Today is press day at the 12th Birthday Party Celebration for Second Life which means the NDA surrounding the region has been uplifted and we are now finally free to talk about the Hindenburg failure of Stupid that is Mystic Wolf.

Today is also my Fifth year anniversary so I don’t plan on spending too long talking about it, I’m planning to do a fuller coverage of SL12B tomorrow when the region is open to the Public and I guarantee more coverage than any other SL Aviation media outlet. I also advise you bring along a bottle of your favorite alcoholic beverage because there WILL be a drinking game.

If you don’t know who Mystic Wolf Charter Airlines are then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Aside from having the most 90’s cliche name next to Dark Dragon Inc, Faeryfirestar Productions, Sk8terGurl69, Apex Industries, ,<satanic reference>666 and of course XxXSepheriothXxX, Mystic wolf didn’t seem to do anything other than three people I was able to find who claimed they did Helicopter tours round the Blake Sea.

Whoever they were they managed to fill in an application, something that amazes me to this day,and create the “Official SL Aviation & Sailing History” Booth, which has now been removed, both from from the region and from the destination guide.

Unfortunately due to the NDA I was not able to take any screenshots of their booth so I shall describe it to you.

The booth, when I first saw it, contained the collective History of both communities through the medium of three Boats, two freebie’s and one Oceania by Moy Loon (quite possibly the most popular Sail boat on SL but commonly shunned by the Sailing community) and three Helicopters, two Tig-opters and an Aerofly.

Now you may be thinking, three helicopters, two from the same builder isn’t really a great representation of the wide diversity we enjoy in SL Aviation, keep in mind that this community is one of the very few communities in Second Life where you have such a diverse choice that if you don’t like one company you can pretty much always find an alternate product by someone else, unlike (taking an example completely at random) the Sailing community, where you are forced to buy the Boats the clubs tell you too if you wish to participate in the race or any one of a number of Roleplay communities where you have to buy their in-house combat/rp system as well as any number of over-priced weapons that only work with their system. And that should be something that I feel should be celebrated even if most people would just prefer the entire community only exclusively used what they liked.

But for “the History of Aviation and Sailing in Second Life” by Mystic Wolf it was all about Tig-opters and Aerofly, fair enough, nice looking heli’s with good interiors might get some people interested. Oh sir, it gets better for Mystic Wolf decided to give us a perfect rendition of the full in-depth History of Sailing and Aviation, a mammoth task since it has never been fully recorded or written down to this day, “Pah!” said Mystic Wolf “We’re up to that challenge, no problem” and then they wrote this.

The History of Sl Aviation and Sailing
The Whole Started here on sl due to users
loving to experience of how it would be to be able to explore the world of sl by flying above the clouds and on the open seas. sl is about trying all different things and be able to do things that u may have a obsession for. either by flying or on the open seas bringing your visions to life by building the most realistic objects to bring into the sl world. so now there are many ways and areas u can go to all over the grid to enjoy and explore 🙂 Blues Skies and Happy Sailing here on sl
and many more you also check these websites: alot to learn and see.If also like a Free lessions on sailing or flying ,please contact James bracula for more information

There is a certain level of genius to it, it’s hidden quite well but it is there in the fact that is never once lies, states the obvious yet says absolutely nothing whatsoever.

It, of course, gets better.

You see Aerofly have recently been ousted as having illegally downloaded the mesh from their Aircraft from a third party website that does mods for Flight Simulators, they did not have permission to upload it to SL nor sell it and this was confirmed by the Original creator, a DMCA was filed and Aerofly had their products pulled from the Marketplace, a second one may be ongoing to remove the mesh from SL but since that has to come via the US Court system it may take a little longer.

A few days before the builds were finalized everyone who had a display as SL12B received a notice which stated that no ripped or illegally downloaded mesh was to be placed on display, this came after a Booth for a “World of Warcraft” roleplay region was shut down after it was found nearly 100% of the display was models directly ripped from WoW game assets.

During a routine inspection one of the SL12B staff seemed to notice the Aerofly model sitting on display and promptly removed it, this caused Mystic Wolf to rear it’s fangs and in a longer-than-nessesery “I’m leaving this group” Drama, tore apart the SL Aviation group blaming everyone from Me, to you, to Tig, to Aeon to pretty much anyone they could think of at the time, eventually settling down by accusing two people who don’t exist.

I as onwer have been in Sl over 5 years and seen bad thing and good things . But ,I have never seen under handed and bad media as of Gale Voom and Tig Striker has forged against other builders on this aviation community. i seen the evidence and seen under handiness being done to other airlines that have other builders aircraft. To me this nothing but wrong and to all it does matter who got what aircraft and who building but we all enjoy flying but to allow (some of you and not say whom) this to divided the aviation community is wrong and my compant will not be part of this bad media. So starting today, all products and aircraft belong to Tig Striker or Gale Voom will be pulled from Mystic Wolf Charters intil this bad media has stopped. My company will not be apart this bad busiess. Also all tig Strikers aircraft will be roved from the exhit today for the SL12B . Any trouble that is started after this , is done to my company or pilots by the ppl I have on a list and have proof there part this bad media will be report and I have been told by LL , be doudlt with immendly . I hate to do this but i will not be part of this or my comapny. I hope other company will see this as silly and my do they same to stop this and we all have fun flying again.

Thank you.
James Bracula
Mystic Wolf Charters Airlines

Not really sure what any of that means but it lead to all Aircraft being removed by Mystic Wolf from the “Aviation” display and replaced with a series of empty cradles and trailers.

Skip ahead a day later and the display is now gone completely. I was informed that it was not a decision by the SLB12 Volunteers or staff but by Mystic Wolf themselves, presumably due to outside pressure which was presumably caused by a large group of aviators who didn’t want their community being represented by three sail boats and a notecard which stated “Second Life Aviation was started on Second Life by people who play Second Life”.

Since it has been tried before and since everyone seems to want to do a “History of Aviation” booth which is not ever going to be possible within the Space and Prim limits at the SL Birthday Parties, perhaps we need just a little bit more organisation at these events to prevent this kind of thing happening in the future.


3 thoughts on “SL12B

  1. If you said Looneta i would agree, but the oceanic is to dated, even if still sailed.


    • malcious says:

      I think the Looneta is now outselling the Oceanic but I still see a lot more of them out on the water.


      • Yes, one of the reasons being that the oceanic offers a full free demo, where the only diff from the original is the demo painted on the hull, so non reg sailors can feel the boat and buy it (I still see many cruises where a demo of the oceanic is used). Still is not mesh and nowadays, after free full mesh sail boats being available to all (the shields, the class 40 and 50 and more) less and less are showing. The looneta on the other hand still sells even after the mesh shop delivered some amazing boats (pasha, b55, b60) and i dare to say, still rules of the ll waters.


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