Then this happened….

So I gather something strange and boring happened a few days ago, we got this notice:

Group Notice From: SL Aviation, lale Delvalle

Was going to send a simple notice about my airfield closing. But now need to add the part about leaving this group. There is too much bull shit in group chat for me to stay. Such as what’s going on right now. Bye

Which was later followed by this from Moma Bear:

Group Notice From: SL Aviation, Tig Spijkers

If your little pixelated feelings can’t handle the sometimes heated discussions and arguments we have in the chat, then you have my 100% support and recommendation to leave this group.
Our membership is not brain washed, or will be dictated in it’s opinions.
We are a group of mature and intelligent people and I expect us to argue and have hot discussions on various subjects you might find to dramatic to read.
Switch off the chat if this is the case, or just leave the group. 🙂

Customer Service Dept SLA

No idea what this shizzle was all up in yo grill 4 since during this piss waving contest I was at an Aviation Museum.

I got to see a lot of planes, they were all fantastically built with full interior details and not a single person screamed at me for taking too many pictures of one plane and not the other, no-one accused me of being part of a monopoly because some of the fighters were roped off and others were out in the fresh air and no-one even thought to proclaim that I was somehow spreading miss-information and sent children to my home to pester me with water guns then ran off screaming when I turned the power hose on them.

All in all I had a good time, I plan to go back next year when their WW2 Exhibit re-opens, supposedly they have a Beufighter.


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