Some statistics on Luke Flywalker’s SL Aviation “News” channel

For those of you curious to where the hell I’ve been for the past two months, if I had given up and if I was just ready to throw in the towel on the whole Malqusition idea may look to your screens now and pause for thought, I am indeed back after a long and rather terrifying vacation of which I am sure you now expect me to launch into a two thousand word epic detail on how it went, what I saw and the things that I did.

Well Children, prepare for disappoint.

I was planning to talk about something else but when I woke up this morning the youtube app on my phone was bursting with the anticipation that another Episode of the SL Aviation Magazine had been uploaded. “Hark” I cried with some mild bemusement as I stumbled out of bed and removed yesterdays washing from my computer chair, booting up my old 1910 Model of Mr Gate’s Most Marvelous Home sized computerized calculation machine for the Modern Man, by way of the old coal furnace and what luck that I only needed to replace four of the Radio Tubes this morning before enough steam thundered into the Drive and the Machine booted up.

luke 4

It’s been two mouths since Luke graced us with his last Newsletter, episode 37, in which his usual 15 minutes of planes flying overhead to ill fitting music was suspended to interview Cubey Terra, a legend in his own right and someone who seemed more bemused that out of all the Talent present on SL Aviation his interviewer, and at the time the only source of News for the Community, couldn’t actually seem to think of any questions to ask, instead Luke choose to bumble his way through talking about the Atom, proved his complete lack of knowledge on the actual History and foundations of SL Aviation, dropped in a quick Shana plug and then internally screamed with frustration as Cubey laughed off the idea that people were still using TCS.

A teeth grinding experience if anything.

Episode 38, launched June 12th 1015, shows it’s back to business as usual, but this time having taken quite a bit of flak from the community about Issue 37 Luke has decided to play it safe, in fact Luke hardly appears in it at all. In the 19:54 running time Luke’s on screen time is three minutes and 17 seconds. The rest of this “News” Letter is dedicated to a two and a bit minute slideshow of Seychelles Isles paying close attention to the DOR regions situated there, a sales plug for one of his friends and Ten Minutes of footage showing planes taking off and landing of which One EG Aircraft was shown, Five Shana and Thirty Four Dani planes[1].

Not that I’m accusing Luke of Bias of course, after all it’s not like Dani and his wife were one of the pilots.


Oh wait…..

You may ask yourself why I bother to bring this up, why I care about something I obviously don’t like watching and how dare I try to discredit one of my rivals.

Fact is the Malqusition doesn’t try to present itself as the News, I know I get things wrong and I make corrections when I have been proven incorrect. Luke however does present himself as the News, he is the “SL Aviation news presented in TV news magazine format.” which is a contradiction by itself but we’ll ignore that for now, he is THE News and has often advertised his channel as “the official” and “impartial” but if anything I would consider his Magazine a poor source of news and anything but impartial. “Here is an Airport what I built and here is 10 minutes of my friends using it” does not count as News in a Community of Several Hundred people not to mention the countless factual errors he’s made over the years, none of which he has corrected nor apologized for, and I wont even comment on his “break the cookie cutter” idea by using One Single Runway.

I mean it’s not like there are any other Airports on the Grid with One very long Runway.

So not News, more like a Blog a Blog which several people have furiously proclaimed that I and this “blog” need to be more like, inevitably I have pissed off people with my articles here, mostly furious that I don’t share the same opinion of God-like about their favorite builder/plane, but I’m always hit by the same bullshit, Why am I such a Monopoly whore, trying to discredit everyone so *I* can make more money off the planes *I* and my friends sell[2] and I need to be more like Luke, Impartial.


You could call Luke’s Newsletter “the Continuing Adventures of Luke Flywalker and the Dor Angels” and no-one would argue with you. It is NOT impartial.

Allow me to demonstrate.

Luke has 38 Episodes, just counting the Newsletters, not including special episodes and single dedicated episodes. Out of those Episodes 20 of them have a segment on DOR or feature DOR, specially the DOR Angels, in some way, in almost all of those episodes Luke finds time to give a plug to his favorite builder, Shana Carpool, even if it’s just a tiny image in the corner of the screen, Luke makes sure it’s there.

In comparison, DSA is mentioned Twice, EG is shown but never mentioned, ZSK is mentioned Once; their P-51 got a release announcement a full year after it was launched, Spykers and Wingtips are mentioned several times but their products are rarely shown and never discussed in any great detail, the re-incarnation of Wilder Skies is never mentioned, Amok gets a nice two episode discussion during the MCE showcase but is never mentioned again, neither is Adventure Air, Laminar systems and their Supercub which is one of the most popular small planes ever as statistically every person in the Community has one; is never mentioned, shown on screen nor spoken about and even Aeon’s Booth describing the History of SL Aviation at SL11B is never shown or mentioned despite Luke actually attending the event and talking about some of the Aviation booths there. Astral-Tek products are shown, once, but credit is never given to them nor are they ever mentioned nor is the Jeogeot Gulf Battleship project ever mentioned or spoken about despite Luke doing segments in the Jeogeot Gulf Twice, in fact during episode 34’s Helicopter flight around the Gulf a Battleship which passed by them during filming was De-rendered to prevent it being seen by the Camera.

Not the first time Luke has de-rendered objects to prevent them getting attention, an episode (episode 17) covering the opening of Brentwaters Field, Luke’s favorite airport as it seems to feature at least 11 times including a five minute long promo for the Airports owner’s RP Aircraft repair service, shows a crowd watching a DOR Angels display to which I am part of (The crowd not the airshow) the Angels were in the air for around 30 Seconds, did a full loop then landed again, during the finished production myself and several other people have been de-rendered from the crowd, the footage of the display as also looped in several places, with footage being shot at different angles or reversed to fill in the full 10 minutes Luke decided to donate to the Angles, footage was also spliced in from two other episodes.

luke 3

To be fair to Luke the first 15 Episodes he does try to act as a News program, covering events, new releases, discussing Aviation fan films and even introducing segments which covered a wide range of builders and what they were up to, the events the various airports were planning and even had the idea to start showcasing important figers in the community with a different one every week.

Sadly that seems to have been brushed aside, out of all 20 episodes featuring DOR most of them take place after Episode 13, Luke moves to TAG City Airport and the attitude of the Newsletter changes, the Episodes seem to become more condensed, there is less silly jokes and antics, the slots start to become shorter and sound more commercialized rather like he is advertising what he is talking about rather than simply talking about it and of course the DOR references and the Shana Carpool Plugs.


While the relationship between DOR and Shana deserve an article to themself it does pain me slightly as to why Luke feels, out of all the builders he is ignoring why Shana Carpool, that is the Company Shana Carpool Industries not the avatar, is the one he always singles out to need the most publicity. Shana has more staff than both Astral-Tek and Amok Dynamics combined, she has more products on the market place than any other Aviation company and enjoys huge amounts of Publicity and Sponsorship deals from various Airports and flying groups and even has her own WWII Dog fighting tournament called the Shana Cup.

She is not a small time builder, an independent creator or just a poor sweet girl trying her hardest, Shana is a very large, well funded, well publicized Multi Million Linden cooperation.

Why both LukeFlywalker and Da Admiral, both older, single men who live alone, would give so much publicity to a Young, Attractive Italian girl with a flexible sexual preference who previously ran a strip club/brothel aimed at older men before taking to aviation, is completely lost on me.

Seriously I just don’t get it, it’s like the answer is staring at me in the face and I just can’t quite seem to grasp it.

Either way I have often felt that if you had never logged into SL and only had Luke’s video’s to demonstrate Aviation in Second Life you could be forgiven for believing it was a tiny community consisting of just DOR, Grid flights and Vietnam Vets[3]. Luke is not impartial, he is very much biased towards a few small groups of people. He is most evidently not a reliable nor consistent news source, entertaining as his magazine should be.

And if you think otherwise then I am sorry but Mal thinks you’re a fucking idiot.

[1] Includes multiple Aircaft appearing on screen at the same time, does not include camera angle switches but may include different shots of the same plane, a record of One mark was taken when the footage switched to different plane.

[2] I don’t have any planes on the Market and many of my friends do not either, the few that do I am not in their employ and make no money from their sales.

[3] And people who think if they fill a Diamond box full of Balloons and attach it to a chair they will somehow achieve flight without having to worry about such things as Wind and Power Lines and No Way to Steer.


4 thoughts on “Some statistics on Luke Flywalker’s SL Aviation “News” channel

  1. Cat Hunter says:

    “Why both LukeFlywalker and Da Admiral, both older, single men who live alone, would give so much publicity to a Young, Attractive Italian girl with a flexible sexual preference who previously ran a strip club/brothel aimed at older men before taking to aviation, is completely lost on me.”


    That Mal is the only lol I give. Be a little more positive. We know some of the peeps who devote themselves to certain builders. I come accross it in the Navy too, but who are we to judge them? There are many ‘News’ channels that broadcast biased news. We see it on the TV and read it in the papers. Hey, even this blog is biased, but at least it doesn’t have the word ‘News’ in the title.

    Anyways, seems you are Lukes biggest fan. At least you’ve seen all the episodes and counted all the planes. I didn’t even do that. xx


  2. Albert Elson says:

    “Why both LukeFlywalker and Da Admiral, both older, single men who live alone, would give so much publicity to a Young, Attractive Italian girl with a flexible sexual preference who previously ran a strip club/brothel aimed at older men before taking to aviation, is completely lost on me.”

    What is wrong with this? People visit all types of adult areas in Second Life whether it is a BDSM sex club or a furry sex club with animals having sex.

    To each their own.

    Maybe Luke just does not like all the negative energy coming out of your camp. Such as banning other builder’s airplanes that you do not like.

    We all know how you and your group have something against Shana’s builds and DOR without Luke’s videos.

    Maybe try being positive and not attacking other groups and you and your friends will not be left out next time around.


  3. asalia says:

    I think you missed the part before the People seen in your pic that states… If I missed anyone please IM Luke Flywalker me so he may add to the video. Try not skipping through the video and take the time to read as a skill please.


  4. I’ll admit there are some issues of SL Aviation I’ve skimmed past major parts of. Vietnam re-enactment sims and air combat in general aren’t my thing. For those who have fun with those things, good for them and I’m glad there are places for that. That said, he’s free to promote or not promote any damn thing he wants in his videos. While they may not all be of interest to me, they are something he does because he enjoys doing it. The times I’ve gotten to chat with him, he’s always been courteous and friendly. He does more to promote aviation in SL of all kinds than anyone I know. I’ve not heard him bash anyone, ever. He tried to find good things to say about the aircraft he tries and I think he has fun with all of them . He streams his music and includes live flight announcements from the passenger group. He takes part in the airship regattas as often as he can. He understands that SL Aviation is supposed to be fun and tries to make it more so.

    You and the rest of your little clique seem to want to be the big fish in the small pond of the sl aviation community and have shown you’re willing to stoop to any means in the attempt to gain that status. If in the process, you chase people away, anger and upset people, and make sl aviation less fun then so be it. I think ultimately what pisses you and your friends off about Shana and the Dor group is they’ve made their own area to have fun in and they are ignoring you and your friends entirely. I say good for them.


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