The Hunter AC1

You may question the logic of an Aviation themed blog reviewing a Hovercraft but it’s got a propeller and ‘kinda’ flies so to hell with it, It’s close enough.

Hovercraft’s is not something we see a lot of in SL specially good ones. The physics behind them are not commonly understood and unlike Aircraft or boats there are not a lot of freebie example scripts to take ‘inspiration’ from.

I have a love/hate relationship with most “hovercraft” in SL. I love Hovercraft but in SL they resemble little more than spaceships, glued to the ground, sliding across water and dirt at near twice the speed of light like it was gliding through the fucking matrix.

And I’m sorry to you people who make them, yes I know you worked hard on your little after school project putting them little stickers on it complete with a shower of glitter and you thought Daddy Mal would tape it to the fridge with pride along with his shopping list, a angry demand from his landlord and the tattered remains of his soul.

But you were Wrong! He laughed at you, threw it in your face and that is why you have a drinking problem at the age of 45. Triggered every time you see some preppy white family out on the lake enjoying their Hovercraft.


I seem to have lost my thread.


Anyway let’s now talk about a Hovercraft I actually like.


No not that one.

This one.


Built by CatalinaHunter this surprisingly Hovercraftian looking Hovercraft looks almost exactly like one would expect a Hovercraft to look like. There is a distinct lack of Wings, jet packs and Monster Drink Logo’s.

Instead what we get is simplicity and orange. The overall design looks like a soapdish with a fan in it, an orange one. With a tiny Orange Plexiglas windshield that stops your nipples getting wet.


There are four seats for your three terrified friends and it even has one of those scaffold things from Police Boats, complete with a siren. An orange one.

The Hunter AC1 features a somewhat comfortable interior, it feels a little minimalist with the controls being large and spaced out but each one carries a functional yet stylistic sense of design without going too far into the hyper luxury of white sandalwood and Whale penis leather that everyone seems to think rich stuff is made out of.

The only thing I don’t like is these weird plastic mould chairs. Though the Logo was a nice touch I can’t help but see my old school chairs when I look at them, combined with this unflattering, untextured metal struct which pins them to the chassis.


Aesthetics aside the functionality of this Craft is rather good. It moves like a hovercraft should in that it glides across any surface like it was made of pure fucking ice that was allergic to hovercraft and was trying to get rid of you as quickly as possible but you can feel the thrust comes from the direction of the Rudders along the main fan as opposed to whatever direction button I happen to be pushing.

It requires a bit of practice to get the hang of but it’s not impossible. The craft is very fun to drive and something tells me these would be very fun to try and race.


The list of features it comes with are fairly standard. Co-pilot functions make a welcome return as do a user-created list of approved ‘guests’ in the lack of an actual guest mode, locator beacon in case for forget where you parked, an ejector seat for unwelcome guests and that most holy grail of all features Seat adjustment. Meaning I can now cruise through open waters without my arse hanging out through the back of the chair.

The Hunter AC1 comes with five options skins, Black and Orange, Blue, White, Stealth and Search and Rescue. Application is done by dumping a script into the chassis in the absence of a menu driven interface.

The option to create your own textures is also available and the materials are provided.

I give it 12 Schmekkles out of carpet. I like it, I really do. The Simplicity of the design and the amount of features presented make this a Reasonably priced car of a deal. I love the little details of this craft. I love that the Radio and the Satnav only light up once the engine is turned on and I love that the builder has taken the time to raise up all the little lumps and buttons on the dash as opposed to leaving it a flat texture.

The only down side is it’s script time.

This thing hits sim crossings like a bitch and with enough of them in a single region the lag can get quite intense.

A simple scan showed the script time ranging from 0.06m/s to 0.07m/s which is ranging into giant luxury yacht and battleship territory thus very much on the high side for a smaller craft.

Though Catalinahunter has admitted this herself and has promised several coding re-rights to deal with the high running cost. It my still be best to de-script yourself a little before taking this baby out.

The Hunter AC1 is priced at L$2,499 though is available in-world at L$2,400. It comes GTFO ready and in spite of the script time is highly recommended. By me.

Which is a rare thing.



One thought on “The Hunter AC1

  1. Akismet says:

    It sounds to me that the makers are following the first rule of business, which is to provide what the customers want, and not what they don’t want. A bit
    More efficiency in the scripting, for the next project, and Insuspect greater success will arrive.


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