TIL: Never tell Mal to censor something.

Remember Tronnix Tairov the owner and “builder” of Fastronix Aircraft? Some of you may remember he got into a bit of trouble when it turned out his L$2,000 Huey was a download from ARMA II and the first search result when you type “Free 3D Huey model” into Google. No Seriously.  Well it’s time to dish out the popcorn again because all hell has broken loose and as normal muggin’s here is stuck in the middle of it.


Oh yeah because I wrote an article pointing out that all Dani planes are downloads and now all his cult-like fans think I’m the Devil, which is true because I am part of the Magical Secret underground SL Aviation illuminati that’s secretly trying to control everything by whining about it’s competitors because………..Monopoly? Which makes me “open game” as far as people are concerned which is just as well because if I wasn’t open game then you’d just be bullying a Gay,Orphaned, Mentally disabled, Cancer Surviving,War Veteran for entirly selfish reasons which would make you the bad guy. So it’s just as well I’m so evil.

Where was I?

Ah yes, Fastronix. I heard on the grapevine ,from a few fairly reliable sources, that Fastronix have been hit with a DMCA. Fair enough thought nothing of it but not even a full hour later ALL Fastronix products were removed from Marketplace (which I’ll remind you is Step 1 in a standard DMCA Take-down notice) followed by an announcement from Tronnix a few moments later that ALL Fastronix products were on a massive discount sale, everything down to 100 Lindens. Snapshot_021 Seems like a major co-incidence?

Again I shrugged and didn’t give it much thought but then I happened to mention it in one of the SL Aviation groups and fuck did I shine my touch on a pack of wild Monkies.

Apparently they love me, they love me so much they worship me as some egotistical maniac demon overlord who spreads great lies to his children and censors everything he doesn’t like because….I dunno, it gets my socks cleaner or something?

As per normal no reason nor logic was given and the only evidence they could find was fake quotes apparently from this blog, when proved otherwise it suddenly changed to quotes from Metaverse where I dramatically failed by claiming that Dani Weapons would be no more by 2014!

That post in question on the Mesh Police – Ripped content watch forum was made back in 2012, about a year before Dani Weapons existed.

So tonight’s lottery numbers will be

3, 12, 24, 29,36 and 49

Of course it’s all Bullshit, these people have not actually read this blog nor any of the posts on Metaverse ,and I invite you to check what i said if you wish, they are being told “what I said” second hand by someone else, I think I know who but let’s continue with Fastronix, because this is where things get nasty.

So after getting bored and wandering off for Coffee I get back to my desk to be told that Tronnix Tairov is attempting to hit me with a Super Injunction[1] and threatened, curtsey of the DOR Mafia, that I shouldn’t “spread slander” and not talk about this to anyone “or else”. Naturally this immediately made me talk to everyone around me about it, this was then followed by Tronnix IM’ing me, accusing me of spreading shit and claiming that I was now going to be banned as he had gathered all the evidence of me spreading Slander about other builders and was contacting LL to have me “dealt with”, he then quickly pulled two of his Helicopters from sale. Snapshot_004 Snapshot_003Snapshot_022     Which gave me a thought. Tronnix has a premium account, which means his AR of defamation against me will be viewed and dealt with in 24-72 hours and I’ll receive either a three day ban or a nice little Behaviour Warning in my in-box. But only if LL considers me actually being Slanderous and interestingly you can’t be slanderous if you’re stating a fact, which I believe I was. Thus means if I get banned I was wrong, but if I don’t it means I was telling the truth, Fastronix has been smacked with a DMCA and several people owe me an apology.

We shall wait a week.

Also, just to be clear.

  1. The MalQusition does not represent nor support the Agenda of any SL Aviation or Second Life builder.
  2. I am not paid by any SL Builder to promote nor falsely mislead the Public.
  3. I do not work with any SL Builder, though Astral-Tek allow me to live on their Home Region.
  4. I am aware of three people attempting to form a Monopoly over SL Aviation, these people are Da Admiral, Aeon Voom and Sera Otoro, all of them are more focused on Period Military Warfare, are not doing very good at it and display little or no interest in forming a Monopoly on SL Aviation in general.
  5. I will NOT censor myself to comfort your Ignorance.

[1] A directive that forbids both the public disclosure of information on a particular issue and also any disclosure of the existence of the directive itself, basically Censorship where I am forbidden by law from stating that the Censorship exists.

td;dr Tronnix attempts to Censor DMCA claim, doesn’t work


5 thoughts on “TIL: Never tell Mal to censor something.

  1. Rebecca says:

    Sometimes I think with what they do there is a ground for libel against them.


  2. Albert Elson says:

    “Which makes me “open game” as far as people are concerned which is just as well because if I wasn’t open game then you’d just be bullying a Gay,Orphaned, Mentally disabled, Cancer Surviving,War Veteran for entirly selfish reasons which would make you the bad guy. So it’s just as well I’m so evil.”

    Most of us in Second Life have employers, teachers and people of influence that dictate to us what we can and cannot do. What we can do and we are told how to do it.

    Very few people log into Second Life to escape the dictatorial pressures of real life in order to have another group of people who are not paying us a salary or giving us a passing grade to tell us what we can and cannot do.
    That is an account with the last name of LInden who is paid to do this job and no one else’s business beyond the parcel border of the land that they own.

    I will buy what I want and from who ever I wish with our with out the sour faced people’s approval. Because to me, the haters are nothing but a joke to me worth a chuckle or two.


  3. And here we are, late October, and his stuff is all gone. Oh, I have one of his questionable helicopters in his inventory. And some of the past heated rhetoric leaves me wondering what will happen if I am seen flying it in some places.

    Frankly, at least some of the hassles can be blamed on Linden Lab. The TOS amounts to a rights grab on all uploaded content, unlimited rights rather than for the purposes of running and selling SL, and several mesh-object retail/give-away sites put a ban on using their mesh in SL. There’s nothing automatically wrong in there being two different aircraft, or anything else, being based on the same third-party mesh. It’s possible to do it lawfully. But Linden Lab, and some of the pearl-clutching brigade on SL Aviation, make it hard.

    I’d like to see a good Mesh CH-53 that doesn’t provoke the usual suspects.


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