The Ego Review: 1st year Anniversary

The MalQusition is a year old. Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me way way back on the 4th April last year. And all the people who said I wouldn’t last, that I was some fad, that I would get booted out by LL once they got wind of my ‘pooty mouth’ and then ripped to shreds by Lawyers desperate to see justice done…..

Well…that never happened now did it?

Despite countless threats of legal action by a number of people for a full year my case file which sits at my Lawyers office has remained empty.  There has been not one letter, no phonecall, no email, not even a request for contact information. Those who made threats, who played the victim and tried to rally the community around them like some noble resistance leader waging war against a great Evil choose instead to fall silent and fade into obscurity rather than face me directly. Some even left SL completely.

The reason for this has taken me this past year to learn. Second Life is a stage, the Community is the audience and the Drama is the play. When anything happens all a Community Leader wants to do is immediately scream into the echo chamber and have their opinion heard, but because everyone else is doing the same thing, to be the loudest (which is the most important thing) one has to employ a number of bullshit tactics to get their point across, most of which I cover in this blog. But when all else fails you could just accuse others of lying and make threats to ‘deal with them’.

But Second Life is a Stage, just a stage, a stage of Pitiful Cowards that when it comes to making good on those threats ,or even directly challenging those they accuse of lying, those that behave in such a child-like manner would rather remain silent. Striking only when the crowd has their back or from the safety of anonymity.

There was ,once upon a time, when all a Community Leader had to do was shout loudly. People would choose a side based on popularity , regardless of their argument. Facts, evidence or even logic were not of importance and easily glossed over. The argument could go on for months, sometimes years before finally one side would fall silent and the Community moved on and forgot about it.

These days things work a little differently. When I first started the MalQusition anyone I choose to be the target of an article (in good faith I might add) was always surrounded by a legion of loyal fans ready to be rallied and marched across the minefield.

People were so eager to please the Community Leaders, the Builders and Group Owners that they would throw themselves at me, screaming Blaspheme and setting up wards to cast away the evil spirits without actually reading what I wrote, they were told what I had said and reacted accordingly.

But then things changed.


The First MalQusition article was back in April the 4th (if we don’t include my short lived youtube series) delayed slightly because I didn’t want to go live on the 1st for obvious reasons. Originally I wanted to do a tourists guide to the Jeogeot Gulf, something light and fluffy to break everybody in. Instead, mid-way through writing the WWII Region of New Bastogne Exploded, abandoning all the virtues it still claims to defend, such as helping new builders find a market and preventing big time builders from overshadowing the smaller ones were thrown out the window and instead they created a system by which anything used in Bastogne had to be approved by an Admin.

This would seem sensible, Bastogne ,being one of the last Vice regions outwith the Jeogeot Gulf, has to deal with cheat weapons on a daily basis. Except the sole person with the power to approve things was a person by the name of Sera.

Now if you like Monopolies you’re going to love Sera Octo. In a previously forgotten New Bastogne rival sim called New World; Sera was crowned King (or Queen if he’s still trying to pretend to be a woman, not sure) and spent a long time trying to create a new replacement to Vice called the BWCS, or Blue Works combat System, that worked exclusively with his own products. Banning all other products that didn’t operate with BWCS and refusing to give out dev kits to other builders he succeeded in creating a two region monopoly where anyone wishing to come to New World and play was forced to spend thousands of lindens purchasing Blue Works equipment.

Of course, the problem with that plan was everything Sera had was using old scripts taken from a Vice Weapon Dev Kit Joe Sparrow of Astral-Tek used to give out to people to help them make Vice vehicles.

Sera doesn’t actually know how to script, as a result BWCS didn’t work, it’s code was basic, prone to bugs and incredibly user unfriendly, so people lost interest, New World moved onto other things and eventually closed as a WWII region.

Sera fled to Bastogne where he attempted the same thing. His first command as the new controller of product usage was to ban all other products except his own and then place a list of demands upon other builders that was so restrictive and bizarre no-one would accept them, even going as far as to demand to see peoples scripting to check it for exploits.

When this Blog published it’s first article that pointed it out; Vickster’s (New Bastognes owner) reaction was interesting, if anything.

If you don’t know who Vickster is then be thankful, I’ve mentioned him before so let’s just call him by his reputation. He is a trust fund baby who pretends to be a little office girl that starves to keep his precious sim open to save “her” community while at all times imposing his rule in the manner of a desperate dictator trying to crush a rebellion. His ego is so famously massive it is said in New Bastogne the difference between God and Vickster is that God does not walk down the streets of New Bastogne thinking he’s Vickster.

Yes, you heard right, someone has a bigger ego than me!

His reaction to this blog’s first article was first to laugh, then to remove all mention of Sera’s product ban on pain of being banned permanently from the region and started pretending as if the whole thing never happened.

For me this was a great success. Someone had attempted to do something stupid that would actually have caused great damage to the community and I had managed to stop it and even reverse it, not by actually doing anything other than merely pointing it out.

My Ego flipped out and from then I’d say it all went downhill.


No-one cares about Outlaw Acker, the Princess Da of his time, and even less seem to remember him. My First rant about Dani was too short, boring and full of spelling errors and there are things I said in this one I somewhat no longer agree with and some others things I would now say differently.

If I had the chance again I would not have written either of these articles. Though it got me a lot of attention, both positive and negative, re-reading it makes me slightly ill at ease, this wasn’t so much a case of people weren’t ready to hear what I had to say but more I wasn’t ready to say it.


My next two articles I think were more a product of sheer boredom than anything else. No-one remembers Jewels Silverbade and why would they? An outcast from Old’s AFB, fired from her position for sheer incompetence, started her own Old’s AFB clone with the objective to show that Vice didn’t need Aeon Voom and then exclusively used only Aeon’s products. Her inability to do anything other than point and scream has proven itself a thousand times over and her stupidity only continues to impress, with her most fantastic example of logic being her “tribute” build to the UN building in New York or rather the building next to it.


She then displayed her “flags of the world” outside, all eight of them, one of which was the flag of Texas.

Why I’d expect you to care that she was being mean to me I don’t know, all this article achieved was to spawn at least another 20 idiots who would IM me at random, try to troll me then run away screaming “I know what the next MalQusition Article will be!”.

They didn’t.


Tag Airport, an incident I would have ignored had it not been caused by DOR. To date they have banned me from five Airports all of which have retracted said ban and apologized. Tag hasn’t because Tag no longer exists, which is a shame since their Airport was first on my list for ripping the shit out of when I started doing Airport reviews.

Which I never did.


Finally we come to what have firstly been an afterthought feature of this Blog. My first review.

I didn’t know what to expect with this, I wanted to be informative and funny in the hope it would lead to other builders offering me products to review. In my own opinion the JU-52 was a great aircraft and one I was looking forward to flying; being that it had been scripted by Tank who had produced the Pa-18 Supercub, one of the most popular aircraft on the Grid, who was originally supposed to do Adventure Air’s DC3 until Aeon stole it.

I maybe ended it too sharply and didn’t cover the planes bad points, I still feel THI’s JU-52 is a greatly under appreciated and fantastic plane but I don’t agree that the floats version should be sold separately and certainly there are a few issues to the plane I should have gone over.

I was being over cautious for no real reason other than to test the waters. People in Second Life have never been great at taking criticism or seeing others they like criticized. That’s fine, it just means you’re human but it is a pain in the ass when it’s part of your “job” to criticise. Certainly I don’t believe that anyone should be immune to it, least of all people I like.

Criticism forces people to strive for perfection, without it people assume they are doing everything 100% correctly and hence we end up with companies like Shana Carpool, who has been using the same script since 2009 or Adventure Air where every plane is basically a re-skin of the Twin Otter.

Beyond this one my other reviews steadily become more highly critical of the product eventually leading up the ATX-72 review which is essentially a list of faults the plane has.

I finally stopped doing reviews after the ATX-72. Too many builders were under the impression that I would only say nice things about their products and the MalQusition was only to serve as free publicity. How wrong they were. The only notable exception was ZSK, who wanted me to rip the shit out of their planes and cover every fault if only so they knew what to improve on. I don’t have the money to buy every plane that comes out on the Market and only reviewing the products of one company was somewhat biased and not in the nature of what the MalQusition was supposed to be, so I stopped.


The next few articles are nothing of interest, a regurgitation of something Tig posted, an article on the Boovillie Skydiving course which I wouldn’t recommend bothering with since it’s the same person that wins every event, a rant about a few things that annoy me and a piss-take of someone who tried to accuse me of greifing, thinking I was a generic nobody.

These posts didn’t get much attention, they are not worth reading in my opinion and I regret not writing about the things I wanted to post instead. Interestingly they did get a few comments, troll comments from the various sludge that has washed ashore over the past year but have since self-deleted themselves. Not sure why.

I was still at this stage little more than a pertinacious troll. Granted I always wrote what I considered the truth and really did try to research to see if there was any truth in the claims but there was just so many things I could have been doing better. I was still too angry, still too desperate to rub things in peoples faces and see the Lynch Mob carry off those who displeased me.

I guess the shit articles were just filler, something to keep people entertained while I wrote the Second Dani Article. This time I knew what I was doing and what to say. I felt this was the first step towards becoming less of a troll and more serious as a reporter. I drank a lot of coffee writing this but I was a lot less angry while doing so. I was calmer and more focused.

Yet out of all the articles I have written this one still infuriates me the most and probably not for the reason you think.

You can probably go ahead and ignore the first half of the article if you ever feel the need to read it again. What I have to say regarding Dani I’ve already said and what’s listed here is what I call “Elitist Porn” it’s there to lure the real target of that article into a false sense of security; all the builders who were causing so much pandemonium over what was essentially, nothing. Hence why I probably sound so Angry.

Elitism, was the enemy here, not Dani and I was determined to bitchslap a few people for their attitudes. Hating on Dani for doing what he did was understandable from my perspective but what was not ok was hating on his customers. The blockade and the auto-return scripts was supposed to be kept a secret, the idea was to con his customers into thinking the planes were bugged and would occasionally vanish without warning. So the first thing I did was “accidentally” leak information on it’s existence. The general opinion was that if Dani’s customers were punished for buying his planes they would stop buying them through exasperation. I took the different approach, I felt the community of builders needed to learn from this, for all his vices Dani was a good businessman who had pounced on an easy target, the middle-ground of general aviation was being ignored by a community of builders too proud to appeal to those who preferred planes that were easier to handle and placed comfort and style above flight physics.

In short, to defeat someone like Dani the solution was not to bitch, whine and punish his customers but simply to produce better planes that people wanted to buy. I thought this message, casually disguised as an anti-Dani rant, would be simple to understand and for the better part it was, nearly every aircraft builder on the Grid supported me in this measure and yet one by one each person excused themselves for being my target, they enjoyed appealing to a niche market and nothing was ever going to change their minds.

As a result these people still go on rants about Dani and still complain when they make very little in the way of sales. I tend to ignore them, beyond anything the problem is not Dani but themselves and their own attitude towards their customers and the general demographic of SL. The People who did listen, Drusillia, Tig and Mick McKeenan, are doing just fine.

After this there was never another Dani related rant outside of a few footnotes. People are sick of hearing about it and frankly I am sick of talking about it.


Then I did a Comic. No-one cared.


There are three more articles after this. A list, since lists are popular and I’m somewhat annoyed at myself for not doing more. Tig going full Momma-Bear mode and me missing it since I decided to go to an Aviation museum instead and then some bullshit about a company called Aeroflight, a company which started life as copybotting Tig’s Heli’s and trying to steal her scripts settled for simply downloading them from Flightsim instead. As expected the usual suspects threw out the doomsday warnings for anyone caught with one and the D-cultists rallied behind the builder to protect her right to exploit SL’s pathetic excuse for a DMCA program to make a quick buck.

I didn’t really care.


What then followed was the start of what I like to think of as the start of the real MalQusition. Everything prior to Luke’s Article seems silly, not well thought out or just plain filler as I waited for evidence and information to complete the articles I really wanted to write. With Luke I already had some background with, we’d worked together on a WWII project, two sims constructed to form a Generic Libyan desert that could represent anything from the Kasserine Pass, Kidney Ridge, El Alimen or even Sicily if you tried hard enough. I was to act as Liaison between the various sim owners, mainly Joe Sparrow and Luke Flywalker.

We had a plan and an agreement for a simple clean-cut sim design that could be easily modified to suit different scenario’s and playstyles, a third party had been hired in who was going to fully construct the entire region. What Luke did instead was accept the plan then build his own region as an open air museum to the flying Tigers with the idea that it could be a place for him and his friends to hang out in.

This would have been fine had any of them ever shown up. What Luke ended up really doing was denying the Allied players any sort of capability to defend their base, which he constructed as a giant box that sat on the end of a long runway in a region that was entirely flat, while on the opposite side, the sim that was built to plan, the Axis had dugouts, fortifications, capturable structures and places they could fight in. Complaints regarding Luke’s region sored and people stopped using it.

Joe was already out of pocket, having worked hard to recruit a sim builder only to loose out when Luke refused to let her work he suddenly found himself even more out of pocket when Luke, without warning, suddenly stopped paying rent and left.

Suffice to say me and Luke have never spoken since. Therefore when it came to writing the article about him I had to be sure that absolutely all my facts were correct and at no point did I come over as having any sort of personal grudge, which I don’t.

I did a lot of research, resulting in my watching all of Luke’s video’s back to back, writing down statistics and occurrences, took me a weekend, I remember drinking a lot and I’m pretty sure I was woken up half way through a pleasant dream with the sound of Luke’s Monotone voice breaking through the back of my skull, either-way I proved my point and I’d like to think I did it in a manner that was dignified. I felt better once it was published, the Site comments were little more than trolling attempts as they always were but I got a lot of IM’s. My views shot up past 100 for the first time and are currently sitting on 618 for that article alone and afterwords Luke never mentioned DOR again, he even stopped (briefly) calling himself a Newspaper.

I chalked that one as a success, Luke’s reward for me was the most dignified response I’ve ever had from anyone.

Absolute Silence.

Of course he still curses me out, goes on rants about me when he’s alone or with people he thinks he can trust but regardless he is not a stupid man and he’s not going to verbally attack me in public because he knows what I would do.

This is what I consider the Milestone, the point where I stopped being Mal the Troll and started becoming Malcious the Journalist. From this point on the Comments started to become less trolly, I received less IM’s insulting me for daring to attack a “poor innocent builder” and instead started to receive Fan mail. People stopped attacking me and started to discuss what I’d said, People questioned those who demanded I be stopped at all costs, they read what I wrote and thought about it, carefully AND for the first time in recorded History I was defended by someone in SL Aviation who I didn’t know.

I spent a day on my sofa staring into Blank Space. This was not the community I knew. They were the same people but now they acted differently. They had finally stopped being Sheep. Or maybe they never were sheep and now I just finally had a good point.


From then on I started to pick-up steam a little. The MalQ’s unique I.P visits never dropped below 200 and views remained well up in the 5-600’s. The comments become more discussive as did chat in the SL Aviation. People who tried Ad Homien on me in Public were quickly shot down and the only people who really tried to attack me were Blank profiles and one French girl who has since stopped.

It was here I learned something about myself, but where I noticed it more was After the DOR Article.

Now DOR back then was huge, it had always been at the centre of it’s own Community and it’s members made up about 80% of the WWII-RP World with various Sim owners and “big names” of that Community making the core of it’s Admin team. Facing them in Battle, specially one of words was not going to be an easy task. I had all the information I needed to expose their goings on and all the bullshit Princess Da had tried to pull off over the years and I was not short of witnesses.

The problem was trying to explain just how fucked up everything was to my audience and I actually left out a lot of things just because I genuinely believed them too ridiculous for anyone to take seriously, even with evidence. Instead I concentrated on the main issues of DOR. favouritism, Shana bias, perversion, bully tactics and of course conning people out of donations.

It took me a lot longer to write the article than I hoped. When it was done I spent a few hours pacing up and down in my kitchen before I sat down again, re-read it, then deleted the whole thing and started again. I woke up fresh in the morning, put on a pot of coffee and spent exactly one season of Breaking Bad writing the final version.

I then wrote about six more articles in response to arguments I thought they would try to counter me with. I expected a long haul up-hill battle with DOR. You have to remember, I was once a leader of DOR and one of their best pilots, when I left I was hounded by it’s members for years. Even with almost no communication between myself and anyone in DOR during that entire time my sheer existence was enough to provoke outrage among it’s members. These people didn’t know who I was, I’d been erased from DOR history so I was nothing to them, before starting the MalQusition I was a nobody and to a point still am, but Princess Da happily and loudly informed them that I was the “bad guy”, he needed a nemesis to do battle with or else his arguments and political rants on the State of the Community made no sense.

This was how the Community of Aviation worked once upon a time. Community Leaders were the Land Owners, their regions were Micro-Nations of which their rule was absolute and their players and group members merely subjects to be thrown at rival Community Leaders in Battles of Ego Dominance.

To challenge them as a non-land owner was instant death. It meant banishment from the Community and subject to whatever unpleasant rumours could be thought up at the time. I’d seen too many people go that way and the Jeogeot Gulf was refuge to more builders that had been “cast out” by the Community than I care to mention.

I hit ‘Publish’ and braced myself for the oncoming storm.

I needn’t have bothered.

Princess Da naturally ignored it at first but then something weird happened. His members started to openly discuss the article in group chat and not all of them were ridiculing it. Princess Da laughed and tried to oust me publicly in SL Aviation, but it didn’t work. Again I found myself being defended by people I didn’t know. So he stormed out and rallied DOR to arms.

But this is where things got weirder, it didn’t work. DOR’s group started to lose numbers, it went from 150 to 130 then down again to 110. I started to get IM’s of support as instead of rallying to DOR’s defence, people rallied to me.

For the first time in forever The Streisand effect had taken place on SL and now Princess Da was the one being attacked. This was not a situation the old Community Leader tatics of rightclick->ban->Spread rumour was going to fix and rather than handle the accusations in an appropriate manner or even go into damage control mode Princess Da went into full fucking mental breakdown mode.

He unleashed page after page after page of notices, notecards and rants. Accusing me of everything from lying to Paedophilia. But try as he might I was not the problem. I had played my part, my argument was clear and the Princess had too many skeletons in the closet which gradually started to emerge. People wanted answers, explanations and all he provided was un-edited, badly spelt child-like rants on why I was such a bad person.

Such things no longer worked and eventually Princess Da pulled the plug. DOR was wiped from the Gird and he took what remaining followers he could find and fled to AviWorlds. All without me saying a word.

Only after Princess Da’s announcement that DOR would be moving to Aviworlds did I finally give my response. A humorous “come and have a go if you think your hard enough” post that I’d pre-written knowing Princess Da would go down the “sue you for Slander” route (still waiting on that btw) followed by a more serious post once the tildewave of notecards informing me on his antics had finally slowed.

It was here. While sitting on Tig’s island on the Blake Sea as my IM box consistently pinged with people sending my their support I noticed something. Other Community Leaders, DOR’s friends and Allies and even people I’d pissed off in the past with my Articles. None had come to DOR’s aid. If fact they were quieter than usual, Even the loudest Anti-Mal members of the Community were silent, all were silent.

I questioned why this was and someone, who’s name I wont reveal but it should be somewhat obvious, leaned over and stated “Mal, it’s because they are scared of you”.


I had finally done it. The Stranglehold and true monopoly the Community Leaders held over our World had been broken. People were now more sceptical and less willing to throw themselves at randoms just because someone said they were bad. The Purpose of the MalQusition had been achieved. If or not anyone cares now that the witch-hunt on DOR is over I really don’t know. Views of the Blog have remained at a steady 600 and rises to about 800 on the more interesting articles.

I’d like to say I went from strength to strength from this point. Certainly my later articles covered a range of topics and gained me a lot of notoriety. Articles like the Battle Bitches, (which ended with it’s owner bitching at me over voice for three hours) may not have changed anything, Battle Bitches still exist and still claim that Joe is persecuting them, but it did prevent that situation escalating and forced BB to behave somewhat. Others likes “Trouble at the Mill” helped heavily diffuse a tense situation and prevented what could have easily become a Second War between the Sailors and the Aviators, like several people kept trying to escalate it too. Something I am somewhat proud of.

But as we moved into 2016 I feel like I could have done better. I still feel I handled the Tig situation quite well. That was a subversive attempt to over-throw Tig and establish a new SL Aviation group, hence the number of splinter groups that started to spring up at this time. But there was no real need of me to drag on out for as long as I did and there was never any reason for me to try and explain how Propaganda works, specially with a fuller longer article already in the works. After that nothing I do seems of any real relevance.

My rant on Aeon Voom did nothing other than stop people IM’ing me with their own articles and did nothing to motivate Aeon into putting more care into his products and listening more to his customers. Though he finally went back to Vice I don’t feel this really had anything to do with me.

My Video, the Adventures of Drunk Mal, was fairly well received and I do intent to make more but it was really just an outlet for me to blow off steam. One of the biggest concerns I have is my sudden shift away from Humour in an attempt to become more serious. I’m not a particularly serious person so piling in the Super Serious Business is Serious seriously kinda bummed me out.

The remaining few Articles were of “bleh” content and steadily my blog has dropped in viewers now sitting around 200. This has mostly been because of my work and social life. Growing up in an Orphanage meant I was always around people and never had any privacy, so finally having the money for my own Apartment has been great in that I can furiously masturbate without the fear of someone walking in on me but the silence and general emptiness of the place gives it something of an eerie feel which I’m finding difficult to masturbate concentrate in. My work is the opposite, for those of you who don’t know I work for Burger King, not the most dignified company to work for but I am in upper Management so at least I’m not flipping burgers for Minimum Wage. But it does mean I constantly have to run between several different restaurants all with their own Special Snowflake Managers and unique cryptic issues that only people who have worked in retail will understand. One likes to have lunch in front of the Security Camera’s and shout at his staff over the intercom (WHICH CUSTOMERS CAN FUCKING HEAR!) and another is obsessive with the position and placement of Rubbish Bins.

Coincidently if anyone in Scotland is looking to start a career in restaurant management…..

So when I finally get home to my cold, silent flat or ,god forbid, I get a day off, I’m tired and writing extensive posts about people in the virtual world that are, quite frankly, a bunch of arsewanks, doesn’t really appeal to me. So my blog has taken a dive, I feel the quality of my articles has gone down and the humour and soul that used to exist within the MalQ has been lacking of late.

But that was maybe a good thing. My Ego has been over-flowing and I have been acting like a tragic little shit to some people who probably didn’t deserve it. I needed a kick up the arse and who better to do it than me. After all despite WordPress being free and apparently inspiring many people to start blogs of their own no-one has created a rival to the MalQ, something that offers a different challenging opinion.

So from here in things are going to be different. I think it’s time to step back and consider things. While I still have many articles I want to write my fan base would probably appreciate it more if I put a little more thought and effort into Articles as opposed to trying to hash out as many as possible. The Community Leaders I normally target are trying to keep as low a profile as possible and none have been up to their usual tricks other than a few hiding behind Alt accounts and random greifers to take political stabs at people, but we can discuss those things later.


All things considered the MalQusition is working as intended. Not as a force for any one side but just by keeping people informed and allowing them to make the decisions for themselves, as opposed to getting all their news from Community Leader group notices and the various agenda prone soothsayers. People no longer believe everything they are told and instantly act on it with righteous fury, often hurting others in the process. And this is a good thing, it means that no longer for $300 a month someone dictate what the Community can and cannot Do and while we may be far from perfect I don’t think the Golden Age of SL Aviation is buried somewhere in the past. I think it’s now.

There are hundreds of Airports to go to and more builders producing more aircraft than there ever has been. No longer are we at the mercy of Community Leaders and Land Owners, as the Mesh blockade proved, there has never been a better time to be an Aviator.

And always remember, there was a time when the Sailing Community wanted Aviation banned in the Blake Sea, petitioned LL and nearly succeeded TWICE. There was a time where certain builders weren’t allowed to exist and full manufacturer product bans were considered Normal. There was a time where being part of one group meant you were insta-banned from another. If you visited one sim you were banned from visiting a rival sim and if you did get in somehow, that regions owner was accused of “poaching” you. There was a time where inter-rival politics and drama was just part of the community, where wars between groups, sims and builders lasted years and you had to choose a side because if you weren’t against someone then everyone was against you.

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to deal with that Bullshit any more.


I’m going to go grab a cup of coffee and a sandwich, then we can talk some more.

Blue Skies my beautiful bitches.


7 thoughts on “The Ego Review: 1st year Anniversary

  1. Rebecca Rathbone says:

    I think this can explain the whole “Poaching thing.” It’s called Money.
    At a time there was a thought bubble (although quickly popped) that you could make $$$ out of running a sim.

    Thing is unless you’re a “land baron” in SL, you can’t even break even.

    Owning a sim is pretty much puncturing your wallet and letting money leak out. Even with the recent changes of pricing.

    But now there’s fewer independent sims. There was one VICE region that had turned to Horse breeding of all things. Other regions got sold off to Brazilians. Others just died.

    Now in the Grid, the same issue is going on. Airports open, get nightclubs, get no cash, and die almost on a daily basis. The only ones that linger are airports opened by well heeled people who are also content creators, and people put into the position of administrator of the sim/region by Linden Labs.

    Pretty much the only way to successfully run a whole sim now as a airport is to go in as a team with at least 6+ people and pretty much with that good luck… there will be drama at some point.

    That and if you’re running a region you’re gonna need a freaking army to cut the cost down enough where you can cover things.

    But at one time, People held on to people as they would buy “hangars” or “parking spots”, and if someone didn’t fill those spots, they were dead. And if one owner grabbed someone from another airport, you’d get a nice clusterfuck going.

    Those days are long gone from what I’ve seen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tig Spijkers says:

    Congratulations Mal!
    I can’t believe it has only been one year now.
    By the amount of people that have come to me complaining about you and telling me not to allow you to post and promote The Malqusition in the SLA group, it feels like an eternity and my gray hairs to prove it.
    As a subscriber and eager viewer of The Jimqusition, I enjoy reading an intelligent, witty view on controversial subjects from a different/weird angle, which you definitely do provide.
    That said I now feel the slight urge to add some kind of disclaimer, that the SLA is not responsible or approves of any content that is posted on The Malqusition…. :))

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t generally stay in people’s WordPress blog mailing lists long. Yours is among a handful of exceptions.

    I’m new to aviation in SL, bought a lot of planes but never really did much in aviation sims till a friend showed me around, suggested joining SL Aviation… and reading this blog.

    I stay in blog mailing lists when a blog has things I can learn from. No one’s ever going to confuse you with a diplomat, but you’re careful to speak when you know what you’re talking about and appear to be equally careful to say when you don’t. And you’re not full of yourself. So I’m still on your mailing list.

    Just don’t let it go to your head 🙂


  4. You’ve done a great job sifting through the histrionics and self destructive positions of the SL aviation community. Writing a blog, being interesting, being fresh with topics is difficult for me too.

    Provocation with the intent to create change is more difficult and perhaps you have created some positive changes within one small sector of SL. I haven’t agreed with much of the rhetoric or shenanigans exposed here yet I do agree there is considerable talent and opportunity for people to explore new ways of having in SL through aviation or other vehicles. You have done a great deal to promote that value and you are appreciated.

    Congratulations on your first year!


  5. aviatricks says:

    What Robby said, totally. When I saw a new plane about 3 months ago and decided to try flying again in SL, you were my 3 google hit, and opened my eyes to all of it: the creators, the planes, the places and the conflict. Invaluable. You also kicked my ass a bit and so I got to meet a ton of the players, and got to say, want to hug them all for being them and doing what they do.
    Big shoutout to them, and cheers to you, Mal.


  6. Congrats on the anniversary! Nice and useful articles always


  7. Joe Sparrow says:

    you saved many people by pointing out their oppressors. hoping to see you rip into the anti jeogeot groups sometime mal


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