So I was wrong…

THI went Vice. No sorry THI went back to vice after declaring it a dead system that no-one was interested in and that only their new system MCE would ever be used. Aeon Voom himself stated that he would never in his lifetime touch Vice again, it was over, gone, dead, abused by Cheat Weapons and ruled by asshole pilots who ruined every-bodies fun by exclusively using Pennyturners.

Many people supported this at first, including me, but after several long years of disaster after disaster it became obvious that if a new system was going to finally replace the dinosaur that was Vice, Aeon Voom was not the man to do it.You can read all the reasons why here where I believed that the F.13 was just the epitome of everything Aeon had done to destroy his brand, badly cobbled together mesh products, weird flight physics coupled with game breaking bugs and an attitude towards his customers that basically began with “fuck you that’s why!” who could blame anyone for turning their back on MCE and the THI Brand.

Two things come from that article, I believed that that the WWII Dogfight market was dead and to be fair at the time the Jeogeot Gulf was pulling more Merchant Sailors than Pilots and even groups like NAS were pulling less of a crowd than they used to and paled in comparison to what the Flying Tigers had once been.

The second thing was that I considered Aeon too proud to return to Vice, I believed he would stick to his guns and go down with the ship, shaking his fist in rage at the customers who ‘betrayed him’.

But then something weird happened.

I was wrong.

SHOCK HORROR I know, such terrible, I’m never wrong!



Ok Shut up!

It happened without warning, arriving on a cold Friday morning as I was sipping Tea with Nigel in the Club Fu’Tu-shoin, you know the exclusive secret club behind the real club that you need to know the right people to get into but only if you present them the correct flower on a Tuesday when the moon is in the right position. Anyway I was due in court on the intricate case of Lady Edwardian Winterthrust vs The Pope which was coming to a delicate and potentially explosive stage.

The Telegram from THI came as a rather welcome diversion and I tipped the delivery boy out of the window with far more grandeur than I would have normally. I thought it only further release details on their upcoming BF110 project or an announcement for the planned Hurricane re-build but as my eyes read the passage I was struck with a momentary shudder.

But it was a cold morning and in regards to the instructions left by Mr Windlos Castle-Bucket on the intricate case of Lady Edwardian Winterthrust vs The Pope, I was naked.

Quickly I rushed to the office of THI to confront Karl Reismen on the accuracy of the telegram and he simply nodded and looked away blushing. I ran home and got dressed.

The Telegram read as follows.

I heard a lot of complaints in going with MCE exclusively, and generally ignored them,  but numbers don’t lie, and the sales numbers have declined. Because of this, I  have decided to abandon MCE exclusivity, and have asked Aeon Voom to re-introduce VICE into the current line. We also have a bonus  for those that have purchased the VICE BF-109G.  More details in the enclosed Notecard.

Why Sir I nearly spat my Tea all over poor Nigel.

Joking aside though three things come of this, firstly yes I was wrong, the best of us sometimes have to eat our own words and that’s probably a good thing, secondly it continues to prove that people like Karl and Aeon really shouldn’t handle their own PR.

We were wrong, we listened to our customers, we admit to our mistake, anything, anything would have been better than “We ignored the complaints, now we’re out of money so we change our minds lol” but then maybe that’s a good thing, at least you know that with all these larger companies spending thousands of Lindens of making sure their Public Representation is buffed up enough to present them as reasonable people that THI and Amok Dynamics are not among them. So at least you know they are not lying to you….probably. Well not all the time anyway.

The third thing is that this comes, not from Aeon, but from Karl Reismen. The man always portrayed as Aeon’s ‘Bitch’ choose the words:

I have decided to abandon MCE exclusivity, and have asked Aeon Voom to re-introduce VICE into the current line.”

To describe it to us and, despite his lack of PR skills, those words carry a little more threat than they first might appear. It suggests that this was Karl’s decision, not Aeon’s and that Aeon perhaps resisted. Thus proves that Karl is still in control of his Brand to some extent which means we might finally start to see some good decisions come from THI in the future, so long as Karl can keep ahold of his new Balls.


The other effecting factor in my wrongess comes from the reaction this news and the consequent release of Vice THI Vehicles. I expected, in this sort of scenario, that the backlash of those who had purchased the 10k Vice 109 (which had been stupidly nerfed) had, if anything, been promised it was an exclusive, only to later find it was all a Joke at their expense as Aeon raked in the money while laughing “Ho Ho Stupid Vice players will buy anything” yet never getting the hint.

Instead there has been none of that and over the recent weeks the Jeogeot Gulf has been over-run with people in THI Planes.

I for one thought the WWII Dogfight community was dead. Dominated by the private clubs who exclusively supported Pennyturners and the Big-Breasted builders who sold them.


Dynamic Flight Aircraft such as old THI and ZSK always seem to be used ,combat wise, by a small group of elitist and rather boring people who could talk the hind leg off a donkey on the combat history of various aircraft without ever having to run to Wikipedia to check.

Yet for the first time in forever the Gulf became flooded with people, not super strict on historical accuracy, not supporting one group or another but just flying planes, dogfighting, being a little goofy and essentially enjoying themselves.

Of course with this rise in people having fun comes the inevitable rise of assholes trying to spoil it for everyone but we’ll talk about that later.

For now THI has noted the error of it’s way, all-be-it with probably the wrong choice of wording, and has finally done what it’s customers have been demanding for the last two years. Fucking listen to them! Probably just be happy at that.

And if your not then I was wrong, be happy at that instead.


4 thoughts on “So I was wrong…

  1. Rebecca Rathbone says:

    Yeah times in the Gulf are great. I’ve just been keeping the Jet users in line watching for potential harassment of WWII era aircraft and putting the pilot under silk. At least I’m starting to scratch the itch again. And it feels gooooood.


  2. slfs says:

    And interestingly enough to note, despite being sculpt the p-51B/c has always sold steadily often times because it provided the option for vice or mce.


  3. Tig Spijkers says:

    I’ve asked to be able to use MCE for years now and have been told I would be able to use it once it comes out of it’s Beta phase.
    Finally last year after asking Aeon for many years now he has come out and said he will not allow me to use MCE and his reasoning was that my scripts would not meet his minimum demands.
    Just another excuse to keep his system exclusive within a few selected creators he deems suited.
    So we have MCE that only a select group of creators are allowed to use and that Aeon has full control over, meaning he can flick the switch whenever he likes for whatever reason he likes…. not unlike he has been known to do by deleting flight scripts in updates from older helicopter models.
    If we are ever going to have an improved combat system that will become as popular as VICE has been and still is, then it needs to be accessible to everyone.
    Not just a few select creators, but everyone, including the hobby plane builder.


    • Rebecca Rathbone says:

      That’s the problem.
      Sadly while everyone wants VICE, it’s a semi-closed script as well.

      We need a purely open-source code, with some sort of regulation for different classes of vehicle.

      I’m almost tempted to start toying with TCS. :p


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