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Critique Hypocrita

Oh, this is going to be fun.


Far from it for me to consider ranting against my criticisms worth of an article but when someone accuses me of fake news and that person of MarkTwain White then hoi boi we just can’t let that one slide.


The first thing to keep in mind here is when I suspect someone of doing something or even catch them doing something naughty and write about it the last thing I ever expect them to do is publicly own up to it.

No-one, in the history of the MalQusition has ever admitted to being in the wrong when I find out , even when it was blatantly obvious.

Instead every article is constantly proceeded by days, sometimes weeks, of the accused throwing up as must shit as they possibly can, and of course blaming me for “spreading drama”. The rule of thumb is the more guilty they are, the bigger drama they cause. You may have seen a few examples yourself.

And though I do take corrections seriously (and you are free to scroll back and see the several I’ve made over the years) the person I accused of doing the naughty-naughty standing up and screaming “NU UH!” sadly isn’t proof enough that I was wrong.

So now we’re going to talk about Marktwain White and his decision to compare me to Commander and Chief Donald J Trump.

Now I have a lot to say in regards to the current President of the United States of America, which at this stage is more disappointment than Anger but I’ll leave RL Politics to reality for now.

So let’s start at the top. I feel it’s best we all read his little notice, then you might get a better grasp of the situation at hand.

Earlier today Malicous posted on his Blob that Hollywood Airport charged L$2000 per week for wall vendors. Rich Reynaud called him out on that falsehood and Malicious told Rich he didn’t have time to fact check his claims. As the owner of Hollywood Airport I figured that Mal had at least a modicum of integrity, and that he would post my response to his posted false statement. I was wrong. Here is the post that I sent some time ago and was been ignored will more resent posts were allowed to stand.

“Wow! Hollywood Airport charges L$2000 per week for vendor spaces? I hear that Rich called you out on that error and your response was that you did not have time to fact check your fake truths? So Trump now has a competitor in the lying business. Why am I not surprised?”

— MarkTwain White

Now it may surprise you to learn in this badly edited notice which accuses me of spreading Lies MTW has himself, lied. Oh how ironic.

This notice came out less than an hour after my blog article went live. I was aware Rich had said something to discredit what I claimed were L$2,000 per week vendor slots at Hollywood airport being that he IM’d me, posted publicly in SL Aviation and then commented here on the blog, but I wasn’t able to respond ,as anyone around at the time was probably aware, Fey and Gota of Unity air were causing quite a scene. I’ll talk about THAT seahorse another day.

MTW’s claim that my reply to Rich was that “I don’t have time to fact check my claims” is about as bullshit as it comes.

My findings on this matter actually come from the draft of an article I never published in which I wanted to highlight the difference between ideologies and tactics of SLs more popular Airports and ones that struggled to fill even a single hanger rental. In it I contacted several people who rented spaces at Hollywood, along with several other airports, and found the Average per month for Hollywood was around 2,090 Lindens per week. I assume these were for the larger hangers though I only employed the phrase “vendor space” when I asked so that is what I wrote.

However just so we are clear. I used the world “reportedly” when talking about the rental prices. Language and the type of wording I use is very important. I say ‘reportedly’ because it had been reported to me that this was the case. Outside of contacting MTW or Rich directly I had no way of verifying if or not the people I had interviewed were telling the truth and since both MTW and Rich had provided me with alternate facts during my dealings with them in the past their ability to recollect the exact average of Lindens to Prim cost at Hollywood is taken with a pinch of salt.

So far none of his renters have come forward to back-up MTW’s claim that rental prices are as low as 250L per week. But several of his previous renters have come forward to claim they are in fact, much higher.

Now secondly I would like to talk about this phrase:

“Wow! Hollywood Airport charges L$2000 per week for vendor spaces? I hear that Rich called you out on that error and your response was that you did not have time to fact check your fake truths? So Trump now has a competitor in the lying business. Why am I not surprised?”

Firstly we’ve already covered that this statement is a lie. I gave no reply to Rich even when he posted the same comment multiple times in some vain attempt to get my attention. Secondly at no point did MTW join the conversation at state this. And I invite you to check the entire log to prove I’m not lying. Even if he did the group notice system is just for that, notices, not for you to broadcast your own personal quotes and opinions when you’re being ignored in group chat.

Thirdly,as I said earlier, this notice came out less than an hour after my blog post went live. I was indated with IM’s at the time and as we are probably all aware Fey was making a scene. So exactly what was he expecting me to do? Give him priority?

Well, I’d like to go back and talk about this line:

As the owner of Hollywood Airport I figured that Mal had at least a modicum of integrity, and that he would post my response to his posted false statement.

Because “As the owner of Hollywood Airport” Priority is exactly what MTW thinks I should have given him.

It’s no secret that when it comes to egos Mark’s pretty much up there with the likes of Me and Aeon. His battlecry of “As the owner of Hollywood Airport/Founder of The United Sailing Sims” often proceeds any argument followed by commands of “I can ban you from 200+ sims” if he doesn’t get his way. An argument he repeated so often that in a casual conversation with other members of the USS steerage committee MTW was referred to by his nickname “Mr Banufrom200sims”.

Mark has been allowed one single grace to which very few of us on the Earth will ever have. He has been allowed to write his own history. His ‘official’ version of the Blake Sea history places himself as the hero of his own personal fantasy. Claiming that LL approached him and his then wife Nber with a proposal for the Blake Sea and neglecting to talk about the deeper issues and months of drama which brought about the proposal.

He talks about the Battleship drama of 2012 as if the Blake Sea ran with the blood of the innocents and that he personally did everything he could to resolve the situation at the lackluster of Linden Labs while neglecting to mention it was himself that whipped the sailors into a mass hysteria nor that this was the fourth time he had done this (The Pirates, Ironcladders and an early form of the Aviation Community all suffering similar issues) nor that Linden Labs had threatened to shut the Blake down as a result of MTW’s consistent interference.

Nor that most USS race directors had their powers removed or reduced during his personal handling of a similar situation involving the Ironclad Community nor that Twice in the Blake Sea’s history has MTW called to LL to ban the use of Aircraft in the Blake Sea.

A detailed list of all MTW’s shenanigans would take me a very long time to write and that would just be the ones I know about and even before I’ve gotten to the times both he and Rich tried to impose their “rules” on the Blake Sea and even tried to pay a Coastguard to enforce them. But ultimately this leaves us with the understanding that “As the owner of Hollywood Airport” MTW does not receive any respect from me and does not get priority when it comes to my attention span.


But you are right Mark, I should have replied. So here is my reply.

How fucking dare you call me a Liar and a distributor of fake news you hypocritical ridiculous little man.


So I was wrong…

THI went Vice. No sorry THI went back to vice after declaring it a dead system that no-one was interested in and that only their new system MCE would ever be used. Aeon Voom himself stated that he would never in his lifetime touch Vice again, it was over, gone, dead, abused by Cheat Weapons and ruled by asshole pilots who ruined every-bodies fun by exclusively using Pennyturners.

Many people supported this at first, including me, but after several long years of disaster after disaster it became obvious that if a new system was going to finally replace the dinosaur that was Vice, Aeon Voom was not the man to do it.You can read all the reasons why here where I believed that the F.13 was just the epitome of everything Aeon had done to destroy his brand, badly cobbled together mesh products, weird flight physics coupled with game breaking bugs and an attitude towards his customers that basically began with “fuck you that’s why!” who could blame anyone for turning their back on MCE and the THI Brand.

Two things come from that article, I believed that that the WWII Dogfight market was dead and to be fair at the time the Jeogeot Gulf was pulling more Merchant Sailors than Pilots and even groups like NAS were pulling less of a crowd than they used to and paled in comparison to what the Flying Tigers had once been.

The second thing was that I considered Aeon too proud to return to Vice, I believed he would stick to his guns and go down with the ship, shaking his fist in rage at the customers who ‘betrayed him’.

But then something weird happened.

I was wrong.

SHOCK HORROR I know, such terrible, I’m never wrong!



Ok Shut up!

It happened without warning, arriving on a cold Friday morning as I was sipping Tea with Nigel in the Club Fu’Tu-shoin, you know the exclusive secret club behind the real club that you need to know the right people to get into but only if you present them the correct flower on a Tuesday when the moon is in the right position. Anyway I was due in court on the intricate case of Lady Edwardian Winterthrust vs The Pope which was coming to a delicate and potentially explosive stage.

The Telegram from THI came as a rather welcome diversion and I tipped the delivery boy out of the window with far more grandeur than I would have normally. I thought it only further release details on their upcoming BF110 project or an announcement for the planned Hurricane re-build but as my eyes read the passage I was struck with a momentary shudder.

But it was a cold morning and in regards to the instructions left by Mr Windlos Castle-Bucket on the intricate case of Lady Edwardian Winterthrust vs The Pope, I was naked.

Quickly I rushed to the office of THI to confront Karl Reismen on the accuracy of the telegram and he simply nodded and looked away blushing. I ran home and got dressed.

The Telegram read as follows.

I heard a lot of complaints in going with MCE exclusively, and generally ignored them,  but numbers don’t lie, and the sales numbers have declined. Because of this, I  have decided to abandon MCE exclusivity, and have asked Aeon Voom to re-introduce VICE into the current line. We also have a bonus  for those that have purchased the VICE BF-109G.  More details in the enclosed Notecard.

Why Sir I nearly spat my Tea all over poor Nigel.

Joking aside though three things come of this, firstly yes I was wrong, the best of us sometimes have to eat our own words and that’s probably a good thing, secondly it continues to prove that people like Karl and Aeon really shouldn’t handle their own PR.

We were wrong, we listened to our customers, we admit to our mistake, anything, anything would have been better than “We ignored the complaints, now we’re out of money so we change our minds lol” but then maybe that’s a good thing, at least you know that with all these larger companies spending thousands of Lindens of making sure their Public Representation is buffed up enough to present them as reasonable people that THI and Amok Dynamics are not among them. So at least you know they are not lying to you….probably. Well not all the time anyway.

The third thing is that this comes, not from Aeon, but from Karl Reismen. The man always portrayed as Aeon’s ‘Bitch’ choose the words:

I have decided to abandon MCE exclusivity, and have asked Aeon Voom to re-introduce VICE into the current line.”

To describe it to us and, despite his lack of PR skills, those words carry a little more threat than they first might appear. It suggests that this was Karl’s decision, not Aeon’s and that Aeon perhaps resisted. Thus proves that Karl is still in control of his Brand to some extent which means we might finally start to see some good decisions come from THI in the future, so long as Karl can keep ahold of his new Balls.


The other effecting factor in my wrongess comes from the reaction this news and the consequent release of Vice THI Vehicles. I expected, in this sort of scenario, that the backlash of those who had purchased the 10k Vice 109 (which had been stupidly nerfed) had, if anything, been promised it was an exclusive, only to later find it was all a Joke at their expense as Aeon raked in the money while laughing “Ho Ho Stupid Vice players will buy anything” yet never getting the hint.

Instead there has been none of that and over the recent weeks the Jeogeot Gulf has been over-run with people in THI Planes.

I for one thought the WWII Dogfight community was dead. Dominated by the private clubs who exclusively supported Pennyturners and the Big-Breasted builders who sold them.


Dynamic Flight Aircraft such as old THI and ZSK always seem to be used ,combat wise, by a small group of elitist and rather boring people who could talk the hind leg off a donkey on the combat history of various aircraft without ever having to run to Wikipedia to check.

Yet for the first time in forever the Gulf became flooded with people, not super strict on historical accuracy, not supporting one group or another but just flying planes, dogfighting, being a little goofy and essentially enjoying themselves.

Of course with this rise in people having fun comes the inevitable rise of assholes trying to spoil it for everyone but we’ll talk about that later.

For now THI has noted the error of it’s way, all-be-it with probably the wrong choice of wording, and has finally done what it’s customers have been demanding for the last two years. Fucking listen to them! Probably just be happy at that.

And if your not then I was wrong, be happy at that instead.

Where the wind blows…

In regards to this article:

Where I explained my concerns about how I feel SL Aviation had become less about the flying and the Aircraft and more about self image, partying and sex. Which I got a lot of stick for i.e being called a snobby elitist. Well….


I rest my case.