The MalQusition is a Newspaper style blog offering  News, reviews and Public Interest Articles regarding the Aviation, Naval & War RP communities as an alternative to the Admin controlled Group notices and Hersay that allow for so much miss-information to be presented as Factual.

The MalQusition was originally planned to be a series of light hearted comedy Youtube videos offering reviews of various products as well as brief fillers of recent news and drama. Unfortunately the time required to film episodes was huge and simply not practical.

This simple WordPress blog allows stories and Articles to be reproduced quicker meaning their content is more current and quicker to update.

It is written by multiple journalists offering a Neutral and unbiased report on the community goings on. Unlike some other SL News sources we do not take backhanders for boosting traffic to specific regions or builders, we don’t discriminate and we don’t ignore important events because one of our friends is having a Tea Party and therefor we must rush to cover this historic event because DON’T YOU KNOW THEY ARE JUST A NICE PERSON AND THEY TRY HARD!!

Seriously, tea.