A final word on Bastogne

When I published “and then this other thing happened”  two things happened. My WordPress was DDOS’d, that’s denial of service to you and me, though it was just one person using Low Orbit canon so the effect lasted a few seconds (hint Script Kiddies, Low orbit cannon needs to be used in groups) I also got a number of ‘Password Reset’ notifications for both my WordPress and my Second Life accounts, suggesting someone was trying to guess my password.

More significantly a lot of people applauded me and IM’d me asking when I was going to “bring the hammer down” onto New Bastogne sending me hordes of Screenshots and chatlogs, and several (alright two) of New Bastognes admins, IM’d me pleading for mercy and desperate to prove that it had all changed.

I was getting ready to rail on Vickster for that, laugh at the hilariously failed attempt at censorship. I was going to write how the bullshit tactics employed by people like him simply don’t work and how Community Leaders don’t have nearly a fraction of the power and control they once thought they has and that this community takes a very harsh stance on any idea of Censorship.

But the thing is New Bastogne has sucked out most the interest and enthusiasm I once had for WWII Roleplay. I was once an admin there and once I did my best to support the region but to face facts the region hasn’t been good since it had the Channel/Normandy landing set-up. It’s gone from 300 active players to a measly 20 and even that is slowly falling, it burns through Allied groups faster than I do toilet paper, it has more Admins than players and the teething issues that plagued it nearly six years ago are still an issue. none of them have been fixed, not one.

There is just something so spectacularly hopeless about New Bastogne that I’ve given up even giving a fuck about it. Sure if I really wanted I could add a small section at the end of every MalQusition Article that called out Vickster on some bullshit he once did and I’d have enough material, on chatlogs alone, to last me ‘probably’ the next five years. But the reality is I just can’t find the effort to care, all of Vickster’s rants, interference and otherwise screams of desperation the “I’m Still relevant look at me!!” argument brought in the only way Vickster knows how, Aggression and intimidation.

I don’t feel mad about it all, just somewhat disappointed. Anything Bastogne has done that has been brought to my attention has never really sent me flying to my keyboard in disgust and rage, even my first article, it has always instead left me sighing deeply and wandering off the kitchen for another coffee as I mull over the idea if writing about it is even worth it anymore.

Frankly I feel people just don’t care about Bastogne anymore and why would they? Bastogne hasn’t been great in years and it’s settled happily into it’s own nest of mediocrity. Dressing up itself with new buildings slapped down into weird places that really can’t disguise just how aged the core of it is and while I would have loved to stand here and say that Bastogne has changed and that effort has been put into moving it away from the Neo-gaff that once dominated it, put simply, it hasn’t, it’s expensive wallpaper on a Trailer. A new hat for a dead horse and no matter how many times you point out the new hat, it’s still a dead horse.


19 thoughts on “A final word on Bastogne

  1. Paraphrasing Mal with some slight edits gives:

    Frankly I feel people just don’t care about air combat anymore and why would they? Air combat hasn’t been great in years and it’s settled happily into it’s own nest of mediocrity. Dressing up itself with new aircraft occasionally that really can’t disguise just how aged the core of it is and while I would have loved to stand here and say that air combat has changed and that effort has been put into moving it away from the Neo-gaff that once dominated it, put simply, it hasn’t, it’s expensive wallpaper on a Trailer. A new hat for a dead horse and no matter how many times you point out the new hat, it’s still a dead horse.

    This describes my feelings and attitudes toward the old farts of Jeogeot pretty accurately. That the drama you were foisting on the entire aviation community now seems to be focusing back down in the gulf, just shows what the core of air combat aviation in SL has become. Certainly nothing that should influence the rest of us very much.


    • aeonvoom says:

      Crim. You might know how things roll in GA, but you clearly have no clue about the history of SL air combat and it’s communities involved. The conflict in the gulf is just the extension of a feud that is going on ever since the wilder sims. It started there.
      And it never really changed all that much. On the one side you had people who wanted to have super agile super fast airplanes that where easy to handle (first wilder, then shana airplanes mostly) and then you had people who wanted at least proper balanced aircraft (1942, AMOK) or aircraft with more realistic handling (Mifune Thibaut, THI and much later ZSK). And then you of course had opportunists who just do not give a damn about handling or combat balance, or just have absoutely no clue about combat aircraft to begin with (the rest).
      Whats going on in the gulf is as i mentioned above an extension of that age old feud. Nothing has ever really changed in this, the fronts are settled and hard and no one moves one bit away. The only thing that did have changed is that all the dedicated airspaces for their respective balancing thoughts have vanished over the years or lost so much in influence that they do not count anymore (Aeronautica, Ravenloft, Olds, Wilder, DOR and Bastogne has no real impact on air combat anymore) and now everyone clashes in the gulf. That of course creates friction.
      So again. The drama was not recently created. It just was always there. Welcome to the internet.

      Air combat never truly lost its appeal it is still fun as long as the people communicate the outlines of their battles or simply clash with the right type of airplanes against each other. You will always have whiners, and seal clubbers and all that. That is something that never really changed and will never change.
      You might not like that. But i know enough people who arrange themselves with it and love it.


      • Yep, all the little private areas have either gone or are so lightly used as to not matter. Meanwhile, The Gulf opened up with what would seem to be the largest, easiest to use, open to all combat area on the grid and rather than figuring out how the various aircraft types could enjoy it. There’s all this drama and griefing over who controls it even though that control is illusory since it’s LL owned water.

        Obviously a Shana plane pitted against one of yours isn’t going to be a fair fight. So the question then becomes why not schedule times or events for different aircraft types? Well maybe because the ones who think they are ‘in charge’ by virtue of owning the convenient airfields are the same ones who bullied makers like Shana, Nikki, even you at one point if what Mal said in an earlier post was true. You all pretty much claimed the territory for your type of combat aircraft. The ones who like and fly those other aircraft don’t like or trust you all. I’ve not seen any of you making any particular effort to try to include them in a meaningful way in helping make the place work. Maybe I’m wrong there, but I doubt you’d be having nearly so many issues if you had.

        I think many of you of you were so engrossed in trying to control what the GA flyers were doing and complaining to each other about them so much that you forgot to figure out how to manage the resource LL finally agreed to give you. All you managed there was that a lot of the GA flyers neither like or trust your group now either. There are very likely some who’d like to give air combat a try, but don’t want to deal with you all to do it. Considering what’s been going on in the Gulf, I can hardly blame them.

        What I said stands. The drama and problems of the aviation community are now starting to focus right where those at the heart of those problems for so long reside. The general aviation flyers have weathered the onslaught you aimed at us and are enjoying the calm after the storm stronger than ever, We’re flying what we enjoy flying, have regular community flights with Gridflight and the SFC. Sure we get an occasional griefer, but there are so many airports to choose from, they really can’t disrupt things very much.

        I actually hope you all can figure out how to get to a similar point with the people who like air combat, but there’s going to have to be some changed approaches and attitudes to do it. The thing is, it’s just the combat flying fans that are involved this time and as you pointed out in your reply, the problems in that segment are deep seated and have been around a long while. The ball is in your court and you’ll have to pardon us in the GA segment of SL aviation if we choose not to attend the game.


        • aeonvoom says:

          Thing is. I do not have nearly enough influence in the gulf as you might think. And i largely just build aircraft and do not follow a political agenda in the area. Of course i do not like Shana aircraft, but at the same time i am true to the conditions of the gulf, which mean: anything and everything. modern, ww2 and any combat system. No limits.
          And you guessed right. thats where the crux lays. There is no organisation and the groups that would normally organize do not talk to each other. Before my recent internet problems i actually planned to do, both VICE and MCE days in the gulf but alas, right now i cannot really do that.
          And before you think this is possible. It happened before. G. Giano leader of the Flying Tigers, back then the biggest Sl combat group there was (now a shadow of itself) tried exactly what you propose. And failed. He made a system where he tested each aircraft and assigned it a category. C for shana like aircraft, B for balanced but not dynamic aircraft and A for the truly dynamic aircraft and he would try and make events for each category each day. It just did not worked. You just have people who would never touch anything outside of their category. And thus you always had interferences of people in shana planes still attack A or B type airplanes.
          Crim. This is not as simple as you wish it to be. A lot of ways already did got taken in the past without proper results.
          My relationship with Nikki Wilder actually got really good (but megan is still the old self) so there have been attempts at reaching out at each other. I did my part in this. I mean the best example is joe and me, who used to be super enemies and now are cool buddies. I do my part in trying to mend relations but if the other side is just firing shit at you, you just get tired of it really quickly.
          Toscha for example, even as he was still best friends with joe, was always firing shit into my and others direction. That person is on a constant crusade. Like always. He does need a Feinbild to go after or his Second Life has no meaning. How do you want to try to reason which such a person?
          Kyndrijk at some point was even in Olds very active, but always had some backstabbing lobby going on. Again how do you want to reason with such a person?


  2. It’s not for me or the other GA pilots to come up with your solutions. It’s not our circus, not our monkey. I’m sorry, but you alienated a lot of us over the last two years. You’ll pardon us if we look at your current troubles with a touch of schadenfreude, enjoy flying our planes in relative peace, and let you settle your Sneetch battle on your own (look up ‘The Sneetches’ by Dr Suess if you didn’t get that reference.)


    • aeonvoom says:

      Ah the famous crim-ish “pull out” maneuver.


      • Just as in flying, knowing when to pull out is important. It really isn’t my or the other GA pilots’ fight though. To go back to the Sneetch reference. We GA Sneetches came up with our own solution. Rather than try to fit in with you all, We found our own places and started doing our own thing and stopped paying attention to those who thought themselves “The best on the beaches.” You said yourself we aren’t a market you’re interested in anymore. Pardon us if that works both ways.


        • aeonvoom says:

          That just shows another thing about you Crim. You like to talk about everything as if you have a clue about everything, GA included and even there you’re clueless three quarter of a time. You can’t even tell if an airplane is realistically flying or not.
          You are trying to speak for the GA community but you are totally inept at even telling what direction your tail is pointing 99% of the time. Just do us all a favor and just piss off.


        • Crim I am going to have to quote a rather sappy movie om your continued use of the term “General aviation.”

          “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means” – Inigo Montoya

          Once agin for the 20th time General aviation (GA) is all civilian flying except scheduled passenger airlines. You can see the definition at the AOPAA website even https://www.aopa.org/letsgoflying/ready/steps/whatis.html

          so that means Private pilots, Confederate air force, air show stunt pilots (that don’t belong to a military sponcered group)

          if you have an “airline” in your profile and you are flying an aircraft with an airline related livery you are engaging in COMMERCIAL Aviation.

          if the term GA applies to anyone its to the people who buy airplanes purely to fly and enjoy them they do not engage in any form of role play.

          I am part of this group that flys and buys aircraft purely for collector and employment reasons and you most certainly do NOT speak for me Crim. so go back to your little hole and stop pretending to speak for a whole group who have not appointed you as a representative.


  3. Cody Skytower says:

    Crim you speak for a very small, very loud portion of the GA community who are just as militant about their ideals and philosophies as you like to claim we are about ours. And in that case, if you think anyone on “our side of the aisle” gives a crap about what you have to say, you are sorely mistaken. You are constantly flapping your mouth, trying to stay relevant and in the spotlight, just like Vickster! If there is one thing I’ve learned from dealing with those kinds of people over the 8 or so years I’ve been a part of the SL Aviation community, it’s that it only makes them more and more disliked. They either tone their attitude way back and start gaining back their respect, or fade away. It doesn’t matter who you are. Which one will it be for you?


  4. Apparently I made you angry Cody. I’m well aware of how you and Tank and several others over there in the Gulf feel about me and I have also never made it a secret that I don’t give a crap. You aren’t relevant to me or the flying I do or the airport I help manage or the airline I help run. Here’s the thing. Many of the creators and airport owners and such on my side of the aisle do like and respect me. They do so because I’ve never allowed myself to be bullied and I take a stand for our flying community over here around the Blake. Maybe we are as small as the current combat community, but the sheer number of airports and aircraft I see flying around sort of makes me doubt it.

    Made you angry as well Aeon. Yes I can tell if an aircraft is flying realistically or not. I like and fly a number of them. I’m just as concerned with whether they are fun to fly. I don’t care how realistic they are if the fun isn’t there as well. Most of yours I own are far more toward the fun side of things. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    I don’t have to go into any detail on Kimiko. We don’t like each other, we disagree a lot, and there’s no respect either way between us. I’m fine with that.

    You all seem pretty upset given all I said more or less is that the issues going on in the Gulf are the issues of those of you who use the Gulf and need to be solved by your group. I didn’t try to tell you how to do that. Not my problem after all. Kimiko showing up to comment on my post here is sort of the Mal equivalent of Goodwin’s Law. No further useful conversation can happen. You all have a good day.


    • Apparently I made you angry Cody. I’m well aware of how you and Tank and several others over there in the Gulf feel about me and I have also never made it a secret that I don’t give a crap. Than why are you here other than to cause problems like everyplace else you show up to. From bitching about Gate rentals at SLAI to causing shit at the gulf airports if theres is drama or not theres Crim! trying to stir it up

      Respect, you were never even in a place to even be considered for it I look and you and I see is a little whelp without honor who never even had a face to loose.

      Stop trolling paces you are not welcome.


    • Cody Skytower says:

      No, you have never made it a secret that you don’t give a crap. You consistently play that tune on max volume to whoever momentarily tilts an ear in your direction. It’s irritating, because the fact that you spend so much time writing comments and rebutting stated opinions of you suggests that you CLEARLY do, which honestly makes you such an easy target I’m not going to continue this train of thought because I’d feel like I just kicked a blind infant in the head. Aren’t I charitable?

      Useful conversation could become of your answer to my question, regardless of the answer. I -am- quite angry actually. I’m tired of all the dick waving and posturing, 95% of which is done by people who have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. The only reason I bothered replying to your initial comment is because despite seeing most situations through the biased lens of someone who spends most of their time on one side of the lines, you do seem to know more about the goings on in the GA community than most people. So I’m asking you from personal experience, would you rather be respected by a majority of people in the GA and combat communities? Or cast away by everyone but your closest friends? The road you’re on right now isn’t the one I would have chosen in retrospect.


  5. I don’t think I’ve had anything to do with SLAI in years. It’s been over two since I even flew in there. Vulture doesn’t fly in or out of there so I’m not sure what drama you’re trying to claim I started there. I don’t fly in the Gulf. I’ve checked on the progress of the B-17 a few times, and occasionally talk with Debi over at Frank Fletcher, but I’d hardly call that causing drama. You maybe should adjust your meds for whatever malady you’re having this week.


  6. Nico says:

    It amuses me that Crim is trying to ride the high road here. This is a boy who once sent aggressive messages to a family community because him and his buddy weren’t allowed to stage armed police chases through their PG sims

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is a complete fabrication Nico. The only thing I have ever RP’s in city/family environments is public works stuff. I don’t RP as police or as a firefighter and certainly have never gone armed in any family sims. Perhaps you should lay off the drugs Nico. You are apparently seeing things.


  7. Velen.Forager says:

    … if that’s true I’m astonished at the gall Crim has in judging others.

    IF that’s true.


  8. Velen.Forager says:

    Okay guys maybe just stop even awknowledging Crim, aparantly everyone he doesn’t like is either mentally troubled or a drug addict or w/e.


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