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Helijah Bailey


We have received several reports that Helijah Bailey has had his account hacked and that someone else impersonating him was now using the account.

After speaking with the account myself and knowing Helijah on a semi-personal level I could easily confirm that whoever was behind the account was not Helijah after he was unable to answer even basic questions.

This comes at a very interesting time and almost co-relates to another event happening soon which I have been keeping an eye on. This may or may not involve Helijah on some level.

After seeing this I have decided to make the announcement that until I can confirm that the Helijah Bailey account is back in the hands of it’s correct owner:

All notices, announcement and statements from the Helijah Bailey account will be disregarded as falsified information.

This includes all permissions given to companies to use his work made after this date.

The MalQusition is working with other third parties to encourage Linden Labs to look into this matter closely and hopefully bring a positive resolution quickly.


So then this happened….

So I said I would be taking a little break in December, I had my own commitments as I’m sure most of you also did. Thankfully December in Second Life is quiet. Tis the season of peace and forgiveness and thus people don’t usually go out of their way to shank someone this time of year so it was the perfect time for me to get some rest and catch up on my neglect of reality.

Of course as we both know the Universe doesn’t work like that so immediately after Christmas, and I do mean Immediately (the 26th of December), I got a skype message informing me that Tig Spijkers, supreme overlord of the SL Aviation group, had asked all Dani pilots to leave, politely, then not so politely.

[2015/12/26 13:29] Tig Spijkers: Dani released another download
[2015/12/26 13:29] Tig Spijkers: puke
[2015/12/26 13:29] Tig Spijkers: ūüėČ
[2015/12/26 13:29] Tig Spijkers: and aviation is doing well
[2015/12/26 13:29] Tom ‘Quagmire’ Box ( i refuse to puke, cause i just had home made pizza!
[2015/12/26 13:30] Tig Spijkers: that is good Tom
[2015/12/26 13:30] Elyann Hinterland: why i always try to make a ship out of my plane *sighs*
[2015/12/26 13:31] Tom ‘Quagmire’ Box ( but hey, it has a sex bed
[2015/12/26 13:31] Tom ‘Quagmire’ Box ( for joining the pixel mile high club
[2015/12/26 13:31] Tig Spijkers: now my question is how would it be possible for me to convince those that support Dani to leave this group?
[2015/12/26 13:31] DILY (dilynrae.vandyke): I’m the kind of person who doesn’t care who makes it… I buy the plane for what it is and how much it interests me…
[2015/12/26 13:31] Tom ‘Quagmire’ Box ( you should care.
[2015/12/26 13:31] Tig Spijkers: Can they please just leave?

Now as a working professional I am more interested in the Ship Plane Elyann is trying to build since I wanted to kick off the New Year with something more upbeat but now we have to talk about this.

[2015/12/26 13:32] Tig Spijkers: You stupidity makes me … <add you own worde here>
[2015/12/26 13:33] Tig Spijkers: but what a wonderful place this would be without the drool all over the floor
[2015/12/26 13:33] Tig Spijkers: Leave the group
[2015/12/26 13:33] Tig Spijkers: I really mean it
[2015/12/26 13:34] Tig Spijkers: don’t bother to switch off the light, we will have those one for many years to come, I promise you this

[2015/12/26 13:38] Tig Spijkers: I have a hard time to say everyone is welcome when their stupidity makes me puke

Now this poses a problem. For one the SL Aviation group is not the physical embodiment of the Aviation Community but it does represent, or at least it’s supposed to represent, neutral ground where discussions are brought to the table and different ideologies clash. Now we’re always going to have a small percentage of people who don’t like having their opinions challenged, who label the group as “drama filled” and march off claiming they were banned but for the larger part the idea of open debate works.

Stick with me on this one we’ll get back to ‘what Tig done did’ in a second.

The SL Aviation community is one of SL’s largest and most diverse communities that exists within SL. Without getting into “communities” that centre on vague ideals like ‘fashion’. Unlike most communities who have two or three Land Barons who pay for a Sim, claim the title “community leader” and dictate what members of that community can and cannot do we instead have several vast, open regions, controlled by no single entity or person that we can utilise to our advantage. Build airports and set-up flight routes. Yes it’s not always going to be smooth sailing, we’re always going to have to deal with ban parcels, land orbs and the occasional dickhead Airport owner but better that than one person in control of the entire community dictating rules, banning people for visiting rival airports and dictating who’s products can and cannot be used, promoting their freinds to Admin positions and quietly banning anyone who disagrees with them.

Those type of people do still exist within our community. I spent a long time talking about Princess Da Admiral, the failed former dictator of a group called Dog’s on the Run who no longer exist within SL. He called himself a community leader and for what it’s worth did run a successful community but consistently tried to weaponise that community against people he didn’t like.

He did this because he could not ban people from Aviation. He couldn’t stop his rivals creating Airports and his own people from visiting them or talking to other people outwith DOR and learning alternate view points or things Princess Da didn’t want them to know. Worst of all despite being an admin in the group for quite some time he could not control the SL Aviation group. He couldn’t control what was being said, what peoples opinions were and who was allowed into the group and who wasn’t.

Essentially the typical methods of control available to other communities are not available to us and so those who seek to control the Aviation Community, like Da Admiral, ultimately fail.

Those who are a little more intelligent have moved onto a different approach, the ideology of miss-information, rumour control and Propaganda.

You see, when it comes to news there are very very few news sources, if any at all, that exist within SL. Most SL “newspapers” exist as corporate backslappers, “pay us money and we’ll promote your region” sort of thing. If you read the SL Newser or Express you’ll find hundreds upon thousands of Articles where the “journalist” visits a region and talks about how nice it is.

As a result people tend to get their news from hearsay. Rumours and anecdotes told by their friends who in turn got them from one of the two sides to the story, meaning everything they hear is biased in someone’s favour. Into that mix stands the “Community Leaders” the ones who wish to dictate and control the SL Aviation Community, inserting themselves into the great SL Chinese whispers game and removing or adding details to change the story as they see fit or simply making stuff up and then telling the story to make it sound more real.

Because people rarely ever check facts, the backgrounds of those telling the “facts” or do check facts but do it by asking their friends who probably don’t know any better. A version of events that has just been made-up by someone can often always spread faster and become the accepted “truth” long before anyone has any real idea of what is going on. Add to that the simplicity of Human nature that people would rather aggressively defend what they’ve been told as truth to the point of madness than admit they are wrong. Hence ‘Drama’,

This is where Open Debate comes in and why the SL Aviation group is so important.

With Open Debate as the first side of the story spreads through one part of the community, the alternate point of view is spreading through the second half. Both will hit the middle in the Group Chat where the debate begins. third or fourth alternate viewpoints may spring up as well as the people actually involved, who get to have their say in-front of an audience and eventually, though it takes a long time, some glimmer of truth is finally produced and we start to get a clearer understand of what happened.


Of course we’re always going to get people who don’t like their opinion to be challenged, as I said earlier and this is why we have so many splinter groups from the SL Aviation Group and people who refuse to be a member of it or claim it’s “full of Drama”. This is the “stick your fingers in your ears and shout la la la I can’t hear you” side of the community who ironically view everybody else as Stupid.

We had a discussion in SL Aviation about this a few days ago and this echo’s back to ‘what Tig done did’ and that is are we entitled to talk about people when they are not there to defend themselves? Certainly we cannot take the moral high-ground in the situation but it shouldn’t be said we cannot have the discussion. There is nothing physically stating you can’t bitch about someone, or even just politely discuss someone without them personally being there to witness it. Such a rule would be impossible to enforce and would give woman way too much free time. Besides I doubt everyone who reads this can really say they have only spoken about me to others while I have been present.

Alternately what happens if someone purposely removes themselves from the Discussion? In this case¬†Annitah Babii of AEB&W. The discussion was what exactly AEB&W stands for, her fans were too busy bitching that we couldn’t have the discussion because Annitah Babii was not around to express her opinion personally. But¬†Annitah Babii was a member of the group but dramatically left because she didn’t like hearing criticism of her products. That was her choice to do that, she wasn’t driven away nor was she forced to leave. It doesn’t mean that she is now granted immunity to criticism or discussion through Open Debate.

However ‘what Tig done did’ was to aggressively ‘muscle’ Dani fans out of the group. Or so we are made to believe. Tig’s words are not for those who buy Dani’s products nor Dani’s fans, and I spoke to Tig to confirm this. Her words are for the so called Dani Cultists. These are people who aggressively defend Dani from any and all types of criticism and consistently scream that there is no evidence to support the idea that Dani’s products are copybotted while at all times pointing the finger of blame to anyone else caught copybotting in an effort to justify that copybotting is perfectly ok.

These people have already excluded themselves from the SL Aviation group and have formed their own groups, where they ban anyone who disagrees with their opinion and then congratulate each other on being part of the “freedom of speech” movement in SL Aviation without the slightest hint of irony. Those who remain in the SL Aviation group are largely trolls using alternate account who throw a temper tantrum any time Dani is mentioned or someone like me, Tig, Tank, Karl or anyone else on the “Anti-Dani Team” says anything. Anything at all.

Tig is now exhausted with the constant debate, constant trolling attempts by the cultists and has now demanded that the year long debate be finally put to rest. I would argue that perhaps this¬†issue needs more discussion, a proper discussion not a shit slinging dick waving contest as per normal. But wherever that happens it wont be in the SL Aviation group, nor it’s “free speech” satellite groups and splinter factions.

Once again the ideology of ¬†“How dare you disagree with me!” rears it’s ugly head. Once again the fastest growing Community in Second Life cannot be trusted to handle matters in an adult manner and topics of debate become censored, something I am not all too keen on as most of you should know by now.

I aim to do something to help this little issue, more details will be available later in the year. In the meantime we have our own discussion to make. Is Tig correct to ban this topic of conversation and ask the Dani Cultists to leave the group? is what they do a form of greifing? or is this a blatant form of Censorship?

What am I asking you for?


Also happy New Year.


Do you think you can land? Well do you? DO YOU!

Very occasionally I have to do adverts. Because I have a small Lizard and they are expensive to keep. Gotta keep that Heat Lamp powered somehow and the Blood of Virgins is getting hard to come by, I blame teenage drinking culture.

So to avoid the inevitable bitching about capitalism I’ve mixed in with this add with pictures of Danish¬†comedian Sandi Toksvig overlayed with quotes from 50 Shades of Grey

Tom is also a fat fuck


So you think you can land?

Oniakaloha Airfield is proud to announce its first WW2 Themed Landing and Best in Show Competition.
September 26, 2015 @ 2pm SLT.
Prior to the start of the Competition there will be a 1 hour warm up session where pilots will be allowed to practice their landings.

Both Events are restricted to WW2 era planes only.


The runway is small, therefore, planes larger than the Lockheed Electra are not going to be allowed to compete.
Example, the DC-3 has too long of a wingspan to land on the runway.

Landing competitors will be graded on multiple things during their landing. You will be judged on Aircraft Difficulty, Approach, Speed, Flare, Rollout, and Taxi off the runway.

Each Competitor will get 2 attempts with the highest score to be recorded.

Aircraft Difficulty explained further: As it is known, there are planes from various creators in secondlife that emulate real life flight characteristics. If a competitor chooses to compete in one of these planes, they will be awarded a higher score in the difficulty rating by the judges.


Following the Landing Competition, there will be a Best in Show competition. This is where designers can show off their best paint jobs and compete for a chance at the prize table.

Straight from the Best in Show Judge: “Art criteria for paints. The paint should be authentic to the period, as well as showing an understanding of SL Shaders. The paint should show a good artistic hand, an appropriate colour selection, proper font usage, display of weathering and use of gloss and environment attributes to portray a convincing aircraft surface.

Some of the prizes up for grabs: <ZSK & A-T. P51D Mustang, THI P-39 Fatpack…..and more to be announced at a later date.

Currently the prize table is exceeding $L20,000 in value and is expected to grow even further as we pick up more sponsors for this event.

Current Sponsors as of 9/4/2015

Feel free to stop by the airfield at any time and practice your landings.

Any questions, please direct them to the Event Director, Tom Box (Thomm.Box)

Stay tuned for further information and a link to register for the events. (Google Form)

Tom Box
Event Director – Oniakaloha Airfield


There, that should pay the bills for another couple of days.

Comments and Accountability.


There will a new policy on posting comments, those of you who actually read them may understand it was about time I introduced some.

As from Today you must comment using your Second Life Avatar name. If you don’t I will remove it.

I will also remove it if

-Your Profile is blank

-Your Profile is under three months old

-You insult one of the other commenter’s

I didn’t want to do this but if you lot are just going to use the comments box as a platform to throw insults at me then I will not allow you to do it behind the veil of anonymity. The least you could do is say it to my face.

-With Love


Happy 12th Birthday Second Life

As Second Life finally arrives, leaping and bounding towards it’s Teenage years we are once again laid witness to endure another Second Life Birthday expo, for what was once a display of everything Second Life is best at, with all the sex carefully removed of course, is now a crowded dick slapping contest between various communities as they struggle for dominance in the clusterfuck of peacocks by trying to be the biggest peacock with the biggest tail.

Or perhaps it always was that, who knows? who cares?

let’s look at some things and judge people, that’s what Second Life is best at.

Firstly let us charge our glasses as we prey toast to the Great SL Birthday Drinking Game,we all wearing our freebie raptor avi’s and a bottle of your favorite beverage? I do

This year the game has one simple rule, everytime you see the word “Dreams” take a drink.


Awesome, let us begin.

Karl Reisman dragged me along to be part of the Jeogeot Gulf Battleship Combat display. since it was my idea and three years of my hard work that made it, I thought he was going to put me in a cage on display but he just meant make sure Joe hadn’t scripted everything to explode….again.

Squeezed in between the Sailors and a Giant Butt Plug, Karl kept it simple, here is a ship, it is free, take it and come play.

Speaking of that Buttplug/Teardrop

Jeogeot 1_005


The sailors were pretty standard, a few rather nice looking sail boats and a lot of corporate sponsorship, giving out landmarks to some of the Sailing Clubs but casually forgetting all of the Clubs surrounding the Blake sea or even the existence of the Blake Sea, even though it was made for Sailors which they spent a considerable amount of time reminding everyone during their latest crusade to re-claim it from the general public.

They did have a very nice looking freebie Sailboat.

Oh hell with them, let’s go look at a Sailing club that is actually fun, but first….


Ah the Leeward Cruise Club, or LCC if you will. A magical place where the typical Drama of the sailors is forgotten and instead it’s member partake in the most bizarre of ritual that most sailors often not dare, actually fucking sail.

leeward_001And you just know when they choose to represent themself by a giant Penguin looming over the dock you’re in for a fun time. No seriously, I have great respect for the LCC, they’re not trying to be anything big or fancy or try to dictate politics to people or act like one of the many hundreds of groups that always proclaim “we are just for the fun” and then cause more drama than they solve, you know who you are.

magic dream cage_001


Next came the Coastguard, which is another Drink if you notice it.

I had to darken the light a little because they decided, for some reason, to write a sky poem above their build in bright white text that you can’t see unless it’s dark. They also had this underwater theme going on which was kinda weird but who am I to judge?

I’m the goddam Mal, I have every right to judge, why the fuck is there an Underwater Steampunk base at the SL Coastguard display? Are they now recruiting for a Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea division?

the SL Mil 2142 were also here, one of those only groups representing the SL Military community, they had invited a number of British people to throw up over a small square of land and stuck a flag in it, most brilliant.

Did I mentioned that I may have accidentally helped found the 2142? I do that a lot, remind me to tell you about it someday, also…


Who next? Oh yes we haven’t covered any Aviation booths yet have we? Well I¬†found Tigs sandwiched between a giant birdcage, a racist perspective of a Mexican University brought to you by the University of Texas and the Afterbirth of Cthulhu.


Little disappointing in terms to build and design being that one again, like every year, Tig’s imagination stretched to “a big blue cube!” then failed to progress any further. Thankfully she had ,this time, dispensed with the huge reels of text and corporate advertisements for essentially herself and given us the MK2. Eagle Freebie plane and an incredibly diverse gallery of the Aviation community, something I’d like to congratulate her on as it’s not something most people are willing to do.

Though perhaps next year we could all get together and do something a little more representative of this fantastically vast, diverse and mad community rather than A box, a picture of an airport and PEASANTS WHERE IS YOUR PLANE?!



Other notables included New Babbage, the argument city had stopped pissing on each other long enough to bring us this.

Nice little factory, lots of moving parts NEXT!

Passengers of SL Group gave us this fine¬†exotic dandy. Alright so it’s advertising a group where you sit in the back of a plane and amuse yourself for a bit displayed through the medium of the front bit of the plane, i.e not the bit the passengers sit in, bah who am I kidding, this display is awesome.

And then there are these idiots….

Representing The Entire Lighter than Air Community was Skyboat, the project in which two idiots genuinely believe they can make an airship by filling a basic rigid airframe with balloons, I could talk about about this, mainly weight to lift distribution, propulsion, climb rate, wind resistance and the fact the pilot is suspended on a chair, sitting ontop of a Gasoline Engine ,acting as a back-up to a solar panel, which powers an office fan sized propeller.

Oh and the entire frame is going to be built out of Drainpipe.

But, I should be kind, it is an amateur project being run on a budget and designed to be cheap.

Someone really needs to inform these two on the current price of Helium ($84.00 per Mcf). Unless they particularly wish to use Hydrogen (90 Cents per equivalent Mcf) in which case I shall remind you the fate of the last airship which used Hydrogen.

Alright the Hindenburg is a little on the extreme end of things, so lets take the sensible route as use Helium.

Now Skyboat’s proposed dimensions are 30′ high, 50′ long and 40′ wide, giving us a volume of 60,000 cubic¬†feet or 1700 cubic meters. Now the couple have stated they intent to use¬†Choeroprene meteological balloons¬†as opposed to their original idea, plastic bags which have a tendency to split at high altitude so thankfully ‘someone’ *cough* pointed that out to them. They can fit about 20 of them in there meaning they would need to spend around $5151 on helium alone plus 20 lift bags at $66 a bag, plus $110 for the Gasoline Engine, $105 for the solar panel plus another $570 for the battery and¬†solar conversion kit, plus about $80 for the pipe give or take another $200 for the airframe skin and we’re looking at around $7536 for a limited use aircraft that is a major potential danger to the pilot, being that is has no way to land nor control it’s elevation.

Though as hot air balloons cost around $20,000 to make it would seem like quite the saving right?

No, second hand hot air balloons are ten a penny, here is one going for $2000

in fact if we’ve got 7k to play with here then may I introduce you to the word of Microlight aircraft. Small, one-man, single prop aircraft with a single fabric wing. Easy to fly, hilariously good fun and best of all surprisingly cheap.

here’s a decent 1985 Mainair Flash going for around $4,000

Microlights go from around $2000 to $8,000 depending on the condition.

Or if you want even cheaper and don’t mind a bit of a long term project here is an Antov AN-2 for only $1,000

Fact is this couple keep emphasizing their inability to purchase the “space age” materials¬†as if the skies were open exclusively to millionaires when in reality their project would eventually cost more than most cheap second-hand aircraft as well as be a potential serious safety hazard to whatever ¬†poor bugger tries to fly it.

Oh god dammit, I was supposed to be covering SL12B now I’ve ended up rabbiting on about Skyboat, meh, there wasn’t much else SL12B was a major disappointment this year, four out every five booths was an “art” gallery and even then most of them weren’t even pictures the author put any real effort into, one display was just a serious of the same four stock photo images over and over. I may return there and take some quick snaps to show what I mean but then again I might not, why don’t you go, waste seven hours of your life gazing at the only fun thing apparently left in second life, taking pictures of second life.

How wonderfully depressing.



Momma Bear Speaks

For those that Missed it:

Sent over the group SL Aviation

Dear SL Aviators,

There has been some worrying development in the recent weeks concerning Dani Airplanes created by Dani Falls.
Evidence has been brought forward that strongly suggest the models used by Dani Airplanes have been taken from FSX.
That said the SL Aviation group is not here to make any decisions on the legality of anyones creation in Second Life, but we do have a moral obligation and reserve the right to not promote such practices and subject our membership to such products.
Therefor we have decided to remove Dani Falls from the role of Creator and furthermore decide we will not allow his aircraft and products related to his aircraft to be promoted in the SL Aviation.
As for accusations that our members are not allowed to discuss Dani’s aircraft in the group chat, these are false. We believe in freedom of speech and encourage the membership to discuss all and everything concerning aviation and what not. We will however not tolerate people coming into the chat for the sole purpose to create arguments and grievance. Such discussions will be met with a mute if deemed necessary by one of the many officers in our group.
The majority of our membership does not want this sort of disturbing drama and will we always do our best to suppress and eliminate it.

These decisions may cause some dissatisfaction for a few of the members and I wish I was able to always please everyone all the time, but sadly that is just a wish.
For those that do not agree or want to further support Dani Airplanes, I am aware Dani has created his own group and I would suggest you also join his group if you so desire.

Yours sincerely in service SLA

Tig Spijkers

I’d like to thank Tig for clearing that matter up.