A final Farewell to DOR

So it’s been over a month now since my epic long expose of Dogs on the Run, you remember?

As I predicted they would DOR reacted in a comically obsessive way. My Article become the #1 topic of conversation as post after post after post of Don’s ramblings poured from the Group notices and chat about how evil I am for pointing out how evil he was. They even tried to have me done for Slander.

Last night i was informed of a post of this person which is listed on the above location of Abuse. By insinuatging I took moneys from our group for personal use and Fraud against my group. Also, Posting my Group messages on his rant and other lies about our group.

I am demanding his account be immediately removed for violation of SL and Linden Rules.

I do expect action on this.

I’m touched. Well it’s been well over the 30 day mark since ,I presume, DOR mass AR’d me for Slander, and well I’m still here. No seriously here’s a picture of me today rocking my new furry avatar.


Not sure why I’m a Furry…Oh yeah I’m “fitting in”.

As I hoped the man who caused all the problems for DOR has upped sticks and moved to AviWorlds with 31 Dor members choosing to follow. The people he left behind , under the care of Barry Foehammer, seem to be more focused on simple dogfights and are,for the better part, acting as DOR always should have. Contests, Dogfights, prizes, fun little games in a fun little group that exists without creating monsters to fight to justify their own existence. Long may that continue.

So as I’m still waiting on Princess Da’s court summons to waft in through the front door I thought celebrate the anniversary of me proving to DOR that truth is not slander ,and you cannot be sued for brining attention to it, by taking a look at DOR’s counter-argument to my article and I think we can have a bit of fun going through it together and correcting the mistakes.

All Lubed up and ready to go?


Last night i received the information about one persons rant on our group and read the entire post. This person has ran his moth about our group and I wll not personally stand by and let something like this Just pass away. I have been advised not to say anything but that is not in my nature.

From the start of this piece of garbage post to the end Mal has not had the facts straight.

This post is by Trinka, attached is a notecard which contains her argument. Now I don’t think it’s fair just to laugh at someone over their spelling, since I’m not exactly an expert in that field myself, so I won’t but seriously “run my moth”. I mean even I proof read what I write.

First off: Yes he was a member of DOR and a officer at that. In no way was he one of the founding members as he stated. Now lets set the record strait on why he resigned as officer in our group. I received a copy of a Im from one of our other officers where mal Stated that Da was not capable of running a group and I was Stupid. That may be true however it is not something you would want one of your officers saying about your group.
I confronted Mal myself with the words he had said and he admitted doing so. I offered him a way out by telling him he could resign as officer or I would remove him and tell the reason why. He asked to resign which is a far cry from what he has posted. I let him resign and never uttered another word about it until now.

The greatest of lies always have a sprinkle of truth, it’s the sugar that helps the medicine go down. In this instance Trinka is referring to a conversation I had with DOR’s nabours, who were the former officers of Toni’s “all girls” Kiwi Fighter squadron. I was an officer and admin at the time and the context of the discussion was in regards to the number of pretty girls who were wandering into DOR and on their first day Princess Da was making them admin.

These girls were absolutely useless, I had to train several on how to access and use the Admin tools they had been given, they got it into their heads that re-starting a sim every fours hours reduced lag but never communicated with each other so often one would log in and immediately restart the sims, meaning unless I was around to cancel it the DOR sims were often restarted every hour, which had a huge impact on traffic and disrupted events. The one time we were actually griefed Princess Da’s Sexy Admin Army spent over an hour running around rezzing shields over people to protect them and kept begging the greifer to leave, they refused to ban him because “we don’t ban people here” and if it hadn’t been for someone more competent turning up I’m almost convinced they’d still be chasing him around and screaming.

This is what I was talking to the Kiwi’s about, my exact words were “I hope something big happens so [Princess Da] can witness first hand just how useless his Admin team really is and then maybe we start promoting some of the more competent members so shit like this doesn’t happen again.”. I have no idea in what form Trinka was told this information but yes they confronted me on it and I admitted it, I told them their admin team was useless. Princess Da actually listened and asked for me to write a notecard regarding lag prevention and why constant sim restarts were a bad idea as well as suggest some people who could be promoted. Princess Da got my note a few days later and ignored it, more random pretty girls were promoted instead, I received several IM’s asking me how to use the admin panel and that’s when I choose to step down. The reason I publicly gave for doing so was Joe Sparrow was opening a new WWII sim and I wanted to help him with it. In fact here is the SL Newser article detailing that sim .

I was never given a “You must resign or else” choice. I also rather like Trinka’s little grammar error where she admits that Princess Da is not fit to lead and she is retarded.

Next we have the situaltion with the sims we were trying to get for our group through Lindens. I came out and told our group our planes for DOR 2014. It was a dream of Don’s and it was going to be very very expensive to do. We pressed forward however, We contacted Lindens with our plans and asked for some help on the start up cost since we were going to pay them in advance for one year for these sims. Lindens gave us nothing but a run around. I personally know of six different people they switched us to with excuses of this one left or that one left Lindens and now we are getting a new CEO and we cannot answer your request. I am the one that got upset and told Da we needed to just give up on this as they were not working with us at all. So if you are upset about the sims not coming to DOR you can blame me.

Ah yes the mythical 200 sim region. Trinka’s dates are wrong here, 2011 was the first time we heard Princess Da spout this story and he would mention it every year. In 2014 I started work with Linden Labs on a new Blake Sea region designed for Warship combat. I only asked for eight sims but ended up with 43 in the region known as the Jeogeot Gulf. As you can imagine I was pretty chuffed and Princess Da…..well he got a little Envious. Hard work and persistence got me the Gulf, I had to attend hundreds of meetings and planning discussions with Linden Labs and even had to get half the WWII Vice community to stop fighting each other long enough to sit in a room together and talk civil. That was not an easy thing to do.

Princess Da didn’t want to do that, he phoned Linden Labs Demanding 200 regions be set up, for free, to save the community from my evil ways and you can probably guess what Linden Labs response was.

When Don and I formed DOR we were setting at the Flying Tiger field and we were hearing you cannot fly this builder’s planes or that builders planes today you must fly this builders. We thought there must be a better way. DOR was formed to allow our members to fly any builders plane and any era they pleased. Yes we had certain days where i was promoting a certain builders plane in my combat events but it was not exclusively Shana as stated about Shana day. This was continued until my health got worse and many builders were featured in my contests including Aeon and others.
MCe was introduced by Aeon and several of the builders went with him. Da and I discussed this and decided to stick with Vice as our combat system. Since I had purchased most of Aeon’s jets to say i was disappointed that he was no longer backing Vice is a fact.

Much of this is true, DOR was founded during the height of the Amok/AT war in the dying days of SLACE and most regions practised their own self-made Monopolies by supplying their own planes and banning their competitors from being used. This was considered Normal back then. DOR was the exception to this rule which is why I admired them at first. The rest is bullshit.

Shana was the only builder to get her own Hanger after ShanaDay, everyone else was moved to one single “retail” hanger, Shana was the only one who’s builds were regularly reviewed by Princess Da, got promoted by Princess Da over the groups Notice system, who’s products were launched to great fanfare at DOR and remains the only builder to have Events exclusively for their products with awards named after them.

Astral-Tek products, ZSK and Amok products have all ,at one time, been banned from DOR sims, only to be quickly retracted when I pointed out this hypocrisy.

As for the rest? Don’t give me that Bullshit about MCE. EVERY combat region hates Vice and at some point has attempted to replace it and DOR is no exception. Bastogne Tried it with Blitz, New World tried it with Blue Works CS, Old’s tried it with MCE and DOR attempted it with a revival of the old TCS after the planned ‘Shana Carpool Combat System’ was canned.

Now for the statements that really upset me. During Da’s stay in the hospital he could not have a secure access to his bank account with the device he was using there for the internet.

Yet in spite of this was still able to log into SL to post almost daily notices updating people on his progress. If you can log into SL you can log into your bank account.

Since Da was in no shape to handle the daily affairs and donations i took that responsiblity over. In my conversations with the Seychelles owner i was told that we were 124,000 Lindens behind due to Da not being able to get to his account. As mal stated our members donated to help me keep the sims going. As to his remarks about us spending the money on ourselves and where did the money go. Irish was kind enough to reduce our cost to 9000 lindens per week per sim. If mal had any sense at all he could see i was having to come up with 54,000 lindens a week t pay Irish which i did until I went in the hospital myself. We were trying to save the sims for our group although Da and I Couldnt even use them. Barry took over the day to day running of DOR during this time. Since Mal accused me and Da of basically spending your mney on ourselves I will be Contacting Lindens today requesting his account be removed from SL due to the fact that he has basically accused me of fraud.

I’m not accusing Trinka or Princess Da of fraud, they ARE committing fraud. Trinka’s statement here would appear to be that I didn’t get my facts rights since all the money raised would have only been enough to cover the rent for four weeks but ,as I already proved in the article, when I spoke to some of the Estate Managers and Owners of the Seychelles isles DOR hadn’t paid a single penny of their sims rent for over three months, all the while still collecting donations. That money is still owed to Seychelles, it was never paid and as a result DOR have been blacklisted by Seychelles as well as by the Chung Estates and ,as far as I’m aware, by almost every major rental company and organisation on the gird because ,guess what, this isn’t the first time they’ve done this.

So that donation money is, as far as I’m concerned, still unaccounted for.

Da has had run ins with various people over the years. At the same time he has spend thousands of dollars to keep our group with sims to fly and equip them with the best possible items we could. I used all the moneys i made from Vendors to hold contests and i can tell you most of the time the money came from me personally.

There is no evidence of exactly how much money Princess Da or Trinka have spent but I don’t have any evidence to dispute this. But what I can say is EVERY person who makes a community in SL ends up spending way more than they will ever earn keeping it afloat, it doesn’t excuse people from bully and harassing others.

I formed the DOR Angels and DOR Euro Angels myself. I never considered them to be Da’s little girls. These are my groups as well as DOR Spearhead. His information on the angels is totally BS. We have done shows for anyone that asked. This group of fliers is some of the best if not the best in SL.

As I’m pretty sure I mentioned in the article I don’t think Trinka was quite aware just to what extent the DOR Angels became Princess Da’s virtual harem, but I witnessed it first hand and I have half a dozen others who also witnessed it and can back me up. DOR Angels was basically a slut shack. We already covered men pretending to be woman to use their sexuality to get what they want in a previous article, that was DOR Angels in a nutshell. See Luke Flywalkers “O” face for more information.

Also, best pilots in SL? Fuck off it took them three years to accomplish flying in a circle and even then some of them wandered off in the opposite direction.

I am proud of what Da and I have accomplished here with the DOR groups. I still feel i had to answer this garbage post of Mal’s and set the record straight. I could go on and on about some of the comments Da and I have received for only trying to have a place for our group members to fly.
i also see people i dont even know listening to this garbage and agreeing with Mal.
https://malqusition.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/445/ I would like each of you to read this and you will understand exactly what i mean. It is long and so full of lies and statements that are so much trash.

Ah yes, the four year long researched, documented Article, professionally edited with all facts presented, sourced and those sources named with almost all direct from Trinka and Princess Da themselves is utter garbage and you shouldn’t believe a word. But this unedited ranting notecard that makes wildly exaggerated claims with no evidence whatso ever, yeah you should believe that.

Now i must say with the events of the past few weeks we have decided the future of DOR is not with SL. We are not asking anyone to leave SL and we will have a small presence here but our time will be spent developing our 200 sims in Aviworld. I would ask our members to at least visit us there. You will see real Quickly what we are working on and how much better this is for Da and I. and our group.

And finally we have the thinly disguised admission. “We’ve been found out, our lies and fraudulent behaviour laid bare for all to see. We’ve burned all our bridges and the villagers are picking up their pitchforks. Time to run away and start afresh where no-one will find us.”


The last notices Princess Da have sent out have all been in regards to AviWorlds

Hi Team.
We have been in AviWorlds for 2 months now and some of you have made the effort to come and look others havnt.
IOf you do decide to come in the login location is DOR Arrival, there are land mark givers there and a group joiner, We also have a carrier on our main sim and the AEB&W phantom does fly.
We will be winding down our sl operations from now,

I took a tour of the new DOR region with some of the developers of the Hypergrid including one from the Aviworlds team. More than half of the DOR groups notices on Aviworlds have been in regards to lag and a number of cobbled thereto suggestions on what you personally can do to improve it. Which has included banning people from building anything on Continent DOR and Using Facelights.  I always considered that this was owing to AviWorlds servers not being as sophisticated as Linden Labs but the Hypergrid developers explained to me that it wasn’t that at all.

Princess Da’s new region is not 200 sims. It is one sim stretched 20 times in each direction giving the illusion that it is an area covering around 400 sims. Huge yes, but this still only counts as one region and only has the resources of one region. That means any DOR pilot wishing to fly there, yes has huge amounts of land to fly around in but since Princess Da has also granted huge tracts of Land to his friends, any DOR pilot wishing to fly around their 30 sim wide WWII island would be competing ,script wise, against a horde of breedable horses 120 sims away.

In short it’s not 400 sims as claimed, it’s one sim and Princess Da is treating it as if were 400 sims despite warnings from the Aviworlds Dev team of the problems this will cause. But for him a simple sacrifice of $180 a month (in comparison to the $150,000 per month he would have had to spend in SL) is finally the shortcut to Continent DOR he’s always dreamed of and if it means he has to ban his followers from building objects or using Facelights or even not actually being able to fly:

Good news is we should have you flying here at the latest early next week. .
Have a great night team

Or at least until early next week, then he’s all too happy to overlook it.

So that’s my two cents. Trinka and Princess continue to lie, some people continue to believe them. They ran away and now they’ve found a place to go and seem happy. I don’t cover things on the Hypergrid and ,despite popular opinion, I don’t just attack people at random who don’t deserve it. So let’s leave them be for now. You’ve seen my reply to their accusations and I hope that will be the final word on the matter, unless they try to sue me for Slander again.


32 thoughts on “A final Farewell to DOR

  1. DOR says:

    Just cut DOR angels some slack.
    Princess DA’s group rot after all I care.
    Barry Foehammer’s group is the real deal as far as I am concerned.


    • MeganAnn Mills says:

      If that’s you, Don, your comment in defense of DOR Angels actually supports the proprietary perception that they somehow belong to you, in whatever form anyone wishes to imagine. Your premise seems to be that they need to be defended by you, and are not women capable of standing up for themselves.

      Were I them, I would find that baldly insulting. When the issue being raised is one that they are a submissive little cabal that was directed by you personally, you’d have done better to send one of them or Trinka in here to defend them, rather than you. Or simply let it go. If the DOR Angel issue is NOT about YOU, let them defend themselves if they like.

      Your apparent male ego flux to defend the women is actually hurting them in this case, and supported the premise Mal had. You provided no new information to support the opposite view, and it looks like you simply said “Leave my girls alone!”.

      You know what? This attitude of yours over the years, reinforced in micromessages, in your unrelenting numerous drama-filled group notices may in fact be WHY the perception out there was what it was. I get the feeling you liked it.


      • DOR says:

        As far as I am concerned, DOR angels is a separate issue. I like the current arrangement and outsiders like u can’t do anything.


        • MeganAnn Mills says:

          They MAY have been a separate issue, until you came in here and reminded everyone that they are “your women” in the contextual premise that they need to be defended by you, and therefore NOT a separate issue to you.

          As always, you say one thing with words, and the exact opposite by the context and premise. I realize this may be a bit deep for you to understand, but you have always been blatantly transparent in spite of yourself.

          In this case, you attempt to tweak me as an “outsider” (like this is somehow a bad thing), and that I’m trying to “do” something to them. I don’t even know who is in that group, and who isn’t. Yet your premise attempts to increase their importance by making them the object of nefarious motives by “outsiders”. ooooh, more drama.

          They are utterly irrelevant except as an example of your repeated pattern of emotionally prepubescent misogynist attitudes towards women as objects who helplessly need the defense of a marginally literate “daddy” figure. Do them the best favor you’ve ever done them as a group, and don’t mention them at all if you REALLY think they are a separate issue….which of course, you don’t.

          If you’re having your own figurative excrement thrown back on you, don’t hug people you pretend to care about until you scrub it off. Your comment about them was a display about you, not anything substantive about them.

          Liked by 1 person

          • DOR says:

            So, you don’t know anyone in DOR angels? Ok, that’s ok. We have a telepathic counsellor. Or perhaps you are more interested in making a straw man statement?


            • MeganAnn Mills says:

              No, read a little more carefully. I said I don’t know who is in the group and who isn’t. I may know everyone in it, or no one. I haven’t looked. As I said repeatedly, this is not about them, it’s about your vapid schoolyard “leave my women alone!” comment in reference to the GROUP, not the specific individuals in it.

              It’s very simple possessive comment, which appears to be less a real protection of them than a public display that THEY are about YOU. You really think anyone is going to leave them out of it simply because you say leave them out of it? Would YOU? If you’re having trouble grasping the concept, try diagramming the sentences.


  2. MeganAnn Mills says:

    One clarification, if I may… “In this instance Trinka is referring to a conversation I had with DOR’s nabours, who were the former officers of Toni’s “all girls” Kiwi Fighter squadron.”

    Jamie Kessler, Emmie McMahn, and I had a sim linked to the DOR sims at this time and were “neighbors”, but we were separate, had little or nothing to do with DOR operations. and were in fact a pain in their ass as it turned out. Emmie was the second in command at Kiwi Chicks, but was NOT associated with those who went with DOR. Jamie and I were never officers of Kiwi Chicks, or DOR, by design.

    This seems to be a persistent confusion, as someone who was banned on OUR sim reportedly made a comment to Don about his inability to control “his women”. In spite of repeated denials that we were his or anyone else’s “women”, this perception seems to refuse to go away.

    I’m not sure the neighbors to which Mal is referring here, as DOR had Jade’s Marines and a few others as “neighbors”, but to my knowledge none of the other former Kiwi officers besides Emmie actually owned any sims.


    • malcious says:

      Alright Alright I have weird issues when it comes to spelling, no need to rub it in.


      • MeganAnn Mills says:

        lol I quoted “neighbors” to highlight the word, not the spelling. I noticed the error, but after years and years of Niki’s spelling issues (she’s partially dyslexic), I just read right through them. I’m not above being pedantic enough to ridicule through spellcheck, but wasn’t intended this time.


  3. Barry Foehammer says:

    Your accusation of fraud is in fact incorrect. The majority of the monies required to bring the accounts square in Seychelles came from a donor who’s choice was and is to remain anonymous. It was paid DIRECTLY to Irish Gent, the owner of those regions. Anyone saying anything otherwise is incorrect or misleading. The people who helped us with the funds did so because we believe in what we are doing, and we still do, whether that’s in Aviworlds or in SL. We aren’t here to become news or to reopen long healed (or unhealed) wounds. I for one don’t see any point in it, but what I have seen is a lot of good folks who just want to enjoy themselves and fly, thankfully they seem to find us.


    • malcious says:

      For the record I’ve contacted Irish gent several times regarding this and before the first Article was even printed I was contacted by someone representing him to be informed me that no rent had been paid.
      After the Article was published I was contacted again, this time by one of the co-owners of Seychelles and informed that again, no rent had been paid and DOR had left in Arrears.
      This is the first time I’ve heard of an Anonymous donor and I’ll need to see some proof of this before I make any corrections.
      I’ve contacted IrishGent again for clarification.


      • Barry Foehammer says:

        I’m looking at the transcripts showing the last payments that were made on the Seychelles combat sims. They were paid directly to the boxes and brought them not only up to date but covered two additional weeks to the end of that month.
        The donor I mentioned was given land rights by Irishgent. Strangely, I attempted to contact him today in order to get him to come clean here and he seems to have fallen off the face of Sl. Searching his name gets no result.


        • DOR says:

          Irish gent doing the disappearing act? Very convenient of him to awol at this moment….


          • MeganAnn Mills says:

            Of course, his life is all about you too. You would be the reason he would upset his whole SL and hide?


          • MeganAnn Mills says:

            Do a little self-examination and google DSM-IV code 301.50, and DSM-IV code 301.81. “If the Cluster B applicable”, filter your behavior if you don’t want others to see it.


            • DOR says:

              How about your life? I can safely say that you are not any part of my life. Your opinion of me is of no worth to me. On the other hand….


              • MeganAnn Mills says:

                Here again, you SAY my opinion is of no value to you, yet you respond to it. Say one thing, context shows the opposite. That must be the other hand.

                Liked by 1 person

                • DOR says:

                  On the other hand is all about you posting replies that was not really necessary in the context of the discussion.


                  • MeganAnn Mills says:

                    Have you been able to follow the context of the discussion? It appears to have gone over your head.


                    • DOR says:

                      So, let me see. Barry paid Irish Gent. Irish did not give Barry the rights. He is not online. Bang… Did he did disappear? Yes or no? At least Mal did some semblance of homework when he wrote the above.

                      You? The next thing I know, you could be discussing whether I have linguistic ability in Korean or whether I have actually date you in real life or whether osama bin laden was my grandfather. This is so unlike you, meg.


                    • MeganAnn Mills says:

                      You seemed to have missed the part about the donor being necessary because you skipped out, as reported.


  4. slfs says:

    *Puts up his umbrella*


  5. DOR says:

    Do you agree that the money is paid into the boxes?


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