Terrorists, Nazis and Conspiracy Theories. More than just a work of Pulp Fiction?

NB: Before we begin I have one slight correction to make. In my article regarding the Free the Gulf group titled “The Jeogeot Gulf’s secret War” an image was shown which displayed the groups members list with intent of proving Harry Chocolate as a member. Another name was also shown by the name of MeesterP. This person has contacted me and stated that he joined this group out of curiosity after being mass invited along with numerous other people and left quickly after. He has not participated in any of the Free the Gulf’s drama and does not support the group in anyway.


Yes I know, I promised I wouldn’t bitch about New Bastogne or the Free the Gulf (FtG) group anymore and I really meant it. Today’s article was planned to be a second part of my ‘How to fly a fucking Plane’ but after publishing the article regarding the FtG group I had the weirdest feeling.

Something wasn’t quite right, I’d passed off the Group as being nothing more than another sad chapter in Kyndy and Toscha’s desperation for revenge and Vickster’s involvement ,in the article before, as nothing more than a plea for attention. But for some reason this didn’t satisfy. There was just too many things that didn’t make sense, too many co-incidences and I couldn’t help shake the feeling that something bigger was going on.

Quietly I put down my coffee, dusted off my old Fedora and Trenchcoat and stepped out into the Night. I had some thinking to do and you, dear reader, need a history lesson.




About six years ago a new WWII-RP sim opened called “Where Eagles Dare” somewhat based on the Movie it featured a Large Axis castle and a smaller Allied base just outside. It contained a lot of Roleplay elements such as guard dogs, re-enforceable objectives, destructible walls and different puzzle-like entrances for the Allied players to try and break into the castle. It was interesting and different, no-one had done an infantry focused objective based map like this before and I was looking forward to the day it opened.

But that day never came, the region closed very quickly and became a run of the mill residential sim after the German players refused to go there and then greifers hit the sim en-masse.

I was around to capture one of the greifing attempts and I’ll leave the pictures below.

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The person who greifed them was someone by the name of Lancelot Woodford. An Alt account of a person called Hartmann, who we will be discussing later, so keep a note of that name for now.

Another sim came along about a year later, this time set in Tobruk and re-enacting the classic duel between the British 7th Army and the German Afrika Korp. There was nothing particularly special about this sim, just a desert with some arab buildings dotted about the place, but the British players were happy and Astral-Tek released a Crusader Tank with a planned Afrika Korp Panzer III to come later.


Sadly the same thing happened. The German players refused to go there and the sim was greifed, this time by Hartmann himself. The Sim owner also received a number of threatening and abusive IM’s from Vickster, claiming attempts at player poaching.

Annoyingly the only pictures of I have of this region were of a couple of Ponies playing out a “Pony Dr Who” RP in a skybox and were genuinely annoyed when the admins wouldn’t let them.


A few other WWII regions popped up every now and then and the same thing happened, Germans refuse to turn up, Hartmman alt greifs them. I’ve quite forgotten their names, since there was a lot of them, but one of them ‘Operation Goodwood’ was mine.

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Goodwood was designed for the idea of fast-paced combat with multiple spawn points and very few defendable positions, capture objectives were easy to take but difficult to hold and there was a few RP elements mixed in to keep things interesting. During it’s short existence it caused a high exodus of players from New Bastogne and it regularly past it in traffic numbers. We even had an article written about us in the SL Newser.

It too got hit by grefiing, again from Hartmann who, along with his alts, would regularly try to crash the sim or turn up at events and send people obscene pictures to distract them. I also got my fair share of abuse from Vickster, player poaching, sabotage etc etc as did both my Allied and Axis commanders.

[22:35] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): why don’t you back up any of the shit you talk?
[22:35] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): prove it
[22:39] Malcious Vuckovic: I’m sorry what?
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): prove one thing
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): just one thing
[22:39] Malcious Vuckovic: Prove what?
[22:39] Malcious Vuckovic: That you are abusive to my admins? Isn’t this conversation somewhat self-evident of that?
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you know what? i only have one thing to say to you.
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): fuck off
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you don’t know shit
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you’re a tool
[22:40] Malcious Vuckovic: to who?
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): i don’t care
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): i told you to fuck off and that means i’m done talking to you
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): g’night

Goodwood would eventually close. At the time we were nabours with DOR and well, readers of this blog should be aware of the coming shit storm that those people caused me for me. Goodwood moved away and Joe took it over, adding another six sims to it however the person who was helping him pay for it all lost his job after falling alseep at his desk and the region closed.

DOR and the central telehub region at DOR played host to a large hanger specifically dedicated to acting as advertisement to New Bastogne. At the same time, just before we took the decision to move, the region of void dedicated to our expansion was ‘blocked off’ suddenly by the arrival of two new sims, one of which a Pirate themed Hooker sim (no I’m not making that up) in which the only access to was through Goodwood. While we complained to Jessica Chung ,who was out landlord at the time, she merely mentioned that one of DOR’s estate Managers had greenlit it and wouldn’t help us any further. Princess Da claimed it wasn’t him and though he has done nothing to ever make me think I can believe him coincidently Vickster was also an Estate manager with DOR and this ‘coincidence’ has pondered me to this day.

Goodwood wasn’t an entire waste. Because of the high number of defectors from New Bastogne I started to receive a lot of detail into the rather bizarre and quite disturbing way the upper echelons of Vickster’s ,now disbanded, 1st SS Leibstandarte group worked. Vickster referred to himself as Fuhrer and would often sign RP Documents with ‘Seig Heil’ he also disallowed Furries or anyone without the Aryan look of Blonde Hair and Blue eyes to be promoted or allowed into the SS. This was apparently done for Historical Accuracy.


I was also made aware of the existence of a Group, one by the name of Defensor Civiaswdad (Group key: 0f0162d2-c2ba-81d9-32f2-69c4b044fb74 if you’re interested) a group specifically designed to identify threats to New Bastogne and to find ways of extinguishing them. Various higher officers in the 1.Armee and 1st SS would receive this invite:

“Hi (name removed), I invite you to a secret group, its purpose is to actively help New Bastogne by all ways, find good strategies to make the RP more active and stop all attempts from the New Ravenloft loosers and troublemakers to recruit our members and spread slanders and lies about us. This group is a secret society with only trustfull people.”

Supposedly this group has now been replaced by the more appropriately named PropogandaKompanie


But I’m just ranting now.

When Goodwood closed my passion for WWII-RP died with it and I moved onto other things. During that time a few other WWII Sims emerged, most notably New World.

Now the bullshit with New World would take an entire article to explain but suffice to say they suffered the same problems as Goodwood. Abuse from Vickster, German players refusing to fight there and greifing, lots of grefing from Hartmman and his alts.

New World caused an exodus of players from New Bastogne that far outshone Goodwood, it catapulted it off the radar in terms of Traffic and for the first time in a long time, events were held, battles were had and the WWII-RP community started to slowly grow back to the way it was before attracting nearly 100 active players as well as a number of new builders.

Why New World went from that to falling down the Bullshit Tree and landing with a crash is best explained by someone who was around at the time, but during it’s height an amazing war of Drama took place. People who went to New World and were seen by one of Vickster’s spies were instantly banned from New Bastogne and anyone who took an officer position in NW’s Axis group regularly found themselves under constant abuse and cries of ‘traitor’ from the New Bastogne’s officer core.

It was here we learned why a lot of the Germans refused to fight in these new regions that were popping up. Vickster was actively threatening to kick them out of his groups and from New Bastogne. In fact it was part of the group rules of the 1st SS.


6 – You always report anything you see/hear to the Gruppenführer. Anything you find relevant and important for him to know.

7 – You are NEVER to be found talking badly about Germany, about German values, German leaders or anything bad related to WW2. Preferencially, you will say nothing about these things and have no opinion to share publicly.

8 – There is no life after SS. If you abandon the SS, if you betray us, if you end up expelled from the SS, you understand you will be automatically BANNED from the WW2 permanently, as well as any other alt you may have. If you fail in the SS, you’re done in WW2 in SL.

9 – You will protect the name of our group and never put our SIM and/or group at risk by exposing ‘prohibited’ material or publicly speaking of ‘prohibited ideas’.

10 – You will always respect your comrades and especially your superiors. You will always follow orders blindly and efficiently without hesitation. Whatever the order may be, you will do it and will accomplish it.

(I’ll leave the entire hand book on pastebin for anyone who is interested. Pay particular attention to line 28. “We are not political, we represent the German Armed Forces and we do not care about politics. We are soldiers.” which then goes onto contradict itself in line 51 “basic aspects of being a soldier in the SS don’t involve combat at all“. Though I also rather enjoy line 45: “No furry avatars allowed in the SS. Only the lowest ranks of Heer and and all ranks of Luftwaffe permit furries”. Line 51 again “While you are in tag and uniform you represent the SS and its values.”  and of course who could forget line 68 “The minimum height for be part of the Waffen-SS is 2.10m (SL height). Your avatar must also be presentable, and this goes for the quality of the ‘appearance items’ you wear, such as skin(white), eyes(blue), hair(blonde), etc. You must be as historically correct as possible and this WILL be enforced.”)

Though it should be pointed out this SS group no longer seem to exist, so just to prove it once did here is a video of them training.


After that the only WWII regions I am aware of was WWII North and Central. Probably the most beautiful WWII region ever constructed.

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It was another Joe Sparrow pet project there to show off what MCE could do and for a while it was successful. Hartmann of course consistently tried greifing the place and Vickster was less than too happy about the places existence, like he did at New World anyone caught playing at Central was banned from Bastogne and for a while he even had ,in his profile pics, an add mocking Central.

WWII-Central and North moved to the Jeogeot Gulf.

Now keep all that in mind while I quickly address one concern. Yes I am aware it is hypocritical of me to state that the Avatar Hartmman is controlling all these alts when in my previous article I denied doing the same thing. I am aware that I have no physical evidence to present here. Hartmann and his alts are well known in the community and the evidence for a Hartmann is alt usually him being French and speaking over Mic, which he does a lot when angry. I’m afraid you’re just going to have to trust me and this Redzone report.

Redzone Report on Hartmman Resident
Hartmman: seems he is quite a bad boy – an unprecedented -4 rating on RedZone’s neighborhood watch report. Red Zone also reports several “alts” (or more precisely avatars who have logged in from the same IP address). In the unlikely event one of these individuals claims they are not really him and it is a mistake, send me their name, and I can doa level 2 analysis to see if there is any merit to their claim.

Erich Hartmman
Hartmman Resident
CaptBlinker Kingmaker (Note: he took this name after Capt Blinker banned him from his sim, so don’t confuse the two)

Hartmann Resident
Lancelot Woodford
Jon123 Danik
Alexia Mekanic
Yoshi Deka

While not listed as an alt of Hartmman a RedZone Owner named Adrianna Biziou uses her status to constabntly remove hartmman from the neighrhood watch program.

Keeping with Hartmann and working to the assumption that all the alts are him. In the region of New Bastogne, Hartmann is known to greif, he cheats, he hurls insults at the allied players and he shouts abuse at his superiors. I have a lot of evidence to this so instead of a picture, here is a gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a once admin of Bastogne I spent a lot of time dealing with complaints regarding him, yet I could never get him banned. Worst still when Mogg Zepp, commander of the Axis tank arm after Albretch was banned, stepped down it was Hartmman who was promoted to replace him.

This was something I could never understand. Hartmman was the only person in the SS who was allowed to ignore the appearance rules, he had black hair and dark skin, yet this was ignored despite others being booted out for even so much as wearing elf ears. He was given a high position in the Heer and ,for a time, his own office. When he was finally booted out the 1.Armee for abusing his superiors he was given Command positions in the other Axis armies, the Azad Hind, the Italians and the Axis Soviet group which closely parodied my own 3rd Shock Army. While Allied factions had to fight for office space and often share buildings, Hartmman’s groups were given graciously sized HQ buildings, often at the expense of another group.


History lesson over. Now I know that was a lot of information to process so I’ll summarise. Of every WWII region that has opened that I am aware of the following has happened:

1) Vickster has banned his German Players from visiting or fighting there and has threatened to ban others he catches playing there.

2) The region has been greifed by Hartmman or by a suspected Alt of his. Hartmman receives special treatment in New Bastogne and the admins turn a blind eye to him cheating.

3) The region closes down shortly after, citing reasons for lack of players and greifing attacks.

A curious connection and as we wander aimlessly through the night, the illumination from the gas lamps throwing shadows across the dusty street, the music edged with the subtle undertones of muted trombones.

images (2)

What does it all mean? What does it all prove? Other than what we already know, that Vickster doesn’t like to share, nothing.

Theorise with me a little.

If Hartmman is the one behind all these greifer attacks we must question why? And since he receive special treatment at Bastogne we must also question why that is. We could assume the two are connected. That Hartmman was attacking these regions with the direct intent of having them shut down.

If so it is not entirely outside the realms of possibility that Hartmman and his alts (assuming they are not all different people) was acting under orders of either Vickster himself or someone else at New Bastogne and was being rewarded with various special privileges.


Hold the phone, that’s an interesting theory, certainly one that holds water, but other than my own memory of these events we have very little proof, so it is just a theory.

Theorise with me further

The Attacks we are seeing on the Gulf, first by DOR now by this “Free the Gulf” group seem to be following a similar pattern. We proved last time that the Avatar, Harry Chocolate, is a greifer associated with the Free Gulf Movement and I played on the idea of ‘what if Kyndy is right’ and showed that even if I were in control of the griefers, attacking myself would be entirely to my own detriment as it would lower traffic. What I may have done is accidentally stumbled onto something, what if these grefers actually are trying to draw traffic away.

Let me put it this way. If you typed ‘WWII’ into search this screen would come up.


This screen was taken just before the peak of the ‘Free The Gulf’ and greifer activity, when Joe had most of his rentals occupied, interest in the sim was high with a considerable amount of players being pulled by the Lance freight & combat system and even a few tank battles.

Note the traffic level of both sims sits higher than New Bastogne (WWII Role Play & VICE Combat – Caen)

After weeks of FtG activity and numerous greifer attacks the level of traffic reduced considerably and New Bastogne sat above Jeogeot. After this the greifers suddenly stopped and the trolling attempts by the FtG started to slow with only Meelyme putting in an occasional appearance and according to Joe Sparrow this is perfectly normal.

Joe Sparrow: every single time the gulf and my sim becomes active. every single god damned time. UP GOES THE WALL. down goes my sim. its targeted harassment aimed at shutting us down

The Greifers only show up when his traffic surpasses New Bastognes.

A curious coincidence maybe? It’s not a clear link, I mean it’s not like members of the 366 and FtG movement are in the New Bastogne players group or anything…

kyndy 12


But thats just nit picking, I mean anyone can join that group it’s not like there are members of the 366 or FtG that are Admins of New Bastogne….






Suddenly our theory seems to have gained a bit more ground. It explains the FtG’s final Mission which ,as we revealed, was not to ‘Free the Gulf’ per say, but to destroy it. An odd objective and why were most of it’s members admins at New Bastogne? Why did Vickster involve himself with them and IM both myself and Joe random insults?

Could this just be another attempt to rid Vickster of a competitor, after all as a 44 sim super-region the Gulf is New Bastognes biggest threat. Could that be what all this bullshit really was about?


Perhaps, it’s still just a theory, a conspiracy theory. After all there is a conspiracy theory that the Titanic never sank and it was all an insurance scam but then again, Watergate was also once a conspiracy theory.

What we need then is maybe a little more subsistence. It’s time to come in from the rain and take off our jackets, but leave the hat on it’s more dramatic. Allright fine you can take it off, but quit smoking, it’s seriously bad for you.


Let us consider the Targets of the Free Gulf Movement. Because I’ve been a little selfish. You see for all my defensive blabbering *I* have not been a target.

This is curious, after all despite what people may claim, I am the liaison between Linden Labs and the Gulf, the ONLY Liaison (or at least now I am). I’m the one who calls the meetings, brings up peoples concerns and puts forward new ideas to the Lindens. Yet, aside from a little personal harassment my groups have remained clear of any messaging, my Blog comments remains clean of any attempts by the FtG to spread their message and my house in the Gulf has gone completely untouched despite being in farting distance of Hawkside Airfield, where the 366 hang out.

So who has been the Targets?

Joe, Aeon and weirdly, Zora.

Yup Zora of ZSK has been the target of Attacks from the Free the Gulf group, spam messages in his groups and greifer attacks on his airfield.

It was during the discussion of the nature of these attacks that Zora happened to mention something a little weird. You see we’d been getting complaints that members of the Free the Gulf group, specifically Toscha, were harassing people in the area and the type of harassment was incredibly specific:

[04:51:22] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): There has been a lot of complaints from people in the Gulf that Toscha has been prowling the regions outside Archerfield, pouncing on ZSK players and singling those out using demo planes
[04:51:30] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Would you consider that he is profiling your products?
[04:53:31] ZoraSlade Karu: Yes, today was an example of that. I saw him pounce on one person trying my products twice, until he was shot down by flak to stop him. And then, later on he was tailing another user while they tried to land on the carrier. He also hangs around the carrier and surrounding sims, and we’ve caught him alt camming into the B-17 a few times.
[04:54:14] ZoraSlade Karu: Also, Julius says there is rumour that he’s been spreading false claims that the B-17 is a “cheat weapon”, and that in the last event it “crashed the sim 2 sims after take off”.
[04:54:40] ZoraSlade Karu: And that he personally was in the B-17 during the event
[04:55:30] ZoraSlade Karu: Oh let me get the log of him ccalling us hypocrits
[04:55:54] ZoraSlade Karu: [17:42] Toscha Vayandar: fuck you. you always talk about realistic planes but when someone comes along in a THI and keeps owning all of you in LEGITIMATE fights, you shits bust out the AA. fucking hypocrit wannabes, all of you
[04:56:13] ZoraSlade Karu: While flying THI’s old P-40.
[04:57:02] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): I see
[04:57:13] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): And this is a common occurrence?
[04:58:40] ZoraSlade Karu: Toscha has chased me, and a few other’s that he dislikes around the Gulf whenever we are in Combat aircraft.
[04:59:49] ZoraSlade Karu: He also rammed Julius out of air in an EG P-38 the other day for turning VICE off.
[05:00:08] ZoraSlade Karu: Julius was in the P-38. Toscha was in the P-40
[05:00:28] ZoraSlade Karu: Julius was trying to land at Archer
[05:00:54] ZoraSlade Karu: So, I’d say recently he’s been targeting us.

Profiling Aircraft? going after people with Demo Planes? spreading rumours about ZSK products? That’s not within the Mandate of the Free Gulf Movement. And all three of their targets, Joe, Aeon and Zora could leave the Gulf today and nothing would happen.

No, something else was going on here.

maxresdefault (1)

I poured myself a Whisky and set a new ribbon in the Type writer, it was going to be a long night.

Something big was going down by the docks, something what would blow all this shit to hell and back and old Mal was stuck right here in the middle of it. The Gulf was no place for a dame. Kyndy and her clique were up to something bigger than some stupid 6 year old chip on the shoulder. But As I metaphorically chased her through back alleys and over rooftops doing my best Gordon Ramsey impersonation….


…I suddenly realized that I didn’t have too. It happened when I was on my 13th Whiskey of the morning (I live in Scotland, it’s used as water here shut up) I decided to re-read my previous articles and like last nights bad choice Taco bell it came fast and without warning..


I’ll be honest I’ve been carrying that GIF for years and I just wanted to use it, but let me show you what I found.

Go back a few articles to my Vickster Rant entitled “So then this happened” and have a look at the notice Vickster sent which triggered that Article.

Self refrence

I’ll quote it for you:

“We denounce them (Joe Sparrow, Aeon Voom, Myself & Tank Kwansas) for all their blatant lies against Battle Bitches, Blueworks and Mistral Arms and Shana Aircraft….”

Wait Shana?

Yes, Shana Carpool. Now I know I have a bit of a reputation for not liking Shana Carpool (the products not the person) but she’s never been the target of a MalQusition article, sure she’s been mentioned, but if DOR had exclusively used EG Aircraft, if Luke Flywalker kept plugging THI planes they would have been mentioned as well, it was their bullshit I was highlighting, not Shana’s.

So why specifically mention Shana? I’m not a threat to her. Am I?

Move onto my last article and take a look at Kyndy’s Notecard, specifically the last section where it points out a list of builders Kyndy would rather you support over Joe and Aeon.

Self refrence 2

Aside from being a small list, who is the first person on that list, the first name Kyndy writes down. Shana Carpool.

The Music gets more Dramatic, I’m getting something here, I’m wandering down ally ways with steam gushing out of every manhole as my large tan trenchcoat flaps behind me.

Would this be the same Shana Carpool who’s mainstore is in a sim called Meridas?

shana store

The same sim with her House and Sandbox?

shana sandbox

in a parcel called…I forget what was it?


Shanatown, yeah.

And Meridas, remind us again, that would be the sim that Vickster lives in right? the one he owns and pays for?


Yes, yes it would be.

They even race cars togther.

V+s 1.png

But that doesn’t prove anything does it?

I mean it’s not like Shana hangs out with members of the 366?


Oh…well again that doesn’t prove anything I mean it’s not like they would be stupid enough to add Shana to the Bastogne Admin gro…



So the Free the Gulf group Target Joe, Aeon and Zora, people who makes WWII planes, people who threaten Shana’s business as competitors and it should be mentioned that the creation of the Free the Gulf group and the arrival of greifers on masse to the Gulf, not including Turd Fergesson (who I should emphasize is a different griefer who pre-dates FtG), coincides with the time THI made it’s newer planes VICE enabled. A day in which one pilot quoted:

“In one half-assed notice THI has simply destroyed it’s competition.”

coincidently (I’ve been saying this a lot) Vickster’s Notice ,that banned all Astral-Tek products from New Bastogne, came out the day before Joe was set to release his new Panzer IV tank.


Was this perhaps an attempt to de-rail sales of this tank? To protect the two other tank builders he mentions in that Notice, Battle Bitches and Blue Works?

If so then could it also be possible that the actions of the FtG group are backed and supported by New Bastogne, not only to try and have the Gulf shut down, ridding themselves of a competitor, but also to rid Shana Carpool of three competitors? Is that why Joe, Aeon and now Zora have been dragged into this?

This is of course, just a theory though the evidence is factual the conclusion is speculation. To analyse a Conspiracy theory one must always follow the money.

It has been rumoured for a while that Shana has been loosing sales and to understand the significance of that you need another History lesson.


One of the reasons I’ve been on Vickster’s shit list for the better half of the past 6 years, well one of the many reasons, is my relationship to Joe Sparrow. When we first meet Joe’s sandbox was in a region called New Fallout, Vickster was his landlord, he paid for Fallout and helped pay a portion of New Bastogne’s tier. He also made weapons and aircraft for Vickster’s group including special “upgraded” (by which I mean over-powered) versions of those weapons specifically for Vickster, often painted bright red.

After I joined Astral-Tek Joe began to trust me more and would talk to me for hours on whatever was on his mind, it was after discussing his finances I realised that Vickster was over-charging him for New Fallout, by about 5k a week. Joe brought this up with Vickster who immediately brought the price down claiming he had “forgotten”. After this Joe received a number of plea’s from Vickster claiming he wasn’t going to be able to pay the tier. Over the short time Joe remained at New Bastogne he forked over an extra 160,000 Lindens and that’s just the times he would tell me about.

After Joe left he stopped paying Fallout’s Tier and stopped assisting Vickster with New Bastognes tier.



No Cold heart, no lovers tiff, insurance scam or jealous husbands here, just cold hard cash. The lifeblood of everything. We sit back a little pondering what we now know. So I caught Vickster over-charging Joe, so what? Like I said I could write a book on Vickster and the stories would just get worse so why mention just this one? Why is this significant? and…


..Where the hell was I going with this?

Oh yeah.

One question should be remaining. After Joe stopped paying tier and stopped helping paying New Bastognes tier just exactly how was Vickster then able to pay for it all himself with the addition of New Fallout on top of that?

The obvious answer is that either Vickster was lying and extorting Joe for extra funds or someone else took over.

If that’s true then who?


Rumour has it Shana took over from Joe. Of course that’s just a rumor, there is an equal rumor than Blue Works and Battle Bitches also help with the tier and this would explain why Vickster is so defensive of them.

But if all that is true, if Shana is really loosing money and helping pay New Bastognes tier then eventually she is going to run out of money and have to stop. A scary prospect for Vickster. With one single vast ocean acting as a sponge for his players, and therefor customers, and harbouring three of Shana’s biggest competitors giving them access to an open, unrestricted area to which he cannot control nor influence. Is it so much to understand why two of his Admins, including his ex-boyfreind (oh I should of mentioned him and Toscha were dating once) turn up and start supporting a group who’s intention is to destroy this Ocean as well as give them a platform to attack Shana’s competitors in an attempt to keep her sales up and therefor securing New Bastognes future for another year.

Or is it simply a massive coincidence.

download (3)One more thing before I sign off.

That person who was attacking me personally?


Who was attacking Archerfield and harassing people in the Gulf as well as Zora’s staff and beta testers?

[05:33:21] ZoraSlade Karu: Dexter had an altercation with Hartmman a while ago over the Freighter system. He went nuts claiming that Dexter “destroyed his army” or something stupid. So, afterwards Kirk Difference shows up and directly attacks dexter in his freighter with a kracken.
[05:33:46] ZoraSlade Karu: Then Hartmann for no reason start attacking Tom and harassing both him and Dexter at Archer, which got him banned.
[05:33:57] ZoraSlade Karu: And the other day, we was stalking the ban line
[05:34:58] ZoraSlade Karu: I’d have to get their logs again.

Yeah, Hartmman. Who ,I should point out, is now a member of the Free the Gulf group. And still a player at New Bastogne as leader of the 33rd SS Charlemagne.


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    Great read and good layout. While i am officially on Vicks shitlist (clearly). I have yet to see any real griefing and drama going on, into my direction. Yes there was Turd/Jody but he does not seem connected with Vicks. And funny enough: the moment i re-released VICE stuff, he shut up. Completely.

    What makes the FtG movement that little different than Turd/Jody is that they usually do not attack the airfields and instead just to opt for spreading mayem in the gulf itself. That is clearly a different tactic than Jody used.
    Jody would enter airports and use GFX crashers on everyone, if an avatar for whom he had a hatred would be in that sim.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dax Dupont says:

      Turd keeps showing up right after product releases like after the ZSK release yday and has been in the ftg groups. At best they have similar motives, at worst they are working together.


  3. Velen.Forager says:


    Secondlife is messed up.


  4. Rebecca Rathbone says:

    Good detective work there, Mal.

    I just got a question. WHO owned that one sim you mentioned that played X for the block in that one region you were trying to create? You know, the one with the Pirate Hookers? It fits a profile of someone I’ve had a misfortune of dealing with, and whom has ties to the griefers that have been plaguing the Gulf.

    I got a suspicion who it is. and if so at some point we need to talk over PM. I got a suspicion, and of course knowing me it’s probably a conspiracy theory, but I might know who another member of this Illuminati is.


  5. Cody Skytower says:

    ~ Vickster, Shana, Toscha and Hartmann are in cahoots with each other in an attempt to destroy the Gulf (Fairly obvious by tracing group membership and activities)

    ~ Vickster (via Hartmann) has been actively encouraging and sponsoring griefer attacks against competition for sim traffic and product sales, which are so well thought out that the pattern has not changed for nearly 5 years. (Pretty solid circumstantial evidence)
    So what role does Shana the person play in all this?

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    • Cody Skytower says:

      Also, everyone should know by now that the targets of Vickster/Hartmann’s attacks often collaborate or cooperate with each other in regards to product releases, product tree planning and generally being friends (admit it guys you love each other xP). So, it makes sense that Vickster would want to protect the business interests of her main financial backers, it is the same sort of symbiotic relationship that many of the Gulf brands have. The difference between the two is of course that Aeon, Joe, Zora and the other Gulf based brands have never in their history carried out cyberterrorism like Vick & Co.

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  6. I find myself wondering, with the sustained griefing, just how long it is since the Lindens stopped reports, or even summarizing. the results of abuse reports. We don’t really know if they do anything, and we don’t even know when we are reporting something that isn’t classed as abuse.

    Has it really been six years of silent enforcement?

    It could have been.

    I used to be a regular in some of the combat sims, even started to organise my own combat group, and I recall being accused of cheating for wearing camouflage. I remember seeing guys in dashing black uniforms (not just the pre-war Hugo Boss style) walking down the middle of the road without a care in world. I do love them so, that I would shortly send their AV to their homepoint, if that sim would take the present at my paws.


  7. And they haven’t put me on their hate list yet? I’m feeling so left out!


  8. Man, this is messed up o.o


  9. Colby Everet (Assassin4Ever) says:

    Hell, im late to this but it does make a good bit of sense.


  10. hartmann says:

    i love read all liar what say malcious today we have 6 sim normandy and we fuck off and your little drama world malcious :p


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