Where the wind blows…

In regards to this article: https://malqusition.wordpress.com/2015/08/20/the-death-of-sl-aviation/

Where I explained my concerns about how I feel SL Aviation had become less about the flying and the Aircraft and more about self image, partying and sex. Which I got a lot of stick for i.e being called a snobby elitist. Well….


I rest my case.


14 thoughts on “Where the wind blows…

  1. If you had only described that, I’d have thought you made it up. I don’t even want to know the SL name of a RL phone sex operator. Talk about TMI…..(in’s and out’s? really??)


  2. Joe Sparrow says:

    im generally fed up with the sex maniacs in these communities. mal should tell the story of operation goodwood at some point. the sim we had at a place that shall not be named


  3. I had to look for myself. and yes it is there all I can say is WTF


  4. Tig Spijkers says:

    I couldn’t really care how Luke fills his program, but was does poke me in the eye is that the SL Aviation Network is listed as a G rated group.


    We wouldn’t allow this sort of program or promotion of sexually explicit content in the SLA, because we are also G rated.


    • This infuriates me to no end. Sure, I engage in Sex in SL, make no mistake. But I partition that activity away from everything else I do. The only time I allow aviation and sex to involve with one another in SL is when someone sells aircraft with sex anims in them, and after that is a No-go Zone.

      The idiot who’s pushing this crap needs a stern reprimand. Something I think Tig of all people is qualified to do.


      • Tig Spijkers says:

        If Luke was to ask me for advice I would recommend to set the rating to M for mature.
        Let’s not kid ourselves here, most people set their group and land rating to G to get the maximum coverage from the search engine.
        I’ve been in SL for a very long time and experienced what the mainland used to look like before Zindra. You would get sexually explicit content slapped in your face on every turn.
        I like to believe I’m not the only person that doesn’t want to go back to how things used to be in SL and to have places and groups where we’re not constantly confronted with sexual content.
        If you set your land or group to G then you also need to be consequent and moderate its content.


  5. tom mcgregor says:

    (The idiot who’s pushing this crap needs a stern reprimand. Something I think Tig of all people is qualified to do.)
    what is this to do with tig ??,its not her group,belongs to luke and pretty sure he is entitiled to do as he pleases within it,if it upsets people then leave or don,t look at it
    concentrate on your own lives not ridicule what others deciede how they wish to live theirs


    • Da Admiral says:

      Still sore about losing to Tig, tom mcgregor?


    • >It belongs to luke
      More reason to identify it as the plague of the SL Aviation community and abandon it.
      No one in the Aviation community (of sound mind/ego/competence) wants to involve sex into the community. You want sex? Go to fucking Zindra. Hell, go to the Branfield Sandbox and look for sex there. Then you can go and fly off into a ban orb.


      • Sociologically speaking, most members with a group identity make the behavior of other members of the group their business if it reflects on them. “It’s none of anyone else’s business” may be a technically correct and libertarian attitude, but it’s not human nature. It only works for people who don’t identify themselves with the group.

        That said, this is not unprecedented. Milestone made an airplane once with sex balls in it (“Beaver”?…no pun intended, I don’t recall), and if I remember correctly Trans Sands ran Mile High flights at Balsa sims in it. Since it was something localized to Balsa sims, and probably unsuccessful, there wasn’t much of a fuss about it.


  6. Rebecca Rathbone says:

    Yep. That’s pretty much it.


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