Comments and Accountability.


There will a new policy on posting comments, those of you who actually read them may understand it was about time I introduced some.

As from Today you must comment using your Second Life Avatar name. If you don’t I will remove it.

I will also remove it if

-Your Profile is blank

-Your Profile is under three months old

-You insult one of the other commenter’s

I didn’t want to do this but if you lot are just going to use the comments box as a platform to throw insults at me then I will not allow you to do it behind the veil of anonymity. The least you could do is say it to my face.

-With Love



9 thoughts on “Comments and Accountability.

  1. Randy Hellmann says:

    What a funny guy.So you can write your crap and insult people on your blog.Should someone return your B.S., you plan to not allow their comments.
    How can you tell someone to say it to your face online while you are hiding behind your computer safe from a poke in the face for running your lips about other people’s business?
    Any case your blog lost any credibility (as if you have any to begin with) and you and your rag will be ignored.


  2. Tig is free to ban Dani’s planes if she wants. She is not free from the consequences of doing so to her business and reputation. The same goes for Aeon and Tank. They have decided the consequences are acceptable. Tig apparently decided they weren’t. It was probably a good decision seeing as not many people fly Dani planes there anyway.

    I applaud your rule changes. If people are going to post an opinion here they should have the backbone to do it under the name they use in SL.


    • malcious says:

      Somehow I get the feeling I’m going to get less comments but more complaints of Censorship. Either way thanks for your support.


    • Capt. Rebecca S. Rathbone says:

      Well, when her decision was prompted by a troll wave that browbeat her into submission… well… the results speak for themselves.


      • You call them trolls, I call them people adamantly opposed to airstrips that are supposedly open to the public returning aircraft based on who made them, especially when the airfield owner makes and sells aircraft themselves. She could have just turned a deaf ear if she’d wanted as she did when the policy change hit the aviation group she founded and killed it’s credibility.


  3. I agree, but that doesn’t free them from the consequences of what they do whether it’s allowed or not. If one does something in a community that a large number in that community find objectionable, even if it’s legal behavior it’s going to result in in a backlash by that community.


    • malcious says:

      you say that as if TIg deserved what she got. Trust me Crim when it comes to explaining the process of accountability for ones actions your preaching to the choir with me.
      The question posed about Tig and her CFM server (which doesn’t work anyway) was; is Harassment and character execution an acceptable course of action, should Tig accept the backlash as a simple consequence of what she did or should we be disowning those who would use such tactics to get their way.


  4. If it’s against the SL TOS then it isn’t acceptable. Boycotts, rude comments, and such however are not disallowed. Tig knew full well that the CFM thing was a hot button issue and could well lead to exactly what happened to her. She got to see what happened to Aeon. She wasn’t ignorant of the risk.

    As for disowning, who exactly is the ‘we’ who would be doing it and what would they be disowned from exactly? If some of the tactics used in pressuring her to dump the CFM thing were a little below the belt, well, what was done with the SL Aviation group wasn’t any better.

    It’s pretty much moot at this point. The mesh policers have more or less been beaten back and people happily fly what they feel like flying in the general aviation community.


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