Another Day another Mesh Ripper

I have another couple of articles in the works but as you would expect Real Life pops up when least expected and demands you pay the toll. Until then here’s another person putting freebie scripts into Flight Simulator models and pass them off as their own work.

Wireframes are a perfect match, a few modifications have been made around the cockpit, some details have been replaced with flat images a few panels mixed around bu otherwise a perfect match.

Oh and we’ve already contacted the original creator incase they purchased a Retail Licence, they haven’t.

Subject Bell 212 FSX

Dear Cera,

I would be interested in your terms and conditions to resell your products on Second Life as scripted models. The notion comes from seeing that someone else is doing just that.

Best Regards,



Cera Sim support <>
4:21 PM (41 minutes ago)

to me
Hi A****,

this Copy is illegal, they don’t have any permission for commercial use.

Hello Cera Sim Team,

I thought as much and wanted to bring this to your attention.
I hope you will file a DMCA Take Down Notice to Linden Labs to stop this sort of practice.

Best Regards,


Not that you’d want to buy it anyway. at L$2,900 you get the following script time Script info: ‘AeroFly Bell-212 fuse mod 01′: [78/78] running scripts, 4992 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.305777 ms of CPU time consumed.’

Meaning you’d have better luck trying to cross a Sim Border by charging at it backwards with your ass in the air trying to hold a jelly in your hand bouncing on a pogostick while trying to write that Novel you’d always promised yourself you would.

Discuss quietly among yourselves


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