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Vendors, Ethics and Oh My!

I may have missed the boat on this one but since this is still an issue I feel a good old “fuck it imma do it anyway!” is in order.

For those of you who may have missed it and thus may be confused with the subject I am about to rail on about let me bring you up to speed.

In the deep, deep dark realms of Second Life in a region known to the locals as Loach there exists a shop. It’s not much of a shop. Just a simple square skybox, a cheap logo and one of those Neo Post-Modern Art Deco desks that covers the rent cube.


It is nothing more than a bog standard Vendor farm, hosting a number of affiliate vendors from various builders including ZSK, THI, Shana Carpool, AMOK and several others.

But there is a difference and a seedy one at that. One that threatens to become a new chapter in the great, dusty book entitled “stuff that we don’t like”. For you see boys and girls this shop, these vendors and the spineless good-for-nothing weasel that operates it is STEALING sales.

Shock Horror!

And how does this dastardly fiend get away with such a scam? Well friend buckle in for I the great and sexy Malcious Vuckovic shall tell you.

You see my child when one sets-up an affiliate vendor and that vendor makes a sale the owner of said vendor makes a commission on that sale which is provided via a percentage of the final cost the customer paid, normally between 10-15%.

What these “vendor farms” do instead is return a percentage of their own commission back to the customer, effectively allowing that customer to obtain a Discount.



Offering discounts to people. It’s like these people are just trying to be evil! But it gets worse.

You may be asking yourself, how does this steal sales?

Well you stupid shit you see each and every time one of these vendor farms entices someone into their spiders web to buy a discounted product it steals a sale from an Airport that runs it’s own vendor farm but does not offer a discount.

And those Airports rely on the income produced by those vendor sales and now may have to close due to the rise of those greedy, discount offering vendor farmers.

Oh the inhumanity, ohhh the suffering, the children why won’t anyone think of the children!


You may have noticed a slight note of sarcasm in the way I’ve been writing about this and you would be right to assume so.

Blogs such as the SL Airmenship and McKeenan Aviation have brought up this subject in the past, questioning the ethics of this system and referring to it as a “scam” a way of “poaching sales” and calling out the owners as Parasites. Builders such as Astral-Tek and ZSK, people I like, have come forward to condemn the practice and many are already reviewing their affiliate vendors some going as far as to disable them entirely.

It may have not escaped your attention that I may have something of a contradicting thought on this experience. In fact I think the whole thing is dumb as hell. Hence why my article on this subject was a little late of the gun, this is a non-issue, it’s a mountain that’s been made of a molehill and I can’t even begin to describe how fucking stupid this entire drama is.


But I will try regardless.


Let’s not beat about the bush here. This entire argument, besides the unpleasant behaviour of several of the individuals who run these vendor farms, is a simple matter of “People would rather shop at this persons store, that is unfair because I don’t make money!”.

It’s a ludicrous and stupid argument and it bares a striking resemblance to the old “player poaching” accusations Sim owners used to throw at each other back in the days of SLace.

Firstly No-one has stolen sales from you. You lost them. What these so called vendor farms are doing is simply competing. Past and existing customers are not yours. You cannot claim ownership of a person because they once bought something from you and expect them to continuously patronise your store forever.

Customers can often be Brand loyal but history has proven that this loyalty does not transfer over to vendors and customers rarely consider Ethics and morality when choosing a Vendor to buy from. If they did then this blog wouldn’t exist.

Customers frequently drift between airports such is the nature of aviators. An Airport which doesn’t have the luxury or convince of being large and having the perfect location has to consistently re-invent itself in order to appear interesting to pilots through events, dance clubs, Airshows, Acrobatics courses or even things like the Landing game.

An Airports history, it’s behaviour, reputation, traffic, and the size of it’s group nor tales of it’s dramatic struggles do not win it any “karma points” in the community and it’s stories fail to make it any more unique from any other Airport.

Expecting exclusivity from any Pilots which drift into your net in terms of vendor sales is expecting them to turn their back on any number of other Airports which may also be looking for Affiliate sales to cover gaps in finances.

It also expects the customer won’t simply buy direct from the builder, perhaps from the convenience of marketplace or perhaps ,through an act of loyalty to the builder, decide that they deserves all the money from the sale instead of passing on a 10% commission to someone who did little more than rezz a vendor.

To expect and even demand that is, in itself, as much unethical as it is unrealistic. But this is where the argument has been lacking somewhat, my fellow bloggers, as much as it pains me to admit, have forgotten the Golden Rule. Always check the other side of the argument before filling the internet with cheese.

The problem here is that many of the people who run these vendor farms, or at least the ones that have been highlighted, are rather vulgar in their manner. Highly unpleasant and prone to outbursts of profanity whenever their fragile ego is prickled. Such childish tantrums, assuming they are real, make great Tabloid sensationalism at proving just how much of an arse said person is.

But in our rush to condemn such obviously distasteful people we are missing out a massive chunk of the argument and I’m afraid it’s about Ethics and well….common sense.

Out of all the Builders rushing to deal with this new arising threat of discount Affiliate vendor farms only Tig, surprise surprise, has been sensible in her approach. By matching the farms discount, so long as you are in her group, using her vendor.

It’s amusing how no-one else seems to have thought of that.

Other idiots builders like Tank have reportedly decided to “troll” people who do this. Quietly changing that persons affiliate vendor to 0% commission, meaning they are now accidentally giving away money on each transaction, potentially loosing thousands of Lindens without their knowledge. All for the crime of, well, offering customers a discount.

And let’s remind ourselves, there is nothing illegal or even shady about this. The builder isn’t loosing any money, the customer hasn’t been scammed in anyway. The Vendor farmer is returning part of their own money back to the customer and choosing to take a smaller cut of the sale. Hardly the work of a greedy mind. In fact it’s just good business sense.


There is nothing “unethical” about what they are doing. The builder hasn’t lost money, the customer hasn’t been mislead. The only people who have lost out at the Owners of other Vendor farms who refuse to match the discount.

But calling them out, referring to their business as a “scam”, insulting them and enticing builders to enact punishments against them. THAT is unethical.

It is unethical to expect customers to only ever buy from vendors that you can squeeze a profit form. It is unethical to slander your competitors when you lose sales to them. It is not the Duty of anyone to ensure that any Airport on this grid remains financially stable other than one person. The Owner.

Second Point and I have to pick on McKeenan for this. Reference was made in his Blog Post to Unity Airport which is situated on the Jeogeot Gulf. McKeenan wrote about how the Airport was struggling against the personal vendetta of one particular Vendor farmer.

The argument was based on a Hypothetical situation which showed that active marketing i.e approaching customers and talking to them, was a more effective way of making sales than sticking to the motto “build it and they will come”.

Now I could base an entire article of the shady dealings of Unity Airlines and I would immediately call bullshit to the claim that neither Fey nor Unity “did anything wrong” to attract the negative attention of the Vendor they mention but Unity will have their turn to bask in the unwithering Gaze of the MalQusition another day.

Instead I pose the thought:

Unity Airport has, in the past, requested from builders an Affiliate Vendor with a larger commission share than the Standard one other people might have. Average commission from vendors being around 10-15%. A few notable builders in the region have happily informed the MalQusition that Unity have specially asked for vendors of up to 25% and more using their High Traffic numbers as justification.

And they are not alone. Almost every high Traffic airport requests or demands a higher percentage when it comes to Affiliate vendors with places like Hollywood Airport in the Blake Sea reportedly charging up to L$2,000 per week for vendor space.

Unity itself is not a high traffic airport. In fact it uses Bots and traffic camps (services which tp newbies into the region and pays them L$1 for every 5 minutes they remain there) in order to artificially inflate their traffic numbers.


This could be argued as being a kind of deception. Don’t you think? And by playing this deception as an excuse to have builders fork over more of their profits. Now who is the one running the Scam?


In order to scavenge some conclusion in this rather dry and long overdue article. This is just another ill-thought out battle in the long war of People who don’t understand Capitalism and ,for some reason, expect everyone to adhere to a list of unwritten rules which aims to neuter anyone’s ability to make more money than a designated list of specific people. Finding out that life doesn’t work like that and bitching loudly to whatever authority they can find about how wrong it all is.

Effectively, it’s about money. I mean don’t get me wrong if I were in McKeenan’s shoes I would of disabled that guys Affiliate Vendors too. But in reality this entire situation boils down to someone doing something creative to make money and someone else getting angry that their ability to make money with little to no effort may be damaged as a result.

Boo fucking hoo.


The Seductive Trap of Disclosure

As the Inquisition of Tig Spijker slowly gets filed into the Old news Category of life and the phrase “OMG you guys are STILL talking about that!” becomes the battlecry of all those who ,never seem to say anything yet feel the need to, lecture everyone else on what to discuss. A gentle tone of accord has been reached within the communities amateur dramatic society which has finally changed it’s alert status from Red: Oh No she Didn’t! to the less terrifying Amber: Oh She didn’t….

Perhaps through this blog or perhaps because of the general rise of scepticism in the community; far less people were fooled by Tam McGregor’s post than had he posted it earlier last year and this is a good thing, for one it means that the community in general is becoming less gullible and that attempted character assassinations by ambitious trolls like Mr McGregor are becoming less successful.

You’ll note I have decided to stop being polite.

This has also had the effect that the usual suspects that poured forth to fuel the fire and bathe in the glow of Tig’s roasting found themselves staring at a very small flame and their words meet with mild bemusement and yawns.

While Tig, who has suffered daily abuse and harassment because of this, may not agree. This entire situation has been nothing short of a snowball, that Tig’s rivals and enemies tried to make an avalanche, but ended up crashing into the Great Wall of people not giving a shit. Thus for the one of the first times ever in SL Aviation Drama History, a conclusion was reached.

That “Tig Spijker and her builder Sly must disclose, and give credit too, the creator and original model she used and the website she downloaded it from.”

On the surface this would seem a very reasonable solution. After all there is nothing unreasonable about demanding Tig give credit to the original creators and people have the right to know if the product they are buying is an original or a re-hash of something downloaded. And in fact you do have that right, you also have the right to know (under the freedom of information act) if the product your about to buy is under despute, i.e is there any pending DMCA notices on it, etc etc.

So why protest this? Truth is I’m not, I fully believe we should enforce this. Problem is, so thankful are we to see reason in what has been a rather exhausting debate we forget the path that brought us here. The cyber abuse of Tig Spijker and her fans is not a product of a reasonable mind and the justification that she hurt the poor little Dani pilots with her words and her CFM servers is plain bullshit, as if returning a few planes can compare to a genuine attempt to drive someone to suicide.

By that logic I can now justify shooting anyone who slightly annoys me without fearing prosecution for the mass genocide that would entail.

Secondly we should also not forget that this entire situation is based on an hyped over-reaction to something that turned out to be a genuine mistake followed by a blithering idiot known as Tam McGregor not knowing what a 3DCad website was, which was again over-hyped to the point of extremity, going as far as people making Alt accounts to join in SL Aviation chats at random to talk about how cruel and hypocritical Tig was.

Which means this “reasonable” demand has been suggested by Tig’s Business Rivals (plus a few other loud-mouths along the way) to deal with a situation they made-up.

Thirdly, and this is the elephant in the room as I’m sure most of you have noticed by now, why does this apply exclusively to Tig?

We cannot demand from one builder what we allow other builders to get away with, that would be discrimination and somewhat ironic of the Hypocrisy shamers that Tig has found herself surrounded by.

This is the seductive trap of the whole thing, a situation was blown out of proportion by Tig’s Business Rivals in what was a blatant attempt at Character Assassination, which they might describe as a “shitty business practice” had the tables been turned, failed and are now trying to impose regulations on Tig that they themselves do not conform to. All under the guise of being reasonable.

So if we are going to implement this demand, which I do believe we should, the only fair course of action would be to implement it for all. If Tig has to disclose the sources of her builds, if it’s from a 3D Cad website or similar, then so must Dani. After all regardless if you agree with it or not, Dani is a downloader, his models can be found on Flight simulator 2010 through to X and he is in a legal despute with a company named Carenado even his freebie H1 Racer is stolen from another SL builder. So, why should he be allowed to claim otherwise, if Tig has to disclose her downloads, regardless if legally acquired or not, then so does Dani. In fact so does Annitah Babii, since she sells some of the exact same models as Cheerport and Suzi Air then they are obviously not her models. Envy Melody, ApacheLongbow, Rogue Harsley, iluvatar Millet, Michie Yokosuka and countless others all sell models that can be easily traced and found on various 3D model sharing websites.

If Tig needs to disclose, EVERYBODY needs to disclose. No exceptions.



Some stuff I need you to know

Arguably the point of this blog is not to summarise the news or even simply to broadcast my opinion, well it is really but let’s pretend for a moment I have a soul. Part of the main reason I set up this blog was to create Drama. There I said it, Happy now?

Hear me out ok because it’s not as bad as you think it is.

However dirty a word “Drama” may be it is something of a miss-understood term in our internet society originally used to describe arguments fought with mass numbers of people that took the terms of the arguments original logic to the extreme levels of insanity.

Drama today basically means inconvenience. Opinions spoken aloud in public are statements, statements require facts and/or clearly thought out logic to back up and when a person obtains neither but makes their statement known anyway the reaction of others, specially those with different opinions or who know better, tends to be less than a hail of agreement. Which is what the statementee was looking for anyway. So naturally when the opposite happens and people start to disagree the intended recepiant goes on the defensive, either by repeating what they just said and attempting to dis-credit their counter-parts to make their position seem stronger or ,in most cases, by screaming “Drama!” and storming off.

The latter seeming to be the most common.

This in turn is enforced by the never-ending ranks of people ,who never seem to participate in the SL Aviation Group’s non-dramatic discussions but, feel the need to immediately scream Drama, complain about the management of the Community, mutter something about how it never used to be like this (which is Bullshit of the highest degree) and then dramatically storm out. Often ,in more cases than one, causing more drama than the original statement.

This has led to some pretty odd occurrences around SL Aviation in that “Drama Avoidance” seems to have become something of a top priority for several Group owners and actual Community Leaders (not those fake CL’s we’ll be talking about next article) which means there are numerous SL Aviation satellite and copycat groups set-up purely as Drama Free discussion zones.

Even in SL Aviation Group itself the idea of Drama has become such a terrifying thing that avoidance measures have been considered and even a discussion on Rules was set-up as if Drama was some sort of plague or natural disaster that must be prevented at all costs.

Of course I believe that Drama, that is to say Over-Dramatical Arguments beyond reason should be avoided. But regular old Drama, that is to say Debate, arguments, discussions. They need to happen.

I’ve already pointed out the benefits of Open Debate in “so then this happened” so let me just re-iterate my point. Drama, that is to say discussion of ones opinions, is a good thing. It lets us see a multiple range of opinions as well as assist in creating an idea of what really happened in any situation and exposes people from trying to turn the situation to their political advantage by manipulating and changing the story.

We live in a Community where disagreeing with someone’s opinion is discouraged in order to prevent Drama. Something I can’t help feel is very 1984 Orwellian and wrong. of course No-Drama rules is a comfort to people who do not like having their opinion challenged, who believe that they’ve already thought long and hard on the subject, come to an intelligent solution so no further input from anyone else is required and anyone who disagrees has either clearly not thought things through or is just trying to cause drama.

Of course if everyone agreed with everything we said then how would we ever learn? Disagreement and challenges to our thought process encourages us to change our opinion and the way we view the world around us, letting us develop as a people. Forcing people to agree with everything is not only dictatorial but only encourages  sheep-like behaviour, where we never challenge authority and believe everything we are told.

Into that steps this weird ass blog that you are currently reading so don’t complain. By providing alternate viewpoints and careful explanation on why some people are obviously trying to manipulate things to their advantage I hope to breed a generation of people that do not simply take the easier sheep route of agreeing with everything they hear (and then complaining about Drama when others disagree) but questions what they are being told. not necessarily going out of their way to investigate or antagonising people over it, but simply remaining sceptical and keeping an open mind to alternate viewpoints.

Essentially not allowing themselves to be manipulated. Question things, if someone tells you something, question it, think it over, question the logic, question yourself, question me, keep an open mind and never think for a moment anyone who claims to be doing it “for the good of the community” actually means it.


With that in mind I want to talk about McDonalds.

Sometime ago you may have seen this picture.


The now infamous Pink Goo video showing something which was credited as being “What McDonalds chicken nuggets are really made from”. Newspapers, blogs, journalists and opportunistic freaks leapt on it, the story was everywhere and McDonalds received endless complaints, bad press and suffered a 5% drop in sales.

It was so bad that McDonalds actually produced a series of video’s explaining that this Pink Goo was in no-way related to them. We’re going to look at one of them:

In this video we see two people, one is a Manager for McDonalds so we’ll ignore her and instead concentrate on the other person Sheri N. from Saskatoon.

Sheri is blonde, pretty, easy on the eye and carries off everything with a slightly confused but innocent tone. In the four and a half minute video we are shown the two discussing the Pink Goo scandal and are told, several times, it’s nothing but nonsense and to prove it we’re going to look at a Chicken Nugget under a microscope.

The team head off to the nearest McDonalds restaurant and pick up some packs of frozen McNuggets as well as several cooked ones then zip off to a laboratory that immediately states it is not affiliated with the McDonalds corporation under any circumstances.

So the team look at a McNugget under a Microscope and surprise surprise, no pink Goo. They conclude it is indeed made from 100% chicken breast and so ends the video after a brief conclusion where Token Blonde confides she is happy with the news because she goes to McDonalds and eats Nuggets.

To the Layman pretty convincing stuff, I mean we saw the Nugget under a microscope and that’s top quality science right there and it was direct from their restaurant and verified from an independent lab so McDonalds couldn’t have interfered in anyway, could they?

If you’ve learned anything then yes, you should be questioning this video and the logic it claims. Firstly chicken is Pink when uncooked, not white, so the fact that when saw under a microscope there is no visible pink stuff is because in both cases of the cooked and frozen nuggets the chicken as already been cooked to some degree and thus wouldn’t be shown as pink.

The Laboratory shown as being “an independent lab” basically means they are a lab for Hire and were most likely hired by McDonalds to show exactly what they wanted to be shown or do you honestly think Sheri from Saskatoon, Canada can afford to pay for the services of a Private Laboratory and all it’s support staff for two weeks?

Next we must look at the logic given by the Labs QA Manager Susan Bigg. She states that the meat in the Nugget was consistent with showing the same results as they would expect in Chicken breast. Note this does not mean it is chicken breast, just showing the same results.

her reasons for this are as follows

  1. The Iron content of the Meat was Low. Good that means it’s not Pork. Doesn’t mean anything, chicken is low in Iron. In this same reason she also states that you’d find a lot of Iron in blood. Note she repeats the line that the iron was “quite” low. Quite is not a unit of measurement and what is she comparing it too? After all in comparison to a Human you’d find “quite” a bit less blood in a chicken, but in comparison to a Stone “Quite” a bit more. She also never states that NO blood was found.
  2. Titanium Dioxide was not detected: Ok so they don’t whitening the meat? No they don’t whiten the meat with Titanium Dioxide. There are other products on the market (available wholesale) that do the same job Azodicarbonamide for example which you’ll often find in Dough and cereal or Benzoyl peroxide which is found in Toothpaste and is used to treat Acne. But at least there is no Titanium.
  3. There was a higher level of Calcium in the Nugget. Uh Oh, you think they’ve found something here naughty naughty, too much calcium suggests…nothing, the Lab concludes the breading is the reason for the High Calcium, besides calcium is good for you, even an idiot knows that, you find it in milk, it’s good for children and great for developing strong bones, you need a lot of calcium. So this “red flag” is actually a win for McDonalds, they just got away with claiming their food is healthy for you.
  4. The Bone Particle test: In 1995, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service concluded that bone particles less than 1 cm are not a safety hazard: Note she states “Nothing detected” which is not the same as “No Bones detected” in fact she moves on very quickly from this. “Nothing detected” could equally mean nothing Hazardous detected which means the test could have found bone but nothing above the 1cm rule. In fact the test commonly used in these types of situations cannot physically detect anything below 7mm in length and accurately identify it as bone. So again this means nothing.
  5. Microscopy came next. Again rather than directly state the results she says “everything found in the Nugget you’d expect to see in the Breast meat of chicken” thus proving the chicken is not ground up. Right? Wrong. Never once are we given an example of what you’d actually expect to see in chicken breast. In Britain for example “Parts of the carcase” is still considered “Chicken Breast” so long as it doesn’t take up more than 15% of the product. So (in Britain at least) 15% of the chicken used in McNugget (not 15% of the entire nugget) could contain egg shells, bones, gristle, fat, eyes, face or whatever before it became anywhere near “Inconclusive” with chicken meat.

And so ends the video. At no point are we told the differences between chicken breast meat or meat you’d find anywhere else on a chicken and ,though their testing sounds scientific, the way the results are explained leave a lot to be desired. Certainly if Susan Bigg stood up at a serious Food Science conference and delivered results in the same manner she did in the video she would be laughed out the room.

Keep in mind there was never anything conclusive ever going to be produced from taking Nuggets to a Lab. had they gone to the factory where nuggets were made and shown the process, things could have probably been more conclusive.

So that leaves us with the question. Is the pink goo really a McDonalds Nugget?

Probably Not. The image is supposed to show what is called Re-conditioned chicken (essentially what you hose off the abattoir floor at the end of the night and compress into a small cube) but in most countries, specially in Europe McDonalds would have to declare that their chicken is from re-conditioned meat and since they don’t then the pink goo is most likely not their product.

Also keep in mind the multiple health and safety violations seen in the picture. Health and Safety laws regarding chicken, most specially raw chicken, are so strict that an entire restaurant can be closed down if it breaches even just one of the minor ones. If the above picture was indeed ever chicken, pouring it into a carboard box to be made ready for consumption would have the factory shut down before the picture had even finished uploading.

McDonalds produced several other video’s including one where they visit a McNugget factory. if you really want you could look these out and discover yourself where the fallacies lie. Or even if there is any and the whole thing is simply an act of Hysteria.

Regardless these video’s do show a great example of how Propaganda works. Not by feeding you false information but by presenting what appears to be credible information that plays on your ignorance to go and check up on exactly what they are talking about, removing parts of the full story that would show them in a bad light and presenting strengths as thinly disguised acts of admission.


With all that in mind it is time to Experiment.

Firstly you know my mission is to change SL Aviation’s Sheep into thinkers. To prevent them from being easily manipulated by the “Community Leaders” I seemed to have waged a personal war against. You know I incite Drama, you know why.

You also know how to identify a common case of Propaganda and how people try to abuse the fact that the average person won’t check facts too thoroughly or be fooled answers which satisfy the “sounds about right” logic.

So this time rather than present an argument, my opinion on it and inviting you to state your opinion via the comments we’re going to play a small experiment called do it your fucking self.

Basically I want to see how successful I’ve become in turning people into thinkers.

This is Tam McGregor’s Blog. One of several pop-up blogs that appeared in the wake of Tig’s Crop Duster plane issue. Tam’s third article details Tig’s MD-900 being a download and his evidence seems pretty conclusive. Tig has suffered a lot from this article, daily harassment, abuse and ,rather ironically, a blockade proposed by the Pro-Dani crowd.

So rather than me explaining things to you I want to see if you can work it all out by yourself. I’ve given you the tools, you have the smarts. Now put them together. I think McGregor is an idiot, he thinks he is right. One of us is wrong, you work it out and we’ll discuss this next time.


Pass Go.


Why we have Terrorists: Explaining it like you are Five years Old

On the Night of Friday the 13th I was out drinking with friends, I’d been hanging out in a bubble filled with drink, music, terrible attempts at flirtation and arguments regarding the ability for people in High heels to run away from a T-Rex. Or as the rest of the world may know it, Table Top gaming in the world of Bolt Action, a 28mm chess-like replica of World War Two.

After staggering home I flipped on the TV fully prepared to doze off into casual slumber, but for that night as the details of the Terrorist attacks in France began to emerge I spent the entire night more Angry than I’ve ever felt in my life. Not at the people who did the attacks, but at stupid Americans who poured from the woodwork screaming “Nuke the Terrorists!”. It seems that since 2001 when the Twin Towers were destroyed in one of the most devastating attacks of terror ever known; the world has learned nothing.

The exact reason we have terrorists and why they do what they do is such a vastly complicated and exceedingly long explanation that the average mind cannot comprehend it, either through lack of understanding or lack of patience to hear the full explanation. The Average person needs a simplistic answer and when the average person looks at Terrorists they inevitably see, not brain washed angry youths, but Muslims. Muslims attack us, they are evil, they live in the Middle East ergo the Average Joe’s reaction is to nuke the Middle East, invade with the full might of the US’s impressive Military and make those Muslim terrorists see fear like they have never understood before.

Of course when you lump all Muslims into the same “terrorist” category you inevitable end up with a lot of innocent people in the same barrel, rather like assuming all Americans are Christians and therefore members of the KKK. In doing so you give average Muslims, who suffer from the same lack of hindsight as their American counterparts, a reason to hate Americans and western values and thus, create terrorists.

let me explain it to you:

In 2001 a terribly tragedy happened in New York. A Terrorist group called Al-Qaeda were to blame, links were made to Governments in the Middle East and calls to “nuke them Arabs” were heard all over America. so in 2003 America did just exactly that, Iraq was chosen as the Target thanks to a successful lobbing campaign directed from Saudi Arabia and the US and it’s allies Invaded.

At the time a Man called Saddam Hussein, a brutal dictator, ruled the country. He was part of the Sunni Minority of Muslims who oppressed the Shia majority. Iraq was conquered fairly quickly, but the US had no plan for the country. The until-then suppressed Shia majority took over and began to suppress the remaining Sunni population as revenge for several hundred years of complicated, bloody history.

Unsurprisingly a Sunni uprising began, terrorist forces such as Al-Qaeda trickled into Iraq attracting former Sunni’s into their ranks and local forces, often former Sunni Military, beginning a series of attacks against Occupying US forces and and newly formed Iraqi state peeking in a mass civil war in 2006. Since then people in Iraq have been basically separated by religion. So in a ironic twist of tragedy, the US invasion of Iraq lead to the foundation of the very terrorists the US had invaded to eliminate in the first place because Iraq was now the perfect training ground for terrorism.

To understand this complicated conflict better, we need to understand the relationship between the two main branches of the Muslim faith: Shia and Sunni Islam.

Sunni’s make up about 80% of the Muslim population and Shia’s about 20% and the hard-liners on both sides don’t like each other very much. Saudi Arabia and Iran are the two most powerful players in the Game of Faiths, they both have no separation of state and religion, Domestic Problems and a lot of Oil money and they use this money to support groups that fight the other religious orientations.

One of the Terrorist organisations supported by the Sunni’s and Saudi-Arabia was the Islamic State or ISI.

In 2010 the Arab Spring happened and changed the whole situation in the Middle East. In Syria, dictator Bashar al-Assad didn’t think much of resigning and started a gruesome civil war against his own people, the longer this went on the more groups joined the fight, mostly for religious reasons and with the goal of building an Islamic state in the region based on their idea of the perfect Muslim world i.e Sunni or Shia, and one of them was the now infamous ISI which became the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS. They had fought in Iraq for years and had thousands of well trained and fanatic soldiers, they already controlled parts of Northern Iraq and were very determined to build their religious state.

When they turned their attention to Syria it changed the game like no-one had ever expected. ISIS was so unbelievably violent and radical that soon it was at war with almost every other faction in Syria. They attacked and killed other Muslim terrorists groups and in the territories they controlled they built an “Islamic State” with rules so strict that even the hard-liners of Al-Qaeda and Saudi-Arabia were shocked and withdrew their support.

ISIS has been accused of multiple atrocities including multiple massacres of children, civilians, countless suicide bombings, hostage taking of woman and children and their consequent execution via live beheading. Recently they have decided it was time to take more territory in Iraq.

Since the US left Iraq  the Shia Prim Minister, Nouri al-Malild has monopolised power and discriminated against Sunni’s wherever possible. The Government of Iraq is widely regarded as being corrupt, incapable and is hated by a large part of it’s population. The Iraq army, consisting of about 300,000 soldiers was created using $25 Billion of US tax money but it is not loyal to it’s government and has been giving up or disbanding city after city as ISIS advances because ISIS has announced that everyone who opposed them will be killed, they have proven they mean business.

By June 2014 they’d conquered a big chunk of Iraq, including Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. They’d stolen hundreds of millions from captured banks making them the richest terrorists organisation in the world currently and they are constantly working on establishing a super-medieval religious state.

Iran and the US are even considering work together to stop them. That’s just how gruesome ISIS are.

The Iraq situation shows that exploiting people you’ve defeated in a war, denying them power and a stake in the rebuilding of their country is just sowing the seeds for the next group of violent dick heads to try and seize power. Somehow we have to breaks this cycle as invading Iraq again, or another Middle Eastern country without a plan of action to re-build the country after the war has been won would simply create more terrorists and lead to an even larger crises than we already have.

This is however exactly what the terrorists want, to force the US to come crashing down in another ill-thought out Military intervention acting as the “World Police” and creating more hostility towards the US and in due process, more terrorists or people willing to support terrorists. So when you stand there and wave an American flag demanding the Nuclear annihilation of the Middle East or the rampant extermination of Muslims, you are basically supporting the Terrorists and giving them what they want.


A final Farewell to DOR

So it’s been over a month now since my epic long expose of Dogs on the Run, you remember?

As I predicted they would DOR reacted in a comically obsessive way. My Article become the #1 topic of conversation as post after post after post of Don’s ramblings poured from the Group notices and chat about how evil I am for pointing out how evil he was. They even tried to have me done for Slander.

Last night i was informed of a post of this person which is listed on the above location of Abuse. By insinuatging I took moneys from our group for personal use and Fraud against my group. Also, Posting my Group messages on his rant and other lies about our group.

I am demanding his account be immediately removed for violation of SL and Linden Rules.

I do expect action on this.

I’m touched. Well it’s been well over the 30 day mark since ,I presume, DOR mass AR’d me for Slander, and well I’m still here. No seriously here’s a picture of me today rocking my new furry avatar.


Not sure why I’m a Furry…Oh yeah I’m “fitting in”.

As I hoped the man who caused all the problems for DOR has upped sticks and moved to AviWorlds with 31 Dor members choosing to follow. The people he left behind , under the care of Barry Foehammer, seem to be more focused on simple dogfights and are,for the better part, acting as DOR always should have. Contests, Dogfights, prizes, fun little games in a fun little group that exists without creating monsters to fight to justify their own existence. Long may that continue.

So as I’m still waiting on Princess Da’s court summons to waft in through the front door I thought celebrate the anniversary of me proving to DOR that truth is not slander ,and you cannot be sued for brining attention to it, by taking a look at DOR’s counter-argument to my article and I think we can have a bit of fun going through it together and correcting the mistakes.

All Lubed up and ready to go?


Last night i received the information about one persons rant on our group and read the entire post. This person has ran his moth about our group and I wll not personally stand by and let something like this Just pass away. I have been advised not to say anything but that is not in my nature.

From the start of this piece of garbage post to the end Mal has not had the facts straight.

This post is by Trinka, attached is a notecard which contains her argument. Now I don’t think it’s fair just to laugh at someone over their spelling, since I’m not exactly an expert in that field myself, so I won’t but seriously “run my moth”. I mean even I proof read what I write.

First off: Yes he was a member of DOR and a officer at that. In no way was he one of the founding members as he stated. Now lets set the record strait on why he resigned as officer in our group. I received a copy of a Im from one of our other officers where mal Stated that Da was not capable of running a group and I was Stupid. That may be true however it is not something you would want one of your officers saying about your group.
I confronted Mal myself with the words he had said and he admitted doing so. I offered him a way out by telling him he could resign as officer or I would remove him and tell the reason why. He asked to resign which is a far cry from what he has posted. I let him resign and never uttered another word about it until now.

The greatest of lies always have a sprinkle of truth, it’s the sugar that helps the medicine go down. In this instance Trinka is referring to a conversation I had with DOR’s nabours, who were the former officers of Toni’s “all girls” Kiwi Fighter squadron. I was an officer and admin at the time and the context of the discussion was in regards to the number of pretty girls who were wandering into DOR and on their first day Princess Da was making them admin.

These girls were absolutely useless, I had to train several on how to access and use the Admin tools they had been given, they got it into their heads that re-starting a sim every fours hours reduced lag but never communicated with each other so often one would log in and immediately restart the sims, meaning unless I was around to cancel it the DOR sims were often restarted every hour, which had a huge impact on traffic and disrupted events. The one time we were actually griefed Princess Da’s Sexy Admin Army spent over an hour running around rezzing shields over people to protect them and kept begging the greifer to leave, they refused to ban him because “we don’t ban people here” and if it hadn’t been for someone more competent turning up I’m almost convinced they’d still be chasing him around and screaming.

This is what I was talking to the Kiwi’s about, my exact words were “I hope something big happens so [Princess Da] can witness first hand just how useless his Admin team really is and then maybe we start promoting some of the more competent members so shit like this doesn’t happen again.”. I have no idea in what form Trinka was told this information but yes they confronted me on it and I admitted it, I told them their admin team was useless. Princess Da actually listened and asked for me to write a notecard regarding lag prevention and why constant sim restarts were a bad idea as well as suggest some people who could be promoted. Princess Da got my note a few days later and ignored it, more random pretty girls were promoted instead, I received several IM’s asking me how to use the admin panel and that’s when I choose to step down. The reason I publicly gave for doing so was Joe Sparrow was opening a new WWII sim and I wanted to help him with it. In fact here is the SL Newser article detailing that sim .

I was never given a “You must resign or else” choice. I also rather like Trinka’s little grammar error where she admits that Princess Da is not fit to lead and she is retarded.

Next we have the situaltion with the sims we were trying to get for our group through Lindens. I came out and told our group our planes for DOR 2014. It was a dream of Don’s and it was going to be very very expensive to do. We pressed forward however, We contacted Lindens with our plans and asked for some help on the start up cost since we were going to pay them in advance for one year for these sims. Lindens gave us nothing but a run around. I personally know of six different people they switched us to with excuses of this one left or that one left Lindens and now we are getting a new CEO and we cannot answer your request. I am the one that got upset and told Da we needed to just give up on this as they were not working with us at all. So if you are upset about the sims not coming to DOR you can blame me.

Ah yes the mythical 200 sim region. Trinka’s dates are wrong here, 2011 was the first time we heard Princess Da spout this story and he would mention it every year. In 2014 I started work with Linden Labs on a new Blake Sea region designed for Warship combat. I only asked for eight sims but ended up with 43 in the region known as the Jeogeot Gulf. As you can imagine I was pretty chuffed and Princess Da…..well he got a little Envious. Hard work and persistence got me the Gulf, I had to attend hundreds of meetings and planning discussions with Linden Labs and even had to get half the WWII Vice community to stop fighting each other long enough to sit in a room together and talk civil. That was not an easy thing to do.

Princess Da didn’t want to do that, he phoned Linden Labs Demanding 200 regions be set up, for free, to save the community from my evil ways and you can probably guess what Linden Labs response was.

When Don and I formed DOR we were setting at the Flying Tiger field and we were hearing you cannot fly this builder’s planes or that builders planes today you must fly this builders. We thought there must be a better way. DOR was formed to allow our members to fly any builders plane and any era they pleased. Yes we had certain days where i was promoting a certain builders plane in my combat events but it was not exclusively Shana as stated about Shana day. This was continued until my health got worse and many builders were featured in my contests including Aeon and others.
MCe was introduced by Aeon and several of the builders went with him. Da and I discussed this and decided to stick with Vice as our combat system. Since I had purchased most of Aeon’s jets to say i was disappointed that he was no longer backing Vice is a fact.

Much of this is true, DOR was founded during the height of the Amok/AT war in the dying days of SLACE and most regions practised their own self-made Monopolies by supplying their own planes and banning their competitors from being used. This was considered Normal back then. DOR was the exception to this rule which is why I admired them at first. The rest is bullshit.

Shana was the only builder to get her own Hanger after ShanaDay, everyone else was moved to one single “retail” hanger, Shana was the only one who’s builds were regularly reviewed by Princess Da, got promoted by Princess Da over the groups Notice system, who’s products were launched to great fanfare at DOR and remains the only builder to have Events exclusively for their products with awards named after them.

Astral-Tek products, ZSK and Amok products have all ,at one time, been banned from DOR sims, only to be quickly retracted when I pointed out this hypocrisy.

As for the rest? Don’t give me that Bullshit about MCE. EVERY combat region hates Vice and at some point has attempted to replace it and DOR is no exception. Bastogne Tried it with Blitz, New World tried it with Blue Works CS, Old’s tried it with MCE and DOR attempted it with a revival of the old TCS after the planned ‘Shana Carpool Combat System’ was canned.

Now for the statements that really upset me. During Da’s stay in the hospital he could not have a secure access to his bank account with the device he was using there for the internet.

Yet in spite of this was still able to log into SL to post almost daily notices updating people on his progress. If you can log into SL you can log into your bank account.

Since Da was in no shape to handle the daily affairs and donations i took that responsiblity over. In my conversations with the Seychelles owner i was told that we were 124,000 Lindens behind due to Da not being able to get to his account. As mal stated our members donated to help me keep the sims going. As to his remarks about us spending the money on ourselves and where did the money go. Irish was kind enough to reduce our cost to 9000 lindens per week per sim. If mal had any sense at all he could see i was having to come up with 54,000 lindens a week t pay Irish which i did until I went in the hospital myself. We were trying to save the sims for our group although Da and I Couldnt even use them. Barry took over the day to day running of DOR during this time. Since Mal accused me and Da of basically spending your mney on ourselves I will be Contacting Lindens today requesting his account be removed from SL due to the fact that he has basically accused me of fraud.

I’m not accusing Trinka or Princess Da of fraud, they ARE committing fraud. Trinka’s statement here would appear to be that I didn’t get my facts rights since all the money raised would have only been enough to cover the rent for four weeks but ,as I already proved in the article, when I spoke to some of the Estate Managers and Owners of the Seychelles isles DOR hadn’t paid a single penny of their sims rent for over three months, all the while still collecting donations. That money is still owed to Seychelles, it was never paid and as a result DOR have been blacklisted by Seychelles as well as by the Chung Estates and ,as far as I’m aware, by almost every major rental company and organisation on the gird because ,guess what, this isn’t the first time they’ve done this.

So that donation money is, as far as I’m concerned, still unaccounted for.

Da has had run ins with various people over the years. At the same time he has spend thousands of dollars to keep our group with sims to fly and equip them with the best possible items we could. I used all the moneys i made from Vendors to hold contests and i can tell you most of the time the money came from me personally.

There is no evidence of exactly how much money Princess Da or Trinka have spent but I don’t have any evidence to dispute this. But what I can say is EVERY person who makes a community in SL ends up spending way more than they will ever earn keeping it afloat, it doesn’t excuse people from bully and harassing others.

I formed the DOR Angels and DOR Euro Angels myself. I never considered them to be Da’s little girls. These are my groups as well as DOR Spearhead. His information on the angels is totally BS. We have done shows for anyone that asked. This group of fliers is some of the best if not the best in SL.

As I’m pretty sure I mentioned in the article I don’t think Trinka was quite aware just to what extent the DOR Angels became Princess Da’s virtual harem, but I witnessed it first hand and I have half a dozen others who also witnessed it and can back me up. DOR Angels was basically a slut shack. We already covered men pretending to be woman to use their sexuality to get what they want in a previous article, that was DOR Angels in a nutshell. See Luke Flywalkers “O” face for more information.

Also, best pilots in SL? Fuck off it took them three years to accomplish flying in a circle and even then some of them wandered off in the opposite direction.

I am proud of what Da and I have accomplished here with the DOR groups. I still feel i had to answer this garbage post of Mal’s and set the record straight. I could go on and on about some of the comments Da and I have received for only trying to have a place for our group members to fly.
i also see people i dont even know listening to this garbage and agreeing with Mal. I would like each of you to read this and you will understand exactly what i mean. It is long and so full of lies and statements that are so much trash.

Ah yes, the four year long researched, documented Article, professionally edited with all facts presented, sourced and those sources named with almost all direct from Trinka and Princess Da themselves is utter garbage and you shouldn’t believe a word. But this unedited ranting notecard that makes wildly exaggerated claims with no evidence whatso ever, yeah you should believe that.

Now i must say with the events of the past few weeks we have decided the future of DOR is not with SL. We are not asking anyone to leave SL and we will have a small presence here but our time will be spent developing our 200 sims in Aviworld. I would ask our members to at least visit us there. You will see real Quickly what we are working on and how much better this is for Da and I. and our group.

And finally we have the thinly disguised admission. “We’ve been found out, our lies and fraudulent behaviour laid bare for all to see. We’ve burned all our bridges and the villagers are picking up their pitchforks. Time to run away and start afresh where no-one will find us.”


The last notices Princess Da have sent out have all been in regards to AviWorlds

Hi Team.
We have been in AviWorlds for 2 months now and some of you have made the effort to come and look others havnt.
IOf you do decide to come in the login location is DOR Arrival, there are land mark givers there and a group joiner, We also have a carrier on our main sim and the AEB&W phantom does fly.
We will be winding down our sl operations from now,

I took a tour of the new DOR region with some of the developers of the Hypergrid including one from the Aviworlds team. More than half of the DOR groups notices on Aviworlds have been in regards to lag and a number of cobbled thereto suggestions on what you personally can do to improve it. Which has included banning people from building anything on Continent DOR and Using Facelights.  I always considered that this was owing to AviWorlds servers not being as sophisticated as Linden Labs but the Hypergrid developers explained to me that it wasn’t that at all.

Princess Da’s new region is not 200 sims. It is one sim stretched 20 times in each direction giving the illusion that it is an area covering around 400 sims. Huge yes, but this still only counts as one region and only has the resources of one region. That means any DOR pilot wishing to fly there, yes has huge amounts of land to fly around in but since Princess Da has also granted huge tracts of Land to his friends, any DOR pilot wishing to fly around their 30 sim wide WWII island would be competing ,script wise, against a horde of breedable horses 120 sims away.

In short it’s not 400 sims as claimed, it’s one sim and Princess Da is treating it as if were 400 sims despite warnings from the Aviworlds Dev team of the problems this will cause. But for him a simple sacrifice of $180 a month (in comparison to the $150,000 per month he would have had to spend in SL) is finally the shortcut to Continent DOR he’s always dreamed of and if it means he has to ban his followers from building objects or using Facelights or even not actually being able to fly:

Good news is we should have you flying here at the latest early next week. .
Have a great night team

Or at least until early next week, then he’s all too happy to overlook it.

So that’s my two cents. Trinka and Princess continue to lie, some people continue to believe them. They ran away and now they’ve found a place to go and seem happy. I don’t cover things on the Hypergrid and ,despite popular opinion, I don’t just attack people at random who don’t deserve it. So let’s leave them be for now. You’ve seen my reply to their accusations and I hope that will be the final word on the matter, unless they try to sue me for Slander again.

Ripped Wars: Episode IV A Tetralogy of Cunts

I’m taking a moment to deviate from my regular explosive opinions regarding SL Aviation to poke at something in the World War Two Community, something I don’t often do because quite frankly nothing happens there and even though the community has been rocked with controversy so bizarre it makes everything DOR ever did look tame in comparison, no-one really cares.

However this latest chronicle in a book that would be titled “Oh for Fuck Sake” is one that takes the levels of stupidity to somewhere between Jewels Silverblade and this…


Oh yes Children, it’s time I explained which cunt cunted some other cunt.

Actually I should apologise, the cunt being cunted is Joe Sparrow, founder of Astral-Tek, the WWIIRP community, the Naval Community, LANCE and quite literally the inventor of everything VICE that wasn’t included in the original Dev Kit, who isn’t a cunt. He is more of a socially awkward 20 something that finds making friends difficult and has been the victim of abuse from so many major developers in the WW2 community that he now has severe trust issues.

In Saying that Joe’s ability to offend people runs on par with my ability to pick up woman in bars.


i.e none at all.

The money Joe makes in SL goes largely towards providing for his mother, specially during the holiday seasons,as well as his own regions which freely provide a combat sandbox and house a number of War vets for free. So why anyone would want to pick on him specifically I don’t know.

The Cunt doing the cunting is actually three cunts, a cuntology if you will. Vickster Kuhn (our first Cunt) came fifth place recently in the “Do you think you can Land” contest. Not a bad score all things considered since he was flying a particularly tricky plane a THI BF-109G who’s stall speed is equal to it’s landing speed meaning you have to tether a fine line between slowing down and stalling while aiming towards the ground (Physics is not Aeon’s strong point) so all in all not a bad performance and nothing to be ashamed of.

But this is Vickster we’re talking about, the self-proclaimed “greatest pilot in SL” who has done a lot to achieve that reputation and not been shy of a few underhanded tactics when it comes to maintaining it. So losing an event (specially to one of his own underlings) lead to something of a “sore loser” situation. Immediately after the event Vickster followed the events host Thomm Box back to Wright Brothers, an airfield overlooking the Jeogeot Gulf and started shooting at every plane taking off and landing there with a rocket launcher, refusing to stop when asked. He was eventually booted out.

For the rest of the night he stamped his feet and screamed but since no-one was paying any attention he took his frustration elsewhere and turned north to Tulagi,  and declared war on Joe.

[20:21] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): fuck with BB and bastogne will side with them and we’ll end you

[20:21] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): understand?

[20:22] Joe Sparrow: thats pretty unfair

[20:22] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): fuck you

[20:22] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you had your chance to be loyal and you walked

For those not in the know, Joe suffers from a very severe case of Social Anxiety as well as mild Autism. When people verbally attack you in IM’s the reaction for most of us would be to shrug and press mute. Sadly, for Joe, his mind cannot process what is going on, he becomes deeply confused, ends up emotionally overwhelmed and becomes prone to irrational behaviour or sudden “freak outs”.

This makes him an easy target for the School Yard Bully, “How dare I not win!  Don’t you know who I am?!”,  Vickster Kuhn. And so the Drama Began.

The Second two Cunts, the company ‘Battle Bitches’ are another “We’re Lesbians LOOK AT US!” Company that aren’t shy to rub each others tits and get some of the players a little hot under the collar, just like Vortex, Shana or E-tech or basically anyone who makes company and quickly realizes that by strapping on a pair of breasts and bending over a lot they can acquire a lot of die hard and desperate fanboys who will happily agree with anything said because agreeing with someone 100% of the time and aggressively defending them if someone doesn’t agree will make them notice you and think you’re different and maybe, just maybe let you get close to them.

BB have taken it a step further by claiming to be War vets of the “I was an Elite Sniper with over 300 confirmed kills” variety.

Normally we’d just ignore companies like this since I’m not really a fan of feeding the keyboard warriors, and reporting on them would be equal to documenting the rise and fall of every actor named Corey. But I am feeling specially liberated today.


So there are our four Cunts. The Actors are in position, the stage is set. the audience is quietly waiting as the music starts to play.


We Begin with Cunt 1, Joe Sparrow. As I mentioned Joe is prone to irrational behaviour when stressed and on occasion becomes consumed with Paranoia and when this happens the probability of Joe doing something stupid slowly reaches one.

Oh before that, spoiler warning:

Mesh Police_002

So a notice was passed around claiming that ,surprise surprise, BattleBitches had illegally uploaded assets from Forgotten Hope 2, a Mod for Battlefield 2 made in 2007. Which is pretty fucking obvious even to a blind man.

   Here’s an example:


Now BattleBitches already found themselves thrown into the deep end when they Ripped a Chaffee Tank from World of Tanks, without even bothering to use one of the community texture packs to disguise it. As you would expect regularly check the SL Marketplace and are pretty hostile when it comes to maintaining their I.P rights so the day it was due for sale they got hit with a Cease and Desists and now deny it ever existed.

Now before you start whinnying on and on about “oh stop being all uber mesh police Mal! Stealing peoples I.P rights is perfectly ok so long as we ‘the customer’ get a new shiny every week”, hold your mouth and let me explain why this is something a little more sinister than an Illegitimate businessman making money of someone else’s work.

So that notice I mentioned, more like a rumour. A few of us picked it up several months ago around the same time as Battle Bitches sim came online. This wouldn’t be the first company that’s tried this, especially in the WWII community, as there have been at least three attempts made this year by various WW2 companies trying to pass off Warthunder Tanks and aircraft as their own creations and well….I’m rambling again. So this notice was passed around detailing in about 12 words why Battlebitches were evil and nasty and download, blah blah blah hit them with a C&D etc etc we got that far, anyway, after all that bullshit Battlebitches started rooting around for someone to blame. The source of the rumours seemed like a good place to start.

But this is where the problem begins. Battle Bitches are not the brightest, they stole from a 2007 Mod thinking it abandoned but in actuality it was just updated last week and remains one of the most popular WWII shooter games stunted only by the difficulty of find a copy of Battlefield 2 to play it with. It’s had a great number of people work on it over the years some of which maintain a presence here in Second Life and those are the people who started the rumours, simply by recognizing their own work.

Battle Bitches weren’t to know that. They ranted on a few days but, as always, no-one paid them much attention so instead rather than deal with their loss and move on they, much like our first Cunt Vickster, aimed at the easiest target, Joe Sparrow, someone who would freak out and react which is probably why Joe started to receive random IM’s from people defending Battle Bitches.

[09:03] Viktoria (viktoriaelizabetha): Okay now together, I do have my own advice.. I’m a SIMPLE customer, I’m not a creator of WW2 stuff or anything so PLEASE stop rape me, I just gave my advice

Stop raping me? That is such an odd thing for someone to say specially with no context but whatever actually happened in that conversation it confused Joe, he put a pancake on his dogs head.

Joes Dog

Joe knew who Battle Bitches were but beyond having the giggle fits at some of their earlier work he was more focused on his own projects so beyond his own reactions to his friends, there was nothing for the public to see. SO BB tried again

[10:54] Camis Lee: (Saved Sat 19 Sep 2015 08:50:26) You really want a war with me are you insane? I can give it too you! You could have asked before you accused us of anything unlike you who I asked for help 5 years ago … I have no problem chatting with you but please grow up just a little

[10:54] Camis Lee: (Saved Sat 19 Sep 2015 08:52:17) Your stuff is banned at my sim too – how juvenile

[10:54] Camis Lee: (Saved Sat 19 Sep 2015 08:56:45) Btw keep in mind that all of the things you say get back to us!

This quite possibly lead to Joe’s first and only ever public reaction regarding Battlebitches, a notice was sent out over the Jeogeot Gulf Communications group.

When i say im upset at a company for downloading ww2 meshes and do not say who nor mention any name of what company. then just maybe its not a good idea to im me and get all flustered in private messages. your just admitting it then

This was followed by a scattering of other notices and random IM’s to people which more or less concluded “So I guess I’m the bad guy now”. This was Joe’s mental health starting to deteriorate in the face of constant harassment from Battlebitches.

[17:53] Camis Lee: I KNOW WHERE YOUR 222 came from…. I know where one of your TUGS came from I bet I know alot JOE stop your shit YOU DIDN’T Make any of your models Wronger made some but some of them I can identify too… Hypocrit MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR SOURCES TOO … one of mine just became a freebie …. IF YOU DONT cease and desist I WILL file a complaint I am a paying member of SL and I have already talked to the Concierge QUIT fucking with me or your gonna be sorry!!! And I am not kidding Joe

So naturally Joe hit the freak-out button and the community, collectively, rolled it’s eyes.

It takes a lot to get to this stage. Being one of Joe’s close friends for a number of years ,even though we’re a bit distant these days, I know his triggers and how much it takes to get him to react. What strikes as being obvious to me is Battle Bitches wanted this reaction. They wanted Joe to become so frustrated, so anxious and paranoid that like a puppet on a string he would dance the angry dance and explode his wrath upon the community. Who, from their perspective, hadn’t seen the messages and IM’s sent by Battlebitches, all they saw was Joe’s over dramatic reaction to something which didn’t appear to have done anything to deserve it.

So BB could cut open an onion and stood, hand in hand with tears in their eyes and cry the victim to a community that was all too eager to listen and leap to their defence, because well they’re just a couple of nice girls and Joe’s being unfair.

And this is what I actually wanted to talk about, In Scotland it’s called Nester Syndrome, in America it’s often referred to as the Tear Jerk reaction or the Feminist Attack and in Second Life some call it Sandy Vagina Syndrome.

The principle is that given any situation where a woman (not all woman) in an argument finds herself in a position where she is losing, tears up. Crying is socialized out of the male at a very young age and consequently, they have no grasp of what the process of crying entails. Therefore, they have no means to defend against it. Males understand crying to be a result of a stimulus causing pain. For a woman, crying is simply an arbitrary response she can have to ANYTHING. Cute animals, romantic movies, bunny rabbits, glitter, shoes and absolutely no reason are all things that can cause a woman to cry. In short, to win an argument a woman just begins crying, thus causing the man to become frozen to the spot like a incoherent child.

The result is the person not crying looks like they have wronged the person doing the crying regardless of what has transpired prior to the crying and since men associate crying with pain the automatic reaction is to comfort the cryee and assume the position of being in the wrong. Ergo the female has won the argument without any presenting any argument.

Translated into Second Life, it works out as a rather shady business practice that can very easily and often very effectively neuter a business rival and gain a lot of unquestioning supporters without them even knowing they’ve been manipulated.

Seems a little Far-fetched? Happens a lot more than you think. In fact, let’s start by losing some more friends. Vickster does it all the time, Envy Melody of E-tech does it, Rogue Harsley of Vortex did it when she was starting off her company by copybotting Tig’s old heli’s, Shana Carpool does it any time anything negative is said about her, as does Annitah Babii of AEB&W as she prints off another self congratulatory certificate to add to her wall of fake diploma’s and awards crying about oppression, as she happily copybots Cheermaster.


Also while we’re on the subject, all the names I listed above, all men.

How do I know? Because Meridas. But that’s a topic for a different discussion. One with more knives and butthurt.


Anyway back to my original point. So the situation is Battlebitches deliberately antagonised a mentally ill person, knowing he would lash out publicly so they could act offended and claim the victim so they could sell badly converted mes rips with car scripts to people who would do anything just to see a picture of some tits. Or at least this is the situation as I see it.

On the flip side I spoke to Battlebitches and gave them the chance to state things from their point of view. Actually I delayed this article for four days waiting on them. Knowing I was on the case they immediately banned me from their sim. I spoke to their admin who made the “stop rapping me” comment asking for her side of the story and some context, she denied it ever happened, then claimed it did and Joe was just attacking her for no reason and if I wanted to talk to any of the Battlebitches I would have to put in a notecard. I shoved some simple questions on a notecard and gave it to her. An hour later I got a notecard back berating me for not IM’ing them directly, so I did. No reply.

Aside from a few snarky comments Battlebitches only eventual defence was “what did Joe say? Oh yeah, no we never did that, he lies, can’t you see he’s attacking us because he’s jealous of our success!” etc etc

In fairness they claim to have downloaded their most recent models from a site that legally sells them. here is their Char 1 Bis on Turbosquid for eight bucks.

Now it may shock some of you but I’m not against this kind of thing. Though most of you are, being the amount of support the campaign against Turbosquid Downloads got from the community when it was Aeon Voom that was being accused of buying his Apache from Turbosquid, of course that campaign was fronted by Brancos Milestone and Jewels Silverbade, both women who were crying about Aeon oppressing them to dominate the market and form a monopoly (you starting to understand now?). People are free to use models they have legally acquired but there exists within an exception, which is Turbosquid.

By in thanks to the amount of noise Jewels made against Aeon Turbosquid actually updated their policy several years ago specifically citing Second Life though currently it has been changed to appear more generalised. The models Battlebitches are using come under the Standard Royalty Free license which, despite common misconception, does not mean the model is free to do with whatever you please with once you purchase, if you’ll allow me to cite you Section 7, Paragraph D on the Turbosquid Royalty Free license:

  1. Virtual Good Sales. You may NOT import, upload, reproduce, make available, publish, transmit, distribute, or sublicense Stock Media Products in Creations of virtual goods or worlds for any 3D community (“Virtual World”), unless you or your Client owns the Virtual World platform and it complies with the foregoing restrictions.

Yes gentlemen you cannot upload models to Second Life for sale under a Standard Royalty Free License. Turbosquid regularly check Second Life (thanks Jewels) so I’d not rush for pre-orders just yet.

But this is what has got me miffed. Everyone prior to this who has slapped down a bunch of badly scripted copybotted assets has done so because they want to compete but are too lazy to put in any real effort, so they download and shove in freebie scripts out of sheer laziness. Battlebitches are not lazy. Their region has a lot of effort put into it, it looks really good, is managed well and seems to be quite popular. What they have shown is they are willing to put in the effort to become serious contenders but rather than actually do the work needed they choose instead to do no work, to cheat and to bully a mentally disabled man so they could dominate the market.

And that, in my opinion, is the definition of a Cunt.

You may or may not agree, you may not even care, doesn’t matter I’m not going to force you to agree with me, what am I your mother?

You need help.

Fuck it

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