Helijah Bailey


We have received several reports that Helijah Bailey has had his account hacked and that someone else impersonating him was now using the account.

After speaking with the account myself and knowing Helijah on a semi-personal level I could easily confirm that whoever was behind the account was not Helijah after he was unable to answer even basic questions.

This comes at a very interesting time and almost co-relates to another event happening soon which I have been keeping an eye on. This may or may not involve Helijah on some level.

After seeing this I have decided to make the announcement that until I can confirm that the Helijah Bailey account is back in the hands of it’s correct owner:

All notices, announcement and statements from the Helijah Bailey account will be disregarded as falsified information.

This includes all permissions given to companies to use his work made after this date.

The MalQusition is working with other third parties to encourage Linden Labs to look into this matter closely and hopefully bring a positive resolution quickly.


6 thoughts on “Helijah Bailey

  1. Dax Dupont says:

    This is why you have proper passwords and you take measures to protect yourself from malware like AV and using a modern browser with sandboxing(chrome!).


  2. He’s given blanket permission for builders in SL to use his models in the past. so even if it were any of your business who might be using them (it’s not), nobody is violating any permissions regardless. He’s a nice guy and I hope he regains control of his account soon. That process is between him and LL as they won’t allow third parties to get involved for obvious reasons. Implying there’s anything you or any other third party can do is just blowing smoke.


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