Ripped Wars: Episode IV A Tetralogy of Cunts

I’m taking a moment to deviate from my regular explosive opinions regarding SL Aviation to poke at something in the World War Two Community, something I don’t often do because quite frankly nothing happens there and even though the community has been rocked with controversy so bizarre it makes everything DOR ever did look tame in comparison, no-one really cares.

However this latest chronicle in a book that would be titled “Oh for Fuck Sake” is one that takes the levels of stupidity to somewhere between Jewels Silverblade and this…


Oh yes Children, it’s time I explained which cunt cunted some other cunt.

Actually I should apologise, the cunt being cunted is Joe Sparrow, founder of Astral-Tek, the WWIIRP community, the Naval Community, LANCE and quite literally the inventor of everything VICE that wasn’t included in the original Dev Kit, who isn’t a cunt. He is more of a socially awkward 20 something that finds making friends difficult and has been the victim of abuse from so many major developers in the WW2 community that he now has severe trust issues.

In Saying that Joe’s ability to offend people runs on par with my ability to pick up woman in bars.


i.e none at all.

The money Joe makes in SL goes largely towards providing for his mother, specially during the holiday seasons,as well as his own regions which freely provide a combat sandbox and house a number of War vets for free. So why anyone would want to pick on him specifically I don’t know.

The Cunt doing the cunting is actually three cunts, a cuntology if you will. Vickster Kuhn (our first Cunt) came fifth place recently in the “Do you think you can Land” contest. Not a bad score all things considered since he was flying a particularly tricky plane a THI BF-109G who’s stall speed is equal to it’s landing speed meaning you have to tether a fine line between slowing down and stalling while aiming towards the ground (Physics is not Aeon’s strong point) so all in all not a bad performance and nothing to be ashamed of.

But this is Vickster we’re talking about, the self-proclaimed “greatest pilot in SL” who has done a lot to achieve that reputation and not been shy of a few underhanded tactics when it comes to maintaining it. So losing an event (specially to one of his own underlings) lead to something of a “sore loser” situation. Immediately after the event Vickster followed the events host Thomm Box back to Wright Brothers, an airfield overlooking the Jeogeot Gulf and started shooting at every plane taking off and landing there with a rocket launcher, refusing to stop when asked. He was eventually booted out.

For the rest of the night he stamped his feet and screamed but since no-one was paying any attention he took his frustration elsewhere and turned north to Tulagi,  and declared war on Joe.

[20:21] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): fuck with BB and bastogne will side with them and we’ll end you

[20:21] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): understand?

[20:22] Joe Sparrow: thats pretty unfair

[20:22] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): fuck you

[20:22] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you had your chance to be loyal and you walked

For those not in the know, Joe suffers from a very severe case of Social Anxiety as well as mild Autism. When people verbally attack you in IM’s the reaction for most of us would be to shrug and press mute. Sadly, for Joe, his mind cannot process what is going on, he becomes deeply confused, ends up emotionally overwhelmed and becomes prone to irrational behaviour or sudden “freak outs”.

This makes him an easy target for the School Yard Bully, “How dare I not win!  Don’t you know who I am?!”,  Vickster Kuhn. And so the Drama Began.

The Second two Cunts, the company ‘Battle Bitches’ are another “We’re Lesbians LOOK AT US!” Company that aren’t shy to rub each others tits and get some of the players a little hot under the collar, just like Vortex, Shana or E-tech or basically anyone who makes company and quickly realizes that by strapping on a pair of breasts and bending over a lot they can acquire a lot of die hard and desperate fanboys who will happily agree with anything said because agreeing with someone 100% of the time and aggressively defending them if someone doesn’t agree will make them notice you and think you’re different and maybe, just maybe let you get close to them.

BB have taken it a step further by claiming to be War vets of the “I was an Elite Sniper with over 300 confirmed kills” variety.

Normally we’d just ignore companies like this since I’m not really a fan of feeding the keyboard warriors, and reporting on them would be equal to documenting the rise and fall of every actor named Corey. But I am feeling specially liberated today.


So there are our four Cunts. The Actors are in position, the stage is set. the audience is quietly waiting as the music starts to play.


We Begin with Cunt 1, Joe Sparrow. As I mentioned Joe is prone to irrational behaviour when stressed and on occasion becomes consumed with Paranoia and when this happens the probability of Joe doing something stupid slowly reaches one.

Oh before that, spoiler warning:

Mesh Police_002

So a notice was passed around claiming that ,surprise surprise, BattleBitches had illegally uploaded assets from Forgotten Hope 2, a Mod for Battlefield 2 made in 2007. Which is pretty fucking obvious even to a blind man.

   Here’s an example:


Now BattleBitches already found themselves thrown into the deep end when they Ripped a Chaffee Tank from World of Tanks, without even bothering to use one of the community texture packs to disguise it. As you would expect regularly check the SL Marketplace and are pretty hostile when it comes to maintaining their I.P rights so the day it was due for sale they got hit with a Cease and Desists and now deny it ever existed.

Now before you start whinnying on and on about “oh stop being all uber mesh police Mal! Stealing peoples I.P rights is perfectly ok so long as we ‘the customer’ get a new shiny every week”, hold your mouth and let me explain why this is something a little more sinister than an Illegitimate businessman making money of someone else’s work.

So that notice I mentioned, more like a rumour. A few of us picked it up several months ago around the same time as Battle Bitches sim came online. This wouldn’t be the first company that’s tried this, especially in the WWII community, as there have been at least three attempts made this year by various WW2 companies trying to pass off Warthunder Tanks and aircraft as their own creations and well….I’m rambling again. So this notice was passed around detailing in about 12 words why Battlebitches were evil and nasty and download, blah blah blah hit them with a C&D etc etc we got that far, anyway, after all that bullshit Battlebitches started rooting around for someone to blame. The source of the rumours seemed like a good place to start.

But this is where the problem begins. Battle Bitches are not the brightest, they stole from a 2007 Mod thinking it abandoned but in actuality it was just updated last week and remains one of the most popular WWII shooter games stunted only by the difficulty of find a copy of Battlefield 2 to play it with. It’s had a great number of people work on it over the years some of which maintain a presence here in Second Life and those are the people who started the rumours, simply by recognizing their own work.

Battle Bitches weren’t to know that. They ranted on a few days but, as always, no-one paid them much attention so instead rather than deal with their loss and move on they, much like our first Cunt Vickster, aimed at the easiest target, Joe Sparrow, someone who would freak out and react which is probably why Joe started to receive random IM’s from people defending Battle Bitches.

[09:03] Viktoria (viktoriaelizabetha): Okay now together, I do have my own advice.. I’m a SIMPLE customer, I’m not a creator of WW2 stuff or anything so PLEASE stop rape me, I just gave my advice

Stop raping me? That is such an odd thing for someone to say specially with no context but whatever actually happened in that conversation it confused Joe, he put a pancake on his dogs head.

Joes Dog

Joe knew who Battle Bitches were but beyond having the giggle fits at some of their earlier work he was more focused on his own projects so beyond his own reactions to his friends, there was nothing for the public to see. SO BB tried again

[10:54] Camis Lee: (Saved Sat 19 Sep 2015 08:50:26) You really want a war with me are you insane? I can give it too you! You could have asked before you accused us of anything unlike you who I asked for help 5 years ago … I have no problem chatting with you but please grow up just a little

[10:54] Camis Lee: (Saved Sat 19 Sep 2015 08:52:17) Your stuff is banned at my sim too – how juvenile

[10:54] Camis Lee: (Saved Sat 19 Sep 2015 08:56:45) Btw keep in mind that all of the things you say get back to us!

This quite possibly lead to Joe’s first and only ever public reaction regarding Battlebitches, a notice was sent out over the Jeogeot Gulf Communications group.

When i say im upset at a company for downloading ww2 meshes and do not say who nor mention any name of what company. then just maybe its not a good idea to im me and get all flustered in private messages. your just admitting it then

This was followed by a scattering of other notices and random IM’s to people which more or less concluded “So I guess I’m the bad guy now”. This was Joe’s mental health starting to deteriorate in the face of constant harassment from Battlebitches.

[17:53] Camis Lee: I KNOW WHERE YOUR 222 came from…. I know where one of your TUGS came from I bet I know alot JOE stop your shit YOU DIDN’T Make any of your models Wronger made some but some of them I can identify too… Hypocrit MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR SOURCES TOO … one of mine just became a freebie …. IF YOU DONT cease and desist I WILL file a complaint I am a paying member of SL and I have already talked to the Concierge QUIT fucking with me or your gonna be sorry!!! And I am not kidding Joe

So naturally Joe hit the freak-out button and the community, collectively, rolled it’s eyes.

It takes a lot to get to this stage. Being one of Joe’s close friends for a number of years ,even though we’re a bit distant these days, I know his triggers and how much it takes to get him to react. What strikes as being obvious to me is Battle Bitches wanted this reaction. They wanted Joe to become so frustrated, so anxious and paranoid that like a puppet on a string he would dance the angry dance and explode his wrath upon the community. Who, from their perspective, hadn’t seen the messages and IM’s sent by Battlebitches, all they saw was Joe’s over dramatic reaction to something which didn’t appear to have done anything to deserve it.

So BB could cut open an onion and stood, hand in hand with tears in their eyes and cry the victim to a community that was all too eager to listen and leap to their defence, because well they’re just a couple of nice girls and Joe’s being unfair.

And this is what I actually wanted to talk about, In Scotland it’s called Nester Syndrome, in America it’s often referred to as the Tear Jerk reaction or the Feminist Attack and in Second Life some call it Sandy Vagina Syndrome.

The principle is that given any situation where a woman (not all woman) in an argument finds herself in a position where she is losing, tears up. Crying is socialized out of the male at a very young age and consequently, they have no grasp of what the process of crying entails. Therefore, they have no means to defend against it. Males understand crying to be a result of a stimulus causing pain. For a woman, crying is simply an arbitrary response she can have to ANYTHING. Cute animals, romantic movies, bunny rabbits, glitter, shoes and absolutely no reason are all things that can cause a woman to cry. In short, to win an argument a woman just begins crying, thus causing the man to become frozen to the spot like a incoherent child.

The result is the person not crying looks like they have wronged the person doing the crying regardless of what has transpired prior to the crying and since men associate crying with pain the automatic reaction is to comfort the cryee and assume the position of being in the wrong. Ergo the female has won the argument without any presenting any argument.

Translated into Second Life, it works out as a rather shady business practice that can very easily and often very effectively neuter a business rival and gain a lot of unquestioning supporters without them even knowing they’ve been manipulated.

Seems a little Far-fetched? Happens a lot more than you think. In fact, let’s start by losing some more friends. Vickster does it all the time, Envy Melody of E-tech does it, Rogue Harsley of Vortex did it when she was starting off her company by copybotting Tig’s old heli’s, Shana Carpool does it any time anything negative is said about her, as does Annitah Babii of AEB&W as she prints off another self congratulatory certificate to add to her wall of fake diploma’s and awards crying about oppression, as she happily copybots Cheermaster.


Also while we’re on the subject, all the names I listed above, all men.

How do I know? Because Meridas. But that’s a topic for a different discussion. One with more knives and butthurt.


Anyway back to my original point. So the situation is Battlebitches deliberately antagonised a mentally ill person, knowing he would lash out publicly so they could act offended and claim the victim so they could sell badly converted mes rips with car scripts to people who would do anything just to see a picture of some tits. Or at least this is the situation as I see it.

On the flip side I spoke to Battlebitches and gave them the chance to state things from their point of view. Actually I delayed this article for four days waiting on them. Knowing I was on the case they immediately banned me from their sim. I spoke to their admin who made the “stop rapping me” comment asking for her side of the story and some context, she denied it ever happened, then claimed it did and Joe was just attacking her for no reason and if I wanted to talk to any of the Battlebitches I would have to put in a notecard. I shoved some simple questions on a notecard and gave it to her. An hour later I got a notecard back berating me for not IM’ing them directly, so I did. No reply.

Aside from a few snarky comments Battlebitches only eventual defence was “what did Joe say? Oh yeah, no we never did that, he lies, can’t you see he’s attacking us because he’s jealous of our success!” etc etc

In fairness they claim to have downloaded their most recent models from a site that legally sells them. here is their Char 1 Bis on Turbosquid for eight bucks.

Now it may shock some of you but I’m not against this kind of thing. Though most of you are, being the amount of support the campaign against Turbosquid Downloads got from the community when it was Aeon Voom that was being accused of buying his Apache from Turbosquid, of course that campaign was fronted by Brancos Milestone and Jewels Silverbade, both women who were crying about Aeon oppressing them to dominate the market and form a monopoly (you starting to understand now?). People are free to use models they have legally acquired but there exists within an exception, which is Turbosquid.

By in thanks to the amount of noise Jewels made against Aeon Turbosquid actually updated their policy several years ago specifically citing Second Life though currently it has been changed to appear more generalised. The models Battlebitches are using come under the Standard Royalty Free license which, despite common misconception, does not mean the model is free to do with whatever you please with once you purchase, if you’ll allow me to cite you Section 7, Paragraph D on the Turbosquid Royalty Free license:

  1. Virtual Good Sales. You may NOT import, upload, reproduce, make available, publish, transmit, distribute, or sublicense Stock Media Products in Creations of virtual goods or worlds for any 3D community (“Virtual World”), unless you or your Client owns the Virtual World platform and it complies with the foregoing restrictions.

Yes gentlemen you cannot upload models to Second Life for sale under a Standard Royalty Free License. Turbosquid regularly check Second Life (thanks Jewels) so I’d not rush for pre-orders just yet.

But this is what has got me miffed. Everyone prior to this who has slapped down a bunch of badly scripted copybotted assets has done so because they want to compete but are too lazy to put in any real effort, so they download and shove in freebie scripts out of sheer laziness. Battlebitches are not lazy. Their region has a lot of effort put into it, it looks really good, is managed well and seems to be quite popular. What they have shown is they are willing to put in the effort to become serious contenders but rather than actually do the work needed they choose instead to do no work, to cheat and to bully a mentally disabled man so they could dominate the market.

And that, in my opinion, is the definition of a Cunt.

You may or may not agree, you may not even care, doesn’t matter I’m not going to force you to agree with me, what am I your mother?

You need help.


71 thoughts on “Ripped Wars: Episode IV A Tetralogy of Cunts

  1. MeganAnn Mills says:

    umm…. I don’t remember about Voom’s Apache being from Turbosquid, and don’t remember addressing it.. I can’t remember if Jewels ever mentioned it to me, but not caring much about helicopters, it likely went in one ear piercing and out the other if she did.

    My objection to Turboripping was not whether it was legal or not, but rather the lack of disclosure. As far as I’m concerned, you can upload everyone else’s work all day long and sell it for a fortune, just credit the artist. It’s really easy to do! From my T-34C ” T-34C Mentor – Prims by Javatar Mocha, scripted by MeganAnn Mills”. See? Hardly hurts at all. Basking in the glow of someone else’s 3D work while collecting money for it is just over the top.

    otherwise, another very entertaining rant, especially for anyone who has known Vickster as long as I have!


    • Aeon Voom says:

      This time MeganAnn is actually innocent. Who led the Turbosquid witchhunt on me years ago was Bancos and Jewels. Not Megan and Jewels.
      I showed the guys from turbosquid my original files and the matter was resolved in my favor. Simple really.

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      • Capt. Rebecca S. Rathbone says:

        It’s why most of these people now I take with a grain of salt. Particularly when I was getting my info third and even fourth person. I had drunk the kool-aid, but thankfully it got out of my system before it was fatal.


    • malcious says:

      I Apologise MeganAnn I could of sworn it was you. Meh my mistake, I’ve changed the text.


    • Tank kwaszes says:

      Very well put, it’s amazing how much of the yelling and screaming could have been avoided in all the recent drama if people had just been honest about their sources.


      • You are so full of crap you squeak when you walk. You don’t care if the sources are credited. There are a number in your own camp who have used purchased models repeatedly in the past and they never credit the source which I agree with MeganAnn is wrong. That wasn’t what all the drama you and Aeon spearheaded was about though and you know it. Being self righteous, obsequious, and smarmy after the fact doesn’t in any way justify or lessen the harm you caused the aviation community.

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        • Karl Reisman says:

          Crim, you have got the whole story wrong. You even stood around and eavesdropped on us at the beginning, and still didn’t get the information correct. Aeon had nothing to do with any of it, other than to assent to the removal of the mesh ripping company’s posting rights in SL Aviation. As such you have completely missed the issue, and chalked it up to some sort of business dispute. It’s not. I support the removal of the mesh rippers because, having worked in the video games industry, I despise those who make money off of appropriated work, and will work to correct the problem. Game rips are the problem, not that someone makes inferior product to mine. BB is profiting from illegally obtained work, in violation of the Linden TOS, and deserved to have their products removed.

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          • You still don’t get it. You and your friends aren’t the ones who get to decide if something is legal for use in SL. That’s up to LL and if the parties wish to go that far, the courts. Not a bunch of self righteous jerks with delusions of grandeur. A few things have been pulled from Aerofly and Fastronix. Great. The process that is in place was used and worked.

            Eavesdropping implies you didn’t know I was there, didn’t know I was doing airline flying, and didn’t know the airline I help manage was using Dani’s planes. I always had my tag on when I was there. You all had no compunction about talking right out in the open about all your plotting and hate for Dani (and it WAS almost all about Dani.)

            Aeon wasn’t there for a lot of that but he sure jumped on the bandwagon even though he’s just as much a content thief, but he’s a friend so it’s ok. To me he’s one of the biggest hypocrites of you all. He’s willing to steal textures, trademarked logos, and I’ve still yet to be convinced he did his own work on that Ka-26 helicopter. Nothing you say will change the facts there. They are still legal for use in SL until LL says otherwise. I promise if Marvel sent them a cease and desist, they’d say otherwise in a big hurry just as they have with Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, and a few other franchises that complained to them.

            As for Joe, I feel a little sorry that he gets lumped in with your group when he’s really just trying to do his own thing with his ships and freight system and such. He’d probably catch a lot less collateral fallout if that wasn’t the case.

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            • Cody Skytower says:

              To anyone with more than half a brain cell left in their head, we aren’t the ones deciding. If it were up to me or anyone else who takes issue with illegal activity a significantly greater number of vehicle meshes would have been off the market and out of the grid by now.

              What we have been doing is bringing greater attention to the issue, which you may disagree with. That is your right. But you have also in my opinion been one of the least productive participants on either side of the fence regarding this problem.

              The only times I see you involved in anything are when you’re calling for boycotts on those who have the opposite opinion of your own, skulking around monitoring conversations or publicly spewing nonsense about subjects that by your own admission you haven’t the faintest clue about. You’re entitled to your opinion, but unlike this blog, have not brought any sort of evidence forward to support your opinion.

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              • I haven’t ever called for a boycott. I indicated that I personally wouldn’t be inclined to buy aircraft from those trying to play mesh police. It’s not actually been very difficult because none of the makers involved have created any aircraft I would otherwise have been interested in since the drama started.

                As a director of an SL airline, I have had significant input as far as aircraft we would add to the fleet. Once again, there hasn’t been an aircraft we’d have otherwise accepted that was rejected because of the drama. We even reluctantly accepted the new ATR from EG as a number of our pilots had the original version and therefore got the update. Unlike a few other airlines, we did not pull aircraft by those makers out of our fleet, instead leaving it up to our pilots to decide what aircraft they wished to fly.

                I’m involved in both directing an active airline and managing a successful airport. I support general aviation and the rights of people in SL to buy and fly what they wish without harassment from a bunch of thugs. I support my side of the issue and am not ashamed in any way to do so.

                There was no skulking needed. Once again, you and the others were more than happy to run your yaps no matter who showed up. You and a few others got butthurt when it came to light that I didn’t support your cause and certainly not your methods, but it was your own fault for assuming I would. Anyone with half a brain would have known somebody with an airline tag on all the time was likely flying airline planes and that did and still does mean mostly ones made by Dani. So you were either stupid or careless (or both).

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            • MeganAnn Mills says:

              This may be a really out-of-the-loop question to raise, but if Dani planes are so obviously mesh rips, why are they still around? This Dani war has been going on SO long in the Blake that someone must have tried to report them, yet nothing happens. Hasn’t he had to prove to SOMEONE by now that it’s his work? I heard rumors that it was on LL’s desk and all but certain, and then….nothing.

              Because of my more or less neutral role at the Hollywood Airport, I have stayed completely out of the entire mess, refusing to even express an opinion to all but my closest friends because I’m not representing myself there.

              Was everyone wrong about it, so LL did nothing? Did the original artist pass on doing anything (I’m certain people sent email since they must have found out where it’s from)? The whole thing hasn’t seemed to even affect their sales. Seems to me if there was any “there” there, LL would have reduced him to alts by now.


              • Lets get something right out in the open. Not one person in the mesh police would have any more way of knowing if a DMCA or counterletter was filed or the status of such proceedings than any of us. Any statements implying they did were flat out lies.

                As for LL doing nothing. For the most part they can’t and won’t do anything unless a DMCA is filed even if they had any real motivation to (which they don’t.) Doing so would actually open them up to far more liability. That’s not to say if say the holders of the rights to Star Trek come along and say “Knock it off!” that LL won’t roll over like a well trained dog, but that’s not the case here.

                For all the BS about it being a long drawn out process. It really isn’t. If they get a DMCA, the items are pulled off the market fairly quickly. If a counterletter is filed, the original filer gets 10 days to show proof that legal action is being taken or the items are re-instated. If legal action is undertaken, it’s up to the courts what happens and LL then waits to see what the courts decide.

                That means that no DMCA’s were ever filed against Dani. They were apparently filed against a couple other makers as earlier blog entries here detail. Strangely, the wannabe mesh police didn’t parade around their victories as one would expect if they were actually worried about all suspected uses of stolen mesh rather than about the popularity of one specific maker. Who really cares if Aerofly or Fastronix had a helicopter or two yanked off the grid after all.


  2. px says:

    An hug for Joe. SL may seem a safe place for who suffers from social anxiety, but instead it’s likely the opposite: besides trolls, stupid kids and idiots, it’s plenty of psychopaths too. Plenty of people that doesn’t hesitate to hurt you, even for totally illogical reasons, with no empathy, care or remorse. While someone else would just shrug and then mute the idiot, as you said, for who has social anxiety it can be even traumatic instead.

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  3. Cody Skytower says:

    The amount of fucked up in SL is staggering. Joe certainly doesnt deserve being harassed, especially not by Vickster. I didnt know he threw a temper tantrum after the event, that’s a riot. Was talking to him and Hazel beforehand and he seemed prepared to not do too well, but he does get very bipolar when things dont go his way.

    As to the mesh ripping? My view is: If you bought the mesh and credit the artist, youre good. If the mesh was free, forget about it unless youre giving some of the profits to the real artist. Otherwise yes, cunt is a very good description of what you are. It took me two years to learn to use Maya well enough to churn out a plane of my own, and now I need to deal with the lazy asshats who cant even be bothered to try? Fuck those people. I support everything the community is doing to make sure they don’t get away with it.


    • MeganAnn Mills says:

      There are two sides to crediting the artist. The first, of course, is to give credit where credit is due. The second is to keep yourself and your community persona honest. If you didn’t make the mesh, regardless whether you paid for it, don’t allow people to think you did.

      Everyone knows people will assume you did if you don’t clearly state otherwise. If it’s free and you don’t know who the artist was, simply say, “I didn’t make it”. This goes to trust, which takes a long time to build, but can be lost in an instant of neglect.

      If I see someone going out of their way to avoid status with others that they did not earn, I know they’re honest in other ways too. Even if you don’t value the character respect of others as much as status as a 3D artist, it’s just good business.


      • Cody Skytower says:

        I simply don’t think free builds should be uploaded to SL if you are not the original creator. Unless you have an arrangement with the creator; whether or not it’s good business sense is irrelevant considering it’s pretty clearly marked in the TOS as appropriating others intellectual property.

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    • MeganAnn Mills says:

      I misread -” My view is: If you bought the mesh and credit the artist, youre good. If the mesh was free, forget about it unless youre giving some of the profits to the real artist.”
      – as in forget about disclosing the real artist. My apologies.

      I agree they shouldn’t bring free mesh into SL, but if they want to argue “freely distributed” encompasses an implied consent from the artist (as many would), at least disclose that much.


      • Cody Skytower says:

        No worries. From a business perspective it’s a very risky thing to do anyway, and I don’t expect many to admit to violating the LL TOS in addition to that of whatever site they downloaded a model from. Even in the name of honesty, which as we all know is downright synonymous with SL am I right?~ I’ll be here all week..


  4. sweecah says:

    Very entertaining rant, and I too remember my time flying against a certain german air hostess/part time pilot who I shall keep nameless who cried Cheat when I beat her in aerial combat and subsequently got banned by her as she was admin, even tho I was at the time flying one of the free planes on the sim, it just so happened my high end PC set-up didn’t lag and gave me a nice advantage but blah even in Gor you get called a cheat just for being a female beating a guy in combat. Love these rants very enlightening as always and well done Meg for your reply very calm of you LOL would have been a time you would have just gone with emmie and blown hell out of Mal for suggesting you were involved 🙂


  5. Tom Box says:

    *fans self* Mal said my name!

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  6. Capt. Rebecca S. Rathbone says:

    To be honest the SJWism is starting to spread in certain circles on SL, particularly in the combat community. It’s sort of a subtle, insidious cancer that is starting to show symptoms in it. I just recently got stung by one who at one time was a close friend. Now… I don’t know what to think.

    Also sometimes I don’t know if the BB team can separate fact from fiction at times. I visited their location once and every couple of weeks they’re closing their sim down for some reason (I’d wager some Streisand work) and then re-opening.

    On a note, when someone starts to use the term “Rape” in a digital environment, that is when you need to not confront the accusation, but to isolate the contagion before it spreads.

    Just because someone calls you out on your rips and criticizes you for it, that does not equal someone violating you physically and/or mentally. Stop insulting actual Rape and Molestation victims.

    Also it seems many of the “OMG RIPPED” crowd likes to use people with Charisma scores that have a negative modifier in order to be their useful idiots. One is a friend, but he’s… well he’s worse than Joe sometimes, and I consider Joe a good person (and one of my rivals in the sky).

    And people wonder why the aviation community is so divided these days… *puts finger to flight mask in thought*


    • MeganAnn Mills says:

      Personally, I intensely dislike much of the desensitized extreme invective, and characterizations used in environments where words are the only recourse of escalated bludgeoning. This especially from people who are clearly capable of better. I haven’t wanted to analyze use of the “c-word” here because I find it ugly enough that I preferred to read past it, and the resultant analysis of the misogyny would likely be no benefit to the linguistic trend, and probably insulting to some.

      The term “rape” seems to have begun use in this manner by young boys in the video game world, and you can sort of excuse them for not understanding the meaning, and perhaps poor toilet training. Trivialization of the word by someone old enough and gendered enough to know better, however, is simply throwing language (and victims) under the bus to sound cool.

      Words mean something, and if it occurs to you to think “it’s only words”, then you’ve begun your descent to emotional detachment and ultimately, the intellectual dishonesty of relativism. It’s a short trip after that to stealing mesh. “it’s only pixels”, say the anonymous, desensitized, and detached.


      • Capt. Rebecca S. Rathbone says:

        To be honest I’m not getting into Gender Politics either. There IS some distasteful gamer habits online these days, and the use of racial and gender epithets is troubling. But to start putting all speech through a filter, and to assume that such things lead to copyright infringement is indeed a slippery slope fallacy.

        Correlation =/= Causation


        • MeganAnn Mills says:

          (There are more up to date studies, but this one is commonly used as a basis for post-graduate papers)

          I did not suggest censorship, or any remedy in particular, so I’m not on a fallacious slope. It was an educated comment on a well-studied social trend, the psychological causes of which have been thoroughly identified, and include a variety of modern remote social interactive ones. Desensitization to violence is an extreme example, and that of increasingly aggressive language patterns (that have become a new “normal”) to a lesser degree.

          Due to the nature of SL, this is not a popular topic because it triggers a subjective defensive posture among users themselves, but that makes it no less true.

          I wasn’t the one who told people to stop using the term “Rape” (censorship), although I certainly agree with the sentiment.


  7. Capt. Rebecca S. Rathbone says:

    It seems BB is going full-throttle on the whole “Bullying” narrative. There was a notice on their group where they do as such. I’m fully expecting sim bans and ARs next.

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  8. Camis Lee says:

    Sim bans for what?

    I think the message we sent was pretty clear we have full written permissions from the actual maker of the mesh we use .. this circumvents any TOS violations and we pulled a vehicle when we discovered it to be somebody elses work … Had anybody bothered to talk to us directly, we would have been happy to pull it before now .. but it was one of our first attempts at doing anything with vice and it was a freebie off another site.. Not unlike the freebies all over the web .. just check the Market place. Search the word TANK for starters and let me know why it is you deem it neccessary to pick on BB all alone .. do you really live in a pretend world ?

    I want to remind the author of this blog of something just for a moment…Because this blog contains so many lies??

    You all pass judgement on this page call me nasty names and stand on LL policies and want to have your little bizzare chats… that’s all good but today is the first time I have ever heard the name Mal ..or any of this. Somebody lies to make themselves look like some kind of a hero?? Totally unfair. Hyprocrits .. How can you say what you say and then say we abid by the rules?

    Mal didnt come to us and say hey that model looks familiar and until now I had never even heard of him or from him. We have been around for over a year ..But Mal let me save you the trouble of posting what I wrote to you in some bizzare ass TOS violation .. “I know who you are now”.. Now suddenly Mal comes to the rescue of Joe?

    Terms of Service Section 8.2
    “You agree that you will not [..] (v) Post, display or transmit Content that […] invades another person’s privacy.”

    Community Standards Section 4
    “Posting conversation logs or sharing conversation logs without consent [is] prohibited in Second Life.”

    Your clearly in violation of TOS with this whole blog post? I think its brilliant all I have to do is screen shot this whole thing and forward it along with my actual posts..which he cherry picked. I find it Sad that the conversation you cherry picked ended with me trying to work with poor Joe who banned our vehicles on first sight and made threats to ban our customers and begged them not to buy from us.. Your clearly missing context and if any of you had bothered to come to us with your concerns we could have adressed this like adults. I am fully aware of Joe’s intentions and we were warned it would go down this way..

    This is not even kind of cool and you should be ashamed of yourselves for buying into this and participating in this.

    Hey I dont even have to guess at wether I can sue you for defamation of character ??
    I already know I can. Wonder if I know an attorney?


    • Nakayama Tamotsu says:

      “Posting conversation logs or sharing conversation logs without consent [is] prohibited in Second Life.”

      IN Second Life. For someone who feels to be a rules lawyer, you should re-examine that rule. For years there have been people screaming this, and yet, it goes nowhere, because the Lindens can only and will only police their own game, not the outside world.

      As for a lawsuit on defamation of character, that is going to be really funny to see in court.

      “Your Honor, this person’s Blog which is part of a Virtual World where none of us use our real names, defamed MY Character in this game, which is not, of course, my real person.”


      • MeganAnn Mills says:

        Exactly. Defamation of which alt’s character? Nevermind that you have to prove an actual loss (recoverable money value) due to the defamation.


    • MeganAnn Mills says:

      TOS posting and disclosure rules only apply within SL. This blog is outside SL, and therefore not subject to LL’s TOS.

      Can’t believe I really had to explain that.


  9. Camis Lee says:

    well there ya go dont adress the lies just adress my dissatisfaction over having my IM’s taken out of context .. imagine if this was you for just a minute right!


  10. Camis Lee says:

    Guess I have been told thank you all so much


    • MeganAnn Mills says:

      You’re very welcome. I don’t have a dog in this particular drama hunt, and have no idea which are lies and which are truths. I grew out of SL combat years ago, but some here can testify that I’ve been there on other issues.. What I never did was whine that people were breaking TOS, and threaten to sue them.

      That said, I don’t do guilt, and you’ll get nowhere channeling my mom. I was raised by a professional.

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  11. Camis Lee says:

    [2015/09/19 11:57] Camis Sierota (camis.lee): But I want to be clear what we do is no different than what anybody else does on the Market place when one buys a Mesh couch off the builders section and turns it into furniture .. and we just did a BMW bike from scratch ,.. so its coming along nicely
    [2015/09/19 11:58] Joe Sparrow: you need to make sure the people your buying from are not themself uploading them from games
    [2015/09/19 11:59] Camis Sierota (camis.lee): I have my own single source for most of what I buy
    [2015/09/19 11:59] Camis Sierota (camis.lee): one particular artist
    [2015/09/19 12:00] Camis Sierota (camis.lee): We carry Shawn Mhia stuff its his.. you had some of it on your sim .. I have heard the rumors .. its none of my business…. but then I have seen Walters meshes on Bastogne and thats none of my business either..
    [2015/09/19 12:05] Camis Sierota (camis.lee): I dont want a war with you Joe I have respect for A T if you have a problem with us please come yell at us…

    Well since you all have decided in this forum that there is no RL priveledge then I can post the rest of that conversation I had with Joe and here it is for all to see joe made no reply to this…and hes hardly the victim and if need be I will post all the other things people posted .. so have fun with that boys and girls


  12. Camis Lee says:

    I think its fantastic that you let me post here because now I can just drone on and on since I am the topic of the c word and i have yet to hear an apology for that let me just continue on by saying Joe was given the chance to air any grievance he had with me right there.. Joe doesn’t say anything to me about models.. he cryptically hints that he knows something I don’t. FINE ,, whateva

    The very next morning do you suppose Joe came to me and said hey that schwimmwagen looks kinda familiar to me.. Nope .. Joe runs to people on my sim and drops off little leaflets to my customers who in turn look at me with a WTF….. I might even provide that if you ask nice enough … whats this they ask?.. I said I dunno let me see that and who did you get that from ..the reply was JOE! Hes bad mouthing you again .., Of course he had been doing that all week. Turning people on us.. getting really angry defriending them.. Bullshit!

    Now I am sorry but this is harassment on the highest level .. I removed the vehicle but I wouldn’t pull that crap on Joe’s sim ,,, I would be banned in an instant and it wasnt even made by us and it was shown to JOE it was made by a fellow named riddler aka Lucky Airstrike .. and then it dawned on me that maybe this was gonna be a never ending event with JOE and that Joe would do anything to fuck us up .. and then I thought this is personal Joe shit, Why you might ask?, Because he certainly doesnt go after Walter at Bastogne like this and btw if anybody wants to see where Walter gets his free shit he sells on the Market place I will be all to happy to show you Walter doesn’t even bother to change the crap he sells and downloads…. and do you think this forum cares ?? Well of course not Walter doesn’t make any tanks .. and up until the other day Joe didn’t care about BB thats been around for a little over a year. Now do you think this was the end of Joe’s vendetta with BB NO because the very next day .. I SEE THIS BLOG .. somebody butting into my business and demanding my attention.. Now we wanna talk about my VW .. we dont wanna talk about Walters VW .. we dont wanna talk about any of the M1 Abrams current listed on the Market place that are all RIPs. No instead we wanna go after BB.. why? Ohh because the reporter in this so called BLOG ..Seems to have made me his personal mission to destroy.. Why because I make tanks! A Year ago Joe didnt give a crap about BB … suddenly its all he can talk about .. and the creator of this Blog has the audacity to say this isnt about JOE this is about content?? REALLY well why is it that I just now know the name Mal? Why is it you didn’t come to us and ask? Why is it your not interested in any of the 100’s of obvious rips on Market place .. you still haven’t answered any of that.

    So I sent Joe an unfriendly reminder of our conversation and yeah I have questions about Joe’s models after all Joe doesnt make his models either .. he has everybody else do it for him .. and maybe a couple of his look suspect .. and maybe he shouldn’t throw rocks at people.. Especially when he is as somebody put it , “prone to taking things in that aren’t necessarily vetted” ..I also heard from somebody that was around for the birth of said vehicle that just maybe that might have been somebodys RIP.. OMG no way right! Paulo got the credit for that .. has anybody ever looked at a K&S model… and compared it to the really sophisticated 222 .. I didnt accuse him of that in his store, and I certainly didnt go to one of his customers and run my mouth …. but you know what .. enough’s enough! You wanna put me under a microscope instead of coming out and saying what it is you have a problem with ..You all wanna play little back stab games? This has gone on for long enough,,.. Joe I offered you a truce for something I didnt even start and you had a chance to say whats on your mind .. your refused the invite ..All these lies and half truths .. you wanna know something you ask! You wanna scream abuse? You don’t know the meaning of the word!

    Quite frankly I think theres a whole lot of hypocrits running their mouths that didn’t spend a dime on shit they sell in SL.. At least I can say I paid for most of the stuff I have for sale!

    And my advice for anybody paying attention if you wanna play this game with us you better be ready for whats coming because I can tell you on this Blog you are opening up a whole can of worms you really don’t want to open.. We can all be adults or we can all play little kid games..You have fucked with us for the last 7 days you have stirred up more shit caused people anxiety beyond belief to settle your little outrage.. I am done answering to this forum but please POST some more stuff so I can rage some more … If any of you don’t see what’s really going on here your clueless.


    • MeganAnn Mills says:

      First of all, if you’re a vet (re: the next post) thank you for your service from a generational military family and currently commissioned wife. Secondly, if you are a vet, you should know better than devolve into threats, even vague ones. Threats are made by powerless rage, powerful rage sneaks into your home in the middle of the night with no warning and kills you and everything you love (figuratively speaking, of course). Control the rage, it weakens arguments.


  13. Tamara Sierota says:

    To all reading this blog… I am one of the owners of Battle Bitch Inc and its spokesperson…. this post is lengthy but please read it fully… thank you.

    I was made aware of the people associated to Joe when his vendetta towards BB started weeks ago (when we released 3 tanks)… and I banned those people from the sim, so players had somewhere they could go without having to deal with Joe & Co’s outbursts and begging them not to come to our sim or buy our products. We were told Joe begged and banned a number of people just for using BB Tanks. That he pleaded to give him time and he would make them one himself.. (When he’s had 6 years to do so?) A player simply trying to enjoy their combat time in SL shouldn’t have to deal with that and they should also have freedom of choice and variety, so we had every right to ban Joe and those clearly involved with him that would likely cause trouble. Mind you a few of his friends visit the sim everyday with no problems.

    When Mal’s note card was passed onto me, I was already aware of who he was, I replied (which is listed below) and I expected a reply from him answering all of My questions, just as he had asked of me.. but all I got was..

    [2015/10/04 09:31] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): I didn’t IM you because I didn’t know your name
    [2015/10/04 09:31] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Now I do ^^

    At 5am My RL time…and after all this crap.. I didn’t think that warranted a reply over sleep. Surely by knowing who is associated to BB and talking to them he could have easily asked along with his many other questions or looked BB up and seen my name… right? Anyone that knows me and dealt with me knows I am in no way how he has described.. in fact how he comes across is deplorable to say the least.

    My SL partner Cami, is a veteran in RL after 16 years service, and also suffers from anxiety and the effects of her active duty during her many years of service… for Mal to claim he is a veteran himself and not even confirm that before claiming it is false, is disgusting. Joe’s vendetta has had its effects on many people but that wont be considered will it? Where as we showed concern for Joe knowing his condition and trying to resolve the matter, he continued on and now has Mal to continue it for him.. while joe sits back and pretends to be the lil angel in all this.

    You can ask anyone that tries to make VICE products how Joe has reacted to them and what his normal recourse is when he feels he isn’t the only one producing WW2 Tanks. As it is, didn’t Aeon and Joe have a war over tanks for awhile then finally a truce, once they agreed Aeon would take Modern and Joe would take WW2? We have spent a lot of $$ and time over a year to be able to finally provide tanks that players have been asking for and someone decides to view us as competition.. as there are many other tanks makers.. they haven’t been able to reach the quality we have, which players are saying is on par with Joe, and that’s not just the mesh! so Joe deems and fears us competition, which I am honestly flattered by.. but all this is the result.

    **NOW TO THE LEGAL POINT OF THE MATTER**…. THE CREATORS OF THE VARIOUS PURCHASED MODELS HAVE GIVEN THEIR DIRECT CONSENT AND APPROVAL FOR BB TO USE THEIR MODELS IN SL. MAL HAS BEEN GIVEN THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN BB & THE ARTIST HE DECIDED TO TARGET.. Our mesh artists have pictures of the BB works within SL and love what we have done with them. LL, the mesh artists and various sites they sell from have been notified of the accusations made against BB as well as the harassment and bullying taking place across the WW2 community…. again all over BB releasing 3 tanks!

    As confirmed with our primary mesh artist and turbo squid – The Virtual Good Sale Mal quoted lists STOCK MEDIA, which we do not sell. The problem with 3D sites and SL is that most take the model as they bought it and sell it as is with full permissions, just look on Marketplace for them.. Many artists do not agree with that. SL also claims property rights on everything brought in or created within SL, another reason why some artists do not want their works in SL. However we knew what we were facing if we released tanks.. we were warned by many and made sure of this fact but I’m afraid no one can claim sole rights to WW2 products in SL.

    Now we have been made aware from this blog that the Kubel (which was one of our first products) could be from a game and it has been removed, along with one other. WE HAVE NEVER AND HAVE NOT BEEN CONTACTED BY LL, WARGAMING.NET OR BEEN GIVEN A CEASE & DESIST NOTICE … whoever his sources are lying and you are all lapping it up! P.S It is good journalistic practice to confirm all facts with the person being accused before anyone reports publicly.. needless to say…. IMPARTIALLY!

    We never claimed to have created the mesh. When anyone asked we told them they were purchased via marketplace, turbo squid and alike sites or created by partners. Being that Full Perm products are used everyday in SL and rarely, if ever, give credit to the mesh or sculpt maker…. we didn’t know listing credits was a requirement. I was in the motorcycle business for 4 years and not once did another builder take this kind of malicious behavior or take these actions if someone else did a sportster or fatboy… we all helped each other, sold each other parts and made the bike industry and community in SL thrive.. all this just kills WW2 and makes players not want to be involved… can’t you all see this?!?!?!

    Now… Since Mal conveniently left out My reply to his note card (2015-10-07 13:32:44), that he states he never got! along with countless other lies or assumptions.. I am providing it for all to see.. Its obvious to Me Mal or Joe aren’t people that will listen to reason or facts and are purely on the attack, as affirmed by Mals notecard sent to the WW2 community last year… 2012-03-04 04:40:32 but hopefully some of you can see what is really going on and stop supporting this onslaught of utter crap…. thank you.

    Written by Mal (malcious.vuckovic) –
    “Sl Aviation is fucked up, WW2 community is fucked up, and Joe needs my help more than anything to keep Astral-Tek alive.
    I will not die happy untill those three things have been fixed.
    You can Ban me, it wont stop me.
    That is beyond anyones capability.”


    *** NOTE WRITE BY Mal (malcious.vuckovic) FOR BB ***
    note card

    I want to know why BB IM’d Joe six times with hurtful comments before he finally reacted and now they scream and cry and act the victim
    I want to know why they thought they could hide from me
    and why they didn’t seem to understand that I would know this
    that I wouldn’t know where they downloaded their stuff from
    and why they thought that no-one would notice
    I want to know why they feel the need to hide from me

    *** NOTE WRITE BY Mal (malcious.vuckovic) FOR BB ***


    I would like to know why you think you know what’s going on and what hurtful comments he claims have been made.. we can certainly provide the comments and begging he has done publicly on his sim regarding BB to many people … that come back and tell us.

    We aren’t hiding from you.. we simply know you are involved with joe and are not interested in his vendetta against us or those that aid him. Why you couldn’t send this nc yourself or simply IM Me says a lot.

    We aren’t screaming and crying the victim at all… I’d like to know why you think that…. He has been harassing and threatening us by way of players for some time.. we contacted him to try resolve the matter, which he wasn’t really interested in. People kept coming to us, asking us to talk to him and try calm him down.. we told them we had tried.

    As he continued on with his vendetta against us, I gifted him a tank being sold for $3 and told him if he was so concerned with competition or placing a DCMA, he should look at that and stop wasting his time on BB…

    This is all over us releasing 3 tanks…. I believe only one other time he was contacted by my partner pointing out he doesn’t make all of his models and cannot provide a license as we can and that some of his models are known to be questionable… just as we have been made aware some of ours may be. So that is 2 IMs and one note left with a gifted item.

    We aren’t hiding anything.. we have various partners, mesh artist and scripters that we pay just as joe does. If you would like to point out which models you believe are questionable we’d be happy to look at that, however our vehicles were bought legally via marketplace or sites such as turbo squid.

    I am fully aware of who you are and what your aim is… I do not have to provide any of this information to you, however since you have decided to be joe’s bodyguard, obviously because all his other attempts have failed…. I suggest you get the full information from both sides, before you decide you want to get involved.




    • MeganAnn Mills says:

      Now, THAT is how to respond to a dispute of facts. I don’t know which set are correct, perhaps both are and some elements omitted on each side, but nicely done.


    • Nakayama Tamotsu says:

      “My SL partner Cami, is a veteran in RL after 16 years service, and also suffers from anxiety and the effects of her active duty during her many years of service… for Mal to claim he is a veteran himself and not even confirm that before claiming it is false, is disgusting.”

      While you gave a very good argument Tamara, I think bringing in ones service record followed by an expectation of preferential treatment based upon this, THEN Attacking the author for his Service Record, kind of took a lot of wind out of your sails.

      Now, RE the use of the “C” Word (As posted several times by various replies on this particular post). Wherever you go in the world, people use the same words for different meanings. If you have ever been to the UK, (Not just Scotland, though it IS Beautiful country up there), you would know that the word “Cunt” is kind of like a common word over there. In America, it is seen as derogatory towards a woman, while in that particular part of the world, it is just common slang for “People who are idiots”.

      NOW, since the “Derogatory Term” has been brought into this conversation, let us examine your OWN Company name of Battle Bitches.

      Let’s examine that, Bitches. I took the wonderful time to look it up in the wonderful Dictionary and brought this up:

      plural noun: bitches
      a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.
      a spiteful or unpleasant woman.
      synonyms: witch, shrew, vixen, she-devil, hellcat, harridan, termagant, virago, harpy; archaicgrimalkin
      “she’s such a bitch”
      black slang
      a woman.
      a person who is completely subservient to another.
      “he will always be her bitch”

      As far as I can tell, neither of the women who Run “Battle BITCHES” are Furries, so we cannot say that they are going for the first definition. So let us look at the second definition.

      It says right there that is a derogatory term towards Women. Whether it be in Slang form or someone who is unpleasant and from what we can tell by your responses, you are obviously not subservient to anyone.

      SO, in conclusion, going off this little information provided via a wonderful little dictionary, I must say that you yourselves call yourself something that in and of itself is a derogatory term. You cannot scream “How dare you call me a derogatory Term!” When A. You are going off what YOU Feel is insulting and B. You insult yourselves in your own name.

      Just sayin…


      • MeganAnn Mills says:

        Quickly from WIKI ***C-Word is a vulgar term for female genitalia, and is used as a term of disparagement for females and males.[1] The earliest known use of the word, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, was as a placename for the London street Gropecunt Lane, c 1230. Scholar Germaine Greer said in 2006 that cunt “is one of the few remaining words in the English language with a genuine power to shock.”[2]

        I don’t want to get into a dispute between two countries separated by a common language about usage of a slang word, but it’s clear you guys are aware it’s offensive to us. My opinion of it hasn’t changed, but it’s a pretty good example of vulgarities interwoven in culture and accepted regardless of their etymology. We have an epidemic of that here.

        As to the Bitches, we have a similar issue, if much less vulgar. I use the word often, myself….. frequentlyaboutmyself,,,,, which is generally more accepted in context in the same way black people can use the N-word and white people can’t. This is not good, I admit, but THIS word has weaved it’s way into American culture enough that it’s commonly used in mass media.

        They’re both over-ripe fruit, but in my opinion it’s an apples/oranges thing, and not quite equivalent. Sill, I wouldn’t use EITHER in even informal writing, just conversational. I also would NOT have immortalized it in a group name.


        • Nakayama Tamotsu says:

          Your last paragraph proves my point. To demand an Apology for one derogatory word, while you flaunt yet another derogatory term as your “Title” is just wrong.

          Hello Kettle? The is the pot calling.


          • MeganAnn Mills says:

            I agree about the low-hanging derogatory fruit on both sides, and I wasn’t attempting to defend the hypocrisy itself.


      • MeganAnn Mills says:

        Oh, I’m sorry….and one other thing….Mal made a public issue of Joe Sparrow’s personal health status (one I’ve been aware of for many years) and opened that door, I can’t blame Tam for pushing Cami through a door Mal opened. I just hope she had permission.


        • Nakayama Tamotsu says:

          I can see WHY they would do it. But on the same note, I read the Comment as “She’s a Vet, You’re a Vet…why don’t you cut her some slack”. That, to me, is like “Really?”

          Vet or Not, it does not excuse one for the behavior either have shown in this little conversation.


          • MeganAnn Mills says:

            I read it as the cause of Cami’s particular personal heath issue, which is a valid point since Mal made an issue of Sparrow’s. What I didn’t understand was the complaint that Mal, being a vet himself, should automatically associate them in someone else. I’ve lived around active duty and vets all my life, but still don’t assume others are either outside of my circle. Even less sure how he’s expected to confirm it.


          • Aeon Voom says:

            I’m Vet too. I served 8 years of my life in the german Army as a paratrooper. I’ve been to Somalia, Kosovo and in Afghanistan. I got discharged after a terrible accident on duty. So i’m a Vet and have health issues from said accident.
            Do i flaunt it about? No.
            Do i use it as a shield for myself or anyone? Nope.
            Why? I have some dignity left in my bones.
            If i fail or make a mistake, then it is not because of me being a vet or having health issues. It’s because of me and me alone.
            Nuff said.

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            • MeganAnn Mills says:

              While I know this is not why you said it, and you’ll likely cringe,thank you for your service, as well. If your disability is restricted to primarily physical, it doesn’t become as much a social interaction issue in SL as chronic PTSD might, I’m not in a position to judge anyone’s RL combat disability, physical or emotional, and they are often connected. It’s a clinical reality that emotional becomes more of a social interaction issue, and which is why it was brought up here.


  14. Tamara Sierota says:

    I AM the one that mentioned a few ‘facts’ of my SL partner’s RL service, for the reasons MeganAnn describes above and to correct the American Sniper scenario Mal gave you all in this blog… and I apologize to my partner for not realizing this information would be viewed and discussed as it has been.

    It isn’t flaunted.. its not used as a shield.. and I didn’t mention it to be taken as.. quoted ““She’s a Vet, You’re a Vet…why don’t you cut her some slack”.

    Granted… No one can really confirm that anyone in SL that claims they are a RL War Veteran is actually one but most of those that do claim to be vets, wouldn’t discredit another without being at least 90% certain that the claim is false.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the RL counterparts of these avatars for their service – Cami, MeganAnn and family, Aeon and Mal…. as well any other reading this blog that served bravely for their country. Thank you!


  15. MeganAnn Mills says:

    I appreciate the appreciation, but I should make it clear I am not active duty or a vet. I just love many, hate a few, married one, and respect all. One of my favorite deflections to the oft-asked “where are you from?” is, “a really disgusting impulse my daddy had one night on leave, and probably a six-pack of beer”.


  16. DOR says:

    All I see is avatars scrapping for scrims in a dying platform….



    • Tank Kwaszes says:

      With black jack and hookers?


      • DOR says:

        And with the money, content and effort down the drain.


        • MeganAnn Mills says:

          You’re not getting anything more permanent in AVIWORLDS for pixel land and effort. If you spend money and effort in a virtual world, you are not getting anything REAL back. It’s a way to spend time. If you want to lament your time in SL, you’re going to lament your time in AVIWORLD just as much. Zero difference.

          As for content, same thing. In the time I was watching, you didn’t create much content, you had others who did it. Perhaps you should have read TOS more carefully. ALL content created belongs to LL. If you create content after accepting TOS, you can’t whine about it later if YOU choose to leave SL. You’re only complaining about your own choices.


          • DOR says:

            Wait til Lindens Labs pull the plug on second life next year without warning.


            • MeganAnn Mills says:

              lol right, this from the same omniscient judgment that re-circulated troll scare rumors in notices about scripted objects that bypass the yellow permission window in SL to steal Lindens from people. Yeah, you’d know what LL will do next year.


    • MeganAnn Mills says:

      Actually, Philip Rosedale’s High Fidelity is the future that SL 2.0 is waiting to rip off for ideas. Go with the innovators, not the also-ran’s. But then, people who contribute little content to SL and prefer to take on status of a cruise director are less likely to be able to recognize the innovators.

      Cheer leaders and cruise directors always follow and never lead. So, by all means, take your pom-poms where you spend less money for more fake space and less function.


      • DOR says:

        Thanks for your contribution to the Lindens Labs’ Ponzi scheme.


        • MeganAnn Mills says:

          What are you talking about? LL has no connection to High Fidelity, or Rosedale. Nothing is worse than a cheerleader who switches teams and forgets all the cheers she did for the old team. You spent all your credibility on the old team.


  17. Drake Geraln says:

    I personally could care less about the childish squabbles between builders, But I was wondering. While posting private IM’s here on a blog may not violate SL TOS doesn’t then linking said blog containing said IM’s back into SL not do so?


  18. […] article so for now if you want a great example of someone playing the victim look no further than My article on Battlebitches last October where two builders, in order to promote their company, verbally threatened and abused […]


  19. […] anything they might possibly have on Joe Sparrow then I remembered a while back I did an article on a group of people called the Battle Bitches where I pointed out that for the WWII Community Joe Sparrow is the go-to guy if you wish to […]


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