Fastronnix: The Final Insult

Tronnix Tairov the owner of the store Fastronnix, as well as a bunch of other people in the self-congratulatory SL AVIATION GROUP promised me that my days in Second life were numbered as the accusation I made, actually no, the accusation someone else made I merely mentioned, was considered Slander under US Law thus making me liable for lawsuit.

Tronnix Tairov demanded a full apology from your truly and fully expected to see me in court after the Lindens ‘ban my ass’ and like the dirty little troll pixie I am I challenged him to do so.

It has now been a week.

Now defamation of character is a serious thing and I’ve had to use Linden Labs AR system to report this issue several times. In fact I actually have two Virtual World restraining orders placed against people because of this (see if you can guess who they are). Suffice to say I know the process and how long it takes, you get a response within hours, I was going to wait two but after a week it’s pretty certain that Tronnix is full of shit.There is no Slanderous intent because it was factual information. Fastronnix DOES have a DMCA placed upon them by Bohemia Interactive and have since removed the offending item from the Marketplace, from its vendors in world and it may be removed from the Asset Server completely[1].

Essentially Tronnix lied, he lied to me, he lied to you, he lied to me, he lied to everybody, he lied to me, he lied to Linden Labs when he signed the Mesh Upload agreement and worst of all He Lied to Me and had the balls to pro-claim that I was spreading lies while his little supporters (who now seem to be considerably less in number) leaned around from behind his back, shook their fists and proclaim “yeah!”.

The next step in Tronnix’s little temper tantrum against me is to skip Linden Labs Abuse report system and go straight to court and since “I’m Liable for Slander” he should have no trouble finding a decent lawyer to represent his case. But of course that won’t happen. To do that Tronnix would actually have to pay a lawyer to contact Linden Labs legal team in order to obtain my real life contact details and that will NEVER happen because at that point Tronnix actually starts to occur some fucking risk. Much easier to throw insults from across a keyboard safely behind the curtain of anonymity.

Now the last thing I want to do is turn this blog into a platform to throw insults at people so let me just make it clear. *I* never fucked over Fastronnix, Fastronnix fucked Fastronnix when he attempted to censor me and the streisand effect kicked in, I got over 800 hits on that article alone, it even got put Reddit. I never made this personal Tronnix Tairov made it personal when he called me a bullshitting liar.

So I will be expecting an Apology from you Mr Tronnix.

You fuck.

[1] A process which takes 30 days minimum.

td;dr Tronnix done fucked


7 thoughts on “Fastronnix: The Final Insult

  1. Rebecca says:

    See? Don’t mess with the Malicious one. Let’s say this was a slam dunk and leave it at that.


  2. Jess MacDougal says:

    As I said every time I saw you “Still not banned, eh?” – I never thought you would be for a moment. Let’s hope Dani Falls makes the mistake of calling you a liar too, then we can see what happens!


  3. No love lost for Fastronix. Their aircraft are crap. Tronix just has a case of inflated internet balls mixed with outrage that somebody actually bothered to DMCA him. His bluster will die quickly and we can go back to ignoring him and the remaining flying turds he still has for sale.

    I am curious as to the procedure for obtaining a ‘Virtual World Restraining Order.’ I couldn’t find anything that showed that such a thing actually exists. Since it takes a judge to issue a legally binding restraining order. Perhaps you could cite the information required to look up the court records regarding these as it would be a matter of public record.


    • malcious says:

      I’m not prepared to offer case details as this could easily be used to find my personal information. But essentially under Scots Law a restraining order prohibits contact which automatically extends to the virtual world. The specifics of that are mostly in regard to facebook though the Scots Court considers Second Life a “social network game” and thus were happy to extend the terms of the order to include:
      1) Places in Second Life which I own
      2) Places in Second Life which my close friends and relatives own
      3)Places in Second Life I consider “work”
      4) Places I feel are important to me and vist often.

      It also forbids contact and requires a “respectable” distance be maintained.

      You can place in a FOI act into the UK court asking for details any of Restraining orders with regards to Second Life and Virtual Worlds but if you are not a British national you may have to pay a small fee and any personal information would be removed.


  4. Albert Elson says:

    If the people in a video game are so threatening that a restraining order is needed. Then it is time to find a new game to play.
    I am surprised the judge did not start laughing and shake his head then offer the advice of stepping away from the computer and doing something with their life beside playing video games.

    Hey thanks for the laugh this morning. Your reply about filing a restraining order against other game players is funnier than any internet meme.


  5. Oh it was issued in the UK? You’re basically claiming you paid an attorney who managed to get a court in the UK to issue a subpoena to get the RL information from LL for the accounts in question (which they might not have in which case you’d have to find out who did and get a subpoena for that entity. Then you managed to convince said court that said person who might well be half a world away was a credible risk to you. Then you get the order and have to pay a process server or the equivalent in whatever county the individual resides in to serve the order in a manner consistent with the laws of that county if they were even willing to recognize the order was valid in the first place. Then you still have to get it enforced. LL sure isn’t going to. It would be far easier for them to simply boot you off the system as a liability risk which they could do with impunity. I call shenanigans.


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