Do you think you can land? Well do you? DO YOU!

Very occasionally I have to do adverts. Because I have a small Lizard and they are expensive to keep. Gotta keep that Heat Lamp powered somehow and the Blood of Virgins is getting hard to come by, I blame teenage drinking culture.

So to avoid the inevitable bitching about capitalism I’ve mixed in with this add with pictures of Danish comedian Sandi Toksvig overlayed with quotes from 50 Shades of Grey

Tom is also a fat fuck


So you think you can land?

Oniakaloha Airfield is proud to announce its first WW2 Themed Landing and Best in Show Competition.
September 26, 2015 @ 2pm SLT.
Prior to the start of the Competition there will be a 1 hour warm up session where pilots will be allowed to practice their landings.

Both Events are restricted to WW2 era planes only.


The runway is small, therefore, planes larger than the Lockheed Electra are not going to be allowed to compete.
Example, the DC-3 has too long of a wingspan to land on the runway.

Landing competitors will be graded on multiple things during their landing. You will be judged on Aircraft Difficulty, Approach, Speed, Flare, Rollout, and Taxi off the runway.

Each Competitor will get 2 attempts with the highest score to be recorded.

Aircraft Difficulty explained further: As it is known, there are planes from various creators in secondlife that emulate real life flight characteristics. If a competitor chooses to compete in one of these planes, they will be awarded a higher score in the difficulty rating by the judges.


Following the Landing Competition, there will be a Best in Show competition. This is where designers can show off their best paint jobs and compete for a chance at the prize table.

Straight from the Best in Show Judge: “Art criteria for paints. The paint should be authentic to the period, as well as showing an understanding of SL Shaders. The paint should show a good artistic hand, an appropriate colour selection, proper font usage, display of weathering and use of gloss and environment attributes to portray a convincing aircraft surface.

Some of the prizes up for grabs: <ZSK & A-T. P51D Mustang, THI P-39 Fatpack…..and more to be announced at a later date.

Currently the prize table is exceeding $L20,000 in value and is expected to grow even further as we pick up more sponsors for this event.

Current Sponsors as of 9/4/2015

Feel free to stop by the airfield at any time and practice your landings.

Any questions, please direct them to the Event Director, Tom Box (Thomm.Box)

Stay tuned for further information and a link to register for the events. (Google Form)

Tom Box
Event Director – Oniakaloha Airfield


There, that should pay the bills for another couple of days.


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  1. Tank kwaszes says:

    Mal! How could you! *dramatic look of betrayal*


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