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Vendors, Ethics and Oh My!

I may have missed the boat on this one but since this is still an issue I feel a good old “fuck it imma do it anyway!” is in order.

For those of you who may have missed it and thus may be confused with the subject I am about to rail on about let me bring you up to speed.

In the deep, deep dark realms of Second Life in a region known to the locals as Loach there exists a shop. It’s not much of a shop. Just a simple square skybox, a cheap logo and one of those Neo Post-Modern Art Deco desks that covers the rent cube.


It is nothing more than a bog standard Vendor farm, hosting a number of affiliate vendors from various builders including ZSK, THI, Shana Carpool, AMOK and several others.

But there is a difference and a seedy one at that. One that threatens to become a new chapter in the great, dusty book entitled “stuff that we don’t like”. For you see boys and girls this shop, these vendors and the spineless good-for-nothing weasel that operates it is STEALING sales.

Shock Horror!

And how does this dastardly fiend get away with such a scam? Well friend buckle in for I the great and sexy Malcious Vuckovic shall tell you.

You see my child when one sets-up an affiliate vendor and that vendor makes a sale the owner of said vendor makes a commission on that sale which is provided via a percentage of the final cost the customer paid, normally between 10-15%.

What these “vendor farms” do instead is return a percentage of their own commission back to the customer, effectively allowing that customer to obtain a Discount.



Offering discounts to people. It’s like these people are just trying to be evil! But it gets worse.

You may be asking yourself, how does this steal sales?

Well you stupid shit you see each and every time one of these vendor farms entices someone into their spiders web to buy a discounted product it steals a sale from an Airport that runs it’s own vendor farm but does not offer a discount.

And those Airports rely on the income produced by those vendor sales and now may have to close due to the rise of those greedy, discount offering vendor farmers.

Oh the inhumanity, ohhh the suffering, the children why won’t anyone think of the children!


You may have noticed a slight note of sarcasm in the way I’ve been writing about this and you would be right to assume so.

Blogs such as the SL Airmenship and McKeenan Aviation have brought up this subject in the past, questioning the ethics of this system and referring to it as a “scam” a way of “poaching sales” and calling out the owners as Parasites. Builders such as Astral-Tek and ZSK, people I like, have come forward to condemn the practice and many are already reviewing their affiliate vendors some going as far as to disable them entirely.

It may have not escaped your attention that I may have something of a contradicting thought on this experience. In fact I think the whole thing is dumb as hell. Hence why my article on this subject was a little late of the gun, this is a non-issue, it’s a mountain that’s been made of a molehill and I can’t even begin to describe how fucking stupid this entire drama is.


But I will try regardless.


Let’s not beat about the bush here. This entire argument, besides the unpleasant behaviour of several of the individuals who run these vendor farms, is a simple matter of “People would rather shop at this persons store, that is unfair because I don’t make money!”.

It’s a ludicrous and stupid argument and it bares a striking resemblance to the old “player poaching” accusations Sim owners used to throw at each other back in the days of SLace.

Firstly No-one has stolen sales from you. You lost them. What these so called vendor farms are doing is simply competing. Past and existing customers are not yours. You cannot claim ownership of a person because they once bought something from you and expect them to continuously patronise your store forever.

Customers can often be Brand loyal but history has proven that this loyalty does not transfer over to vendors and customers rarely consider Ethics and morality when choosing a Vendor to buy from. If they did then this blog wouldn’t exist.

Customers frequently drift between airports such is the nature of aviators. An Airport which doesn’t have the luxury or convince of being large and having the perfect location has to consistently re-invent itself in order to appear interesting to pilots through events, dance clubs, Airshows, Acrobatics courses or even things like the Landing game.

An Airports history, it’s behaviour, reputation, traffic, and the size of it’s group nor tales of it’s dramatic struggles do not win it any “karma points” in the community and it’s stories fail to make it any more unique from any other Airport.

Expecting exclusivity from any Pilots which drift into your net in terms of vendor sales is expecting them to turn their back on any number of other Airports which may also be looking for Affiliate sales to cover gaps in finances.

It also expects the customer won’t simply buy direct from the builder, perhaps from the convenience of marketplace or perhaps ,through an act of loyalty to the builder, decide that they deserves all the money from the sale instead of passing on a 10% commission to someone who did little more than rezz a vendor.

To expect and even demand that is, in itself, as much unethical as it is unrealistic. But this is where the argument has been lacking somewhat, my fellow bloggers, as much as it pains me to admit, have forgotten the Golden Rule. Always check the other side of the argument before filling the internet with cheese.

The problem here is that many of the people who run these vendor farms, or at least the ones that have been highlighted, are rather vulgar in their manner. Highly unpleasant and prone to outbursts of profanity whenever their fragile ego is prickled. Such childish tantrums, assuming they are real, make great Tabloid sensationalism at proving just how much of an arse said person is.

But in our rush to condemn such obviously distasteful people we are missing out a massive chunk of the argument and I’m afraid it’s about Ethics and well….common sense.

Out of all the Builders rushing to deal with this new arising threat of discount Affiliate vendor farms only Tig, surprise surprise, has been sensible in her approach. By matching the farms discount, so long as you are in her group, using her vendor.

It’s amusing how no-one else seems to have thought of that.

Other idiots builders like Tank have reportedly decided to “troll” people who do this. Quietly changing that persons affiliate vendor to 0% commission, meaning they are now accidentally giving away money on each transaction, potentially loosing thousands of Lindens without their knowledge. All for the crime of, well, offering customers a discount.

And let’s remind ourselves, there is nothing illegal or even shady about this. The builder isn’t loosing any money, the customer hasn’t been scammed in anyway. The Vendor farmer is returning part of their own money back to the customer and choosing to take a smaller cut of the sale. Hardly the work of a greedy mind. In fact it’s just good business sense.


There is nothing “unethical” about what they are doing. The builder hasn’t lost money, the customer hasn’t been mislead. The only people who have lost out at the Owners of other Vendor farms who refuse to match the discount.

But calling them out, referring to their business as a “scam”, insulting them and enticing builders to enact punishments against them. THAT is unethical.

It is unethical to expect customers to only ever buy from vendors that you can squeeze a profit form. It is unethical to slander your competitors when you lose sales to them. It is not the Duty of anyone to ensure that any Airport on this grid remains financially stable other than one person. The Owner.

Second Point and I have to pick on McKeenan for this. Reference was made in his Blog Post to Unity Airport which is situated on the Jeogeot Gulf. McKeenan wrote about how the Airport was struggling against the personal vendetta of one particular Vendor farmer.

The argument was based on a Hypothetical situation which showed that active marketing i.e approaching customers and talking to them, was a more effective way of making sales than sticking to the motto “build it and they will come”.

Now I could base an entire article of the shady dealings of Unity Airlines and I would immediately call bullshit to the claim that neither Fey nor Unity “did anything wrong” to attract the negative attention of the Vendor they mention but Unity will have their turn to bask in the unwithering Gaze of the MalQusition another day.

Instead I pose the thought:

Unity Airport has, in the past, requested from builders an Affiliate Vendor with a larger commission share than the Standard one other people might have. Average commission from vendors being around 10-15%. A few notable builders in the region have happily informed the MalQusition that Unity have specially asked for vendors of up to 25% and more using their High Traffic numbers as justification.

And they are not alone. Almost every high Traffic airport requests or demands a higher percentage when it comes to Affiliate vendors with places like Hollywood Airport in the Blake Sea reportedly charging up to L$2,000 per week for vendor space.

Unity itself is not a high traffic airport. In fact it uses Bots and traffic camps (services which tp newbies into the region and pays them L$1 for every 5 minutes they remain there) in order to artificially inflate their traffic numbers.


This could be argued as being a kind of deception. Don’t you think? And by playing this deception as an excuse to have builders fork over more of their profits. Now who is the one running the Scam?


In order to scavenge some conclusion in this rather dry and long overdue article. This is just another ill-thought out battle in the long war of People who don’t understand Capitalism and ,for some reason, expect everyone to adhere to a list of unwritten rules which aims to neuter anyone’s ability to make more money than a designated list of specific people. Finding out that life doesn’t work like that and bitching loudly to whatever authority they can find about how wrong it all is.

Effectively, it’s about money. I mean don’t get me wrong if I were in McKeenan’s shoes I would of disabled that guys Affiliate Vendors too. But in reality this entire situation boils down to someone doing something creative to make money and someone else getting angry that their ability to make money with little to no effort may be damaged as a result.

Boo fucking hoo.


Terrorists, Nazis and Conspiracy Theories. More than just a work of Pulp Fiction?

NB: Before we begin I have one slight correction to make. In my article regarding the Free the Gulf group titled “The Jeogeot Gulf’s secret War” an image was shown which displayed the groups members list with intent of proving Harry Chocolate as a member. Another name was also shown by the name of MeesterP. This person has contacted me and stated that he joined this group out of curiosity after being mass invited along with numerous other people and left quickly after. He has not participated in any of the Free the Gulf’s drama and does not support the group in anyway.


Yes I know, I promised I wouldn’t bitch about New Bastogne or the Free the Gulf (FtG) group anymore and I really meant it. Today’s article was planned to be a second part of my ‘How to fly a fucking Plane’ but after publishing the article regarding the FtG group I had the weirdest feeling.

Something wasn’t quite right, I’d passed off the Group as being nothing more than another sad chapter in Kyndy and Toscha’s desperation for revenge and Vickster’s involvement ,in the article before, as nothing more than a plea for attention. But for some reason this didn’t satisfy. There was just too many things that didn’t make sense, too many co-incidences and I couldn’t help shake the feeling that something bigger was going on.

Quietly I put down my coffee, dusted off my old Fedora and Trenchcoat and stepped out into the Night. I had some thinking to do and you, dear reader, need a history lesson.




About six years ago a new WWII-RP sim opened called “Where Eagles Dare” somewhat based on the Movie it featured a Large Axis castle and a smaller Allied base just outside. It contained a lot of Roleplay elements such as guard dogs, re-enforceable objectives, destructible walls and different puzzle-like entrances for the Allied players to try and break into the castle. It was interesting and different, no-one had done an infantry focused objective based map like this before and I was looking forward to the day it opened.

But that day never came, the region closed very quickly and became a run of the mill residential sim after the German players refused to go there and then greifers hit the sim en-masse.

I was around to capture one of the greifing attempts and I’ll leave the pictures below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The person who greifed them was someone by the name of Lancelot Woodford. An Alt account of a person called Hartmann, who we will be discussing later, so keep a note of that name for now.

Another sim came along about a year later, this time set in Tobruk and re-enacting the classic duel between the British 7th Army and the German Afrika Korp. There was nothing particularly special about this sim, just a desert with some arab buildings dotted about the place, but the British players were happy and Astral-Tek released a Crusader Tank with a planned Afrika Korp Panzer III to come later.


Sadly the same thing happened. The German players refused to go there and the sim was greifed, this time by Hartmann himself. The Sim owner also received a number of threatening and abusive IM’s from Vickster, claiming attempts at player poaching.

Annoyingly the only pictures of I have of this region were of a couple of Ponies playing out a “Pony Dr Who” RP in a skybox and were genuinely annoyed when the admins wouldn’t let them.


A few other WWII regions popped up every now and then and the same thing happened, Germans refuse to turn up, Hartmman alt greifs them. I’ve quite forgotten their names, since there was a lot of them, but one of them ‘Operation Goodwood’ was mine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Goodwood was designed for the idea of fast-paced combat with multiple spawn points and very few defendable positions, capture objectives were easy to take but difficult to hold and there was a few RP elements mixed in to keep things interesting. During it’s short existence it caused a high exodus of players from New Bastogne and it regularly past it in traffic numbers. We even had an article written about us in the SL Newser.

It too got hit by grefiing, again from Hartmann who, along with his alts, would regularly try to crash the sim or turn up at events and send people obscene pictures to distract them. I also got my fair share of abuse from Vickster, player poaching, sabotage etc etc as did both my Allied and Axis commanders.

[22:35] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): why don’t you back up any of the shit you talk?
[22:35] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): prove it
[22:39] Malcious Vuckovic: I’m sorry what?
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): prove one thing
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): just one thing
[22:39] Malcious Vuckovic: Prove what?
[22:39] Malcious Vuckovic: That you are abusive to my admins? Isn’t this conversation somewhat self-evident of that?
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you know what? i only have one thing to say to you.
[22:39] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): fuck off
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you don’t know shit
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you’re a tool
[22:40] Malcious Vuckovic: to who?
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): i don’t care
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): i told you to fuck off and that means i’m done talking to you
[22:40] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): g’night

Goodwood would eventually close. At the time we were nabours with DOR and well, readers of this blog should be aware of the coming shit storm that those people caused me for me. Goodwood moved away and Joe took it over, adding another six sims to it however the person who was helping him pay for it all lost his job after falling alseep at his desk and the region closed.

DOR and the central telehub region at DOR played host to a large hanger specifically dedicated to acting as advertisement to New Bastogne. At the same time, just before we took the decision to move, the region of void dedicated to our expansion was ‘blocked off’ suddenly by the arrival of two new sims, one of which a Pirate themed Hooker sim (no I’m not making that up) in which the only access to was through Goodwood. While we complained to Jessica Chung ,who was out landlord at the time, she merely mentioned that one of DOR’s estate Managers had greenlit it and wouldn’t help us any further. Princess Da claimed it wasn’t him and though he has done nothing to ever make me think I can believe him coincidently Vickster was also an Estate manager with DOR and this ‘coincidence’ has pondered me to this day.

Goodwood wasn’t an entire waste. Because of the high number of defectors from New Bastogne I started to receive a lot of detail into the rather bizarre and quite disturbing way the upper echelons of Vickster’s ,now disbanded, 1st SS Leibstandarte group worked. Vickster referred to himself as Fuhrer and would often sign RP Documents with ‘Seig Heil’ he also disallowed Furries or anyone without the Aryan look of Blonde Hair and Blue eyes to be promoted or allowed into the SS. This was apparently done for Historical Accuracy.


I was also made aware of the existence of a Group, one by the name of Defensor Civiaswdad (Group key: 0f0162d2-c2ba-81d9-32f2-69c4b044fb74 if you’re interested) a group specifically designed to identify threats to New Bastogne and to find ways of extinguishing them. Various higher officers in the 1.Armee and 1st SS would receive this invite:

“Hi (name removed), I invite you to a secret group, its purpose is to actively help New Bastogne by all ways, find good strategies to make the RP more active and stop all attempts from the New Ravenloft loosers and troublemakers to recruit our members and spread slanders and lies about us. This group is a secret society with only trustfull people.”

Supposedly this group has now been replaced by the more appropriately named PropogandaKompanie


But I’m just ranting now.

When Goodwood closed my passion for WWII-RP died with it and I moved onto other things. During that time a few other WWII Sims emerged, most notably New World.

Now the bullshit with New World would take an entire article to explain but suffice to say they suffered the same problems as Goodwood. Abuse from Vickster, German players refusing to fight there and greifing, lots of grefing from Hartmman and his alts.

New World caused an exodus of players from New Bastogne that far outshone Goodwood, it catapulted it off the radar in terms of Traffic and for the first time in a long time, events were held, battles were had and the WWII-RP community started to slowly grow back to the way it was before attracting nearly 100 active players as well as a number of new builders.

Why New World went from that to falling down the Bullshit Tree and landing with a crash is best explained by someone who was around at the time, but during it’s height an amazing war of Drama took place. People who went to New World and were seen by one of Vickster’s spies were instantly banned from New Bastogne and anyone who took an officer position in NW’s Axis group regularly found themselves under constant abuse and cries of ‘traitor’ from the New Bastogne’s officer core.

It was here we learned why a lot of the Germans refused to fight in these new regions that were popping up. Vickster was actively threatening to kick them out of his groups and from New Bastogne. In fact it was part of the group rules of the 1st SS.


6 – You always report anything you see/hear to the Gruppenführer. Anything you find relevant and important for him to know.

7 – You are NEVER to be found talking badly about Germany, about German values, German leaders or anything bad related to WW2. Preferencially, you will say nothing about these things and have no opinion to share publicly.

8 – There is no life after SS. If you abandon the SS, if you betray us, if you end up expelled from the SS, you understand you will be automatically BANNED from the WW2 permanently, as well as any other alt you may have. If you fail in the SS, you’re done in WW2 in SL.

9 – You will protect the name of our group and never put our SIM and/or group at risk by exposing ‘prohibited’ material or publicly speaking of ‘prohibited ideas’.

10 – You will always respect your comrades and especially your superiors. You will always follow orders blindly and efficiently without hesitation. Whatever the order may be, you will do it and will accomplish it.

(I’ll leave the entire hand book on pastebin for anyone who is interested. Pay particular attention to line 28. “We are not political, we represent the German Armed Forces and we do not care about politics. We are soldiers.” which then goes onto contradict itself in line 51 “basic aspects of being a soldier in the SS don’t involve combat at all“. Though I also rather enjoy line 45: “No furry avatars allowed in the SS. Only the lowest ranks of Heer and and all ranks of Luftwaffe permit furries”. Line 51 again “While you are in tag and uniform you represent the SS and its values.”  and of course who could forget line 68 “The minimum height for be part of the Waffen-SS is 2.10m (SL height). Your avatar must also be presentable, and this goes for the quality of the ‘appearance items’ you wear, such as skin(white), eyes(blue), hair(blonde), etc. You must be as historically correct as possible and this WILL be enforced.”)

Though it should be pointed out this SS group no longer seem to exist, so just to prove it once did here is a video of them training.


After that the only WWII regions I am aware of was WWII North and Central. Probably the most beautiful WWII region ever constructed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was another Joe Sparrow pet project there to show off what MCE could do and for a while it was successful. Hartmann of course consistently tried greifing the place and Vickster was less than too happy about the places existence, like he did at New World anyone caught playing at Central was banned from Bastogne and for a while he even had ,in his profile pics, an add mocking Central.

WWII-Central and North moved to the Jeogeot Gulf.

Now keep all that in mind while I quickly address one concern. Yes I am aware it is hypocritical of me to state that the Avatar Hartmman is controlling all these alts when in my previous article I denied doing the same thing. I am aware that I have no physical evidence to present here. Hartmann and his alts are well known in the community and the evidence for a Hartmann is alt usually him being French and speaking over Mic, which he does a lot when angry. I’m afraid you’re just going to have to trust me and this Redzone report.

Redzone Report on Hartmman Resident
Hartmman: seems he is quite a bad boy – an unprecedented -4 rating on RedZone’s neighborhood watch report. Red Zone also reports several “alts” (or more precisely avatars who have logged in from the same IP address). In the unlikely event one of these individuals claims they are not really him and it is a mistake, send me their name, and I can doa level 2 analysis to see if there is any merit to their claim.

Erich Hartmman
Hartmman Resident
CaptBlinker Kingmaker (Note: he took this name after Capt Blinker banned him from his sim, so don’t confuse the two)

Hartmann Resident
Lancelot Woodford
Jon123 Danik
Alexia Mekanic
Yoshi Deka

While not listed as an alt of Hartmman a RedZone Owner named Adrianna Biziou uses her status to constabntly remove hartmman from the neighrhood watch program.

Keeping with Hartmann and working to the assumption that all the alts are him. In the region of New Bastogne, Hartmann is known to greif, he cheats, he hurls insults at the allied players and he shouts abuse at his superiors. I have a lot of evidence to this so instead of a picture, here is a gallery.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As a once admin of Bastogne I spent a lot of time dealing with complaints regarding him, yet I could never get him banned. Worst still when Mogg Zepp, commander of the Axis tank arm after Albretch was banned, stepped down it was Hartmman who was promoted to replace him.

This was something I could never understand. Hartmman was the only person in the SS who was allowed to ignore the appearance rules, he had black hair and dark skin, yet this was ignored despite others being booted out for even so much as wearing elf ears. He was given a high position in the Heer and ,for a time, his own office. When he was finally booted out the 1.Armee for abusing his superiors he was given Command positions in the other Axis armies, the Azad Hind, the Italians and the Axis Soviet group which closely parodied my own 3rd Shock Army. While Allied factions had to fight for office space and often share buildings, Hartmman’s groups were given graciously sized HQ buildings, often at the expense of another group.


History lesson over. Now I know that was a lot of information to process so I’ll summarise. Of every WWII region that has opened that I am aware of the following has happened:

1) Vickster has banned his German Players from visiting or fighting there and has threatened to ban others he catches playing there.

2) The region has been greifed by Hartmman or by a suspected Alt of his. Hartmman receives special treatment in New Bastogne and the admins turn a blind eye to him cheating.

3) The region closes down shortly after, citing reasons for lack of players and greifing attacks.

A curious connection and as we wander aimlessly through the night, the illumination from the gas lamps throwing shadows across the dusty street, the music edged with the subtle undertones of muted trombones.

images (2)

What does it all mean? What does it all prove? Other than what we already know, that Vickster doesn’t like to share, nothing.

Theorise with me a little.

If Hartmman is the one behind all these greifer attacks we must question why? And since he receive special treatment at Bastogne we must also question why that is. We could assume the two are connected. That Hartmman was attacking these regions with the direct intent of having them shut down.

If so it is not entirely outside the realms of possibility that Hartmman and his alts (assuming they are not all different people) was acting under orders of either Vickster himself or someone else at New Bastogne and was being rewarded with various special privileges.


Hold the phone, that’s an interesting theory, certainly one that holds water, but other than my own memory of these events we have very little proof, so it is just a theory.

Theorise with me further

The Attacks we are seeing on the Gulf, first by DOR now by this “Free the Gulf” group seem to be following a similar pattern. We proved last time that the Avatar, Harry Chocolate, is a greifer associated with the Free Gulf Movement and I played on the idea of ‘what if Kyndy is right’ and showed that even if I were in control of the griefers, attacking myself would be entirely to my own detriment as it would lower traffic. What I may have done is accidentally stumbled onto something, what if these grefers actually are trying to draw traffic away.

Let me put it this way. If you typed ‘WWII’ into search this screen would come up.


This screen was taken just before the peak of the ‘Free The Gulf’ and greifer activity, when Joe had most of his rentals occupied, interest in the sim was high with a considerable amount of players being pulled by the Lance freight & combat system and even a few tank battles.

Note the traffic level of both sims sits higher than New Bastogne (WWII Role Play & VICE Combat – Caen)

After weeks of FtG activity and numerous greifer attacks the level of traffic reduced considerably and New Bastogne sat above Jeogeot. After this the greifers suddenly stopped and the trolling attempts by the FtG started to slow with only Meelyme putting in an occasional appearance and according to Joe Sparrow this is perfectly normal.

Joe Sparrow: every single time the gulf and my sim becomes active. every single god damned time. UP GOES THE WALL. down goes my sim. its targeted harassment aimed at shutting us down

The Greifers only show up when his traffic surpasses New Bastognes.

A curious coincidence maybe? It’s not a clear link, I mean it’s not like members of the 366 and FtG movement are in the New Bastogne players group or anything…

kyndy 12


But thats just nit picking, I mean anyone can join that group it’s not like there are members of the 366 or FtG that are Admins of New Bastogne….






Suddenly our theory seems to have gained a bit more ground. It explains the FtG’s final Mission which ,as we revealed, was not to ‘Free the Gulf’ per say, but to destroy it. An odd objective and why were most of it’s members admins at New Bastogne? Why did Vickster involve himself with them and IM both myself and Joe random insults?

Could this just be another attempt to rid Vickster of a competitor, after all as a 44 sim super-region the Gulf is New Bastognes biggest threat. Could that be what all this bullshit really was about?


Perhaps, it’s still just a theory, a conspiracy theory. After all there is a conspiracy theory that the Titanic never sank and it was all an insurance scam but then again, Watergate was also once a conspiracy theory.

What we need then is maybe a little more subsistence. It’s time to come in from the rain and take off our jackets, but leave the hat on it’s more dramatic. Allright fine you can take it off, but quit smoking, it’s seriously bad for you.


Let us consider the Targets of the Free Gulf Movement. Because I’ve been a little selfish. You see for all my defensive blabbering *I* have not been a target.

This is curious, after all despite what people may claim, I am the liaison between Linden Labs and the Gulf, the ONLY Liaison (or at least now I am). I’m the one who calls the meetings, brings up peoples concerns and puts forward new ideas to the Lindens. Yet, aside from a little personal harassment my groups have remained clear of any messaging, my Blog comments remains clean of any attempts by the FtG to spread their message and my house in the Gulf has gone completely untouched despite being in farting distance of Hawkside Airfield, where the 366 hang out.

So who has been the Targets?

Joe, Aeon and weirdly, Zora.

Yup Zora of ZSK has been the target of Attacks from the Free the Gulf group, spam messages in his groups and greifer attacks on his airfield.

It was during the discussion of the nature of these attacks that Zora happened to mention something a little weird. You see we’d been getting complaints that members of the Free the Gulf group, specifically Toscha, were harassing people in the area and the type of harassment was incredibly specific:

[04:51:22] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): There has been a lot of complaints from people in the Gulf that Toscha has been prowling the regions outside Archerfield, pouncing on ZSK players and singling those out using demo planes
[04:51:30] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Would you consider that he is profiling your products?
[04:53:31] ZoraSlade Karu: Yes, today was an example of that. I saw him pounce on one person trying my products twice, until he was shot down by flak to stop him. And then, later on he was tailing another user while they tried to land on the carrier. He also hangs around the carrier and surrounding sims, and we’ve caught him alt camming into the B-17 a few times.
[04:54:14] ZoraSlade Karu: Also, Julius says there is rumour that he’s been spreading false claims that the B-17 is a “cheat weapon”, and that in the last event it “crashed the sim 2 sims after take off”.
[04:54:40] ZoraSlade Karu: And that he personally was in the B-17 during the event
[04:55:30] ZoraSlade Karu: Oh let me get the log of him ccalling us hypocrits
[04:55:54] ZoraSlade Karu: [17:42] Toscha Vayandar: fuck you. you always talk about realistic planes but when someone comes along in a THI and keeps owning all of you in LEGITIMATE fights, you shits bust out the AA. fucking hypocrit wannabes, all of you
[04:56:13] ZoraSlade Karu: While flying THI’s old P-40.
[04:57:02] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): I see
[04:57:13] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): And this is a common occurrence?
[04:58:40] ZoraSlade Karu: Toscha has chased me, and a few other’s that he dislikes around the Gulf whenever we are in Combat aircraft.
[04:59:49] ZoraSlade Karu: He also rammed Julius out of air in an EG P-38 the other day for turning VICE off.
[05:00:08] ZoraSlade Karu: Julius was in the P-38. Toscha was in the P-40
[05:00:28] ZoraSlade Karu: Julius was trying to land at Archer
[05:00:54] ZoraSlade Karu: So, I’d say recently he’s been targeting us.

Profiling Aircraft? going after people with Demo Planes? spreading rumours about ZSK products? That’s not within the Mandate of the Free Gulf Movement. And all three of their targets, Joe, Aeon and Zora could leave the Gulf today and nothing would happen.

No, something else was going on here.

maxresdefault (1)

I poured myself a Whisky and set a new ribbon in the Type writer, it was going to be a long night.

Something big was going down by the docks, something what would blow all this shit to hell and back and old Mal was stuck right here in the middle of it. The Gulf was no place for a dame. Kyndy and her clique were up to something bigger than some stupid 6 year old chip on the shoulder. But As I metaphorically chased her through back alleys and over rooftops doing my best Gordon Ramsey impersonation….


…I suddenly realized that I didn’t have too. It happened when I was on my 13th Whiskey of the morning (I live in Scotland, it’s used as water here shut up) I decided to re-read my previous articles and like last nights bad choice Taco bell it came fast and without warning..


I’ll be honest I’ve been carrying that GIF for years and I just wanted to use it, but let me show you what I found.

Go back a few articles to my Vickster Rant entitled “So then this happened” and have a look at the notice Vickster sent which triggered that Article.

Self refrence

I’ll quote it for you:

“We denounce them (Joe Sparrow, Aeon Voom, Myself & Tank Kwansas) for all their blatant lies against Battle Bitches, Blueworks and Mistral Arms and Shana Aircraft….”

Wait Shana?

Yes, Shana Carpool. Now I know I have a bit of a reputation for not liking Shana Carpool (the products not the person) but she’s never been the target of a MalQusition article, sure she’s been mentioned, but if DOR had exclusively used EG Aircraft, if Luke Flywalker kept plugging THI planes they would have been mentioned as well, it was their bullshit I was highlighting, not Shana’s.

So why specifically mention Shana? I’m not a threat to her. Am I?

Move onto my last article and take a look at Kyndy’s Notecard, specifically the last section where it points out a list of builders Kyndy would rather you support over Joe and Aeon.

Self refrence 2

Aside from being a small list, who is the first person on that list, the first name Kyndy writes down. Shana Carpool.

The Music gets more Dramatic, I’m getting something here, I’m wandering down ally ways with steam gushing out of every manhole as my large tan trenchcoat flaps behind me.

Would this be the same Shana Carpool who’s mainstore is in a sim called Meridas?

shana store

The same sim with her House and Sandbox?

shana sandbox

in a parcel called…I forget what was it?


Shanatown, yeah.

And Meridas, remind us again, that would be the sim that Vickster lives in right? the one he owns and pays for?


Yes, yes it would be.

They even race cars togther.

V+s 1.png

But that doesn’t prove anything does it?

I mean it’s not like Shana hangs out with members of the 366?


Oh…well again that doesn’t prove anything I mean it’s not like they would be stupid enough to add Shana to the Bastogne Admin gro…



So the Free the Gulf group Target Joe, Aeon and Zora, people who makes WWII planes, people who threaten Shana’s business as competitors and it should be mentioned that the creation of the Free the Gulf group and the arrival of greifers on masse to the Gulf, not including Turd Fergesson (who I should emphasize is a different griefer who pre-dates FtG), coincides with the time THI made it’s newer planes VICE enabled. A day in which one pilot quoted:

“In one half-assed notice THI has simply destroyed it’s competition.”

coincidently (I’ve been saying this a lot) Vickster’s Notice ,that banned all Astral-Tek products from New Bastogne, came out the day before Joe was set to release his new Panzer IV tank.


Was this perhaps an attempt to de-rail sales of this tank? To protect the two other tank builders he mentions in that Notice, Battle Bitches and Blue Works?

If so then could it also be possible that the actions of the FtG group are backed and supported by New Bastogne, not only to try and have the Gulf shut down, ridding themselves of a competitor, but also to rid Shana Carpool of three competitors? Is that why Joe, Aeon and now Zora have been dragged into this?

This is of course, just a theory though the evidence is factual the conclusion is speculation. To analyse a Conspiracy theory one must always follow the money.

It has been rumoured for a while that Shana has been loosing sales and to understand the significance of that you need another History lesson.


One of the reasons I’ve been on Vickster’s shit list for the better half of the past 6 years, well one of the many reasons, is my relationship to Joe Sparrow. When we first meet Joe’s sandbox was in a region called New Fallout, Vickster was his landlord, he paid for Fallout and helped pay a portion of New Bastogne’s tier. He also made weapons and aircraft for Vickster’s group including special “upgraded” (by which I mean over-powered) versions of those weapons specifically for Vickster, often painted bright red.

After I joined Astral-Tek Joe began to trust me more and would talk to me for hours on whatever was on his mind, it was after discussing his finances I realised that Vickster was over-charging him for New Fallout, by about 5k a week. Joe brought this up with Vickster who immediately brought the price down claiming he had “forgotten”. After this Joe received a number of plea’s from Vickster claiming he wasn’t going to be able to pay the tier. Over the short time Joe remained at New Bastogne he forked over an extra 160,000 Lindens and that’s just the times he would tell me about.

After Joe left he stopped paying Fallout’s Tier and stopped assisting Vickster with New Bastognes tier.



No Cold heart, no lovers tiff, insurance scam or jealous husbands here, just cold hard cash. The lifeblood of everything. We sit back a little pondering what we now know. So I caught Vickster over-charging Joe, so what? Like I said I could write a book on Vickster and the stories would just get worse so why mention just this one? Why is this significant? and…


..Where the hell was I going with this?

Oh yeah.

One question should be remaining. After Joe stopped paying tier and stopped helping paying New Bastognes tier just exactly how was Vickster then able to pay for it all himself with the addition of New Fallout on top of that?

The obvious answer is that either Vickster was lying and extorting Joe for extra funds or someone else took over.

If that’s true then who?


Rumour has it Shana took over from Joe. Of course that’s just a rumor, there is an equal rumor than Blue Works and Battle Bitches also help with the tier and this would explain why Vickster is so defensive of them.

But if all that is true, if Shana is really loosing money and helping pay New Bastognes tier then eventually she is going to run out of money and have to stop. A scary prospect for Vickster. With one single vast ocean acting as a sponge for his players, and therefor customers, and harbouring three of Shana’s biggest competitors giving them access to an open, unrestricted area to which he cannot control nor influence. Is it so much to understand why two of his Admins, including his ex-boyfreind (oh I should of mentioned him and Toscha were dating once) turn up and start supporting a group who’s intention is to destroy this Ocean as well as give them a platform to attack Shana’s competitors in an attempt to keep her sales up and therefor securing New Bastognes future for another year.

Or is it simply a massive coincidence.

download (3)One more thing before I sign off.

That person who was attacking me personally?


Who was attacking Archerfield and harassing people in the Gulf as well as Zora’s staff and beta testers?

[05:33:21] ZoraSlade Karu: Dexter had an altercation with Hartmman a while ago over the Freighter system. He went nuts claiming that Dexter “destroyed his army” or something stupid. So, afterwards Kirk Difference shows up and directly attacks dexter in his freighter with a kracken.
[05:33:46] ZoraSlade Karu: Then Hartmann for no reason start attacking Tom and harassing both him and Dexter at Archer, which got him banned.
[05:33:57] ZoraSlade Karu: And the other day, we was stalking the ban line
[05:34:58] ZoraSlade Karu: I’d have to get their logs again.

Yeah, Hartmman. Who ,I should point out, is now a member of the Free the Gulf group. And still a player at New Bastogne as leader of the 33rd SS Charlemagne.

The Jeogeot Gulf’s “Secret War”

The Jeogeot Gulf, despite being my own project, hasn’t really featured much in the MalQusition. It’s pottered along nicely, maybe not as quickly as I hoped but it’s two main objectives, to re-build the Combat Community to it’s former glory and to wake-up Linden Labs to the fact their ‘Community Outreach’ Program could really become a central focus of a developing virtual world (if ,you know, they put some fucking effort into it) haven’t yet been fully achieved though there are signs that this is slowly taking form.

Just recently two groups of people ,Shana pilots and THI/ZSK pilots, two groups always described as hating each other, held an event where Shana Planes, THI Planes and ZSK planes were all used alongside each other with no complaints and no real issues other than a sim or two going down due to the sheer amount of people trying to enter it. A great sign for a re-developing community and a show of what we can all do when we actually stop bitching at each other and work together.

So I’m happy with the gulf, LL is happy and the players who use it are happy, so I have nothing to write about regarding the Gulf, oh if only someone stupid were to come along and try to fuck everything up in the most ridiculous and desperate way possible.







I’m going to introduce you to two people since it’ll save time later, their names are Kyndyrjik Benell and Toscha Vayandar. Did you hear that noise? That was them juicing their lady parts with the excitement of finally being mentioned in this blog after countless attempts to attract my attention. We’ll get onto that later. For now think on these two people, they are not stupid people and once upon a time I counted them as friends but they are however a little hot headed and somewhat easy to manipulate so we’ll get back to them in a moment.

Now this article may sound a little preachy at the start, but bear with me because it gets fucking weird.

About a year ago I started to receive complaints from various players about the behaviour of a certain group of people called the 366 which I was led to believe were the Hardline remnants of DOR, the ones that didn’t sign up with Barry Foehammer and his new group. According to reports this group ,or at least some members of it, had a habit of Vice’ing off mid-way through combat when they were loosing, screaming “cheater” when they lost, using Vice cheat weapons and turning up with modern jets and helicopters to fight WWII Aircraft. Always going back to the tired old “oh well Joe Sparrow once used a Type 45 blah blah” excuse any time someone complained despite the fact that two of them sat in Type 45’s blockading Tulagi for several hours, attacking anything that moved, shooting at sailors, passing planes, launching nukes at nearby houses and using all manner of Vice Glitch tricks, shields and cheat weapons to protect their ships from harm and immediately re-rezzing them when they got sunk.

At the same time Wright Brothers Airfield was being greifed by a person by the name of Jody Genesis (again with the moist lady parts) a tiresome 14 year old who had been banned from several regions for his persistent use of cheat-push weapons and derogatory behaviour.  He was dealing with the situation by using one his many alts, in this case Turd Ferguson, to build a giant wall around the Wright Brothers Airfield in the North and cover it with pictures resembling it’s owner Tank Kwaszes as well as several oddly specific attacks against Tomm Box, who has nothing to do with Wright Brothers or the Jeogeot Gulf, going as far to use Real Life pictures of him.


Both of these problems never amounted to more than minor inconveniences and while Linden labs “eventually” took care of Turd, I never guessed that the Turd issue and the complaints against 366 squadron were related. As it turns out they were.

Let’s go back to those two people I mentioned earlier. Both of them are members of the 366 Squadron and both with a reputation for bullshit antics and loud-mouthing any time something goes wrong. They turned up at an unscheduled event in the Gulf. There was a lot of Battleships, aircraft and general insanity that always proceeds events in the Gulf but it was brought to an almost amazing close after a 366 Squadron Aircraft carrier taking part in the event, suddenly and without warning took Flight.

Naturally the complaints of greifing starting flying immediately but there was about 20 witnesses or so to this and despite everyone camming onto the Carrier to see what was wrong, no-one could find anything. What was curious about this situation is it was an Astral-Tek Carrier, which has built in counters to prevent being pushed in this way, most of the time ,if you shift into neutral gear, they will lock in place and refuse to move if it thinks it’s being orbited or pushed. Secondly the carrier rose up steadily to about 80m then flew off in a straight line which is not something a greifer attack normally does.

Curious, but in spite of this the Jeogeot Gulf chat buzzed and 366 squadron member Kyndyrjik Benell immediately launched into an attack on several other players. No-one paid her much attention as they were used to this sort of behaviour from Kyndy.

She then changed tactics and claimed that her Aircraft (modern of course) was shot down to which she claimed had been done by a one-hit-kill device, her evidence being that her “bumps, pushes and hits” log (a feature of every viewer) claimed she was hit by a ‘scripted object’.

Again no-one cared.

The result was her spamming Jeogeot Gulf group chat and screaming at everyone and anyone who would listen about the nature of corrupt Jeogeot Admins greifing everyone: She goes on for quite a while so I’ve edited out most of it but in case you really want it here is the entire log on pastebin:

[2016/04/18 09:36:36] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): there is an interesting setting in firestorm

[2016/04/18 09:36:40] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): not known by many
[2016/04/18 09:36:49] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): the bump / pushes logger
[2016/04/18 09:37:08] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): [09:35] MeellyME Resident: [09:21:24] Infinite Rage hit you with a scripted object
[2016/04/18 09:37:08] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Doesn’t work in vehicles 😉
[2016/04/18 09:37:12] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): it does
[2016/04/18 09:37:17] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): yo do know
[2016/04/18 09:37:22] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Nah, Tig’s missiles push things around but Joe added in a System which stops it launching you out of the water, it sort of locks the ship in place if it detects you being pushed
[2016/04/18 09:37:22] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): that plane carrier been griefed
[2016/04/18 09:37:23] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): that rockets and such
[2016/04/18 09:37:25] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): are scripted
[2016/04/18 09:37:37] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): literally every bullet is scripted
[2016/04/18 09:37:57] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): You probably dun goof’d some how
[2016/04/18 09:37:58] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): and amazingly I got it all on video
[2016/04/18 09:38:06] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): smile to the camera
[2016/04/18 09:38:11] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Good!
[2016/04/18 09:38:25] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): So we can see your talking shit 😉
[2016/04/18 09:38:40] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): suuuure
[2016/04/18 09:40:04] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I’m impatient to put this on youtube
[2016/04/18 09:40:11] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Go ahead
[2016/04/18 09:40:13] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Just upload it

(For those of you curious this is what she uploaded.)

[2016/04/18 09:40:21] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): peopels from Tulagi, griefing players in the gulf
[2016/04/18 09:40:23] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): I’m not really sure what you’re expecting
[2016/04/18 09:40:39] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): that’ll be a blast for an AR
[2016/04/18 09:40:47] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Upload it already 😉
[2016/04/18 09:41:06] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Feel free to AR people for shooting vice rockets at you
[2016/04/18 09:41:55] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): shootign vice rocket is one thing
[2016/04/18 09:41:59] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): orbiting players another
[2016/04/18 09:42:24] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Let’s not jump the gun here and turn this into a little “he said, she said” argument.
[2016/04/18 09:42:32] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Yeah
[2016/04/18 09:42:46] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Besides Kyndy, bitching about people girefing in the Gulf is a little rich coming from you
[2016/04/18 09:43:26] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Upload the video and AR the people if you’re sure about them being griefers 😉
[2016/04/18 09:44:22] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli):
[2016/04/18 09:44:28] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): for those doubting I have the video
[2016/04/18 09:44:35] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): what does that proof
[2016/04/18 09:44:58] Xin (velen.forager): Apart from the fact Tig really needs better rockets
[2016/04/18 09:45:02] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): I actually had transparency on, saw nothing it
[2016/04/18 09:47:01] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli):
[2016/04/18 09:47:20] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): woops looks like the timestamsp doesn’t match for a tig missile fired by me to collide with that ship…
[2016/04/18 09:48:08] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): ok, so you proved it wasn’t you. But can you prove what it was and who, if anyone, did it?
[2016/04/18 09:48:11] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): The only scripted objects that came from Ruri were the vice missles. So unless you actually have actual evidence of who it was go ahead. I didn’t see any objects hitting the carrier in the way thats necessary to push it like that. So with no objects hitting you repeatidly like physics rammers, it’s probably something llPush, which only works on yourself in a no push zone.
[2016/04/18 09:48:33] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): suuuuuure

Now in situations like this I can actually do something. I have a little priority when it comes to AR’s and in my experience any AR I’ve made on people using greifer tools and cheat weapons has been dealt with pretty promptly. However if I get a complaint from one side I have to ask the other side for their story who will likely always counter it, so I ask people take multiple screenshots and preferably video evidence to prove what they claim.

But ,because Kyndy couldn’t provide any evidence, what started off a legit complaint  that could have been very easily dealt with by me became the epicentre of a raging soapbox rant as Kyndy, outraged that I wasn’t insta-banning everyone from the Gulf because she said so, started to turn on people and the accusations came fast and thick.

[2016/04/18 09:52:47] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Don’t accuse people of doing things they aren’t. That’s just causing drama. We’re just waiting for them to provide actual proof. It’s very rude to accuse people of griefing.
[2016/04/18 09:52:58] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): oh you’re going to cry?
[2016/04/18 09:53:06] Joe Sparrow: everyone come get some tropical drinks
[2016/04/18 09:54:57] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): what amaze me is the peoples here, all of them, got no power out of their respective sims, but act as the gulf cop, in other words, they impersonate LL agents, which is just fabulous, and yet they wonder why the gulf is dead!
[2016/04/18 09:56:30] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): by using UNK bullets on peoples you dislike or think they cheats…
[2016/04/18 09:56:50] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Kyndy do you have proof someone used a UNK bullet today?
[2016/04/18 09:57:03] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I have proof of someoen using UNK saturday
[2016/04/18 09:57:10] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Send it to me
[2016/04/18 09:57:20] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): no
[2016/04/18 09:57:25] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I’ll put them in a blog
[2016/04/18 09:57:32] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): at the view of everyone
[2016/04/18 10:02:35] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): #JeSuisGulf

Her “proof” as it came was first to paste a text log which we can’t accept for obvious reasons. So I asked her to take a Screenshot. This was me still trying to be a good admin and resolve the situation even though by now it had become clear that all Kyndy wanted was to start a flame war.

About 10 minites later she finally provided a Screenshot, this time showing a private IM conversation with Joe Sparrow to which she tried to pass off as an actual local chat hit detector.

Kyndys proof

but of course that wouldn’t fly with me so off she went again.

[2016/04/18 10:17:43] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): Ruri
[2016/04/18 10:17:48] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): where you’re a fucking liar
[2016/04/18 10:17:54] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): is when you look at the logs
[2016/04/18 10:18:03] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you cna clearly see me switching my collective
[2016/04/18 10:18:09] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): so I WAS IN A FUCKING HELICOPTER
[2016/04/18 10:18:11] Ruri (infinite.rage): Oh, you mean in the helicopter.
[2016/04/18 10:18:16] Ruri (infinite.rage): I’m talking about later than that.
[2016/04/18 10:18:16] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): bunch of liars
[2016/04/18 10:18:40] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you get caught in your own lies
[2016/04/18 10:18:55] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): Oh the log of this conversation is going to be epic

Eventully after nearly an hour she finally handed me a screenshot of local chat and what would appear to be acceptable proof of a one-hit-kill usage. Of course becuase of the several attempts at passing off an evidently faked chat log I would have to investigate the image, including running it through a program that detects Photoshop usage.

However at this point both Kyndy and several others were acting like asshats and I was getting a lot of IM’s from people claiming that Kyndy and her freind Toscha were now actively greifing people outside of Tulagi in the Gulf. And since this was now a case of two idiots greifing each other I couldn’t actually do anything outside of AR them both. I decided to be more mature about it and have the two of them kiss and make up.

That, of course, wouldn’t fly with Kyndy who began a series of personal attacks agsint me.

[2016/04/18 10:19:41] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): ok, Kyndy has handed me what would appear to be good evidence of Ruri using a UNK
[2016/04/18 10:19:45] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): But
[2016/04/18 10:20:02] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Kyndy you’re acting like the worlds biggest asshole right now so nothing is going to come of this
[2016/04/18 10:20:09] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): bwhahaha
[2016/04/18 10:20:12] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you’re apthetic
[2016/04/18 10:20:21] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): finding excuses to what can’t be excused
[2016/04/18 10:20:25] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): so you two apologize to each other and act like the adults I assume you to be and we’ll leave it there
[2016/04/18 10:20:44] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): what’s your next lie malcious? Up again with these lies about your brain cancer, or perhaps th
[2016/04/18 10:21:01] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): that you’re a highly burnt veteran that got no money ?
[2016/04/18 10:21:10] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): what’s will be next?
[2016/04/18 10:21:12] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I’m curious
[2016/04/18 10:21:28] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Yes because people who survive cancer are clearly liars and all War vets are rich and living comfortably
[2016/04/18 10:21:34] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): now peopels will know your true face
[2016/04/18 10:21:48] Ruri (infinite.rage): Kyn, you are the biggest fucking faggot I have ever met in my life. Please go fucking off yourself.
[2016/04/18 10:22:02] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): yes, but vets, especially in Uk and if “battle damaged”
[2016/04/18 10:22:07] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): get a lifetime pay
[2016/04/18 10:22:12] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): No
[2016/04/18 10:22:16] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): we get a “state pension”
[2016/04/18 10:22:17] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you forgot that I was in the french navy perhaps?
[2016/04/18 10:22:18] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): for five years
[2016/04/18 10:22:31] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): blah blah blah
[2016/04/18 10:22:37] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Also a laptop
[2016/04/18 10:22:52] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): lies again Malcious?
[2016/04/18 10:23:47] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): Peoples, you want to know about another lies told by Malcious?
[2016/04/18 10:24:23] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): he pretend to be allowed by the Lindens to be the local cop
[2016/04/18 10:24:35] Xin (velen.forager): Sasha
[2016/04/18 10:24:39] Xin (velen.forager): Do you have any proof of this?
[2016/04/18 10:24:41] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): He rpetend that him, Malcious is the only bridge between LL and the SL resident using the Gulf
[2016/04/18 10:24:48] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): but when asking the said lindens
[2016/04/18 10:24:48] Xin (velen.forager): Right
[2016/04/18 10:24:53] Xin (velen.forager): When did he say this
[2016/04/18 10:24:54] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): they just laugh
[2016/04/18 10:26:08] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): it’s time he realise some PLAYERS here, are given themselves rights they haven’t
[2016/04/18 10:27:12] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): I’m not a cop nor have I ever described myself as such, I am the Gulf Janitor. At best my AR’s by-pass a lot of screening and go right to the AR team assigned to this area with a big Priority sticker. Which doesn’t mean much
[2016/04/18 10:27:49] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): You’re playing the cop by handing out UNK bullets to your friends
[2016/04/18 10:27:58] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Prove it
[2016/04/18 10:28:01] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you’re playing the cop by ganking legit players
[2016/04/18 10:28:19] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you’re playing the cop by getting your friends to mass AR peopels you don’t like
[2016/04/18 10:28:32] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Kyndy
[2016/04/18 10:28:35] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): if that was true
[2016/04/18 10:28:38] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): if I had that power
[2016/04/18 10:28:38] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): you
[2016/04/18 10:28:39] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): You’re playing the cop by orbitting / griefing peopels you don’t like
[2016/04/18 10:28:42] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): wouldn’t be here
[2016/04/18 10:29:00] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): But you are
[2016/04/18 10:29:13] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): as is a lot of people i don’t really approve of
[2016/04/18 10:29:36] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): and you are welcome to be here
[2016/04/18 10:29:53] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): It’s not “my” ocean
[2016/04/18 10:30:06] Dexter Church (church152): Ive been around the gulf for almost a year now and ive never seen Mal start a mass AR or give out/participate in a grief attack
[2016/04/18 10:30:12] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you behave, you say, the other way
[2016/04/18 10:30:23] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): and this will come to an end
[2016/04/18 10:30:37] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): of course
[2016/04/18 10:30:40] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you want some white knighting
[2016/04/18 10:30:45] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you’ll Have some
[2016/04/18 10:31:05] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): because 44+ free sims for anyone to use just isn’t acceptable unless someone you approve of is in charge
[2016/04/18 10:31:13] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): and the logs of this public conversation will be spread around
[2016/04/18 10:31:17] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): so everyone will know
[2016/04/18 10:31:45] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): I genuinely do
[2016/04/18 10:31:52] Xin (velen.forager): Sasha
[2016/04/18 10:31:55] Xin (velen.forager): I’ll do you one better
[2016/04/18 10:32:06] Xin (velen.forager): I have been logging this entire conversation
[2016/04/18 10:32:55] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): No thanks Xin, I rather have one log, not cut buy your dirty hands
[2016/04/18 10:33:49] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I have a log here, a private IM, where someone tells me that he get peopels to use UNk bullets to prevent peopels for using some vice stuff
[2016/04/18 10:34:01] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): it’s private
[2016/04/18 10:34:07] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): so of course I won’t disclosure it
[2016/04/18 10:34:13] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): buuuuuut
[2016/04/18 10:34:23] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): I can disclosure it to LL employee

And finally that was it. Yeah there were things I could have done better, things I probably shouldn’t have said. But until she stormed out later that evening people in the Jeogeot Gulf group chat had grown used to Kyndy’s amateur dramatics scenes almost everytime she got shot down. It was just a typical day for 366 Squadron.

So Kyndy stormed out for what was probably the eighth time this year, threatening to contact LL to have me dealt with and supposedly left the Gulf. Or so we thought

You see this is where it should have ended. Everyone should have gone to bed and the following morning should have been the start of a bright new day and to most it was, but not for Kyndy you see that hour long rant was not just a heat of the moment thing for Kyndy this was her ABC Cafe moment of the Viva La Revolution scenario playing out in her head and the following day this group appeared.



No you are reading that correctly. Kyndy is now claiming that the Gulf has “long been abused” to serve the purposes of a small group of people.

Who are this small group of people? Me and Joe Sparrow? who else? Well as it turned out anyone in the Gulf she personally didn’t like which was pretty much everyone.

But pay attention to one name here, Harry Chocolate, remember that name it will be important later.

Now of course This is just the start of Kyndy’s revolution, she needs an argument, something that will draw the crowds to her side and win her the confidence of the Gulf populace. Something that will really highlight the abuse me and Joe have done to the Gulf over the years.

And so the Notecard, released over marketplace and then spread to the populace using day old alts that would swim the length and breath of the Gulf shouting it’s existence and marketplace link, promising it would ‘expose’ the corrupt Gulf Admins once and for all, made it’s debue.

I will post it in full here becuase I want you to read it, no actully read it.


Some may know me some, don’t, but anyway this is not about me we’re talking. We’re talking about V.I.C.E and its creator Creem Pye.
Creem Pye as a legacy before he left SL gifted us with V.I.C.E and a free SDK with a semi open combat system, for all to enjoy on SL. Unfortunately as the time was passing bye, and Creem Pye definitely away from SL, some players tried to master V.I.C.E, to possess it, to choose who could or couldn’t use it.
More recently the Lindens opened an area of water named The Gulf, it’s be an utopia to think it’s be a free area, where everyone could use vice freely. Yet some peoples abused what V.I.C.E had to offer and started to grief players using vice with other vice weapons, more or less true to what V.I.C.E was intended to be. As of today it became impossible to use vice in The Gulf without being attacked by griefers.


There is a solution. Creem Pye wasn’t a fool, and he added in his system the private channels. What are those channels? Well, they’re channels protected by a password. For example if the password is 1234, only peoples setting 1234 as channel password will be able to interact, damage or take damage, with others in this channel.


It’s super easy! When you’re in your vehicle, turn it on, vice it on, then on local chat say “channel” without the ” obviously. Once done, the vehicle/weapon will tell you something like this : Choose a combat channel by chat: /920 <password>. Here it’s, again, simple. Just write the number key given to you, here 920, then the channel password you want to join : /920 11 (11 being the channel password.) Now, the vehicle/weapon will tells you : Joined private combat channel (FF off). Congrats, you’re now in a private channel and safe from the randoms in the basic vice. I promise, safe from others outside of this channel!


You want to hold an event between you and your friends in the gulf or in any sim, but don’t want sad peoples to ruin your fun? USE A PRIVATE CHANEL! Share the password with the one taking part in the event and you’re safe!
Now, imagine, you’re flying in The Gulf and don’t want to be ganked by randoms but still want to show you’re up for some fair combat. USE A PRIVATE CHANEL!


Hahaha! You got me, the interesting question! Because, now I see how some power hungry peoples that I once called friends, try to ruin everyone’s fun to force them into their own combat system now that they know how to make it. LANCE, MCE…. Don’t get fooled, these combat systems seems great, but they all got a common point they got a built in killswitch, if the owner of the said system doesn’t like you for any reason he can remove you the right from using his products, want proof? HEHEHE, enjoy!

[2016/04/15 17:07] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): you put a killswitch in any of your thing
[2016/04/15 17:07] Joe Sparrow: they screamed at me
[2016/04/15 17:07] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): don’t tell me you haven’t in the 88….
[2016/04/15 17:07] Joe Sparrow: the 88 doesnt have that script to disable old versions
[2016/04/15 17:07] Joe Sparrow: it was before it

(before you try to AR me, this was said in public chat…. lol)


Why do you think that only Astral Tek and Amok Dynamics, removed this private channel setting from their products? TO PREVENT YOU FROM USING IT! TO FORCE YOU TO USE THEIR “PROTECTED” SYSTEMS!

In end why all of this? I believe in a few things, most importantly freedom, not the freedom that is sold to you with chains hidden, real freedom, and here I have an occasion to break those chains, and I will do it!

I hold no credits for V.I.C.E, nor for the private channel feature, I was only the one with the memory of it.

So far a list of builders that haven’t removed this feature: (if you want your name added here, IM me inworld, I will update it.)

SC – Shana Carpool
Spijkers & Wingtips – Tig Spijkers
old Astral Tek products – Joe Sparrow (at one point he was a good guy…

Now, if you read that and I really hope you did,  you may realise that her entire argument. For the accusation of bias admins trying to control the Gulf is down to one thing.


Yup, Joe and Aeon’s removal of the Combat Channel system, a wonderful idea that allows a group of people to input a password and then only take or do damage to someone using the same password, was an attempt to control you and instead of buying their products and supporting their regions here is a list of people you should buy from instead.

Except that it was of course utter bullshit.

Aeon Voom’s products still have the channel switching ability and Joe’s, while it is true it was removed, hasn’t been a feature of any of Joe’s products since 2010 about four years before the Jeogeot Gulf existed.

Why? Because it’s non-compatible with the Naval Plugin.

Further to that, long before this notecard was even created, Joe Sparrow spent a considerable time telling people about the Combat Channel system and ADVISING THEY USE IT as a way to by-pass Vice hackers.

So realizing that the ‘Combat Channels’ argument wasn’t going to work, Kyndy picked up the goalposts and ran away, only to come back a few days later with a new Cause.

The Gulf Admins were ANTI-FURRY.

Here is a picture of Joe Sparrow:


And here is a picture from Kyndy’s profile pics.


So yeah, that argument wasn’t going to work either. Up came the Goalposts and off Kyndy went.

So we sat for a couple of days, anuses clenched in anticipation, for Kyndy’s New Argument. And it came, oh boy did it come. This time it wasn’t notecards or stupid rumours, this time it was the YouTube Channel. Brought to you by day old alts.

[13:57] Jessy (kerry0101): As many are already aware for 2 years the Tulagi admins in association with the alts “kirk difference”, “harrychocolate” “turd” and several others, have consistently abused and harassed several groups and numerous innocent people, with griefing, severe intolerance in an attempt to get control of the rest of the Gulf. They think that by creating alts to grief the Gulf Jeogeot they can persuade Linden Labs to give them admin powers over the LL owned sims of Jeogeot so they can “stamp out the the griefers” that they themselves control!

The admins in Tulagi make up false accusations, and stories about people that successfully win against them in fair combat, often resorting to cheating and using modified weapons or even griefer push weapons and sim crashers in an effort to drive people out of “their” area.

As you can see on the provided screen shot and records its Joe Sparrow’s most trusted admins and advisers.

Now hang on a second here. And I’ll be polite and sit back. What they are saying makes sense, having powers in the Gulf would be very beneficial to me and this sort of thing does make sense, show LL that I need powers by flooding the Gulf with greifers, causing a spike in complaints that all magically go away once I get said powers. And certainly this is the angle that Kyndy is going for, even going as far as to contact Michael Linden in an open letter suggesting that Tulagi (Joe’s sim) should be “cut off” from the Gulf.

[13:07] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): Dear Michael Linden, we have the proof of peoples impersonating LL employee, and forcing their own rules in a testing area known as the Gulf, a solution been given to avoid them interacting with the combat system when not wanted, so they now use griefing tools, like pushers. We hope you’ll take an action to ensure a good virtual experience to most of the players. (Adding a no rezz buffer area to cut Tulagi from the Gulf would be, we think a good solution to start.)

But hang on a second. Some of the more Inquisitive of you might ask, that list of greifer alts she mentions, that one in particular “Harry Chocolate” would that be the same Harry Chocolate in the ‘Free the Gulf’ group?

ftg 2

Why yes, it would be.

And just if your curious, that thing I mentioned earlier with two members of 366 squadron blockading Tulagi with a couple of Type 45’s acting like jerks and using cheat weapons, who was among them, sitting in the boat alongside them and shooting Stinger Missiles at planes?

Why don’t you take a guess.


In fact, just to sprinkle some suger on the top of this delicious Bullshit Cake here is a chatlog of other ‘Free the Gulf’ member Meellyme actually defending Harry Chocolate from people claiming he was a greifer.

[00:34] Frieda von Fuchs (meellyme): dunno what hes up to or those guys. They cheat and grief just cause ethey get killed.
[00:34] HarryChocolate: indeed
[00:35] HarryChocolate: they have a new griefer weapon
[00:35] HarryChocolate: shoots UNK
[00:35] HarryChocolate: Joe is using it too
[00:35] HarryChocolate: Ryo, Joe, Ruri..
[00:35] HarryChocolate: all the in furfags
[00:35] Frieda von Fuchs (meellyme): They cant stand the heat I guess and are a veyr immature kiddos with paranoia syndromes
[00:35] HarryChocolate: and hypoctites
[00:35] Ruri (infinite.rage): Ah, actually, it’s just mine. Joe is fairly unrelated.
[00:35] HarryChocolate: thats whats so funny
[00:35] Ryo (ryokotensaki): full auto CAN is griefing
[00:36] HarryChocolate: they talk about griefers and they are griefers
[00:36] HarryChocolate: lol
[00:36] HarryChocolate: so we’re both griefers then I guess Ryo
[00:36] HarryChocolate: is that right?
[00:36] Ruri (infinite.rage): You guys have a very strange definition of griefing, imo.
[00:36] Ryo (ryokotensaki): nope
[00:36] HarryChocolate: so..full auto can is griefing but one hit UNK vice hack is not?
[00:36] Frieda von Fuchs (meellyme): Im new in the Gulf and the guys tells me to follow rules.. umm what rules? No one told me anything, so how to know about any rules other then play fair?
[00:37] HarryChocolate: there are no rules for the gulf
[00:37] Ruri (infinite.rage): In my experience, griefing would be client crashers, orbiting, sim crashers, etc etc.
[00:37] HarryChocolate: they don’t own it

So we can pretty much go ahead and chalk this up to Bullshit. The theory is insane and we can quickly prove that none of these greifers in the Gulf are alt accounts of mine or anyone involved in the Gulf Project.


The video’s themself I shall post here.

Which you can view at your discretion. They show very limited of what any regular SL user would called Greifing. The video’s are edited to only show members of the Free Gulf Movement, mainly Meellyme, being attacked by what they claim are “Joe’s Trusted Admins” (a list of people which seems to include almost everyone in the Gulf) and at best show people shooting at them with Warships, Helicopters and other various Vice weapons. There is no evidence of greifer tools, dubstep guns, push weapons or anything else I would consider greify.

They also don’t show the hours they spend sitting infront of Tulagi playing loud music, trying to bait people into attacking them. Fortuantly we do.

and in video’s like this one

It accidently shows the standard Bullshit tactics of the 366. using a self-regenerating boat that fires seeking Torpedo’s and sitting about with Vice off, waiting for people to pass them by before suddenly vice’ing on and hitting them in the rear. Over and over and over regardless of how many times they are sunk.

The also have comments disabled and anytime they forget and a comment is posted they quickly deleted it. They’ve also been shown to quickly delete and re-upload video’s to “scrub it clean” of any negative views.  Thankfully MalQ’s screenshots to the rescue once again.


Why the deletion of comments you ask?

It’s simple.

Kyndy’s entire purpose here is not to highlight any great tragedy or expose corruption it is simply to justify her own existence, to make her and her small group feel big and important.

I know this becuase I once worked alongside them back in Gungnir, where they hounded Aeon Voom as “the great evil” and attacked anyone who disagreed and I was stupid enough to go along with it.

Since that day ,when I finally wisened up to their bullshit and kicked them both out of Astral-Tek back when I still worked for Joe, they have attached themselves to any and every cause, regardless of it’s purpose or intent, as a six-year long fixation with getting revenge.

I know this, because this entire episode of bullshit they are currently spewing forth is not the first time they have tried this exact same thing in the Gulf. Here is a picture of their previous attempt.


These people are not freedom fighters. There is no conspiracy in the Gulf, no great Woodworm or Cthuhlu style monster sleeping in it’s depths, these people are nothing more than children determined to spoil the fun for everyone else. And I truly wish they would just learn to let it the fuck go, shut the fuck up an play fair with everybody else.


Let’s, just for the fun of it, presume that Kyndy and her Free the Gulf group are correct. That I’ve created these greifer alts in an elaborate ‘evil genius’ scheme to take control of the Gulf.


What, exactly, do I have to gain from this?

These greifers attack Me, they attack Tulagi and Wright Brothers, they don’t put people off coming to the Gulf they put people coming off to these sims, that Northern sector of the Gulf which they can easily ignore. So it disrupts the business of my supposed ‘friends’ who, as a result, lose sales and lose rentals and requires them to take extra shifts at work to cover the lose or simply shut their regions down. It disrupts the LANCE freighter system which people can now no longer use and it makes me look like a useless idiot to the rest of the Gulf Community.

All so I can try to convince LL to give me powers which they ‘might’ do but only after years and years of meetings, presentations and paperwork. And if I even got these powers (which is never going to happen) LL would start with Return powers, something that would mimic the powers given to the Steerage committee in the Blake Sea. I would be monitored almost constantly and any usage of these powers would be subject to AR’s and complaints of people desperate to show off “Corrupt Mal abusing his powers” so everything I did would have to be clearly documented and justified.

It would take longer than the probably current remaining Lifetime of Second Life to convince Linden Labs that I needed Emergency ‘Total Control’ powers over the Gulf.

And then, saying I do get them, what do I do next?

Everyone has ,by this point in our hypothetical future, been chased off because of the griefers, no-one trusts me, all my freinds have moved on so now I have total control over an empty region of Ocean watching as it slowly gets taken over by Property Developers. Am I to latch onto any passing boat or plane and return it and ban the user if it’s not a product I specifically like?

Probably not, I’d still be being monitored by LL.

Seems an awful waste of time to just be a little nit-picky over what planes people can use. Not that that really matters.

IF I was creating greifer accounts, as Kyndy suggests, I wouldn’t be wasting time attacking myself to justify to LL why I need powerz.

I would simply use these alts to attack people I don’t like. Force them to leave because of greifing, not my friends. Wall off Unity Airport, make personal attacks against the owners of Whitestar, fire push weapons at Shana planes and greif the ever loving shit out of Kyndy and her bunch of ‘Freedom fighters’. The doing of which would be so much easier and far more effective.

In all their video’s you don’t see them actually being greifed. The greifer Alts I apparently control never show up to ruin their day, only mine. The only “greifers” identified are what she claims to be “Joe’s trusted Admins and Advisor’s” of which only one is an admin, Ghost Menjou, who is only a chat moderator who’s job is specifically to kick out the “Can I have 100L to pay my rent, promise to pay you back pretty plz <3” spammers who seem to be out in force these days.

There is nothing to gain from anything Kyndy and the FtG group are doing. So far all they have achieved is pissing off everyone in the Gulf which has caused their own members to be subject to humiliation, ridicule and a sort of “karma sucks” retaliation greifing hardly the mass uprising which they’d hope.

Of course, causing an uprising is no longer their motive. It’s been over a week since the last video was uploaded and it seems once again they have moved the goalposts. To free the Gulf, From What? was just too complicated for their delicate minds to handle, instead now they simply wish to destroy it.

[13:26] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): Joe’s 2 sims will be tight for your ego guys
[13:26] Joe Sparrow: the gulf is our project with ll…
[13:26] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): no
[13:26] Donald J. Trump (ghost.menjou): Yes it is
[13:26] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): the Gulf is LL social experiment
[13:26] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): stop lying about that
[13:26] Joe Sparrow: getting rid of us will only reward you with a no rez area as it was before we came
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): in fact i hope to get rid of mallcops
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): and to keep the gulf at is
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): with or without tulagi
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): depend of you
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): but
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): honenstly
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): if it’s not possible
[13:27] Sasha Simonova (kyndyrjik.benelli): well then, farewell the gulf

Happily upgrading the status of their group from Freedom Fighters to Terrorists. We don’t get enough Terrorists in Second Life these days, I’m thinking of starting up a charity.

As for the rest of the 366, outside of Kyndy and Toscha? Well they claim that they have nothing to do with Free the Gulf group and it’s a total co-incidence that most FtG members are also part of the 366 and that they hang out at their airfield and use it to launch attacks.

And I’m sure they are, I mean it’s not like they are all fucking each other is it?

Why did you even ask that question?



Ugh, that face is going to give me nightmares.


At the end of the day all this “free gulf movement” have proven nothing. The Gulf is already Free and it does not need the permission of Kyndy and her Clique to be so and if you go around greifing and attacking people in the Gulf regardless of whatever moral high ground you assume the Gulf is not going to tolerate your shit and your going to find yourself quickly become the subject of humiliation, the butt of everyones jokes and another amusing chapter in the glittering biblical pages of the MalQusition.


Now to get the horror that is Cornelius’s ‘O’ face out of everybodies minds, here is a cute picture of a pig.


Here is a Scottish Darth Vadar riding a Unicycle


And here is a T-Rex playing a Ukulele trying to woo a Japanese School Girl


There that ought to do it.

Community Leaders

If you or a friend has ever stated “I don’t want to be part of the Politics” in relation to SL Aviation, then read this article, this one is for you.

This is a great personal hero of mine, the retired stage magician by the name of James Randi, who famously investigates claims of the paranormal, occult and supernatural in a bid to rout out fraudulent claims and educate the public on the dangers of basic trickery and stage magic abuse to fool people into thinking the abuser has Physic or unnatural powers.


During a PR circuit for his book “A Magician in the Laboratory” back in 2000 at a conference in California, Randi told the story of his phonecall from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. For those who don’t know James Randi and the James Randi Educational Foundation run a contest where they offer One Million dollars in prize money for anyone that can prove they have a genuine physic ability under agreed laboratory conditions.

Randi received a phonecall from the lab informing him that his prize money had been won. When Randi asked for more details he was told that a visiting Physicist from Israel had brought someone with him someone who did the basic magicians routine of reading cards in sealed envelopes and bending spoons but he could also place a simple matchbox on the back of his hand and through sheer concentration, raise the box into a standing position. Something he claimed was not a magic trick but a genuine act of physic power.

The scientists , sceptical of course, had placed the matchbox and the man under every available test they could think of and were stumped as to how this man could possible make the matchbox rise in the way he did.

Randi nodded, admitted it was impressive and then faxed the caller over a copy of Martin Gardeners encyclopaedia of impromptu tricks on which the matchbox trick was listed under “Party tricks” and was achieved by closing the lid of the matchbox in such a way so that it caught a tiny fold on the skin, which causes it to raise when one clenches their fist.

The caller read the fax carefully, mumbled to himself and then Randi commented the only sound he could hear was the gentle click as the phone was placed back on the receiver.

Now it should be made clear that the Scientists that were fooled by this simple magic trick were not stupid, Randi himself commented that you could throw a Frisbee inside the Lawrence Livermore and you were guaranteed to hit a PhD. In fact it was their intelligence which caused them to be so easily fooled.

In his book “A Magician in the Laboratory” Randi makes the observation that those who are the most likely to be fooled are the people who believe themselves smart enough to not be fooled.

There is nothing special about thinking you are more intelligent than you actually are. People are just bad judges of their own character, everyone thinks they are smarter or funnier or more organised than they actually are and there is nothing inherently wrong with that, it’s called Protagonist Syndrome and it’s just part of being human. The problem does arise that people often always believe they cannot be fooled easily and trust that they could spot something that was trying to fool them when it comes along. This kind of attitude unfortunately just makes them easier targets for those who like to fool.


This article will try to explain to you how various individuals, often acting independently (but it’s not rare to see them act in groups) attempt to manipulate the community of SL Aviation and other communities like it through the use of miss-information, malicious rumours and gossip.

It will also explain why hundreds of perfectly intelligent people get so easily fooled without them realizing.

It will not be a short article as I have no intention of being brief. This is a complicated issue and requires a lot of explanation. But don’t worry, I’ve added in lots of pretty pictures.


The first and most obvious question would be to cover the “how”. How do I know you are being manipulated and what evidence do I have for this?

At the start of this year the SL Aviation Community was rocked by a series of controversial discoveries regarding Tig Spiker’s Air Tractor, now we’ve covered that story enough so if you don’t know it by now it’s your own fault, at the time I pointed out that the timing of the revelations appeared somewhat convenient. Being exactly the day after the product was released ,despite being on public display for months, as well as the huge amount of attention the story got and the numerous people who constantly threatened to “expose” it and being immediately followed by a second “shocking discovery” as soon as the public started to loose interest, gave the entire situation all the hallmarks of being gently encouraged by someone who’s end goal was to discredit Tig rather than just make sure the truth was know.

Now you can take it you’re own way of course and I wont ever say you’re wrong to disagree with me but given that Tig has the biggest reputation for producing and selling Helicopters and is almost entirely unrivalled in her field (save for perhaps by Kelly Shergood) it would seem an amazing co-incidence for this to all happen, heavily discrediting Tig and loosing her a lot of customers, at the exact same time Dani Airplanes decides to release his first helicopter.

You can believe what you want of course but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t point this out because co-incidences like this happen all the time.

For example ,only a few years ago, it was a “Total Co-incidence” that Astral-Tek’s WWII German 88mm Flak cannon came under scrutiny for being Over-powered. Rumors were abound of people testing the AAA cannon only to shocking discover the New version had auto-seeker scripts.

The “new version” had been out a full year by this point and in this full year no-one had noticed it’s magical seeking abilities which, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, were bullshit. But coincidently at the same time one of Joe’s rival companies, known as Flakmaster, was busy releasing their own version of the same gun, as well Shana Carpool’s ME109 with completely overpowered frontal cannon (basically fires a tank round) that was advertised as the Perfect Weapon for taking down the “illegal” flak guns. Both saw their sales rise as people began to believe the rumours and Astral-Tek developed an undeserved reputation for building cheat weapons.

While such an example may seem a little obvious in hindsight at the time people fell for it by the hundreds and even today several WWII regions still cling onto the older versions and refuse to update to the ‘tainted’ newer version. A scenario which is sadly not unique in this community. Why? The truth is simple. People get their news, not from any SL news-source, but via word of mouth, their friends, family, co-workers and on the grape vine. When people are presented information they are (presumably) being told  by someone they trust and thus the sceptical senses are on low alert and rarely do people ever question if or not what they are being told is a lie specially when it comes from a friend.

Normally the person telling doesn’t know it’s a lie. That the person telling the story probably heard it from someone else, who heard it from someone else, who heard it from someone else etc etc etc. I once referred to this as the Great Second Life Chinese Whispers News Source.

The principle is simple, everyone is told a story by someone they trust so no-one ever thinks to stop and check if it is true or not. The story may change over time or may be changed by those to show their preferred side in a better light and as a result many different versions can emerge making the real “truth” that much harder to differentiate from the rest.

Often by the time the truth is discovered many people are already so far rooted into what they believe to be the ‘real truth’ that any suggestion they are mistaken or just plain wrong becomes an insult which too many people are prepared to take personally and so the immediate human reaction is to declare verbal combat under the age old tradition of “Nu-Uh”and the Drama begins.

Or in simplified terms “How dare you not agree with me! You’re just a xxxx!!!” which accounts for about half of all “Drama” in SL. Which bleeds into the background rumour radiation of Second Life where people call someone an idiot for having “the wrong” opinion and are forced to justify that claim to any new blood that comes wandering into their clique so they become Community Leaders of their own, re-working stories, explaining things exclusively from their perspective or omitting information to suit their own needs. Or, in more cases than one, making shit up entirely. After all it’s better to lie and appear knowledgeable than say nothing, blubber and look stupid if someone asks you a question.

The knowledge of this process is something which has been used by many to manipulate the SL Aviation community and other communities like it into behaving in ways beneficial to them, either to discredit their rivals, prevent a newly released product from selling well, scare off competition or to promote a certain company, a certain way of thinking, a certain product or ,sadly in more cases than one, for the sheer power trip it creates in the mind.

I refer to the people who do this sort of thing by the name they once called themselves way back in 07 ,when I first discovered people doing it, which is Community Leaders.

The term, Community Leaders, comes from the age old failed region of SLACE. An amusing attempt ,with the aid of Linden Labs, to connect all WWII and aviation combat communities together to form a new continent. With the community in it’s prime a vast number of self promoted idiots, mostly sim and group owners, began to describe themselves as ‘Community Leaders’ in an effort to be taken more seriously within the grand scheme of things. Most were harmless but there were those special little snowflakes who genuinely believed that they deserved instant respect from everyone just for being who they were and felt inclined to consistently try to micro-manage every aspect of the community including area’s in which they had no authority to do so.

Probably sounds like a lot of assholes you know right?

Well it caused a few issues and a LOT of drama, by which I mean a lot. This was all because these new ‘community leaders’ spent more time playing the Second Life Game of Thrones; trying to exercise the powers they thought they had over the community ,in an attempt to dictate it’s actions and weaponize it’s members against their perspective ‘community leader’ rivals who were also doing the same thing, rather than actually lead their community.

This led to the de-saturation of SLACE where by flying from the top to the bottom you had to land several times to switch plane, be in several different groups, remember to switch tags and fly at certain altitudes and then when you reached the bottom, land at the border, teleport across and then re-rezz your plane because the furthest southern region cluster didn’t allow people to fly across the border.

Now aren’t you glad you didn’t have to deal with that shit.

In our community today the region of the Blake Sea protects us against this sort of thing, with no land to physically control and with so many options open for people to move to should they disagree with your view of things the Self proclaimed Community Leader has little power to dictate nor demand things.

Instead they take a new form. Positioning themselves as Sooth Sayers and Town Criers they ,and their heralds, move from region to region, talking at parties, over group chats and leaning in casually during discussions. Always making sure that when Drama does enfold it is their version that gets told first.


There a positive to this. The Community at large has proven time and time again that is stands against “shitty business practices” such as this however it has also proven that it is not very good at identifying them.

The one thing I cannot do is point out every instance that these Community Leaders try something nor do I have the right to list everyone who falls into the Community Leader category. What I am going to do now is give you a brief description of the techniques these people use in the hopes that when one Community Leader does try to manipulate you, you’ll wont fall for it so easily.



  1. Ad hominem – Doesn’t work without an Audience

As much a Logical Fallacy as it is anything else, from the Latin meaning: One who attacks their opponent as opposed to their

Ad hominem is so simple in it’s execution it is quite possibly the biggest fall back technique many Community Leaders use. basically if you’re trying to tell a lie anyone who can prove you wrong or may attempt to question you must be demonised and discredited as much as humanly possible so when they do inevitable question you or prove you wrong no-one believes them.

This Blog stands as a constant example of that. Anytime I post an article, specially one which mentions Dani, I am swarmed by people in SL Aviation group chat calling me all sorts of nasties and I’m sure you’ve heard a few horror stories yourself.

Basically what I write is nonsense and shouldn’t be listened to because I’m one of “those” people or once upon a time I did “this“. I’m sure not every story is false as I was a bit of an asshole once upon a time but it doesn’t magically change reality to make what I write suddenly not true. otherwise I’d write about how poor, single and uphappy I am then wake up in the morning to find suddenly I’m rich, happy and with a string of cute guys holding wedding rings.

Of course I’m not the only example of this. Obvious tell tale signs of Ad homiem are obvious, a person is insulting and degrading another person rather than make any counters to that persons arguments but what also should be noted is these people never IM the person they are ridiculing to discuss it in private. Nope it’s on group chat or out in the open. Why? because Ad hominem doesn’t work without an audience.


2. Ad nauseam – When you say Sonic’s feet are too big because Sonic’s feet are to big and that’s why Sonic’s feet are too big.

Our second word of the day and another illogical fallacy. The basic principle of this is if you say it enough times, it becomes true, for examples Sonic’s feet being too big.


This is not really something that only effects the stupid it’s just how the human mind works in that if you hear the same thing repeated over and over you start to think it’s true without questioning it. An example would be shit music you hear on the radio, you hate it the first time you hear it but the more you hear it the more it “grows on you” till you’re singing along about how Sonic’s feet are too big.

On a personal level I come against this sort of thing all the time. As a historian I specialise in Sonic’s feet being too big and the Early years of WWII, specifically around the Battle of France. When people ask me about this I often cannot get a word out before they make the statement “ah the Cheese Eating Surrender monkies” which is not only insulting to the French but ultimately so far from what actually happened it makes Sonic’s feet too big.

In Second Life Ad nauseam comes in many forms and is often mixed in with other techniques such as Virtue words i.e “This is the TRUTH and you know it” and Thought-terminating cliché’s which we will cover later.

An example would be Sonic’s feet being too big and the Jeogeot Gulf in that we are consistently told that there is Drama there. Examples of what this drama is tends to differ from person to person, everyone has a story and no two are the same but, we are assured, like a fine mist on a Scottish moor the Drama is there, somewhere. And since there is Drama why bother going to fly in that publicly open 43 region ocean with no rules, lots of places to land, lots of things to shoot at and even an Aircraft carrier to practice your landings on and instead come to this “drama free” one/two sim region with rental hangers, rental hangers, rental hangers and a shopping mall. Oh and don’t forget to join our group and here is a copy of the rules and did you hear about Sonic’s feet?


3. The Appeal to Fear – We’re at Alert Status “Auw hell naw”

See “Donald Trump” for every possible example of this but in the basic sense “TERRORISTS ARE COMING! trust me to do the thing which will stop the terrorists!”. We see plenty of this in Politics where someone screams about the thing we all fear and only they can be trusted to do the right thing to protect your family.


Usually the threats are imaginary or small but blown totally out of proportion, but their hype creates an emotional response which by-passes the usual sceptic thought filters. The objective is to quickly spread anxiety and concern about a situation to which the Community Leader can abuse by promising methods to deal with it, justify granting themselves additional powers or simply used as a distraction from other issues.

Princess Da Admiral was the Grand Master of creating imaginary threats when DOR was still active but the greatest example of ‘Appeal to Fear’ in action was about four years ago just as the Sailors were starting to leave the Blake Sea and the amount of non-rented land in the surrounding estates hit a record high. A series of events took place which lead to almost total hysteria regarding an “Invasion of Battleship users” in the Blake. The Surrounding Estates began to advertise themselves as “Free from Battleships” and quietly hiked up their rent prices as people began to flock back either to defend their Blake Sea from this new evil or to seek refuge from something that never actually happened.

The main perpetrator of this Hysteria ,one Marktwain White who I’ve spoken about before, walked away with re-newed interest in his once dead sailing club, a waiting list for rentals sometimes up to a year long and about double the rent-able land he started with along with finally getting those pesky pirates out of the Blake once and for all and renting the land they required for combat from him.

He still brags about it on occasion.

4. Beautiful People – Didn’t you’re mother never tell you to trust a pretty face?

Used more in advertisement this technique portrays happy, attractive people using a product or service in a vain attempt to fool your brain into thinking if it also uses said product or service then it too can be attractive and happy.


Similarly it has a flip side where it shows attractive people gathered around a product or service in awe of it, tricking your brain into thinking that if you had said product or service then you would become desirable to those people.

We all known around 50% of the ‘girls’ on Second Life are actually men but we often think of the people being fooled by fake girls (know as e-sexual) as sad, desperate and lonely. We see ourselves, even if we are single, as not being that desperate enough to fall for it and are more likely to believe when we meet someone we like that they are the gender they claim to be.

To prove this the MalQusition(tm) ran an experiment a few months back where I screen-capped an aircraft from a 3D cad website and went around pretending to people that I had built it and if finished would they be interested in buying it. Out of the 25 people I asked about half said yes and about half of them were only interested after I started describing it’s features, what it would do, how it would fly etc etc.

I then asked a different 25 people this time posing as a woman. 24 out of the 25 people I asked said yes, of those only two were interested in the planes features, the rest were more interested in me. How long I’d been in Second Life, if I was enjoying myself and most alarmingly, if I had meet somebody yet.

Now I wasn’t asking people at a club or anything, I hadn’t gone out of my way to find horny old men to jigg the results, this was all done one two separate days, about a week apart, at Hollywood Airport.

Now, why is that? Why does a man selling the same product have to work twice as hard to get half the result as a woman? It’s simple. Have you ever heard the phrase first impressions matter? When you meet someone for the first time your brain automatically does a quick calculation based entirely on what your eyes can see and your concious receives a brief summery of the result hence why a lot of hard working professionals spend a lot of time and money on their appearance so that you’re first visual impression of them is a good one. It’s well known if you fuck up on that first impression it will effect how that person thinks about you, probably for the rest of their life.

Now there is nothing new or weird behind that it’s just how the human mind works, but interestingly if you meet someone for the first time and your brain tells you “I’d like to have sex with that person” you are more likely to trust that person, behave nicely to them and do things to try and please them while ,statistically, listening to less of what they are actually saying.

Now salesmen have been using this technique for years as have magicians. Secreteries, P.A’s and Assistants have always been a female dominated Job ,not because woman can’t do anything more advanced, but becuase it’s easier for the man trying to sell you something, or trying to distract you if he has a pretty woman, who smiles at you, sitting next to him.

In Second Life we can cut out the middle man, quite literally. There is no need to employ a pretty girl to distract the customer when you can become the pretty girl.

Despite knowing that most Woman on the internet are Men a surprisingly large amount of people still fall for it when yet another Aircraft builder comes along playing the “Young Girl, just trying hard” routine which is one of the most overused clichés in SL sales and the Aviation Community is not indifferent to it. Male builders everywhere pretend to be woman, laugh, smile and blush at customers and take lots of pictures of themselves posing infront of Airplanes. All to by-pass your sceptical senses while purchasing a new aircraft to jump straight into the little thought pool which goes “I want to sex this person I must try to please them” hence why you’re happy pay double on an aircraft that has almost no features and flies like a freebie but you feel it was a good choice because “you must support the independent builders” despite ignoring the hundreds of actual small time independent builders who really could use your support.

Hence why more than half the Aircraft companies in SL are fronted by ‘female builders’ who just use their name as opposed to a company name. And hence why you wont really hear anything bad about them. Unless you read this blog of course.


In Short the best example of this would be Shana Carpool, one of the biggest companies producing WWII Aircraft. Her P-51 is the most expensive P-51 on the market, has absolutely no features outside of shooting rockets and flying, it uses a badly re-hashed variant of Terra Cubey’s 2006 flight script and it has zero customisation ability other than paying a few hundred lindens to have your name printed on the side.

But she’s a woman so she can get away with that kind of thing, even though she is actually a man. In fact Shana is part of a collective of men who deliberately use female Avatars and seduction techniques to essentially ‘Black Widow’ the communities they claim to support. They are called the Bitches of Meridas and we’ll discuss that in a different article.

For now just try to remember the shoppers good sense guide. Shop around, look at competitors, ask questions and don’t be fooled by a pretty face.


5. The Black and White Fallacy – It’s you or me

Since the last one was a long one this one will be short. The Black and White Fallacy is a nice and easy one. You are either with us or against us, if you are not with us then you are against us.

Tomm Box recently made a statement in the comments of my last video in relation to this which basically ran as “Why do we always need to pick a side”.

False Dilemma-thumb-300x254-153811[1]

The fact is that humans will always try to seek out conflict. Not because humans are warmongering but actually the opposite. Humans are natural entertainers and fixers. Human conflict is often sought out by people firstly because it’s entertaining and secondly because humans always desire to fix broken things, a conflict happens because something is broken and people will flock to join it because they perceive a way of fixing it with their presence and there are hundreds of mico propaganda techniques that can be used to place emphasis this feeling: See American WWII “One man can make a difference” Posters for more examples of this.

It’s therefore frighteningly easy to escalate a simple argument into a mass panic conflict, as anyone who’s has an overbearing mother will understand. Mother’s do this to their children because they see them growing up to become adults and feel their usefulness is coming to an end so they create conflicting situations with their children so they can resolve them and feel useful.

In Second Life this happens all the time, people feel worthless so purposefully create conflict so they can resolve it but by forcing you to take a side a company can easily rack up a few hundred extra loyal fans simply by stating “You’re either with us or against us” and you wouldn’t want to be against someone would you? Specially when that same company is employing the 4. Beautiful people tactic.

If someone demands you to pick a side, take a step back. Look at things from the whole and often you’ll see a third option. It’s how diplomacy works.


6. Playing the Victim – Help! Help! I’m being Oppressed!

In 2012 the Global Economy crashed. In something known as the Great Credit Crunch or Moneygedden we became subject to a frightening display of newsreaders pointing at plummeting red arrows, technical jargon and a list of bankers to blame.

Three of these people ,known as the Natwest Three, who worked at a subsidiary of the National Westminster Bank got caught up in the aftermath of the collapse of Enron after evidence began to emerge that these three men were embroiled in corrupt and illegal activities.


They were charged with criminal offences by the FBI and after the CC took effect the press began to establish them as “bad guys”.

But there is an amusing little factlett in those charges than in order to face them they are going to be extradited to the United States to stand trail under a new piece of law which is not exactly fair. So their PR companies immediately jumped up and focused the entire thing on that tiny piece of ‘unfair’ law.

From this point on the entire campaign changes. The quote “I don’t know if these people are guilty or not but what I do know is this law is unfair and if anything these men deserve a fair trail” was thrown around by Politicians, celebrities and voice-pox members of the public.

Interviews were set-up with the Natwest three showing them playing with their children, they spoke with their wife sitting next to them, hand on knee, looking concerned. The wives and children were interviewed, it was suggested they might loose their homes and pictures of the children crying over a suggestion they might have to cancel the family Christmas plans were thrown up on every newspaper.

We were also told that these men would have to spend time in a “grim” detention centre wearing Green Boiler suits and they would be frogged marched, in chains, into court. In Fact they spent the night in a hotel and arrived in their suits.

These men stole Billions from the taxpayer and potentially destroyed the economy for years to come, yet with the image of the “Texas” judicial system and pictures of Guantanamo bay playing to the backdrop of them holding hands with their crying children, the public forgot about how bad they had been and started to feel sorry for them.

As a result their 35 year long prison sentence become a 36 month prison sentence and they are currently out and about today, probably back to stealing millions from banks and using it to fund their ridiculous sized mansions.

The PR company they hired managed to trick the general public into feeling sorry for them.


In Second Life the “play the victim card” folds in neatly with the Beautiful People trick. The idea being that any criticism or Drama can be deflected by sniffling, crying and pretending to be the one being persecuted by everyone else. This in turn causes an emotional response in people which by-passes their logic thinking skills and prompts them to immediately rush to said persons defence.

This has been exploited by almost every Company at least a hundred times and you can see many examples of this on the SL Marketplace review fourms where any bad review becomes a battleground of people trying to defend the person being criticised.

I want to talk about Builders taking criticism personally on a later article so for now if you want a great example of someone playing the victim look no further than My article on Battlebitches last October where two builders, in order to promote their company, verbally threatened and abused another company to encourage that company to say something public about them so they could immediately tear up and play the victim. A tactic they are still trying to play.

Sadly not an isolated incident. Joe Sparrow of Astral-Tek is one of the main go-to people if you’re looking to play the victim as he has a tendency to go over-dramatic in his public responses to abuse.


7. The Appeal to Neutrality – Why don’t we all just take a big drink of Shut the fuck up!

Also known as the chiller-than-thou comment. Basically “Can’t we all just get along?”

What do you do if you are starting to lose an argument? If people are starting to look at you as if you’re the bad guy and you’re in danger of loosing support? You need to pull the audience back to your side and fast, but here’s the problem, you’re a guy.


Well there is one simple tried and tested method for ending an argument right there and then with the added bonus that you end up looking like the good guy and makes the other guy look like an ass, specially if they keep trying to argue, with the extra added bonus that anyone waving between sides instantly recognises you as the good guy and is more likely to believe your argument.

It’s called the Appeal to Neutrality and all it requires you to do is take a step back, put up your hands and say “Hey why don’t we all just calm down” and the more typical “Why can’t we all just fly for fun?”.

Now there are so many examples of this in Second Life but let’s pick on Chris Winterhawk ,owner of Waddon Aerodrome, who recently made a comment on the SL Aviation magazine in regards to the mesh ripping controversy.

Chris is more well known for being the owner of the previous Bentwaters Airfield which regularly ran events which Chris and his staff would rig so that his own staff flying ‘Chris Winterhawk’ branded modded Aircraft would always win. He was also a massive supporter of Dog’s on the Run, Princess Da Admiral and his main events manager once caused a lot of Drama when she decided to ban all ‘effeminate men’ from ‘her’ land.

With a new airfield under a new name Chris needs to distract you all from that and present himself as a reasonable man. So he throws his hat into the ring of a Drama he’s never been part of by “appealing for calm” tricking you into thinking that maybe he’s a reasonable guy.


8. Over Simplification – Life doesn’t need to be confusing, that’s why 90% of Mom’s shop at Wallmart.

Drama is complicated. No seriously, People never really appreciate just how complicated things can be and many simply cannot comprehend anything that takes more than two sentences to explain.

I tried to explain this one back in “Which Inevitably causes”  when I wrote about vegans:

tell Vegans that the business of Ethical Food is almost as large as Fast Food and the companies who support it are destroying rainforests to make way for Soya Bean and chickpea plantations which is killing off the Orangutan’s natural habitat as well as forcing large populations in Indonesia into slave labour and their minds cannot deal with the complexity of the real issue so they stare at you briefly then storm off to find someone to brag to about how they’ve never bought a plastic bag in nearly three months.

It’s almost become a catchphrase of mine to go on about the sheer complexity of the Universe and how the average mind either cannot comprehend it or simply refuses to try to understand it. Thus when it comes to understanding something complicated, peoples attention span lasts on average 20 seconds. After that their mind wanders.

People are busy and for the most part wrapped up in things that are important to them. Most don’t have the time nor patience to listen to long winded explanations on the exactly complications of a situation, how it happened and how it can be resolved, specially when this is the 300th time it’s happened. What they want is the entire thing boiled down to a simple catchphrase that sums up the entire situation so they can file it away for later.

This puts an enormous amount of power into the hands of anyone who can come up with a simple phrase, a two sentence summery, because here is the Punch Line: It doesn’t have to be true.

download (2)

Most people aren’t going to look into with much detail and or real level of interest so no-one is going to question the validity of a quick summery, specially if it sounds plausible enough so you are free to make-up whatever shit you want. Just so long as it’s quick, snappy and under two sentences.

In Second Life this comes in two forms. The first is the thought-terminating Cliché, more commonly known as Newspeak as described in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, examples being:


“Everything happens for a reason.”
“Don’t judge.”
“Why? Because I said so.” (Bare assertion fallacy)
“I’m the parent, that’s why.” (Appeal to authority).
“When you get to be my age you’ll find that’s not true.”
“You don’t always get what you want.”
“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.” (Appeal to ridicule if said sarcastically)
“It’s just common sense.”
“It makes sense to me, and that’s all that matters.”
“To each his own.”
“We already had this conversation.”
“There you go again.”
“It’s not worth discussing.”
“Be a man and…”
“Who cares?”
“It’s a matter of opinion!”
“You only live once.” (YOLO)
“Just forget it.”
“We will have to agree to disagree.”
“We all have to do things we don’t like.”
“You are not being a ‘team player’.” (Ignoratio elenchi)
“That’s just wrong.”
“You just don’t do that.”
“Don’t be that guy.”
“Because that is our policy.”
“Don’t be silly.”
“There’s no smoke without fire.” (used to convince others that a person is guilty based on accusation or hearsay and to discourage further examination of evidence)
“I’m just sayin’.”
“The more you argue, the less we believe you.”
“Rules are rules.”
“Who do you think you are?”/”Who are you to…”
“People are going to do what they want.”
“That’s just your feelings.”
“Can’t everybody just drop it and get along?”

The Second is the more sinister of the two which rather than prevent people from thinking about it you introduce an accusations disguised as a casual brush off. The most common of these in SL is the “It’s a Monopoly” seahorse which so many Community leaders try to ride. I spoke at length about that is “Which inevitably causes” so I’ll quote it here.

It is employed so many times because financial motivation is easy to prove and difficult to convince otherwise, an accusation of a monopoly requires no physical evidence beyond a simple explanation that If subject ‘A’ is financially motivated then can you imagine how much money they would make if everyone could only buy their products then without missing a beat we are told that this is why we must not buy subject ‘A’s’ products and instead support subject ‘B’ and buy their products to prevent said monopoly and “vote with our wallets”.


9. The Third-Party Technique – 9 out of 10 people we hired said they like it

Works on the principle that people are more willing to accept an argument from a seemingly independent source of information than from someone with a stake in the outcome.


For example if you cast your mind back to “Some things I need you to know” I showed you a video where the McDonalds corporation took you to a laboratory that was independent of McDonalds, a third party, which proved that McDonalds chicken nuggets were not made from Pink Goo.

The Laboratory shown as being “an independent lab” basically means they are a lab for Hire and were most likely hired by McDonalds to show exactly what they wanted to be shown or do you honestly think Sheri from Saskatoon, Canada can afford to pay for the services of a Private Laboratory and all it’s support staff for two weeks?

PR companies do this sort of stuff all the time. Reporters are often hired to say specific things because you are more likely to believe a third party that does not appear to have anything to gain. They also do this will Actors, politicians, celebrities and even ‘the man on the street’ types.

In Second Life it takes a slightly different angle. Of course third parties are paid all the time to spout PR lines, the SL Newser and Luke Flywalker stand as testaments to that, but Would you be entirely surprised if one of my articles got 25 comments all applauding my brilliance? You probably would because let’s face it, that doesn’t happen to me, I’m not that brilliant.

So imagine how shocked you would be if that did happen and all the article was, was a picture of a potato.

There exists in Second Life a number of companies and individuals that ,for the right price, will use their networks of Alts and seemingly endless free time to give you good reviews on marketplace. Or start conversations in SL Aviation about how great you are, or come to your defence in arguments, or attack your competitors?

They exist, I know they exist because I’ve caught both Shana Carpool and Aeon Voom using them in the past. They paid people to use multiple alts to give them good marketplace reviews, attack people who gave them bad reviews and start randomly talking about how great their products were.

Dog’s on the Run kept one company on retainer for almost a year until they stopped paying them, hence why in 2013 when they changed to DOR Angels they lost about 60 members through migration. Most of them were Alts that had been paid to spread good things about DOR.

This practice is very common and has become increasingly widespread in recent years. it is of course completely illegal and thus discretion is always key. I was planning to make an article exposing these companies but the reality is they are very careful and any person I were to expose would most likely turn out to be another disposable alt.

Unless they are stupid enough to create a group that is *cough* Mystic rentals *cough*.

There does not exist a standardised “fool proof” method of detecting an Alt. The best advice I can give is don’t automatically think an alt is going to be zero days old or have a blank profile and don’t just like something because a large amount of people keep telling you it’s great. Make-up your own dam mind.


10. Cherry Picking, Card Stacking, Selective truth and Disinformation.

The last ones I shall speak about today are actually four, but they are really mean the same thing so let’s get them all over with at once.


In the basic sense Card Stacking, Cherry picking etc is often referred to as case making or better known as Censorship, is presenting something in a more positive light by listing off it’s positives and skipping over the negatives. Usually by taking things out of context and/or omitting various pieces of information that may alter a persons perspective had they read the entire thing.

You’ll see this a lot in Commercials for Drug products where the voiceover talks calmly about the benefits of Product X  but suddenly speeds up to incomprehensible gibberish at the end when they legally have to mention it’s side effects or in commercials for payday loans where the amusing puppets or viral video attempt try to distract you from the tiny terms and conditions that scroll along the bottom. Or if you’ve ever watched Fox News where the positive become the Hardline Facts on the Big Issue and the negatives are passed off as unnecessary details that busybody liberals take too seriously.

But I think nothing demonstrates Card Stacking more than the Anti-Vaccination demonstrators, specifically a Facebook post by Sherri Tenpenny.

Dr Tenpenny wanted to prove that there was no link between Vaccinations and Infant Mortality rates and that predictions of Huge Child deaths through lack of vaccination was nonsense. Evidence that the United States had a High Infant Mortality rate despite being one of the most Vaccinated countries would prove her point and that evidence is exactly what she found.

Tenpenny 1

To her followers this image was all the needed and if you go look at her page you’ll find hundreds of comments of people happily (and angrily) supporting her arguments and attacking anyone who disagrees. None of them questioned why the other 168 countries on the planet earth were not shown on this graph nor did any of them think to check out the source link otherwise they would have known this.


Yup, Dr Tenpenny quite literally deleted 168 countries from the graph till the United States was at the top a classic example of Card Stacking Propaganda and a warning of what happens when you take people at their word without ever checking their facts.


In Second Life people Cherry Pick their facts all the time. I made reference to Tam McGregors blog in which numerous Dani Cultists pointed angrily at the matching wireframe on a window was all that was required to convict Tig of Mesh ripping but the Entire Chassis, instrument panel and textures matching on a wireframe comparison was still “unproven” when it came to Dani.

The most hilarious example comes from MarkTwain White, in case you’d forgotten him, in his ‘official’ guide to the Blake Sea he happily portrays the mystical event of the Warships coming to the Blake Sea as a year long horrific hell to which he personally took charge and did all the work to heroically save the Blake from such evil but casually forgets that all the powers he demanded from Linden Labs to deal with the Battleships were removed earlier when he ,and his admins, abused them to impose his own law and ended up persecuting the Ironclad Community, non-sailing ships and the earlier form of the Aviation Community.

Once again it’s a matter of not getting caught up in the heat of the moment. People are Bias and that bias may not always be obvious but really no-one is going to explain their argument and the other guys in a clear and consistent manner for you to understand. People cherrypick, it’s in their nature to do so the only defence is not immediately jump to the rash conclusion of the person you like the most being correct.

Always look carefully at both arguments, think carefully and always be prepared to change your mind if you find out something new.


To conclude this rather long winded discussion; I said back in “So then this happened“:

people tend to get their news from hearsay. Rumours and anecdotes told by their friends who in turn got them from one of the two sides to the story, meaning everything they hear is biased in someone’s favour.

For the larger part the majority of the Aviation Community seems intelligent enough to either remain sceptical or keep out of the argument all together, the silent majority as it were. However the louder minority ,the idiots who know they are wrong but persist anyway, believe they have already considered all the information they were given at the time, believed themselves to have come up with the best intelligent solution and thus the argument has already been won in their head. Even with the introduction of new evidence or alternate viewpoints for them to be considered incorrect, to have reached the wrong conclusion, is an affront to their ego and an insult directly aimed at them.

For me this is one of the most frustrating things of Second Life, or life in general, watching a section or an entire community go on, believing in the same bullshit, persecuting an individual or a group of individuals all because of the some lie that has become so indoctrinated into the culture of the community that no-one thinks to question it.

You can always turn your head and say “I don’t do politics” or “I ignore the drama” and for the best part you probably think that none of the above really applies to you, but in reality you, like everyone else, are the ones Community Leaders most like to prey on. The ones who sit unaware and ,like the scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, truly believe they cannot be fooled. And honestly it’s not your fault. “I don’t do politics” is the one phrase community leaders love to hear, it means you’re not going to get too involved in the drama but with a little push via any one of the techniques listed above you may actually start to believe that I lie through my teeth, that there is Drama in the Jeogeot Gulf, that MCE is a monopoly, that SL Aviation is censored by Tig and her Admins or that Tank and Aeon really are alts of each other.


Unaware that you are unintentionally supporting someone’s agenda, a shitty business practice if you will. And at some point you will subconsciously make a decision to fly to some airport, attend some event, buy some product or choose to specifically not support someone, based on what you know.

If you “do not do politics” then  you wouldn’t be part of the SL Aviation group or of any group, you wouldn’t talk to any other aviators or be fully aware of where all the airports are or who runs them. You’d not be part of the community, you’d just fly.

And since we know you do. because you’re reading this blog, then you do “do politics” even if you’d rather not.

There are people in this community who seem nice, good people but are really trying to manipulate you. Don’t believe everything you are told, laugh louder than anyone else when people try to tell you who the “bag guys are”, remember that changing your mind is not a sign of weakness and just do what the fuck you want, I don’t care, just don’t let these idiots take advantage of you.

It’s not rocket science!


The Seductive Trap of Disclosure

As the Inquisition of Tig Spijker slowly gets filed into the Old news Category of life and the phrase “OMG you guys are STILL talking about that!” becomes the battlecry of all those who ,never seem to say anything yet feel the need to, lecture everyone else on what to discuss. A gentle tone of accord has been reached within the communities amateur dramatic society which has finally changed it’s alert status from Red: Oh No she Didn’t! to the less terrifying Amber: Oh She didn’t….

Perhaps through this blog or perhaps because of the general rise of scepticism in the community; far less people were fooled by Tam McGregor’s post than had he posted it earlier last year and this is a good thing, for one it means that the community in general is becoming less gullible and that attempted character assassinations by ambitious trolls like Mr McGregor are becoming less successful.

You’ll note I have decided to stop being polite.

This has also had the effect that the usual suspects that poured forth to fuel the fire and bathe in the glow of Tig’s roasting found themselves staring at a very small flame and their words meet with mild bemusement and yawns.

While Tig, who has suffered daily abuse and harassment because of this, may not agree. This entire situation has been nothing short of a snowball, that Tig’s rivals and enemies tried to make an avalanche, but ended up crashing into the Great Wall of people not giving a shit. Thus for the one of the first times ever in SL Aviation Drama History, a conclusion was reached.

That “Tig Spijker and her builder Sly must disclose, and give credit too, the creator and original model she used and the website she downloaded it from.”

On the surface this would seem a very reasonable solution. After all there is nothing unreasonable about demanding Tig give credit to the original creators and people have the right to know if the product they are buying is an original or a re-hash of something downloaded. And in fact you do have that right, you also have the right to know (under the freedom of information act) if the product your about to buy is under despute, i.e is there any pending DMCA notices on it, etc etc.

So why protest this? Truth is I’m not, I fully believe we should enforce this. Problem is, so thankful are we to see reason in what has been a rather exhausting debate we forget the path that brought us here. The cyber abuse of Tig Spijker and her fans is not a product of a reasonable mind and the justification that she hurt the poor little Dani pilots with her words and her CFM servers is plain bullshit, as if returning a few planes can compare to a genuine attempt to drive someone to suicide.

By that logic I can now justify shooting anyone who slightly annoys me without fearing prosecution for the mass genocide that would entail.

Secondly we should also not forget that this entire situation is based on an hyped over-reaction to something that turned out to be a genuine mistake followed by a blithering idiot known as Tam McGregor not knowing what a 3DCad website was, which was again over-hyped to the point of extremity, going as far as people making Alt accounts to join in SL Aviation chats at random to talk about how cruel and hypocritical Tig was.

Which means this “reasonable” demand has been suggested by Tig’s Business Rivals (plus a few other loud-mouths along the way) to deal with a situation they made-up.

Thirdly, and this is the elephant in the room as I’m sure most of you have noticed by now, why does this apply exclusively to Tig?

We cannot demand from one builder what we allow other builders to get away with, that would be discrimination and somewhat ironic of the Hypocrisy shamers that Tig has found herself surrounded by.

This is the seductive trap of the whole thing, a situation was blown out of proportion by Tig’s Business Rivals in what was a blatant attempt at Character Assassination, which they might describe as a “shitty business practice” had the tables been turned, failed and are now trying to impose regulations on Tig that they themselves do not conform to. All under the guise of being reasonable.

So if we are going to implement this demand, which I do believe we should, the only fair course of action would be to implement it for all. If Tig has to disclose the sources of her builds, if it’s from a 3D Cad website or similar, then so must Dani. After all regardless if you agree with it or not, Dani is a downloader, his models can be found on Flight simulator 2010 through to X and he is in a legal despute with a company named Carenado even his freebie H1 Racer is stolen from another SL builder. So, why should he be allowed to claim otherwise, if Tig has to disclose her downloads, regardless if legally acquired or not, then so does Dani. In fact so does Annitah Babii, since she sells some of the exact same models as Cheerport and Suzi Air then they are obviously not her models. Envy Melody, ApacheLongbow, Rogue Harsley, iluvatar Millet, Michie Yokosuka and countless others all sell models that can be easily traced and found on various 3D model sharing websites.

If Tig needs to disclose, EVERYBODY needs to disclose. No exceptions.



…which inevitably causes…

Talk to anyone about the cruelty pigs suffer in farming. About how the young piglets are dragged from their mothering sow and locked in a dark room where there is only enough room for them to stand up-right, squeezed in with hundreds of other piglets until they go blind and develop sores on their feet and you’ll find that nearly everyone will agree that the way we mass farm pigs is wrong and that more should be done to support free range farming as well as encourage farmers to adopt techniques which guarantee animals enjoyable and peaceful lives.

Ask them to stop supporting companies which encourage batch farming by giving up meat however and you’ll find them defensively putting their arm around their bacon sandwich and looking at you as if you were some kind of loony.

Such is Human nature. We are consumerists at heart, we don’t like the idea of giving up something we enjoy, even for ethical reasons without getting something in return. For most the idea of ‘giving up’ something is more a case of exchanging it for “Ethical Points” they can collect in order to be feel smugly superior to those who have less points or don’t collect. This is why Vegans are so unbearable at parties.

Of course tell Vegans that the business of Ethical Food is almost as large as Fast Food and the companies who support it are destroying rainforests to make way for Soya Bean and chickpea plantations which is killing off the Orangutan’s natural habitat as well as forcing large populations in Indonesia into slave labour and their minds cannot deal with the complexity of the real issue so they stare at you briefly then storm off to find someone to brag to about how they’ve never bought a plastic bag in nearly three months.

You may wonder where I’m going with this, read on.

The complexity of the Universe is too much for the average mind and therefore demands a simplistic answer. People are more likely to believe a Well told story or a marketing catch-phrase than they are a 200 page well-researched document by a revered college Professor. A Marketing Catchphrase is something quick that grabs your attention where as a 200 page document that has a lot of words you probably don’t understand requires time and effort to read, time which most of us don’t have.

Science is fully aware of this, it has been studied and documented very conclusively and is applied in area’s of learning in situations where it is required for someone to roughly know how something works without needing to know all the in’s and outs. It’s called “Lies to Children” and the best example is the Rainbow.

If I were to ask you how a rainbow was made you would probably talk to me about refraction, how the sunlight gets refracted into the various colours on the visible spectrum of light when it passes through a raindrop. We even have amusing little experiments to show this working, which is detailed on the front cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ a poster which appears in almost every college dorm.

This presents a very satisfactory answer to something which the average mind does not consider important. It is filed and forgotten about. Of course the more developed mind knows this is not how rainbows are formed. Raindrops are not triangular and the experiment does not compensate for the raindrops movement. but the actual way rainbows are formed is too complex to sum up in a paragraph, so light refraction is taught instead because it is the closest simple answer to the truth.


In Second Life Aviation our community has been fighting in the midst of a flame war that has gone on long past the point of anyone being able to care about it, yet on it continues. Certain individuals would have us believe that this entire thing is naught but a conspiracy weaved by the financial motivations of Dani’s competitors and like the cover of Dark Side of the Moon this would provide the simplistic explanation the average mind demands to the otherwise incredibly complex issue we face.

However since you’re reading this article and since this debate continues to be highlighted and discussed, with or without the “community leaders” permission, this would prove that the larger part of the Aviation community is not satisfied with the simplistic answer given by the pro-Dani crowd nor are they satisfied with the “Dani downloads, he is evil” argument of the Anti-Dani movement and so the debate continues.

I sit on the fence here, though I believe downloading without permission and copyboting is wrong I do not feel that ousting Daniels Fall witch-hunt style to a Public Lynching is the correct manner in which to deal with this situation. We are consistently told by the Anti-Dani movement that he is a talentless gibbon. His builds are copy-paste direct from the source with very little texture editing other than non-vectored Jpegs stretched over a pre-existing livery that came with the model. His scripts are freebie submarine scripts that work on negative buoyancy which push the Aircraft above sealevel as opposed to under it. Hence why his Aircraft have such odd physics, such as their amusing ability to topple over if everyone inside runs to the back while the breaks are off.

Supposing this was true then there would be no reason to purchase a Dani plane over something that was built from the ground-up, made with a true passion and scripted to perfection with all the bugs and errors frustratingly ironed out. Previously it was my understanding, and I covered that in this old article, whereby the current generation of builders that prefer to work with original mesh, built by them, have little to no understanding of the core demographic which makes up the SL Aviation Community and most, when told, feel it is beneath them to appeal to such a market. Anyone who wants a comfortable luxury jet, complete with champaign flutes and a sex bed, over some big belching prop plane from the 1940’s is not worth bothering about in their opinion.

When it came to fighting Dani the builders had only one plan. The same plan they execute with everyone else caught downloading, they exposed him as a downloader and sat pointing with a gleeful expression. It was the rest of the community, who watched as the hardliners deleted their Dani planes in disgust, said “does that mean I cannot use this plane? but I like it, why should I give it up, I don’t want too, why can’t we all just fly what we want for fun?” which is the prevailing mood of Aviation today. The first mistake of the Anti-Dani crowd was to, and still, assume people would stop using or buying Dani products simply because they were stolen off the internet.

In my Article “A Short rant about Dani and why you fucked up” I explained the only way to defeat someone like Daniel Falls was simply to out-compete him. Not by screaming, bitching and calling him names. Like the Vegans who traded their meat for Ethic points the Aviation Community was never going to be convinced to give up their Dani planes, planes they had been desperate for since they first took to the skies, for ethical reasons. Dani’s planes had to be replaced by better planes that people would want to buy. And since Dani was such a “talentless noob” such a feat would be easy for the clearly elitist builders that had somehow been so quickly de-throned.

When that article was published I was applauded in droves by the various builders, yet one by one they excused themselves stating that they couldn’t possibly be my target since they enjoyed appealing to the niche market and were comfortable with it. The few who genuinely took notice all began to work on large passenger jets but ultimately each one would fail to realise what was appealing about Dani’s planes and would fall back to the Hallmarks of what they thought it was. Superior Builds and Superior Scripts, with complicated Flight physics that took a long time to master. Of the five large passenger jets tipped for construction only Mick McKeenan’s 727 made it too the market as, one by one, the other builders slowly lost enthusiasm and went back to the small, obscure planes that they liked to dream about. If anything proving that the financial gains to be made from a Private Luxury jet from ZSK or a Boeing Passenger Jet built to the same standards as Tank’s Supercub were nowhere near as motivating as simply getting to build the plane they liked.

Also for the record I have no idea if Mick McKeenan was influenced in anyway by my article, we’ve never spoke.


On the other side the Pro-Dani crowd can hardly claim to have taken the moral high ground. Acting like a despot Dictator desperately trying to crush a rebellion they have excused themselves as people peacefully trying to protest while at the same time have employed the tactics of Censorship, Blackmail, Violent Threats, Greifing and have even spent considerable effort trying to hack this blog if the amount of times I’ve come home to find it’s randomly been locked due to “excessive failed password attempts” is anything to go by. Of course that is on the extreme end of things, the so-called Dani Cultists. The ones who sit poised at their keyboards with their eyes glued to the SL Aviation Group chat, ready to fly into a rage anytime Dani is mentioned or they see someone who’s name they recognise as being one of the Anti-Dani crowd and are arguably the group that has caused the most amount of Drama.

Where as the stupidity of the Anti-Dani crowd to assume everyone would flock to them in understanding as soon as the word “download” was mentioned it has been the naivety of the Pro-Dani crowd to assume everyone would flock to their side as soon as the word “Monopoly” was mentioned.

When Wilder Skies Aviation was banned from Aeronautica it was called a Monopoly, when Pirate Air got kicked out of the Blake Sea it was because Monopoly, Astral-Teks year long war with Amok was to prevent a Monopoly, When Jewels Silverbade stormed out of Olds AFB it was because Monopoly, In fact everything about Olds AFB was a Monopoly, it opened because Monopoly, it closed because Monopoly, When DOR and Flying Tigers split it was because Monopoly, When they got back together it was to prevent a Monopoly, when the Jeogeot Gulf formed it was called a Monopoly, when MCE was created it was because Monopoly, when VICE replaced TCS it was because Monopoly, when TCS replaced CCC it was because Monopoly, the SL Aviation group was created because Monopoly and the SL AVIATION GROUP was created to prevent said monopoly, Shana exists to prevent a monopoly and Luke Flywalker consistently supporters her to prevent a different Monopoly and well…the list goes on.

Essentially the word “Monopoly” is thrown about so many times rather than say “Blue Skies” to each other we should be saying “Pass Go”. It is the base line for the “I don’t have an argument” speech and is almost always used by greedy power grabbing individuals to justify their crusade against the rival one their close friends businesses. It is employed so many times because financial motivation is easy to prove and difficult to convince otherwise, an accusation of a monopoly requires no physical evidence beyond a simple explanation that If subject ‘A’ is financially motivated then can you imagine how much money they would make if everyone could only buy their products then without missing a beat we are told that this is why we must not buy subject ‘A’s’ products and instead support subject ‘B’ and buy their products to prevent said monopoly and “vote with our wallets”.

Of course like most forms of democracy the ones standing on their soapbox yelling it are only happy if you vote their way. If you don’t then you’re ignorant or stupid.

Thankfully for the “stupid” people of SL Aviation the term “Monopoly” no longer constitutes an argument and has started to become something of a joke term along the same lines as claiming everyone is an alt of someone else or calling somebody Gay. So for the first time in perhaps Second Life’s history the Cultists are being forced to put effort into their accusations and this is where it gets entertaining.

But before we get into what the biggest problem with the Dani Cultists is, I must first explain to you what I mean by a Community Leader and who or what this shadowy organisation is that I keep referring too. It’s very important that you understand what I mean when I’m talking about these people as most enjoy assuming I’m talking about them. Those people are wrong but I like to let them have their fun.

There is also some other things that need to be discussed in the meantime and I’ve written a lot already. So we’ll cut here and pick it up later.


Pass Go


Why we have Terrorists: Explaining it like you are Five years Old

On the Night of Friday the 13th I was out drinking with friends, I’d been hanging out in a bubble filled with drink, music, terrible attempts at flirtation and arguments regarding the ability for people in High heels to run away from a T-Rex. Or as the rest of the world may know it, Table Top gaming in the world of Bolt Action, a 28mm chess-like replica of World War Two.

After staggering home I flipped on the TV fully prepared to doze off into casual slumber, but for that night as the details of the Terrorist attacks in France began to emerge I spent the entire night more Angry than I’ve ever felt in my life. Not at the people who did the attacks, but at stupid Americans who poured from the woodwork screaming “Nuke the Terrorists!”. It seems that since 2001 when the Twin Towers were destroyed in one of the most devastating attacks of terror ever known; the world has learned nothing.

The exact reason we have terrorists and why they do what they do is such a vastly complicated and exceedingly long explanation that the average mind cannot comprehend it, either through lack of understanding or lack of patience to hear the full explanation. The Average person needs a simplistic answer and when the average person looks at Terrorists they inevitably see, not brain washed angry youths, but Muslims. Muslims attack us, they are evil, they live in the Middle East ergo the Average Joe’s reaction is to nuke the Middle East, invade with the full might of the US’s impressive Military and make those Muslim terrorists see fear like they have never understood before.

Of course when you lump all Muslims into the same “terrorist” category you inevitable end up with a lot of innocent people in the same barrel, rather like assuming all Americans are Christians and therefore members of the KKK. In doing so you give average Muslims, who suffer from the same lack of hindsight as their American counterparts, a reason to hate Americans and western values and thus, create terrorists.

let me explain it to you:

In 2001 a terribly tragedy happened in New York. A Terrorist group called Al-Qaeda were to blame, links were made to Governments in the Middle East and calls to “nuke them Arabs” were heard all over America. so in 2003 America did just exactly that, Iraq was chosen as the Target thanks to a successful lobbing campaign directed from Saudi Arabia and the US and it’s allies Invaded.

At the time a Man called Saddam Hussein, a brutal dictator, ruled the country. He was part of the Sunni Minority of Muslims who oppressed the Shia majority. Iraq was conquered fairly quickly, but the US had no plan for the country. The until-then suppressed Shia majority took over and began to suppress the remaining Sunni population as revenge for several hundred years of complicated, bloody history.

Unsurprisingly a Sunni uprising began, terrorist forces such as Al-Qaeda trickled into Iraq attracting former Sunni’s into their ranks and local forces, often former Sunni Military, beginning a series of attacks against Occupying US forces and and newly formed Iraqi state peeking in a mass civil war in 2006. Since then people in Iraq have been basically separated by religion. So in a ironic twist of tragedy, the US invasion of Iraq lead to the foundation of the very terrorists the US had invaded to eliminate in the first place because Iraq was now the perfect training ground for terrorism.

To understand this complicated conflict better, we need to understand the relationship between the two main branches of the Muslim faith: Shia and Sunni Islam.

Sunni’s make up about 80% of the Muslim population and Shia’s about 20% and the hard-liners on both sides don’t like each other very much. Saudi Arabia and Iran are the two most powerful players in the Game of Faiths, they both have no separation of state and religion, Domestic Problems and a lot of Oil money and they use this money to support groups that fight the other religious orientations.

One of the Terrorist organisations supported by the Sunni’s and Saudi-Arabia was the Islamic State or ISI.

In 2010 the Arab Spring happened and changed the whole situation in the Middle East. In Syria, dictator Bashar al-Assad didn’t think much of resigning and started a gruesome civil war against his own people, the longer this went on the more groups joined the fight, mostly for religious reasons and with the goal of building an Islamic state in the region based on their idea of the perfect Muslim world i.e Sunni or Shia, and one of them was the now infamous ISI which became the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS. They had fought in Iraq for years and had thousands of well trained and fanatic soldiers, they already controlled parts of Northern Iraq and were very determined to build their religious state.

When they turned their attention to Syria it changed the game like no-one had ever expected. ISIS was so unbelievably violent and radical that soon it was at war with almost every other faction in Syria. They attacked and killed other Muslim terrorists groups and in the territories they controlled they built an “Islamic State” with rules so strict that even the hard-liners of Al-Qaeda and Saudi-Arabia were shocked and withdrew their support.

ISIS has been accused of multiple atrocities including multiple massacres of children, civilians, countless suicide bombings, hostage taking of woman and children and their consequent execution via live beheading. Recently they have decided it was time to take more territory in Iraq.

Since the US left Iraq  the Shia Prim Minister, Nouri al-Malild has monopolised power and discriminated against Sunni’s wherever possible. The Government of Iraq is widely regarded as being corrupt, incapable and is hated by a large part of it’s population. The Iraq army, consisting of about 300,000 soldiers was created using $25 Billion of US tax money but it is not loyal to it’s government and has been giving up or disbanding city after city as ISIS advances because ISIS has announced that everyone who opposed them will be killed, they have proven they mean business.

By June 2014 they’d conquered a big chunk of Iraq, including Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. They’d stolen hundreds of millions from captured banks making them the richest terrorists organisation in the world currently and they are constantly working on establishing a super-medieval religious state.

Iran and the US are even considering work together to stop them. That’s just how gruesome ISIS are.

The Iraq situation shows that exploiting people you’ve defeated in a war, denying them power and a stake in the rebuilding of their country is just sowing the seeds for the next group of violent dick heads to try and seize power. Somehow we have to breaks this cycle as invading Iraq again, or another Middle Eastern country without a plan of action to re-build the country after the war has been won would simply create more terrorists and lead to an even larger crises than we already have.

This is however exactly what the terrorists want, to force the US to come crashing down in another ill-thought out Military intervention acting as the “World Police” and creating more hostility towards the US and in due process, more terrorists or people willing to support terrorists. So when you stand there and wave an American flag demanding the Nuclear annihilation of the Middle East or the rampant extermination of Muslims, you are basically supporting the Terrorists and giving them what they want.


Trouble at Mill

On the 24th of this month I was rudely prized away from my Evening of Minecraft and Beer by the cries of my Skype exploding. This is not unusual since most of my Second Life Skype friends take any hint of Drama to it’s logical conclusion Israel style. By the time you find that convoy of armoured vehicles was just a kid playing with an RC car they are already firing White Phosphorous at hospitals.

But this one was different “The Sailors are back” the cry came “and they’ve got their friends in the Coastguard trying to re-claim the Blake!” Airports were being shut down, ships were being rammed and returned en masse just to keep a few sailors safe from seeing anything that disturbed them during one of their ridiculous ‘four people’ Sailing races.

I logged in and was immediately greeted with this sight.


The SL Aviation channel was already buzzing with people reading their artillery shells, the confused mumbles of people who didn’t catch the first half of the conversation and the usual suspects attempting to White Knight on everybodies behalf.

So, being the normal calm….reactively calm person who ,as you know, lies all the time and is just trying to destroy the community, I investigated.

So just to calm everyone down this is what actually happened:

An Airport was blocked off by one of the Nautilus Coastguard, it was only one Airport which was Honah Lee Surf. The person doing it was asked to leave twice by Airport Staff before being ejected. The Nautilus Coastguard have informed us that this person was not acting under orders and has since been removed from their services. All other members of the Nautilus Coastguard acted very Civil when approached and no other complaints were received.

They have also agreed that the word “Official” will be dropped when posting for future events.


The event itself is one of the first times the Sailors have used the Blake Sea in this way for nearly two years. Hundreds of racing events and cruises pass through the Blake every year and largely go undetected. What made this one different was it was a Memorial event to Francois Jacques, the Cubey Terra of the Sailing World, who died of cancer a few years ago. Around 70 people, all mounted in boats, participated and ,for the best part, were all on their best behaviour.

After speaking with Gemma Vuckovic, the events organiser, the sailors agreed that either they or the Coastguard will post something in SL Aviation group notices warning of any future events that uses the Blake Sea in this manner.

As far as I am aware only one ship was returned. Mid-way during the event some asshat in a Battleship decided to attempt to ram the Sailboats. His boat was returned and he was ejected.

This is the only thing I hold objection too. While I agree the decision to remove this person was required during the set-up of the Jeogeot Gulf we were promised by Linden Labs that Admin powers would not be granted to the Jeogeot Gulf organisers as Linden Labs would assign our own small Abuse Team that could respond quickly in any greifer situation. This was on the pre-tense that Linden Labs could no longer trust residents with powers over Public Land (See the History of Marktwain White and the Ironclad community for further information) and that all residents who held admin powers in the Blake Sea would have those powers removed.

This was to ensure that both the Blake and the Gulf would no longer be dominated by one Group or Community and would remain open to any who wished to use them.

The fact that the sailors still have this power means that Linden labs have lied to us and I find myself entirely unsurprised by this. However this being the case I have expressed my “Disappointment” towards Linden Labs which will most likely be added to my pending Lawsuit against Linden Research Inc (which I will talk about on a different day).


So what actually happened during the entire day was, one person was an Asshole to us, the other was an Asshole to the sailors (in fact there is evidence suggesting it may have been the same guy using an Alt) both were quickly removed by Staff and the entire event continued without a Hitch. Anyone who wished to use the Blake, did so. The 70 sailboats in the event were being periodically released one at a time so as not to choke the Blake with their numbers, making it easy to sail around as Both me and a friend proved in our Oil tankers.


People who wanted to fly, flew, people who wanted to sail, sailed. And the sailors themselves had a big party, congratulated each other on turning up, wandered off for private skybox Poseball rubbing and totally forgot who’s memory they were supporting.

Life carried On.

Ripped Wars: Episode IV A Tetralogy of Cunts

I’m taking a moment to deviate from my regular explosive opinions regarding SL Aviation to poke at something in the World War Two Community, something I don’t often do because quite frankly nothing happens there and even though the community has been rocked with controversy so bizarre it makes everything DOR ever did look tame in comparison, no-one really cares.

However this latest chronicle in a book that would be titled “Oh for Fuck Sake” is one that takes the levels of stupidity to somewhere between Jewels Silverblade and this…


Oh yes Children, it’s time I explained which cunt cunted some other cunt.

Actually I should apologise, the cunt being cunted is Joe Sparrow, founder of Astral-Tek, the WWIIRP community, the Naval Community, LANCE and quite literally the inventor of everything VICE that wasn’t included in the original Dev Kit, who isn’t a cunt. He is more of a socially awkward 20 something that finds making friends difficult and has been the victim of abuse from so many major developers in the WW2 community that he now has severe trust issues.

In Saying that Joe’s ability to offend people runs on par with my ability to pick up woman in bars.


i.e none at all.

The money Joe makes in SL goes largely towards providing for his mother, specially during the holiday seasons,as well as his own regions which freely provide a combat sandbox and house a number of War vets for free. So why anyone would want to pick on him specifically I don’t know.

The Cunt doing the cunting is actually three cunts, a cuntology if you will. Vickster Kuhn (our first Cunt) came fifth place recently in the “Do you think you can Land” contest. Not a bad score all things considered since he was flying a particularly tricky plane a THI BF-109G who’s stall speed is equal to it’s landing speed meaning you have to tether a fine line between slowing down and stalling while aiming towards the ground (Physics is not Aeon’s strong point) so all in all not a bad performance and nothing to be ashamed of.

But this is Vickster we’re talking about, the self-proclaimed “greatest pilot in SL” who has done a lot to achieve that reputation and not been shy of a few underhanded tactics when it comes to maintaining it. So losing an event (specially to one of his own underlings) lead to something of a “sore loser” situation. Immediately after the event Vickster followed the events host Thomm Box back to Wright Brothers, an airfield overlooking the Jeogeot Gulf and started shooting at every plane taking off and landing there with a rocket launcher, refusing to stop when asked. He was eventually booted out.

For the rest of the night he stamped his feet and screamed but since no-one was paying any attention he took his frustration elsewhere and turned north to Tulagi,  and declared war on Joe.

[20:21] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): fuck with BB and bastogne will side with them and we’ll end you

[20:21] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): understand?

[20:22] Joe Sparrow: thats pretty unfair

[20:22] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): fuck you

[20:22] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you had your chance to be loyal and you walked

For those not in the know, Joe suffers from a very severe case of Social Anxiety as well as mild Autism. When people verbally attack you in IM’s the reaction for most of us would be to shrug and press mute. Sadly, for Joe, his mind cannot process what is going on, he becomes deeply confused, ends up emotionally overwhelmed and becomes prone to irrational behaviour or sudden “freak outs”.

This makes him an easy target for the School Yard Bully, “How dare I not win!  Don’t you know who I am?!”,  Vickster Kuhn. And so the Drama Began.

The Second two Cunts, the company ‘Battle Bitches’ are another “We’re Lesbians LOOK AT US!” Company that aren’t shy to rub each others tits and get some of the players a little hot under the collar, just like Vortex, Shana or E-tech or basically anyone who makes company and quickly realizes that by strapping on a pair of breasts and bending over a lot they can acquire a lot of die hard and desperate fanboys who will happily agree with anything said because agreeing with someone 100% of the time and aggressively defending them if someone doesn’t agree will make them notice you and think you’re different and maybe, just maybe let you get close to them.

BB have taken it a step further by claiming to be War vets of the “I was an Elite Sniper with over 300 confirmed kills” variety.

Normally we’d just ignore companies like this since I’m not really a fan of feeding the keyboard warriors, and reporting on them would be equal to documenting the rise and fall of every actor named Corey. But I am feeling specially liberated today.


So there are our four Cunts. The Actors are in position, the stage is set. the audience is quietly waiting as the music starts to play.


We Begin with Cunt 1, Joe Sparrow. As I mentioned Joe is prone to irrational behaviour when stressed and on occasion becomes consumed with Paranoia and when this happens the probability of Joe doing something stupid slowly reaches one.

Oh before that, spoiler warning:

Mesh Police_002

So a notice was passed around claiming that ,surprise surprise, BattleBitches had illegally uploaded assets from Forgotten Hope 2, a Mod for Battlefield 2 made in 2007. Which is pretty fucking obvious even to a blind man.

   Here’s an example:


Now BattleBitches already found themselves thrown into the deep end when they Ripped a Chaffee Tank from World of Tanks, without even bothering to use one of the community texture packs to disguise it. As you would expect regularly check the SL Marketplace and are pretty hostile when it comes to maintaining their I.P rights so the day it was due for sale they got hit with a Cease and Desists and now deny it ever existed.

Now before you start whinnying on and on about “oh stop being all uber mesh police Mal! Stealing peoples I.P rights is perfectly ok so long as we ‘the customer’ get a new shiny every week”, hold your mouth and let me explain why this is something a little more sinister than an Illegitimate businessman making money of someone else’s work.

So that notice I mentioned, more like a rumour. A few of us picked it up several months ago around the same time as Battle Bitches sim came online. This wouldn’t be the first company that’s tried this, especially in the WWII community, as there have been at least three attempts made this year by various WW2 companies trying to pass off Warthunder Tanks and aircraft as their own creations and well….I’m rambling again. So this notice was passed around detailing in about 12 words why Battlebitches were evil and nasty and download, blah blah blah hit them with a C&D etc etc we got that far, anyway, after all that bullshit Battlebitches started rooting around for someone to blame. The source of the rumours seemed like a good place to start.

But this is where the problem begins. Battle Bitches are not the brightest, they stole from a 2007 Mod thinking it abandoned but in actuality it was just updated last week and remains one of the most popular WWII shooter games stunted only by the difficulty of find a copy of Battlefield 2 to play it with. It’s had a great number of people work on it over the years some of which maintain a presence here in Second Life and those are the people who started the rumours, simply by recognizing their own work.

Battle Bitches weren’t to know that. They ranted on a few days but, as always, no-one paid them much attention so instead rather than deal with their loss and move on they, much like our first Cunt Vickster, aimed at the easiest target, Joe Sparrow, someone who would freak out and react which is probably why Joe started to receive random IM’s from people defending Battle Bitches.

[09:03] Viktoria (viktoriaelizabetha): Okay now together, I do have my own advice.. I’m a SIMPLE customer, I’m not a creator of WW2 stuff or anything so PLEASE stop rape me, I just gave my advice

Stop raping me? That is such an odd thing for someone to say specially with no context but whatever actually happened in that conversation it confused Joe, he put a pancake on his dogs head.

Joes Dog

Joe knew who Battle Bitches were but beyond having the giggle fits at some of their earlier work he was more focused on his own projects so beyond his own reactions to his friends, there was nothing for the public to see. SO BB tried again

[10:54] Camis Lee: (Saved Sat 19 Sep 2015 08:50:26) You really want a war with me are you insane? I can give it too you! You could have asked before you accused us of anything unlike you who I asked for help 5 years ago … I have no problem chatting with you but please grow up just a little

[10:54] Camis Lee: (Saved Sat 19 Sep 2015 08:52:17) Your stuff is banned at my sim too – how juvenile

[10:54] Camis Lee: (Saved Sat 19 Sep 2015 08:56:45) Btw keep in mind that all of the things you say get back to us!

This quite possibly lead to Joe’s first and only ever public reaction regarding Battlebitches, a notice was sent out over the Jeogeot Gulf Communications group.

When i say im upset at a company for downloading ww2 meshes and do not say who nor mention any name of what company. then just maybe its not a good idea to im me and get all flustered in private messages. your just admitting it then

This was followed by a scattering of other notices and random IM’s to people which more or less concluded “So I guess I’m the bad guy now”. This was Joe’s mental health starting to deteriorate in the face of constant harassment from Battlebitches.

[17:53] Camis Lee: I KNOW WHERE YOUR 222 came from…. I know where one of your TUGS came from I bet I know alot JOE stop your shit YOU DIDN’T Make any of your models Wronger made some but some of them I can identify too… Hypocrit MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR SOURCES TOO … one of mine just became a freebie …. IF YOU DONT cease and desist I WILL file a complaint I am a paying member of SL and I have already talked to the Concierge QUIT fucking with me or your gonna be sorry!!! And I am not kidding Joe

So naturally Joe hit the freak-out button and the community, collectively, rolled it’s eyes.

It takes a lot to get to this stage. Being one of Joe’s close friends for a number of years ,even though we’re a bit distant these days, I know his triggers and how much it takes to get him to react. What strikes as being obvious to me is Battle Bitches wanted this reaction. They wanted Joe to become so frustrated, so anxious and paranoid that like a puppet on a string he would dance the angry dance and explode his wrath upon the community. Who, from their perspective, hadn’t seen the messages and IM’s sent by Battlebitches, all they saw was Joe’s over dramatic reaction to something which didn’t appear to have done anything to deserve it.

So BB could cut open an onion and stood, hand in hand with tears in their eyes and cry the victim to a community that was all too eager to listen and leap to their defence, because well they’re just a couple of nice girls and Joe’s being unfair.

And this is what I actually wanted to talk about, In Scotland it’s called Nester Syndrome, in America it’s often referred to as the Tear Jerk reaction or the Feminist Attack and in Second Life some call it Sandy Vagina Syndrome.

The principle is that given any situation where a woman (not all woman) in an argument finds herself in a position where she is losing, tears up. Crying is socialized out of the male at a very young age and consequently, they have no grasp of what the process of crying entails. Therefore, they have no means to defend against it. Males understand crying to be a result of a stimulus causing pain. For a woman, crying is simply an arbitrary response she can have to ANYTHING. Cute animals, romantic movies, bunny rabbits, glitter, shoes and absolutely no reason are all things that can cause a woman to cry. In short, to win an argument a woman just begins crying, thus causing the man to become frozen to the spot like a incoherent child.

The result is the person not crying looks like they have wronged the person doing the crying regardless of what has transpired prior to the crying and since men associate crying with pain the automatic reaction is to comfort the cryee and assume the position of being in the wrong. Ergo the female has won the argument without any presenting any argument.

Translated into Second Life, it works out as a rather shady business practice that can very easily and often very effectively neuter a business rival and gain a lot of unquestioning supporters without them even knowing they’ve been manipulated.

Seems a little Far-fetched? Happens a lot more than you think. In fact, let’s start by losing some more friends. Vickster does it all the time, Envy Melody of E-tech does it, Rogue Harsley of Vortex did it when she was starting off her company by copybotting Tig’s old heli’s, Shana Carpool does it any time anything negative is said about her, as does Annitah Babii of AEB&W as she prints off another self congratulatory certificate to add to her wall of fake diploma’s and awards crying about oppression, as she happily copybots Cheermaster.


Also while we’re on the subject, all the names I listed above, all men.

How do I know? Because Meridas. But that’s a topic for a different discussion. One with more knives and butthurt.


Anyway back to my original point. So the situation is Battlebitches deliberately antagonised a mentally ill person, knowing he would lash out publicly so they could act offended and claim the victim so they could sell badly converted mes rips with car scripts to people who would do anything just to see a picture of some tits. Or at least this is the situation as I see it.

On the flip side I spoke to Battlebitches and gave them the chance to state things from their point of view. Actually I delayed this article for four days waiting on them. Knowing I was on the case they immediately banned me from their sim. I spoke to their admin who made the “stop rapping me” comment asking for her side of the story and some context, she denied it ever happened, then claimed it did and Joe was just attacking her for no reason and if I wanted to talk to any of the Battlebitches I would have to put in a notecard. I shoved some simple questions on a notecard and gave it to her. An hour later I got a notecard back berating me for not IM’ing them directly, so I did. No reply.

Aside from a few snarky comments Battlebitches only eventual defence was “what did Joe say? Oh yeah, no we never did that, he lies, can’t you see he’s attacking us because he’s jealous of our success!” etc etc

In fairness they claim to have downloaded their most recent models from a site that legally sells them. here is their Char 1 Bis on Turbosquid for eight bucks.

Now it may shock some of you but I’m not against this kind of thing. Though most of you are, being the amount of support the campaign against Turbosquid Downloads got from the community when it was Aeon Voom that was being accused of buying his Apache from Turbosquid, of course that campaign was fronted by Brancos Milestone and Jewels Silverbade, both women who were crying about Aeon oppressing them to dominate the market and form a monopoly (you starting to understand now?). People are free to use models they have legally acquired but there exists within an exception, which is Turbosquid.

By in thanks to the amount of noise Jewels made against Aeon Turbosquid actually updated their policy several years ago specifically citing Second Life though currently it has been changed to appear more generalised. The models Battlebitches are using come under the Standard Royalty Free license which, despite common misconception, does not mean the model is free to do with whatever you please with once you purchase, if you’ll allow me to cite you Section 7, Paragraph D on the Turbosquid Royalty Free license:

  1. Virtual Good Sales. You may NOT import, upload, reproduce, make available, publish, transmit, distribute, or sublicense Stock Media Products in Creations of virtual goods or worlds for any 3D community (“Virtual World”), unless you or your Client owns the Virtual World platform and it complies with the foregoing restrictions.

Yes gentlemen you cannot upload models to Second Life for sale under a Standard Royalty Free License. Turbosquid regularly check Second Life (thanks Jewels) so I’d not rush for pre-orders just yet.

But this is what has got me miffed. Everyone prior to this who has slapped down a bunch of badly scripted copybotted assets has done so because they want to compete but are too lazy to put in any real effort, so they download and shove in freebie scripts out of sheer laziness. Battlebitches are not lazy. Their region has a lot of effort put into it, it looks really good, is managed well and seems to be quite popular. What they have shown is they are willing to put in the effort to become serious contenders but rather than actually do the work needed they choose instead to do no work, to cheat and to bully a mentally disabled man so they could dominate the market.

And that, in my opinion, is the definition of a Cunt.

You may or may not agree, you may not even care, doesn’t matter I’m not going to force you to agree with me, what am I your mother?

You need help.

In regards to DOR….

Like a Chai-Tea Enema we now enter a world of confusion and butthurt the likes of which we only vaguely understand. You may be sitting in the waiting room, trashy magazine in your little hand, someone, somewhere, sometime mentioned this was good for you and you have been feeling so down lately. Now you’re here and the cute nurse is explaining everything that’s about to happen to you, you suddenly feel like maybe a glass of Orange Juice and a good nights rest was all you needed.

This is generally how I feel about DOR. I do my best to ignore what goes on behind the borders of the Seychelles isles, but like a great mighty Elephant in a Movie theatre it consistently lumbers around getting into my view so that I can’t see anything else.

DOR is Dogs On the Run, for those of you who don’t know, a group of well-to-do Aviators who’s Philosophy is Fun. Generally they don’t much care about Drama or SL Aviation in general. What they want is to get into the air and have a good time fooling about in Planes doing whatever, Dogfights, Hanger Hockey, Pylon races, Ground Target contests etc etc Essentially everything I’m always rabbiting on that the rest of Aviation should be.

And if that’s all DOR was I wouldn’t have a problem, I’d still be a member.


My old hanger at DOR back in 2012 when I was still a member

But there is a second DOR. A DOR that is consistently under attack from dark forces that gather in dimly lit underground rooms, rubbing their hands together and plotting their plots, patting themselves on the back for being so sneaky. This second DOR must unite both it’self and it’s allies in a mass crusade against a great Dragon which threatens all of SL Aviation. But like the great Dragons of Old the threat only exists within the mind of one man, Dor’s leader Da Admiral. Or as he’s also known as Princess Da, by me, and now by you.

I was DOR’s 3rd member, could call me one of the founders had I actually done anything[1]. On it’s birth and through-out the first year of it’s existence DOR’s mission was not to become just another Aviation/fighter group, in fact it didn’t want to be a group at all. DOR was to be an Area of close to a hundred sims of which would be nothing more than to provide a safe place for Aviations to co-exist and fly, free of biased admins, the mockery of the self-proclaimed elitists and without any product bans or judgements as to what should and should not be allowed.


For a while I was DOR tops fighter Ace and if you think I was going to leave out this picture of me kicking Vickster’s ass then you’d be wrong.

This was DOR before “Shana Day”. I was very honoured, at this point, to call Princess Da my close friend, we would speak at length to each other, giggling like school girls over the troubles and tribulations of the rest of the Community. DOR was principally made-up of the rejects of other groups at first but fully swelled to a substantial size at the collapse of the Flying Tigers. Princess Da charmed the community with his open doors policy and his free hangers for all who came, he proclaimed to be the father of ,the then, recently deceased prodigal child of SL Aviation Toni Silverweb, he was rich, having made his money in Transport and Storage and wanted nothing more than to build a vast region in her honour, regardless of the cost.


Photo of a greifer attack taken the day before Shana-Day. You can see in the background the first Shana Squad planes being rolled infront of the main hanger with a “buy here” vendor box outside each one. In the right hand corner you can see THI’s hanger. after this day all the Vendor and builder hangers would be condensed into one “shopping mall” Hanger. Only Shana had her own.

What changed was an event known as Shana Day[2]. DOR was built on a principle that it would never favour nor bow to the will of any one builder or company and we had gone far to defend that principle, yet here was Shana Carpool given pride of position in a gigantic hanger set in the centre of the first DOR region, it was set to be the telehub of the region and even rewards were issued to people who bought Shana’s Aircraft. This among other things, example being the Gender segregation of Princess Da’s Flying Vanity Circus, or the DOR Angels as they are more commonly known, as well as Princess Da’s rapid promotion to estate manager of any pretty girl who smiled at him, gave me enough cause to become concerned regarding Princess Da’s intentions. I stepped down as Estate Manager and while I remained a part of DOR I re-focused my energies elsewhere.

The new post Shana Day DOR was now more or less a Parody of it’s own principles. Rather than a Groupless region with no corporate bias it had become a strict woman-only (men tolerated) Fighters club and Display team with a heavy single corporate bias. A full year had passed and Princess Da’s 100+ region had still not been delivered after a series of bundling excuses I had lost patience. DOR was no longer the group I had helped found it was now the ego palace of a paranoid old pervert [3] who span tales of lies and conspiracies to win loyalty. Quietly I left the group [4].

Either though sheer paranoia or some vague attempt to install a Common Enemy style system of control over it’s members I don’t know but the following day when I logged in I found my In-Box full of spam.

Spam like this


Which is just one of many IM’s I would find in my In-box each almost every day from various DOR members until it stopped little over a year ago when several of their members were banned for Intolerance and Harassment, Donna included.

Cessna: (Saved Tue 22 Oct 2013 20:22:46) 07 ….i would of thought you would of caught on to the sl aviation bullshit by now …..but you looking down your nose at anyone with a ban threat is a joke furry
Mal (malcious.vuckovic): What are you talking about?

Fear and Paranoia now ruled Princess Da’s mind. Every year he changed the name of the DOR group, from DOR to DOR Angels to DOR 2014 to DOR Spearhead which is uses today. Everytime it would cast off it’s less active members and it’s newer members were greeted by a new Princess Da, this time not rich but humble, significantly younger and hard working who did everything he could to provide a safe heaven from the Drama of the outside Community and support the small time builders (basically Shana) against the corruption and domination over the larger companies (Anyone not Shana).

Every year he would spin out the same story on the 100+ regions he was “getting” as well as the five year long leg surgery he was getting/had and that only through your support could DOR survive and all who donated would be rewarded when the new region came online. he was a Hymn and a prayer away from forming a Cult.

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to fill you in on the status of what Da and I are doing at this time. We are working on some exciting things far beyond anyones expectations for our Group. just bare with us a few more weeks until we can get all the preliminary work done.
In the meantime, Vickster and Barry and Daisy have offered their sims for you to fly, have combat events etc. Until we get our sims ready for you please back them and go to these sims. We need our group to stay together and believe me it will be good for all of you when we finish our plans.

Trinka and Da –2013

Woof Bloody Woof,

Most of you will have had heard of our plans for the future of DOR by now.
Currently we don’t have a date for being online as there are still some bits to work through with LL.
We can assure you its worth the wait.
The parcels we have on Visionary isle will be kept even when our new regions are online.
These will take on the role of a teleport to the DOR welcome center on new regions and also a free place to fly.
The DOR 2014 group will be open to invites once the sims are closer to opening.
In the meantime you can Fly Here at visionary isle (no Combat) or at Vicksters New Bastogne sims and Barrys sims.
Please respect their rules and way they do things.
Any “drama” caused through our members on these sims will be taken into account when we open DOR 2014 to invitations.
Thanks Team.
We apologise for the long wait
DOG & Trinka –2013

[2014/04/12 13:58] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Specially with your 100+ sim region yet to materialize
[2014/04/12 13:59] DOG (da.admiral): it will be ordered next week or wek after if im not in hospital that time i see surgeon your tuesday
[2014/04/12 13:59] DOG (da.admiral): gtg
[2014/04/12 13:59] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Good luck in Surgery

Concerning sims and expanision, I know we have made promises to many about sims we have not kept so far. That does not mean that the plans are not still the same. With Dons Health issues and to some degree mine this has taken a lot longer then I wanted. Please keep the faith on sims and one day we will be enjoying them.

DOG –2014

Hi team,
I still havn’t ordered the region’s yet, its not LL’s fault or banks but it is mine.
I have been observing those who have been using our airfield, showing up at dances & supporting Vickies regions.
When I order our region’s these are the people we want with us.
I’m not interested in supplying a super flying estate to those who havn’t got the energy to support us.
In fact i don’t really want them on our regions.
Because I am carrying the cost of these regions personally I’m not really concerned about traffic or revenue from them, this is not a commercial enterprise.
SL is full of self appointed experts and people who think we can not survive without them.
Or the only way we can do this is with their vision implemented into the estate.
Well guess what, I would prefer it if these people stayed at mainland or the other region’s, they have very little knowledge and seldom ever contribute to running costs of a region.
In short they are takers or what in my native land we call bludgers.
Trinka, Vickster and myself will be the powers on our regions (in short little SL god’s) if this dosn’t suit anyone I suggest they look elsewhere to play.
As for for a eta for ordering the regions it may be tomorrow, it may be next week, I will decide that.
So please Trinka’s and my loyal friends bear with us a little longer.
Sorry if this sounds a bit dictator like or harsh but is way past time SL aviation was told some home truths.
Dog# –2014

Even had the cheek to charge a yearly subscription for early access to this Mythical continent.

becuase of the cost we ask that Dor members pay a L$2,000 donation to have early acsess to the new Dor 100+ sim region. This will be a yearly subscription nd you will get invited to the new Dor group.

End of 2014

Before it all finally ended with.

Please stop im’ing Don about the new regions. He is very tired and now had a headache. We know they are late but please be paitence it will be worth it

-Trinka 2015

Their last mention of it was some point back in February this year and I don’t think it has been brought up again, I presume everyone was refunded their “yearly subscription” as…

“We never charge money for being part of dor”

Anyway back to me.

[05:45] DA Admiral: you are a despicable little creep.

I should point out these are not snippets of a convo, they are genuinely just random messages I would receive from Princess Da whenever he felt in the mood to dish out the abuse.

[06:12] DA Admiral: DO not come near DOR

[12:13] DA Admiral:I WILL kill YOU!

[12:43] DOG…Don Admiral (da.admiral): yoitaKE OFF ANGEL TAG JEBNNY
[12:43] DOG…Don Admiral (da.admiral): angekl tag jenny
[12:43] DOG…Don Admiral (da.admiral): its not to be woirn here
[12:43] Jennytryit: ok 🙂
[12:44] DOG…Don Admiral (da.admiral): he y homo
[12:44] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): easy dog this is a family event
[12:44] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Hi Toni
[12:45] Pearline Sweetwater: yes! my grandaughter is watching on this “G” sim!!
[12:45] Pearline Sweetwater snickers
[12:45] DOG…Don Admiral (da.admiral): im greifing you poofter
[12:45] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): We prefer the term “homosexual”
[12:45] DOG…Don Admiral (da.admiral): gouing top cry to lindens
[12:45] DOG…Don Admiral (da.admiral): you timker bell poofter
[12:46] Trinka ‘Pinky’ Adored (trinka.adored): /
[12:46] Trinka ‘Pinky’ Adored (trinka.adored): uit
[12:46] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): Nice to see you too Don
[12:46] Trinka ‘Pinky’ Adored (trinka.adored): Don Stop
[12:46] Trinka ‘Pinky’ Adored (trinka.adored): quit that right now
[12:48] DOG…Don Admiral (da.admiral): oh mal will wear a dress
[12:48] DOG…Don Admiral (da.admiral): he into that
[12:48] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): dam right I will
[12:48] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): and not only that
[12:48] DOG…Don Admiral (da.admiral): fgaggot
[12:49] Mal (malcious.vuckovic): I will be the prettiest princess there is! (and I was)[5]

For two years Princess Da played the game of insult cat and mouse with me even going so far as to try and call me up and home [6]. I wasn’t the only one, pretty much anyone of note who left DOR was subject to the same level of abuse. Princess Da hated the idea that there existed people who knew about his habit of re-inventing himself that were outside his control and while Princess Da was always quick to shout Woof Bloody Woof and proclaim that DOR was the best pilots in SL and was really all about fun his next notice was never short of the next list of targets as he attempted time and time again to weaponize DOR against the ever increasing threats he saw in his head.

Threats such as product bans.

[12:07] Pazuzu Nakim: Keep in mind who is behind the bans and do not buy their products or visit their sims.
[12:08] Pazuzu Nakim: Why put your hard earned money into the pockets of people who want to try and bully other builders?
[12:09] Pazuzu Nakim: Or the people who choose to fly an aircraft that they do not agree with?
[12:09] Pazuzu Nakim: stop buying the haters products or supporting their sims until they dry up and blow away

Which is a good thing too since:

[05:45] DA Admiral: thank christ you products are not allowed on DOR, Aeon is an Angel compared to you,.

[08:41] DA Admiral: simpkle my sims my rules end of story
[08:42] Malcious Vuckovic: So you just want to ban Joe’s products “Becuase you say so”
[08:42] DA Admiral: they are banned
[ 08:42] DA Admiral: I can if I want
[08:43] DA Admiral: yes they wont be promoted sold or allowed to enter in competitions at DOR
[08:43] Malcious Vuckovic: Why?
[08:43] DA Admiral: tell him to go get cuddles from anmok

[08:45]  DA Admiral: hes a turncoat who forgot who the hell he is and attacked shana so fuck joe sparrow

[08:45]  DA Admiral: i will not allow you to compete with shana

You can go ahead and add “Hypocritical” to his list of Bullshit if you want.

Today the threat is the secret Monopoly trying to be installed by the likes of Joe Sparrow and Tank Kwaszes by banning Dani products from two Airports, yesterday it was MCE and like leaflets from a Doomsday Cult hundreds of notecards depicting MCE as some cruel and unusual Punishment filled the skies and minds of anyone who would listen. Prior to that it was mesh and DOR played host to the first “anti-mesh” sim and protest group who’s existence seemed to consist of glaring angrily at Aeon Voom whenever he was around. Before that it was Flying Tigers, New Bastogne and other ‘combat communities’ that would tear this community apart with their win-at-all-costs elitism, before that it was Aeon Voom himself, before that is was player poaching and well, you get the idea.

MCE aside, which we’ll talk about a different day, The problem with any of these “threats” is there are all Hypothetical. When Princess Da warns the Community about the secret attempts by non-Shana companies to Monopolise the Aviation Market, he doesn’t have any proof, he has anecdotal evidence at best by which I mean he can tell a convincing story but offers only guesswork as to why Joe, Aeon or Tank specifically want to ban Dani planes even though they don’t compete with him on any level, specially Joe who’s already made clear he has no plans to expand his range of one plane, Tank who really doesn’t care and Aeon who has expressed no interest in building Airliners to compete with Dani and even went so far as to state he was more interested in stopping the increasing number of people hanging round Honah Lee trying to sell Plane models game-ripped from Warthunder like back-alley traders selling guns and drugs from a brown trench coat.

All of this has had an effect on DOR. In it’s Golden Age of 2012 DOR was the biggest aviation group that has been and probably will ever be on SL with near enough 600 members. It commanded the respect of nearly every other Aviation group and even a number of builders with both Joe Sparrow and Aeon Voom happy to provide free aircraft for it’s members (All since replaced by Shana Aircraft of course). Now it was only earlier this year it celebrated it’s 100th member and today stands at a rather glum 128 people, which also includes the various landowners, invited builders and dignitaries from other communities, a vast number of Alts and anyone who buys a Shana plane (though buying a Shana may no longer get you an automatic invite to DOR, couldn’t find anyone to check for me).

f4 phantom

Only known photo of the rare Astral-Tek A4 Phantom, built as a freebie jet for DOR to Princess Da’s exact specifications. Was never finished.


A DOR F-16 with the pre-Mutley DOR logo showing the Kiwi Bird, the national animal of new Zealand.


We had fun with Aeon’s B1 Crash physics, in the background you can just make out the Squadron A-4 Skyhawk Aeon had donated.


The Inevitable replacement. Two planes from a different builder were put among this display to show DOR isn’t “all shana” see if you can spot them.

Princess Da, I feel almost sorry to say, is a shadow of the friend I one had. His notices became increasingly erratic and incredibly self-indulgent as we finally entered the month of August 2015 where the shit hit the fan. On the first day we were subject to this notice

Sat, Aug 01 2015 10:06:54 AM PDT

Irish has mentioned SLE may be talking to some of you.
I would be most grateful if none of you discuss DOR business with any SL publication ,./
Fell free top discuss your own activities not DOR ones

And at this point my journalist senses tingle. Screaming “Do no talk to the press” is basically an invitation for me to start prodding things with a stick and scream back “Why what are you hiding?”. SLE or the Second Life Enquirer is one of SL’s oldest Newspapers though it’s hardly known for it’s hard hitting journalism, instead opting to talk about fashion, new shops that are opening and tasteless “state the obvious” opinion pieces full of random poetry and countless selfies. I had planned to investigate a little further into the matter with a little joke on DOR’s expense being that I asked SLE what they wanted to talk to DOR about and found in his Paranoia Princess Da had only denied himself some free publicity.

but then this happened.

After careful consideration and our Discusions with Gin Beamish Don and I are sadly announcing we are in no position right now to continue our DOR Sims at Seychelles.
I have attached a notecard with what is happening described. Gin will be furnishing 4 sims for our group. Our officers will take over the day to day running of DOR. Please continue to donate to Gin to help her keep us going until we recover from our present health problems. A complete list of officers will be announced.
Please read the note.
Officers not to Contact Until Don and I are healthy again

Fair enough I thought, DOR’s ran out of money again, wouldn’t be for the first time. But this was followed by post after post after post of Self-congratulate bullcrap proclaiming that DOR was the best and urging everyone to donate.

I want to personally thank all those that answered the call to keep DOR and Seychelles Isles Battle Sims alive for another month. I am very impressed with the level of dedication and commitment you folks have. This is rare in SL and I honored to have you with us. Those that contributed to saving the sims have asked me to keep their names private so for the private few, we are grateful.

Also, I want to wish both Don and Trinka a speedy recovery. We all care for you hope to see you back soon.


Woof Bloody Woof!
Re Irish’s post about the support given by DOR over this trying time.
He is so right about DOR, we are a very special collection of people and its great to see that recognised. Thanks for the Post Irish.
Trinka and I will be back in the swing of things again as soon as we are able.
In the meantime “keep the home fires burning team” you are the best of the best.

Hi Folks,
This is just a note to thank all of you who have aready helped securing the sims for this month. We have a great family here. Many of you who wish to donate to help us further may do so at the LM given. We would like to place things on an even more secure footing with folks who might be able to donate a monthly amount. Any wishing to help us should contact Gin (starylight) or myself.
I’m truly amazed at how our family has pulled together in this time of difficulty.

On and on it went. I heard stories that DOR users had managed to raise over 125k lindens to keep DOR alive, according to the donation boxes and I was impressed, I genuinely was but for some reason it wasn’t enough.

Hi Folks,

There has been a lot of things happening in these last few weeks. The end of the month will be the end of Dor’s sims in the Seychelles area. We tried and were not successful at raising the funds needed to maintain those sims in Seychelles. In order to keep our family together, we’ve taken a standalone homestead sim which is open for combat, flying, sailing, airplane soccer, and relaxing in. The base sim is ready for you all to use, but some tweaking still remains.

Special thanks are due to Don, Trinka and Gin for their hard work in Seychelles as well as countless restarts at all hours of the day for for our events. With everything going on in DOR lately, I’d like to reassure you that our family is stronger than ever.

See you at the dogfight!

Now wait a moment I said. 125k and they can’t even keep a few of the sims open? I became suspicious and I made enquires. According to the people I spoke with at Seychelles DOR was already three months behind on it’s rent and despite a number of plans proposed by IrishGent to save DOR by consolidating down sims, co-operating with Luke and the Flying Tigers to pull in resources and even and offer to wave off part of DOR’s debt but Princess Da would have none of it and choose himself ,this is according to the Seychelles isles estate manager I spoke to, to shut down DOR.

So I asked the question “what happened to the Money?” and apparently I wasn’t the only one. A lot of people got suspicious and finally about a week ago this happened.

I have just found out that for some reason Don Received a E mail today that his account was removed from Second Life. No Explanation was given and we are trying to find out what is going on.
For the time being he will be on AviWorld and has the equivalent of 200 sl regions there.
Please do not leave group as i will keep you posted on what is going on with his account.



Now an account removal is different to a suspension. In the case of a suspension you are simply prevent from logging in, you receive a warning notice and an email telling you the reason for your suspension and when you can log back in. A removal is done without warning, you are immediately logged off and your account is deleted which is exactly what happened. There are very few reasons why LL would do this as this is normally a punishment left to greifers, hackers, Age players and those subject to a lawsuit. However there is one other reason and that is Fraud.

Now this is my opinion and I need to remind you it is JUST a guess. But claiming you have no money, asking for donations and then when you get those donations keeping the money for yourself and refusing to use it for it’s intended purpose, even when other help is offered, is probably considered quite serious fraud.

This would collaborate to previous “questionable” statements made by Princess Da for example the claim to be the Father of former SL Aviation Legend Toni Silverweb, who planned to use the Millions he had made in the Storage and Haulage industry to build the Legacy she was trying to hard to achieve. Yet those “millions” vanish every few months when Don finds himself rushed off to hospital to have his leg amputated for the 6th time and only through your kind donations can DOR be saved.

Both Trinka and I still are dealing with RL medical issues, so support of the regions through use and donations at this time are important. Once Again Team Thanks for the great support, it makes us so proud to be part of your team.

Pinky & DOG.

As most of you know Don and I have struggled with Health Problems over the past year. Even with that we have tried to have sims available for you to fly during this period. Don entered the hospital today and we just cannot be sure how much time and how many operations it is going to take fo fix his legs. We have closed most of our dor sims with the exception of a few on the mainland. We are keeping the group and we like always will fight our way back with new sims when things are better. Remember we need your donations now more than ever. Every little bit helps


Or help pay his “medical” bills

As you know Don is going through a lot of dangerious opperations to fix his legs. He is carrying the cost of these sims on his own shoulders and now has to find extra money for his hospital bills. We do not ever ask you pay to be part of Dor so Donation thermometer have been placed and it is greatly appreciated.
Thanks to those who continue to support us so generously.

[00:00:54] <Redacted>: the few remaining DOR sims all have donation meters asking for you to pledge your support to help pay Don’s medical bills
[00:01:14] <Redacted>: Don lives in new Zealand which has free medical care
[00:01:23] <Redacted>: he is the lowest of the low#

Princess Da is back in SL under his new account name OscarMonster and despite having no money to pay for SL’s rent he was bought the equivalent of 200 sims in a Second Life rival grid call AviNation (he’s not lying they are there, go check) and has heavily hinted that this will be the future home of DOR. AviNations doesn’t have a good physics engine and no aircraft builders so exactly what DOR intends to fly once it gets there is unknown to me.

Though something else to consider here too. Between all the nonsense, behind every attempt Princess Da has made to weaponize the patrons of DOR against whatever new thing was grabbing his attention, DOR itself continued on, often oblivious to what it’s Supreme Leader was up to. It’s officers and more dedicated patrons organised events, made prizes, ran groups, encouraged each other and essentially did nothing more than a group of friends just having a good time. With all that it has shown in it’s willingness to keep the group afloat through donations DOR could decide right here and now that it doesn’t need Princess Da and all of the bullcrap mentioned above and rather than re-form under his tainted banner; instead become the group DOR was supposed to be. a group of well-to-do Aviators who’s Philosophy is Fun. Not much caring about Drama or SL Aviation in general. What they want is to get into the air and have a good time fucking about in Planes doing whatever, Dogfights, Hanger Hockey, Pylon races, Ground Target contests etc etc Essentially everything I’m always bitching that the rest of Aviation should be.

That Can’t be too much to ask.

[1] Aside from write the rules, the DOR code and mission statement, organise several events, handle their admin training, solve an exceptional number of disputes between members and get them the support of Joe Sparrow from Astral-Tek who created and donated a vast horde of freebie’s including provide fighter jets.

[2] Shana Day was a one and-never-repeated (as far as I’m aware) day where all Shana products were placed at 25% off to all DOR members, Shana flags were hung and specific Shana-only events were organised. It was kinda like a slightly shit Christmas as I recall.

[3] If or not Trinka (Princess Da’s SL Wife) was aware of just how many of the Dor Angels were invited up to P’Da’s personal love shack I’ll never know.

[4] Alright there was some Drama concerning sim called New Ravenloft and a Pirate Hooker sim Princess Da slapped on next to it but if I were to explain all this things he “gone did” we’d be here all day.

[5] Trinka apologised for him because of his behaviour here and he was catechized for it.

[6] Back when we were friends a select number of the DOR admins had my number for “emergencies”. Now you know who my restraining order was against, and you thought you could stop me with a few nasty comments, Ha!


[16:39] DA Admiral: Stopped crying yet?