting down other groups or aircraft model builders. I only have met nice and helpful people unlike SLWB or SLFF that has people standing around complaining and attacking other groups. Acts such as this only drive people away once the negativity starts to drag them down to the complainers unhappy level.

    Once again you are spewing stupidity from your mouth to bash other groups that you disagree with. I know it must have upset the ban Dani Airplanes movement when Unity’s airports opened up and allowed the banned aircraft to use their airports thus making the ban a moot subject since SLWB and SLFF are no longer the only airports in the Jeogeot region.

    Everyone has an opinion just like everyone has an anus. Most of the residents of Second Life are not logged in to have someone dictate what they can and cannot do provided that their actions fall within the Linden Labs TOS.

    We have employers in real life that pay us to put up with their demands and when we go home our lives are our own as long as our off work actions do not harm their employer’s image.


    • malcious says:

      Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury may I present exhibit A. Eyes glaze over, doesn’t read the article but instead skims for a word they understand and forms an argument based around that with a totally irrelevant topic. That argument on Unity was not Unity themselves trying to ban combat but a group of Unity supporters causing issues by proclaiming that was the aim of the airport. As you well know being that you were the one who started it.
      Opinions are indeed like an Anus Albert, but some of us pause to wipe.

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      • malcious says:

        Albert I have decided to remove your last comment but I want you to understand why, “I’m a Jew so there for you are a bigot” is not an argument and while I’m happy for people to express their views here ,regardless if I agree with them or not, this blog is not a platform for you to create spiteful rumours about people you don’t like.


    • Siris Vulpecula says:

      “only have met nice and helpful people unlike SLWB or SLFF that has people standing around complaining and attacking other groups.”

      Would you care to give a specific example or is this just the rhetoric you use to try and entice me to a flame war?


      • No, it’s 100% fact. You, Karl, occasionally Aeon, and various fanboys repeatedly and consistently would stand around plotting against, bitching about, and being generally outraged that people kept buying Dani’s planes regardless of the dire predictions about DMCA’s coming ‘real soon now’. There’s no need for a flame war. You flat out did exactly as claimed and if you’d like others to show up here and verify that, it’s not like it would be hard. You all never paid much attention to whom was there when you were all running your yaps.


      • slfs says:

        Crim you haven’t been around me for the years in talking about. This is longer than the few months you seem to think we have been watching this. Truth is this had been an issue with us longer than the likes of Dani had been making planes


    • Propeller says:

      The fun thing is that most of Dani’s planes aren’t combat planes, nor vintage planes, so I hardly even seen them in Jeo and in Unity airport, but just one e-120 parked. Not even the Mirage and the Supertucano. Dani planes are everywhere in the Blake Sea and neighbour areas, but Jeo has a different focus. Unity is well placed, in central position in Jeo and next to prettiest area – Zebrasil with the volcano, the bridge and the carrier in the gulf – but if they wanted to get airliners there, they landed on the wrong continent, unless things change in future.


  3. Ok, putting aside your comments about Unity Airport and Brazilians which were completely uncalled for and added nothing to the rest of the post, it was reasonably well balanced article and I agree with a lot of it

    On the first half. If by some off chance the dire predictions of the Anti-Dani set result in one of Dani’s planes being removed from the grid. I’m out the equivalent of 3 DJ sessions worth of tips. A whopping $12-$14 in real dollar worth if I actually used real money to buy L$.

    The chance of that happening are incredibly small though. The cost of having a lawyer file a DMCA, and then dealing with actually filing a case if a Counter DMCA letter is filed in reply would make it unlikely even if Dani lived in the US. Even if he sold 100 of a given plane, we’re talking only around $2000 in real world money. It’s simply not worth bothering with.

    Finally, there’s the question which only a court of law could really decide which is whether he had the right to use those models. People seem to forget that it’s not against the law or even the SL ToS to use mesh created by others as long as the rights to do so have been granted. Several makers do this. The E-Tech 737 is one example.

    Now on to the Second half to which I say bravo!

    The number of people doing passenger/airline flying in SL was skyrocketing. There were airports cropping up all over. The go-to aircraft for the airlines at that point were the AVA Twin Otter, the DSA CItation, and the E-Tech 737. The latter was the only even somewhat affordable decently flying airliner. It was and is a miserable thing to carry passengers in. If the HUD detaches mid-flight, you are doomed. It was all we had though….for years. Nobody was releasing anything for the passenger flyers.

    Then along came the 170 with it’s texture painted external windows and weird executive interior. There was no attachment. The HUD was decent (and optional), It crossed sims well, It was exceptionally smooth for the passengers, and it flew well if not necessarily realistically. Aside from the window thing, it looked great. There were a full set of aviation lights and a ground power unit which meant those of us wanting to RP proper ground handling could. It took about two weeks for 737’s to all but disappear from the skies, tarmac, and hangars.

    We’d been hearing the rumblings about stolen mesh and potential DMCAs and such over the Phenom and the Commander, but when every airport was inundated by 170’s, it ramped up exponentially. Most of this came from a group who’d abandoned the vast flying area of the Blake, Nautilus, Satori, and Corsica areas we all used, for Jeogeot and it’s bathtub sized flyable area. It came across as an attack on the type of flying we were enjoying by outsiders with an agenda of their own. Some of us were like “Fine, make something for our market and we’ll use that, but we aren’t going to go back to those damn 737s! The response was generally “We don’t feel like making that sort of aircraft, but we don’t want you buying from him.” The drama became worse, the sides dug in harder. Aeon made the huge tactical error of banning Dani’s aircraft from Honah Lee Field. Dani kept making aircraft. The aircraft he’s made have been aimed squarely at a market segment that everyone else was and still is ignoring.

    Throughout the drama, some really nasty things have been said to and about Dani, but he’s never been anything other than kind and polite to any of his customers. He listens to what they say and has repeatedly fixed issues and added features suggested when they made sense. He wants to make aircraft that people will want to fly. From the looks of things he seems to be succeeding at that to the chagrin of those who seem to feel we should want to fly the planes they make. Maybe that latter attitude needs changing. As for being forgiving, I usually like to hear an apology and see some change of behavior before forgiving somebody and thus far I’ve seen none of that from those who really owe such.


    • Cheesus says:

      Yeah, but you’re just full of yourself and have no place trying to argue anything, much like anyone else. Thats how I read this, thats how it looks, its official, you’re just an asshat


  4. Propeller says:

    Raising awareness is a good idea. Punishing the costumers not so much.

    I won’t feel so happy to pay a bunch of L$ for a model downloaded from a free pirate website and some old script inside. It feels like a fraud. So I’m glad to know it. I’d rather support and encourage a creative person who spent months in creating a product, with care for details, something that feels like a work of love, maybe something new and creative, as Terra does, instead of just making replicas of RL or games vehicles.
    Some 3D model of some merchant is licensed, of course. Others aren’t. I don’t know if Carenado will file a DMCA against Dani’s Commander, for example (and I’m not sure if he sold just 100 of those, as it is on the top of the most sold aircraft in the marketplace since it was released many months ago), but supporting that way of making products doesn’t seem to go in the right direction.
    Anyway there costumers who know they like that stuff they bought, they have fun, and now you are banning their toys from your airport. Does this raise more awareness or more anger and pissed faces? I know the argument “It’s my place, I pay for it, I do my rules”, which is right, but it doesn’t feel emphatic: if you are looking for understanding people, then giving the good example helps. If you don’t care and you put them on the defensive, they won’t care so much of your arguments either. Moreover it isn’t an ideal world where so much people understand and go against the alleged swindler, telling: “hey, you sold me ripped stuff, I want my money back”, “I want to be refunded from this fraud”, “I will never buy anything else from you”. Nope. Their belly says the merchant gave them fun, no matter how, and you want to stop the fun, not letting them to play in your garden. So they feel like they are yours victims now, rather of the victim of the alleged crook (it’s irrational, of course, but that’s how bellies work).

    Listening to your costumers is a good attitude, indeed. Dani seems to know what people want and he tries to make a profit from that. Other builders build what they like most. They are more motivated in following their own passion, of course, which is beautiful and they have the right to do so. Moreover, Amok, S&W and others support the airports with their vendors. Dani supports nobody, but himself. Bia used to tell in the SL aviation group he is poor, but he is doing all this for the community. Yeah, ripping planes, putting some script inside and selling them for a load of L$… but it’s all for the community, folk, buy buy and don’t think, have fun! Fans and believers follow.
    Talking about apologies and changing of attitudes, most of the troubles in the community came from Bia and her manipulative way of denying and twisting any argument (even with massive logical fallacies), behind the ostensible kindness and playing victim.
    Some people cling on their ignorance, take refuge in their delusions, and even worse, twist arguments to manipulate you. I won’t buy even a free prim cube from someone with such attitude.
    Believers who ignore any evidence, debunking and fact checking, just make themselves easily manipulable. If you want to believe only what you like to believe, someone will come with lies and twisted arguments supported by nothing, but that you like to believe. Reality stay the same though, no matter what you want to believe.
    But pointing out things to fanatics is pointless. They listen nothing, and twist it all. They will just demise any argument as a conspiracy, label you as the villain, and embrace their beliefs even more as their precious, with no hope of dialogue. As you can’t discuss with fanatics and delusional people, their attitude creates divisions as well.

    Hopefully there are also more balanced people with a different attitude, and you can always raise awareness for those.

    It’s a good point that there was an huge gap in the airliner market, that Dani simply filled.
    When I was looking for a jet airliner, I found mostly poorly made old sculpt stuff, stuff with attachments, overpriced somewhat decent old stuff, the poorly made 737. For a moment came the Citation. Then Dani. Dani airliners look good, with many details, they don’t have an huge amount of scripts, they have working and interactive cockpit instruments, which is something that was neglected for long before (the Citation too had a flat texture). EG had them in some of his products with realistic procedures, as in his Cessna. I don’t know if there were other planes with a clickable dashboard before 2014, I don’t remember them. So Dani planes aren’t the usual crappy rip, at least. Overall they aren’t so bad and no wonder they had an huge success.
    I didn’t buy them anyway, as I realized they were rips, although more or less reworked. And… I hadn’t what I wished to have. Then finally the CRJ-700 came and… how many CRJ-700 you saw?

    I agree that it would be better to release airliners, instead of punishing unaware or delusional costumers, but… The CRJ-700 is here, since a month ago. Yay, an airliner from those expert original builders! Ok, it isn’t flawless but it deserves some success now, right? Well, I hardly saw any CRJ around, not even parked. After a month, there is no trace of CRJs.
    If you look among the planes in the MP, listing the best selling airplanes, you have to rummage a lot before to find the CRJ. And to think that they pay to have it listed in the featured items. Eventually I found it at the bottom of page #16, set at 96 products per page, do your math. Dani’s new A318 is already the most sold airplane and the “old” E-170 is still 4th, in this moment.
    I know that Tank & al. worked on it for ages, and I’m sorry for them. Dani releases about a plane per month. Even if you are a good builder, it takes months of work and your work will have an hard time in competing with (ripped) professional or semi-professional 3D models and with the easy way of downloading, assemble, put some script et voilà. Even if Dani does a bit more than just that, it’s not comparable with the task of making a plane yourself.
    Anyway is the CRJ-700 so crappy that nobody wants it? I don’t think so.
    I suspect that the anti-ripping blockade worked in the opposite direction.
    Dani addressed the neglected marked of jet airliners. Who wanted to pilot jet airliners, bought Dani’s ones, as there was little else decent around. The blockade blocked Dani’s planes to land on some airports… which were piloted by most of your pool of jet airliner costumers… who now steer clear from anyone was supporting that blockade, directly or indirectly… and the first review of the CRJ was to bash it.


    • Siris Vulpecula says:

      Very well said and I in many ways agree with you, but while we are returning products in the “embargo” (as we have been dubbed by our opposition which i rather fancy the name lol) we make an effort to talk to the people and ask them to remove the offending product and explain to them why. Ultimately the goal is awareness and education. I think it’s appropriate to give a bit of history on this situation. A while back when stolen mesh started to make its appearance in our community with any sort of measure worth noting several of us got together and began to express our concern. This was a few years back, and at the time we considered the options. After a lot of consideration we opted to make a move towards a constructive approach. Initially the plan was to out promote the original work rather than try to tear down the offenders. Unfortunately it didn’t work so we moved to quietly trying to inform and contacting the content creators. The thing we didn’t see coming was what blind sided us and that was the rise of people like dani and AEB&W. We ended up basically anguishing in silence as these models began to show up everywhere and faster than we could step up and knock back. The CRJ (which i appreciate the shout out by the way) took months because I don’t have the time to devote non-stop to SL development along with various rl “disasters” (a few months without a pc makes it hard to script). One day I was sitting out at my airport and watched a wing of ripped mesh helicopters fly down the gulf and i hit a tipping point. The community had become complacent in the wake of mesh release it seemed and I felt someone needed to do something both from having connections in the automotive community and just personal moral stand points. I agree it’s not a pretty fix but I liken the issue to a cancer and there isn’t at this point a clean solution. That being said i am always open to a better solution should someone have one but at this point it feels like we have our hands tied behind our backs.


    • A lot of the lack of CRJ’s around and certainly the lack of any painted with the various SL airline liveries is the blowback against the drama and nastiness over the mesh issue. Call it a boycott if you wish. That wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate.

      Is it crappy to fly? That’s a matter of personal opinion. Discounting known friends of the makers, the majority of comments about it’s flight behavior were negative. I don’t think that’s because it’s badly done. I think it’s more because the makers made a plane that flew as they wanted it to rather than one that others would want to fly. It also suffered the equivalent of an issue that is seen on some of the reality cooking shows. Young chefs often seem to feel the more ingredients they use in a dish, the better it will be. Usually this isn’t the case and the dish ends up muddled and unbalanced. That is pretty much how the CRJ ended up.


  5. Sebastian Hendrickson says:

    While the previous poster made some good points, the reason the CRJ-700 doesn’t appeal to the general airline consumer has nothing to do with politics or how they feel about Tank or Karl (they seem like fine people to me personally), it because of the following reasons:

    1. It steers oddly, airliners shouldn’t barrel roll for every turn . It’s a chore to fly it because of this.
    2. It pivots weird when taxiing, like its steering from the rear and not from the front wich looks comical.
    3. The wheels aren’t animated or textured well, if I wanted a Shana plane I’d have bought one and paid less for it.
    4. The green interior is odd and doesn’t match anyone’s color scheme, while I’m not sure if it’s changeable people hate having to paint interiors anyways.
    5. It seems to be an airplane scaled for tinies, the doors are about 1m tall and normal avatar heads poke out of the roof, other than that it looks nice but scaling is a HUGE deal. 6. For a plane with all of these issues and shortcomings it’s overpriced by 2x.
    Note: My JP collections CRJ which is a piece of crap and fails every other region crossing at least steers well by comparison and the model is scaled properly

    In general, it just seems like it was made by someone who: a. Isn’t in touch with the general consumer and needed to spend a day or two flying the competition’s planes (Danis). It’s apparent they’ve not flown a Dani plane to see why people are buying them, which is a huge mistake on their part. b. Rushed the plane to production without either asking, or taking advice from airline pilots, but instead tries to tell them what they want vs. trusting their input. c. The few times I’ve flown the CRJ I was so frustrated I jumped out of it mid-flight because I wanted to get as far away from it as possible and as soon as possible (no lie) because of the reasons I stated above.

    I like all other airline pilots WANTED to love this plane, but felt it didn’t didn’t give a shit if I liked it or not and that it just wanted my money and expected me to be happy about it.

    If you want examples of what pilot’s want, just at least TRY a Dani plane, or the Cheermaster Junkers. I’d include EG planes in this list if 1. They weren’t so buggy. 2. They did’t force you to use fuel mode. 3. They have serious LOD issues 4. They fly like they’re in low-gravity mode.

    Finally to RL pilots: No one gives a shit if you’re a RL pilot and to be told “that’s how rl planes fly”. We’ve all been in RL planes and flown them in countless simulators and games, but YOU’VE GOT TO REALIZE IT’S SL, I DON’T HAVE A YOKE AND PEDALS IN MY HOUSE, I’VE GOT A LEFT AND RIGHT ARROW, A SHIFT KEY, AND PAGE UP AND PAGE DOWN! MAKE THE GD PLANE FLY LIKE IT’S NOT PUNISHING ME FOR SITTING AT A DESK INSTEAD OF A SIMULATOR DOWN A LOCKHEED!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. […] with all the bugs and errors frustratingly ironed out. Previously it was my understanding, and I covered that in this old article, whereby the current generation of builders that prefer to work with original mesh, built by them, […]


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