Blatant Self-Promotion

Since nothing else is going on, unless you seriously want me to cover the SL Blue Angels as they fly around at Lowest possible speed before Stall in wavy patterns and think that’s entertaining.

I think I’m getting too old to cover the LOOK AT ME community in Eagles Nest. So instead here is me attempting and failing to do a let’s play.

Honestly it’s terrible, don’t watch it.


11 thoughts on “Blatant Self-Promotion

  1. MrJules Sixpence says:

    You are an idiot.What you do for sl aviation beside barking like a wilddog? Useless idiotic furfag kid…


  2. sweecah says:

    I see your trolls are awake still, i guess understanding sarcasm still not reached across the pond lol, another hilarious video totally amused by it 🙂


  3. MrJules Sixpence says:

    Oh and you are a freaking pedo also.Just shut up and vanish “male” bitch


    • MrJules Sixpence says:

      apologies for my harsh style.sometimes i can be when my mind goes boom.Don t take it seriously though.Some things i said lower on page those are serious stuffs though


  4. Chino yray says:

    I think you should cover the blue angels.

    They still think that their wing of gold are worth real gold:


    • malcious says:

      So their problem is they now want their Navy to be the “official” United States Navy – SL and not all the other United States Navy SL and are prepared to start another Drama war to make it happen?
      Sounds about right.


  5. Chino yray says:

    And by the way, jewel sliverblade is back and serving the SL military.


  6. MrJules Sixpence says:

    I do not see that Blue Angels are the main issue of sl aviation nor me whom you attacked on a previous blog of yours,based on some insulting blog by another so called sl aviation blogger

    Officially supported satyrs like atosuria daviau are the main issue of sl aviation and its a shame that aviation its not a community due that its just continous failure

    I m sorry if my post is harsh is annoying but some things has to be said.if others not daring to do so, i have


  7. Being in the minds of others can be… sticky and gross, but being in yours is fun! Thanks for a fun post!


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