Trouble at Mill

On the 24th of this month I was rudely prized away from my Evening of Minecraft and Beer by the cries of my Skype exploding. This is not unusual since most of my Second Life Skype friends take any hint of Drama to it’s logical conclusion Israel style. By the time you find that convoy of armoured vehicles was just a kid playing with an RC car they are already firing White Phosphorous at hospitals.

But this one was different “The Sailors are back” the cry came “and they’ve got their friends in the Coastguard trying to re-claim the Blake!” Airports were being shut down, ships were being rammed and returned en masse just to keep a few sailors safe from seeing anything that disturbed them during one of their ridiculous ‘four people’ Sailing races.

I logged in and was immediately greeted with this sight.


The SL Aviation channel was already buzzing with people reading their artillery shells, the confused mumbles of people who didn’t catch the first half of the conversation and the usual suspects attempting to White Knight on everybodies behalf.

So, being the normal calm….reactively calm person who ,as you know, lies all the time and is just trying to destroy the community, I investigated.

So just to calm everyone down this is what actually happened:

An Airport was blocked off by one of the Nautilus Coastguard, it was only one Airport which was Honah Lee Surf. The person doing it was asked to leave twice by Airport Staff before being ejected. The Nautilus Coastguard have informed us that this person was not acting under orders and has since been removed from their services. All other members of the Nautilus Coastguard acted very Civil when approached and no other complaints were received.

They have also agreed that the word “Official” will be dropped when posting for future events.


The event itself is one of the first times the Sailors have used the Blake Sea in this way for nearly two years. Hundreds of racing events and cruises pass through the Blake every year and largely go undetected. What made this one different was it was a Memorial event to Francois Jacques, the Cubey Terra of the Sailing World, who died of cancer a few years ago. Around 70 people, all mounted in boats, participated and ,for the best part, were all on their best behaviour.

After speaking with Gemma Vuckovic, the events organiser, the sailors agreed that either they or the Coastguard will post something in SL Aviation group notices warning of any future events that uses the Blake Sea in this manner.

As far as I am aware only one ship was returned. Mid-way during the event some asshat in a Battleship decided to attempt to ram the Sailboats. His boat was returned and he was ejected.

This is the only thing I hold objection too. While I agree the decision to remove this person was required during the set-up of the Jeogeot Gulf we were promised by Linden Labs that Admin powers would not be granted to the Jeogeot Gulf organisers as Linden Labs would assign our own small Abuse Team that could respond quickly in any greifer situation. This was on the pre-tense that Linden Labs could no longer trust residents with powers over Public Land (See the History of Marktwain White and the Ironclad community for further information) and that all residents who held admin powers in the Blake Sea would have those powers removed.

This was to ensure that both the Blake and the Gulf would no longer be dominated by one Group or Community and would remain open to any who wished to use them.

The fact that the sailors still have this power means that Linden labs have lied to us and I find myself entirely unsurprised by this. However this being the case I have expressed my “Disappointment” towards Linden Labs which will most likely be added to my pending Lawsuit against Linden Research Inc (which I will talk about on a different day).


So what actually happened during the entire day was, one person was an Asshole to us, the other was an Asshole to the sailors (in fact there is evidence suggesting it may have been the same guy using an Alt) both were quickly removed by Staff and the entire event continued without a Hitch. Anyone who wished to use the Blake, did so. The 70 sailboats in the event were being periodically released one at a time so as not to choke the Blake with their numbers, making it easy to sail around as Both me and a friend proved in our Oil tankers.


People who wanted to fly, flew, people who wanted to sail, sailed. And the sailors themselves had a big party, congratulated each other on turning up, wandered off for private skybox Poseball rubbing and totally forgot who’s memory they were supporting.

Life carried On.


10 thoughts on “Trouble at Mill

  1. Being sailing for over 4 years on blake sea, having a island near honnah lee airport i was never disturbed by any using it or by any lfyers.
    Never had any issues with any either, be sailors, powerboats, planes or whatever.
    But this kind of remarks need to be exposed as lies:
    And the sailors themselves had a big party, congratulated each other on turning up, wandered off for private skybox Poseball rubbing and totally forgot who’s memory they were supporting.
    The fact that the sailors still have this power means that Linden labs have lied to us and I find myself entirely unsurprised by this. However this being the case I have expressed my “Disappointment” towards Linden Labs which will most likely be added to my pending Lawsuit against Linden Research Inc (which I will talk about on a different day).
    And i must say that i do feel your hate towards Sailors and alike is in no way shared by all the rest of the community.


  2. Carter A. Melnikov says:

    The thing about mal is yes he hates everyone equally. Maybe not even hates. But he speaks the truth and he’s not afraid to. The things like the poseball rubbing was to be funny. It’s not actually what happened. That’s his humor. I have been unable to log on SL for some time but I will return. The thing about certain people in the blake having admin powers is true as I have witnessed and experienced it when I accidentally collided or got in the way of a sailboat with my HCI repainted Coast Guard edition RHIB. I repainted it so it says HCI and not SL Coast Guard or any other coast guard. My boat was indeed returned but because I said it was an accident due to lag they didn’t yell at me for it or eject me.


    • I have to agree, I do believe it is unfair that admin powers are held by those who were said to have lost these powers. If Sailors can do this, then why can’t we finally get people to return stuff in the gulf that has been at this point a constant white noise that we have to tune out lol.


  3. Hmm, what’s wrong Mal? Don’t like me calling some members of the NCG incompetent or is it that I’m glad LL didn’t give any of you any moderator powers over in Jeogeot? I would think since they were all but griefing your buddy’s airport that you’d have no issue with the former. As for the latter. Good on LL for knowing enough to avoid a shitstorm of drama.


    • Malcious says:

      Your previous three comments were deleted because you were not there at the event, you don’t know what happened and you turned up a full hour after everything had been smoothed out.
      What you are doing is making stuff up, lying essentially, and falsely accusing the sailors and the NCG for stuff that didn’t happen because of some personal grudge you seem to have against them.
      Both the sailors and the coastguard acted very civil and were highly apologetic for the miss-communication and steps have been taken to prevent a repeat of the incident. The one idiot that blocked an Airport runway was dealt with.
      Quite frankly I don’t need you stirring the pot with the shit stick trying to cause drama just so you can state your opinion on it.


  4. I actually was at Honah Lee that day when the asshats were blocking it. There was an impromptu group Super Cub flight set up so yeah, right in the middle and yes it was more than one person. Not opinion. Fact idiot!

    The head of the NCG is fully responsible for the actions of his group and shouldn’t have taken that on if his group wasn’t prepared to do it properly which they obviously weren’t. The ones causing trouble at Honah Lee very nearly got reported as griefers on the Airport owners group. If there’s ever a repeat, there won’t be any hesitation on my part in doing so.

    I don’t blame the sailors at all beyond the lack of communication which is not new for this particular event. Hopefully they can give a bit more heads up next time. Perhaps they’ll ask a more professional group to help watch their course for them next time as well.


    • Tom Box says:

      It was just one helo blocking the Honah Lee runway. They showed up and landed on the runway and were dealt with pretty quickly. They were asked to leave and they declined. So, the helo was returned and both parties inside the singular helo were banned from the sim. These 2 individuals were the only ones causing problems at Honah Lee. I personally spoke with the Commander of the NCG and it was taken care of after that. She had the helo move and remove the large sign from their avatar. When we got back, the helo was hovering in front of the runway blocking access. This when I went and talked to the owner of the NCG group and got it taken care of.

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  5. MeganAnn Mills says:

    I didn’t come in until the last half of the event, and only got some of the backwash from the HLS helicopter issue. When you have an “enforcement” role play group given actual authority from another group to play their role for real, you always have problems. Management must be self-aware enough to anticipate this and specifically warn their members of their limitations. In this case, they weren’t.

    My issue was their signs. Use of the word “Official” could imply LL to many in Linden water sims. “STAY CLEAR” obviously means stay out of the sims, which is why everyone thought all those sims were blocked off. When contacted, the leader of the group said no one was being kept out, but they wanted people to be aware the event was going on. There was also an expressed complaint (prejudice?) against pilots in the Blake who supposedly fly low into boats as justification for it.

    An unintended consequence of such an authoritative display was some people flew right through their sign, and into the “blocked” sim. Since it was unannounced in the airport groups (another oversight), it probably attracted more attention and traffic than if they hadn’t been there to “guard” at all.

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