OMG you guys Drama Bomb!


As the Great Eye of Maluron looms in search of it’s new target I find myself in-dated with IM’s. Most of them ,thankfully for my sanity, in support of my last Article. A lot of DOR members both current and previous messaged me with concerns about what I wrote, asking for more information or simply to clarify if what I stated was true and while many were quick to defend DOR and it’s members, absolutely no-one came to the defence of Princess Da. That ,I think, tells me everything.

I was concerned about one other thing though. Of the many IM’s I did receive many were skipping with excitement in anticipation for the “Shana Article” and were looking forward to me tearing Shana a new one.

Let me tell you how this works. I’m not your performing monkey spinning out his tunes on the Organ Grinder. This blog is not a platform for me to launch insults at whatever targets you tell me to like some kind of Word Artillery Assassin. Nor does this blog exist for you to dictate what I write about and what I say so you can feel slightly more smug in your own insecurity over elements of this community you happily turned your back on and now need Dark Lord Malcious to confirm that you were right to do so and give you a shiny lolly for joining the “correct” side of the argument.

I’m not going to do that.

I mean I AM going to write an article on Shana Carpool Aircraft but not because you told me too. I have nothing personal against her or her products, because hey guess what guys there is nothing wrong with buying a Shana plane, but when you run a company that’s helping to fund a creepy lesbian pony girl sex cult that leaves little cryptic hints to it’s existence in it’s members sims like a particularly shit sequel to the Da Vinchi Code or a very weird episode of Blues Clues, then we need to have a little chat.


Before all that I assume you know that Zora’s Tommahawk was released this week. I was given my review copy a few days in advanced and have been mashing my keyboard into a fine paste reviewing it in fact it was supposed to be today’s Article along with some commentary on Erick Glegens new ATX 72 but because that’s something I want to do Second Life is instead going to throw breadcrumbs and some other lumbering behemoth will wander in-front of the Great Eye, so we gotta talk about that instead.

Such fun.

So I guess I must have been wrong about Princess Da getting banned and his account deleted because last night this happened.[1]

princess da

Well hey there no need to be so hasty, a threat of legal actions? Well I guess I should go pull my article and then apologize for pointing out to everyone that you’re a liar who just carted off hundreds of thousands of Lindens in “donations” to help save a sim you closed down anyway after stringing people along for nearly five years with the same cock and bull story that one day Continent DOR will come down and only the blessed chosen shall fly in it’s limitless skies. meanwhile ,as you’re getting your leg hacked off for the 6th time, you happily point the finger of accusation at everyone else in range and proclaim loudly that they are the true threat to SL Aviation.

Barry Foehammer, someone I actually respect for having the Balls to come here and use his own name unlike some other people *cough*, made a perfectly agreeable statement that was comparable to a “I’m not racist some of my best friends are black” speech and there it should have ended, but Princess Da once again had to open foot, insert mouth.

So it’ll be Slander then I assume. The new magic Buzzword filling the minds of the political activists. “You are Liable for Slander!” is the rallying call from those that scream “Drama!” everytime they are contradicted,  instead they flock to one of SL Aviations many splinter groups where only their version of the “truth” is preached and the admins maintain a strict “no drama” policy and kick out anyone who isn’t smiling hard enough.

Slander does not grant you immunity from having your opinion challenged. In legal terms is a false or malicious claim that may harm someone’s reputation. You would only have a case for Slander if you felt your life or work had been seriously effected by a False claim. In order to even have a case Princess Da would have to prove that I am lying, since I 100% believe everything I stated in the “regards to DOR” article is the genuine truth and ,in case you didn’t notice, I quoted my sources.

Of course there will be no legal case, for that to happen Princess Da would have to come face to face with me in Real Life and then disclose all information pertaining to his Activity with the DOR group, including it’s finances, to a court of law. Something I am happy to do because I know what I stated is correct, but if Princess Da wishes to prove me wrong then I only have one thing to say.

celtic-come-at-me-broNo seriously, make your declaration, I’ll go talk to my lawyer and we’ll see you in court.

Not going to happen, too much risk, much easier to throw insults at me from across a keyboard and preach to his remaining followers about how nasty and spiteful I am and how once upon a time I did this so therefore everything I do in the future is irrelevant. But interestingly I did receive an e-mail from WordPress informing me my account had been briefly locked because someone had used up all three password attempts, and can you guess what country their I.P came from?

This does leave one question. Since neither Barry nor Princess Da nor anyone in DOR seem willing to talk about which is What happened to the Money?

You know, the money all of DOR donated to save their now closed sims. I’m told my first estimate was wrong and it was actually around L$ 250,000. That’s enough to buy a few small sims and keep DOR flying for months. So where is it all?

Perhaps rather than bitch about MCE or talk about that one event in Jeogeot the remaining members of DOR would like to answer that question.


7 thoughts on “OMG you guys Drama Bomb!

  1. Blacktip Razor says:

    Elements to a claim for libel or slander, and one in which it may be important is to have the person’s name and not an avatar name in a virtual reality simulator. Unless, of course, one wishes to argue damages to said avatar.


    • I am not sure whether it would be libel or slander, but that article does refer to a blog entry as libel, which makes sense. The way a certain sort of person yells “slander” suggests they don’t know much about the law.

      I would refer any litigant to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram.


  2. I can’t fault any of this. I think the currently active DOR people are a pretty decent bunch. The group founder sounds like a jerk. I’m glad he’s parked himself on another grid. We both know the chances of any real legal action happening are slim to none.


  3. Capt. Rebecca S. Rathbone says:

    Was about to say… Slander is verbal, Libel is in print/text.
    To be honest it is painfully hard to prove Libel on the internet as things default to opinion in the public arena to start with. That and with no real names to attach to it, it amounts to gamers and their territorial pissings.

    If anything he may try to whine to LL that you’re posting IM conversation logs and chat screenshots, which while against the TOS is such a huge gray area as to be enforced on a case by case.

    Then again these days, a big Dev with a new product coming down the pipe doesn’t want to attract unwanted attention through censoring an editorial blog. Those in question who would suddenly be interested have a fetish for Green and Purple.

    Yes, it could go there.


  4. FlyingWarfox says:

    The donations money paid some rent that was late and kept the entirety of the sims online for an entire month.
    Certainly you got a false quantity.


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