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Blatant Self-Promotion

Since nothing else is going on, unless you seriously want me to cover the SL Blue Angels as they fly around at Lowest possible speed before Stall in wavy patterns and think that’s entertaining.

I think I’m getting too old to cover the LOOK AT ME community in Eagles Nest. So instead here is me attempting and failing to do a let’s play.

Honestly it’s terrible, don’t watch it.


A final word on Bastogne

When I published “and then this other thing happened”  two things happened. My WordPress was DDOS’d, that’s denial of service to you and me, though it was just one person using Low Orbit canon so the effect lasted a few seconds (hint Script Kiddies, Low orbit cannon needs to be used in groups) I also got a number of ‘Password Reset’ notifications for both my WordPress and my Second Life accounts, suggesting someone was trying to guess my password.

More significantly a lot of people applauded me and IM’d me asking when I was going to “bring the hammer down” onto New Bastogne sending me hordes of Screenshots and chatlogs, and several (alright two) of New Bastognes admins, IM’d me pleading for mercy and desperate to prove that it had all changed.

I was getting ready to rail on Vickster for that, laugh at the hilariously failed attempt at censorship. I was going to write how the bullshit tactics employed by people like him simply don’t work and how Community Leaders don’t have nearly a fraction of the power and control they once thought they has and that this community takes a very harsh stance on any idea of Censorship.

But the thing is New Bastogne has sucked out most the interest and enthusiasm I once had for WWII Roleplay. I was once an admin there and once I did my best to support the region but to face facts the region hasn’t been good since it had the Channel/Normandy landing set-up. It’s gone from 300 active players to a measly 20 and even that is slowly falling, it burns through Allied groups faster than I do toilet paper, it has more Admins than players and the teething issues that plagued it nearly six years ago are still an issue. none of them have been fixed, not one.

There is just something so spectacularly hopeless about New Bastogne that I’ve given up even giving a fuck about it. Sure if I really wanted I could add a small section at the end of every MalQusition Article that called out Vickster on some bullshit he once did and I’d have enough material, on chatlogs alone, to last me ‘probably’ the next five years. But the reality is I just can’t find the effort to care, all of Vickster’s rants, interference and otherwise screams of desperation the “I’m Still relevant look at me!!” argument brought in the only way Vickster knows how, Aggression and intimidation.

I don’t feel mad about it all, just somewhat disappointed. Anything Bastogne has done that has been brought to my attention has never really sent me flying to my keyboard in disgust and rage, even my first article, it has always instead left me sighing deeply and wandering off the kitchen for another coffee as I mull over the idea if writing about it is even worth it anymore.

Frankly I feel people just don’t care about Bastogne anymore and why would they? Bastogne hasn’t been great in years and it’s settled happily into it’s own nest of mediocrity. Dressing up itself with new buildings slapped down into weird places that really can’t disguise just how aged the core of it is and while I would have loved to stand here and say that Bastogne has changed and that effort has been put into moving it away from the Neo-gaff that once dominated it, put simply, it hasn’t, it’s expensive wallpaper on a Trailer. A new hat for a dead horse and no matter how many times you point out the new hat, it’s still a dead horse.

And then this other thing happened…

Firstly I’d like to say a massive thankyou for the support during my last article. I honestly felt quite low after publishing it and was considering if the stress of being editor of the MalQ was genuinely worth the effort. But your comments really cheered me up, got my pen flying again and I can’t thank you guys enough, you are all awesome ❤

But for now we gotta talk about this.

So I got a few other articles planned out for publish over the next few weeks, most of them are already done aside from a few image tweaks I’m not happy about. Some rather humorous ones and one semi-serious but then last night something weird happened and I was actually dared to talk about it.

So strike while the iron is hot as my Father used to say, until he was arrested for selling Cocaine.

So I was minding my own business, fast asleep when this notice was sent out over the WWII-Players Group.



Now what did I do to deserve this?

Oh yeah, Vickster Kuhn, we remember him don’t we children. New Bastognes living God has acquired my attention several times over the past year for a number of reasons due his tendency to not only try to have his finger in as many pie’s as possible but also stir his finger in the pie and then slowly lick the pie from his fingers while making ominous “mmmm!” sounds.

Now ,aside from making you somewhat unwelcome at Dinner Parties, having your finger in so many pies and making no secret of it does make you something of a obvious suspicion when everything goes tits up specially when someone like me gets winds of it.

I’m not sure what caused Vickster to suddenly hit the !Panic! button, it might have been that last article of mine where I summed up an event that happened over a year ago that so happened to be the first topic I covered in fresh pink-eyed baby MalQusition and happened to point out that Vickster attempted to Sledgehammer Censor the entire thing by banning anyone who spoke about it.

Or it could be about what is currently happening in the Gulf, which we will talk about another day.

Regardless what triggered this madness Vickster followed it up with Cheese in my in-box. In which you will note he grants me permission to Publish in spite of it being an IM:



He’s going to expose Joe…..

Expose Joe doing what exactly? I’m actually racking my brains to come up with anything they might possibly have on Joe Sparrow then I remembered a while back I did an article on a group of people called the Battle Bitches where I pointed out that for the WWII Community Joe Sparrow is the go-to guy if you wish to justify your anger or promote your business because Joe is heavily Autistic and has a tendency to publicly lash out with badly thought out attack statements if provoked in IM’s.

I assume the “Let’s Poke Joe so he screams at us and we can play the Victim” tactic is still the only thing written on the New Bastogne Ad Homien Whiteboard.

I do like that he’s “not wasting the effort” to expose me. I assume he tried but couldn’t find anything. I mean he’s already proclaiming that I use this blog to lie and promote Joe Sparrow an Astral-Tek which would be difficult to prove since BB aside, which wasn’t a promotion more an exposition, I’ve only reviewed one of Joe’s products and I gave it a bad review. Aeon I tore to shit  and I’ve given more promotion to Drusillia Saunders than I ever have Tank.

BlueWorks, Shana and Battle Bitches are their own worst enemy, engaging in underhanded politicly motivated tactics to harm others, promote themselves and continue to do so even after being exposed is more likely the reason these companies are loosing sales as opposed to anything they think I’ve done to them.

But maybe they have a point, maybe I give my “friends” too much airtime on the MalQusition and maybe I am a little biased against people like Shana without ever really explaining in any detail why I dislike them, that is the Company Shana not the person.


BUT then again I didn’t pay the SL Newser to review one of my friends products…


And then publicly defend my friend and their work when people started to point out that the review was heavily biased and the plane was in fact awful


I also don’t run a WWII RP region filled with SS Solders wearing Nazi Memorabilia that screams “no politics” yet performs ‘just because’ parades every year on the 20th of April which just so happens to be Hitler’s Birthday.




I also don’t send people threatening IM’s when I lose a fight.



[06:12:53] Vickster Kuhn: what the fuck next time you quit you’ll be a field marshal
[06:13:01] Sephiroth Reiner: i was field marshal last time -.-
[06:13:14] Sephiroth Reiner: and besides its upto me what rank i am if im leader of a group
[06:13:22] Vickster Kuhn: yeah
[06:13:57] Vickster Kuhn: its all up to you, how you act, what you’ll suffer, how much effort you put in
[06:14:01] Sephiroth Reiner: and im not an idiot, im here for fun and to fight im not here to argue with you or anyone…im trying to have fun and you damn well know i’ve never cheated at all, and personally vickster on the battlefield or off the battlefield i don’t hate you
[06:14:39] Vickster Kuhn: you do alot of the things you complained about when other people did them and don’t you dare deny it
[06:14:52] Sephiroth Reiner: okay, i admit it, but that was AGES ago
[06:15:01] Vickster Kuhn: fuck you
[06:15:01] Sephiroth Reiner: i’ve mellowed out now and just letting things take their course
[06:15:03] Vickster Kuhn: eat shit
[06:15:09] Vickster Kuhn: go fuck yourself
[06:15:15] Sephiroth Reiner: i dont hold anything against you.
[06:15:16] Vickster Kuhn: you are a piece of shit
[06:15:26] Vickster Kuhn: i don’t are what you do
[06:16:01] Vickster Kuhn: you ungrateful bastard
[06:16:19] Vickster Kuhn: i want you to leave and i don’t ever want you back
[06:16:35] Sephiroth Reiner: when i havent even broken any of the sim rules?
[06:17:29] Vickster Kuhn: you hypocrytical self righteous lying piece of shit don’t waste my time with that crap
[06:17:46] Sephiroth Reiner: vickster wtf, im not even doing anything wrong ffs
[06:17:52] Vickster Kuhn: you fucking cheated
[06:17:55] Sephiroth Reiner: how?
[06:17:56] Vickster Kuhn: you know you did
[06:17:59] Sephiroth Reiner: explain how i cheated


[22:31] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): so in other words
[22:31] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): a sera otoro monopoly
[22:31] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): here’s the deal dude
[22:31] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): we have to set a limit somewhere
[22:31] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): well why don’t you limit those totally overpowered guns instead
[22:31] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): not the fair ones
[22:32] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): it’s a step
[22:32] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): the wrong direction
[22:32] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): this is modified vice
[22:32] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): let me guess
[22:32] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): so its already something we have a problem with
[22:32] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): no shush
[22:32] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): sera is paying for this sim to still exist
[22:32] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): so you give in
[22:32] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): right?
[22:33] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): sera
[22:33] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): never paid me a dime
[22:33] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you
[22:33] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): never paid me a dime
[22:33] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): so fuck all y’all
[22:34] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): understand that?
[22:34] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): cause you don’t know shit
[22:34] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): and you definitely don’t know me
[22:34] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): look
[22:34] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): Cody
[22:34] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): fuck you
[22:35] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): chill
[22:35] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): we’re all friends here anyway
[22:35] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): no we’re not
[22:35] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): alright, if you say so
[22:35] Edward A. Hines (edwardahines): I mean no harm
[22:35] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): you don’t know me
[22:35] Vickster Freiin von Kühn (vickster.kuhn): don’t fuck with me


I don’t send my friend’s business competitors threatening messages either.

vick 2

vick 3


And, probably worst of all. My “Trusted Admins” haven’t been Banned from SL for Age Play….


alb 2






…Had a statue built to “honour his sacrifice”…



…And then invited him back when he re-created his account so he could continue to operate his “Hitler Youth” Group.




To which he still operates to this day, still dressed as a child avatar.

So, if Vickster Kuhn is reading this and I am quite sure he is I part the following advice. before you try digging up other peoples closets in search of skeletons, maybe best to make sure you don’t have one or two in yours.



Some stuff I need you to know

Arguably the point of this blog is not to summarise the news or even simply to broadcast my opinion, well it is really but let’s pretend for a moment I have a soul. Part of the main reason I set up this blog was to create Drama. There I said it, Happy now?

Hear me out ok because it’s not as bad as you think it is.

However dirty a word “Drama” may be it is something of a miss-understood term in our internet society originally used to describe arguments fought with mass numbers of people that took the terms of the arguments original logic to the extreme levels of insanity.

Drama today basically means inconvenience. Opinions spoken aloud in public are statements, statements require facts and/or clearly thought out logic to back up and when a person obtains neither but makes their statement known anyway the reaction of others, specially those with different opinions or who know better, tends to be less than a hail of agreement. Which is what the statementee was looking for anyway. So naturally when the opposite happens and people start to disagree the intended recepiant goes on the defensive, either by repeating what they just said and attempting to dis-credit their counter-parts to make their position seem stronger or ,in most cases, by screaming “Drama!” and storming off.

The latter seeming to be the most common.

This in turn is enforced by the never-ending ranks of people ,who never seem to participate in the SL Aviation Group’s non-dramatic discussions but, feel the need to immediately scream Drama, complain about the management of the Community, mutter something about how it never used to be like this (which is Bullshit of the highest degree) and then dramatically storm out. Often ,in more cases than one, causing more drama than the original statement.

This has led to some pretty odd occurrences around SL Aviation in that “Drama Avoidance” seems to have become something of a top priority for several Group owners and actual Community Leaders (not those fake CL’s we’ll be talking about next article) which means there are numerous SL Aviation satellite and copycat groups set-up purely as Drama Free discussion zones.

Even in SL Aviation Group itself the idea of Drama has become such a terrifying thing that avoidance measures have been considered and even a discussion on Rules was set-up as if Drama was some sort of plague or natural disaster that must be prevented at all costs.

Of course I believe that Drama, that is to say Over-Dramatical Arguments beyond reason should be avoided. But regular old Drama, that is to say Debate, arguments, discussions. They need to happen.

I’ve already pointed out the benefits of Open Debate in “so then this happened” so let me just re-iterate my point. Drama, that is to say discussion of ones opinions, is a good thing. It lets us see a multiple range of opinions as well as assist in creating an idea of what really happened in any situation and exposes people from trying to turn the situation to their political advantage by manipulating and changing the story.

We live in a Community where disagreeing with someone’s opinion is discouraged in order to prevent Drama. Something I can’t help feel is very 1984 Orwellian and wrong. of course No-Drama rules is a comfort to people who do not like having their opinion challenged, who believe that they’ve already thought long and hard on the subject, come to an intelligent solution so no further input from anyone else is required and anyone who disagrees has either clearly not thought things through or is just trying to cause drama.

Of course if everyone agreed with everything we said then how would we ever learn? Disagreement and challenges to our thought process encourages us to change our opinion and the way we view the world around us, letting us develop as a people. Forcing people to agree with everything is not only dictatorial but only encourages  sheep-like behaviour, where we never challenge authority and believe everything we are told.

Into that steps this weird ass blog that you are currently reading so don’t complain. By providing alternate viewpoints and careful explanation on why some people are obviously trying to manipulate things to their advantage I hope to breed a generation of people that do not simply take the easier sheep route of agreeing with everything they hear (and then complaining about Drama when others disagree) but questions what they are being told. not necessarily going out of their way to investigate or antagonising people over it, but simply remaining sceptical and keeping an open mind to alternate viewpoints.

Essentially not allowing themselves to be manipulated. Question things, if someone tells you something, question it, think it over, question the logic, question yourself, question me, keep an open mind and never think for a moment anyone who claims to be doing it “for the good of the community” actually means it.


With that in mind I want to talk about McDonalds.

Sometime ago you may have seen this picture.


The now infamous Pink Goo video showing something which was credited as being “What McDonalds chicken nuggets are really made from”. Newspapers, blogs, journalists and opportunistic freaks leapt on it, the story was everywhere and McDonalds received endless complaints, bad press and suffered a 5% drop in sales.

It was so bad that McDonalds actually produced a series of video’s explaining that this Pink Goo was in no-way related to them. We’re going to look at one of them:

In this video we see two people, one is a Manager for McDonalds so we’ll ignore her and instead concentrate on the other person Sheri N. from Saskatoon.

Sheri is blonde, pretty, easy on the eye and carries off everything with a slightly confused but innocent tone. In the four and a half minute video we are shown the two discussing the Pink Goo scandal and are told, several times, it’s nothing but nonsense and to prove it we’re going to look at a Chicken Nugget under a microscope.

The team head off to the nearest McDonalds restaurant and pick up some packs of frozen McNuggets as well as several cooked ones then zip off to a laboratory that immediately states it is not affiliated with the McDonalds corporation under any circumstances.

So the team look at a McNugget under a Microscope and surprise surprise, no pink Goo. They conclude it is indeed made from 100% chicken breast and so ends the video after a brief conclusion where Token Blonde confides she is happy with the news because she goes to McDonalds and eats Nuggets.

To the Layman pretty convincing stuff, I mean we saw the Nugget under a microscope and that’s top quality science right there and it was direct from their restaurant and verified from an independent lab so McDonalds couldn’t have interfered in anyway, could they?

If you’ve learned anything then yes, you should be questioning this video and the logic it claims. Firstly chicken is Pink when uncooked, not white, so the fact that when saw under a microscope there is no visible pink stuff is because in both cases of the cooked and frozen nuggets the chicken as already been cooked to some degree and thus wouldn’t be shown as pink.

The Laboratory shown as being “an independent lab” basically means they are a lab for Hire and were most likely hired by McDonalds to show exactly what they wanted to be shown or do you honestly think Sheri from Saskatoon, Canada can afford to pay for the services of a Private Laboratory and all it’s support staff for two weeks?

Next we must look at the logic given by the Labs QA Manager Susan Bigg. She states that the meat in the Nugget was consistent with showing the same results as they would expect in Chicken breast. Note this does not mean it is chicken breast, just showing the same results.

her reasons for this are as follows

  1. The Iron content of the Meat was Low. Good that means it’s not Pork. Doesn’t mean anything, chicken is low in Iron. In this same reason she also states that you’d find a lot of Iron in blood. Note she repeats the line that the iron was “quite” low. Quite is not a unit of measurement and what is she comparing it too? After all in comparison to a Human you’d find “quite” a bit less blood in a chicken, but in comparison to a Stone “Quite” a bit more. She also never states that NO blood was found.
  2. Titanium Dioxide was not detected: Ok so they don’t whitening the meat? No they don’t whiten the meat with Titanium Dioxide. There are other products on the market (available wholesale) that do the same job Azodicarbonamide for example which you’ll often find in Dough and cereal or Benzoyl peroxide which is found in Toothpaste and is used to treat Acne. But at least there is no Titanium.
  3. There was a higher level of Calcium in the Nugget. Uh Oh, you think they’ve found something here naughty naughty, too much calcium suggests…nothing, the Lab concludes the breading is the reason for the High Calcium, besides calcium is good for you, even an idiot knows that, you find it in milk, it’s good for children and great for developing strong bones, you need a lot of calcium. So this “red flag” is actually a win for McDonalds, they just got away with claiming their food is healthy for you.
  4. The Bone Particle test: In 1995, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service concluded that bone particles less than 1 cm are not a safety hazard: Note she states “Nothing detected” which is not the same as “No Bones detected” in fact she moves on very quickly from this. “Nothing detected” could equally mean nothing Hazardous detected which means the test could have found bone but nothing above the 1cm rule. In fact the test commonly used in these types of situations cannot physically detect anything below 7mm in length and accurately identify it as bone. So again this means nothing.
  5. Microscopy came next. Again rather than directly state the results she says “everything found in the Nugget you’d expect to see in the Breast meat of chicken” thus proving the chicken is not ground up. Right? Wrong. Never once are we given an example of what you’d actually expect to see in chicken breast. In Britain for example “Parts of the carcase” is still considered “Chicken Breast” so long as it doesn’t take up more than 15% of the product. So (in Britain at least) 15% of the chicken used in McNugget (not 15% of the entire nugget) could contain egg shells, bones, gristle, fat, eyes, face or whatever before it became anywhere near “Inconclusive” with chicken meat.

And so ends the video. At no point are we told the differences between chicken breast meat or meat you’d find anywhere else on a chicken and ,though their testing sounds scientific, the way the results are explained leave a lot to be desired. Certainly if Susan Bigg stood up at a serious Food Science conference and delivered results in the same manner she did in the video she would be laughed out the room.

Keep in mind there was never anything conclusive ever going to be produced from taking Nuggets to a Lab. had they gone to the factory where nuggets were made and shown the process, things could have probably been more conclusive.

So that leaves us with the question. Is the pink goo really a McDonalds Nugget?

Probably Not. The image is supposed to show what is called Re-conditioned chicken (essentially what you hose off the abattoir floor at the end of the night and compress into a small cube) but in most countries, specially in Europe McDonalds would have to declare that their chicken is from re-conditioned meat and since they don’t then the pink goo is most likely not their product.

Also keep in mind the multiple health and safety violations seen in the picture. Health and Safety laws regarding chicken, most specially raw chicken, are so strict that an entire restaurant can be closed down if it breaches even just one of the minor ones. If the above picture was indeed ever chicken, pouring it into a carboard box to be made ready for consumption would have the factory shut down before the picture had even finished uploading.

McDonalds produced several other video’s including one where they visit a McNugget factory. if you really want you could look these out and discover yourself where the fallacies lie. Or even if there is any and the whole thing is simply an act of Hysteria.

Regardless these video’s do show a great example of how Propaganda works. Not by feeding you false information but by presenting what appears to be credible information that plays on your ignorance to go and check up on exactly what they are talking about, removing parts of the full story that would show them in a bad light and presenting strengths as thinly disguised acts of admission.


With all that in mind it is time to Experiment.

Firstly you know my mission is to change SL Aviation’s Sheep into thinkers. To prevent them from being easily manipulated by the “Community Leaders” I seemed to have waged a personal war against. You know I incite Drama, you know why.

You also know how to identify a common case of Propaganda and how people try to abuse the fact that the average person won’t check facts too thoroughly or be fooled answers which satisfy the “sounds about right” logic.

So this time rather than present an argument, my opinion on it and inviting you to state your opinion via the comments we’re going to play a small experiment called do it your fucking self.

Basically I want to see how successful I’ve become in turning people into thinkers.

This is Tam McGregor’s Blog. One of several pop-up blogs that appeared in the wake of Tig’s Crop Duster plane issue. Tam’s third article details Tig’s MD-900 being a download and his evidence seems pretty conclusive. Tig has suffered a lot from this article, daily harassment, abuse and ,rather ironically, a blockade proposed by the Pro-Dani crowd.

So rather than me explaining things to you I want to see if you can work it all out by yourself. I’ve given you the tools, you have the smarts. Now put them together. I think McGregor is an idiot, he thinks he is right. One of us is wrong, you work it out and we’ll discuss this next time.


Pass Go.


…Which led to this…

I’ve been in-dated with IM’s recently regarding Tig’s new product the AT-802 Air Tractor.

Tig Airtractor_001

Tig is better known for her Helicopters so Spijkers and Wingtips branded Airplanes are something of a rarity and often highly anticipated. Having teased everyone for months sitting in the corner at HLT Airfield in Honah Lee Trudeau the final announcement of it’s completion and public release at the (moderately cheap) price of L$ 1,700 got everyone so excited we briefly forgot that we all hate each other.

Unless of course you’re Me or any one of the “Anti-Dani group” in which case the very day this was made available for sale we started to receive weird trolly messages concerning why Dani planes weren’t allowed at certain airports which always ended with “But Tig downloads so why can’t Dani?”. Soon those messages grew in number, a crowd became a storm and a storm became a flood which brings us to today.

Last night I received 20 IM’s from people all with accusations that Tig was a downloader. Most had empty threats but almost all of them had the same proof. The same link to the same website and the same images.

Tig proof

The thing is this was not news to me. I was already very much aware of this website and this specific model and, with help from several others in the “anti-Dani camp” we were able to confirm that Tig’s AT-802 and the 802 shown on this website share the same wireframe components. Essentially Tig’s AT-802 is downloaded and this would seem to be the source. So Tig’s a hypocrite, banning discussion of users who download models while using one herself an open and shut case right? Of course not, read on dear reader for there is more to this story than most people would like you to know.

The amount of attention this story has been trying to get has raised some interesting issues of it’s own. Aside from the excessive amount of IM’s I’ve received regarding this several “blogs” have also been created with the “Hypocrisy of SL Builders” as their only intended story and there is now a group in SL that has been created with the specific goal of giving this story as much attention as physically possible and my own blogs Spam filter has been going crazy as an ever increasing number of people attempt to post the exact same copy-paste comment highlighting Tig’s “Hippocratic” behaviour.

Tig herself has been IM’d by numerous interested parties with threats, all demanding Tig “do something” or else they will go public with this story, blackmail essentially, quite a serious crime and not something experienced by anyone else accused of downloading which, aside from flipping the “hyipocrosy” accusation on it’s head does leave us with one question:

Since most of these actions seemed to come from obvious Dani Supporters I would like to know what exactly is their point in aggressively exposing Tig like this?

   Does Dani download and essentially use copybotting to create his products and that’s ok because others also do it?


   Is downloading wrong and those who do it should be punished?

Keep in mind these two statements contradict each other and you cannot agree to both. And can we please have no more “Oh I don’t care what I fly and this is all stupid LOL” comments please, if you took time out to read this article and comment then you DO care and therefore you are lying to me and I don’t appreciate it.

If you genuinely don’t care then here is Starbuckk Serapis’s review of Carollynn85’s PC-6. Released 26th of December to which this whole drama is rather overshadowing.


The other question regarding this is why wait till now? The AT-802 has been on display for several months, wireframes and all, in public at Honah Lee Trudeau. Yet instead of immediately exposing this, it would seem that whoever first found the AT-802 displayed on the webpage above specifically waited until the aircraft had gone up for sale then released the information to the public, specifically to a group of people who would make the most noise and create the most drama over it.

Add to that the threats and from a different perspective this would almost seem like an attempt at character assassination. Upon hearing that the product she was selling was a download Tig was horrified. Her initial reaction was to immediately pull the item from sale and tender her resignation as group owner to the SL Aviation Group and I cannot help but shake the feeling that this is perhaps what the long term goal of this entire thing was.

Tig after all has caved to public pressure before, back when she had a CFM server covered here and again prior to that when she quickly changed her mind over the banning of “Dani Downloads” as a topic for discussion in the SL Aviation group. It would seem, in my opinion, that someone is once again attempting to force Tig into changing her mind on something through means of harassment and threatening behaviour.

So it would be fairly reasonable to assume that this person would be pretty embarrassed, considering the amount of trouble they have gone through to blow this story out of proportion, if it turned out that Tig’s AT-802 was in fact NOT downloaded.

Well. Trust Tig to go and spoil the big reveal.

AT802 Model and Confusion
I recently receive an IM from TrinetyLegon that the AT802 model was the same as from a free model sharing website (, showing me two pictures (AT802 S&W Model version 1 and 2) as evidence.
I talked to Sylvira about it and we both were genuinely shocked and immediately went to work to replace the model with a new update 2.0 that in the end turned out better than the original with less Li.
In short Syl received the model from a friend saying she could use it without any implications.
The model was in a poor state, so Syl only took the main fuselage (including the glass), water tank and floats.
Cut them in half cleaned up the model and re-mapped and textured it.

Both Sylvira and myself made a huge mistake and we immediately sought to correct this huge blunder.
We worked day and night to replace the model and update it with version 2.

Anyone is of course invited to view and compare the new model at my store in Second Life

I’ve also given TrinetyLegon my email address so she can pass this on to the original creator to contact me for my sincere apologies.

Tig Spijkers

Yeah. For those not in the know Tig does none of her own building, she hires third party contractors to do most of it for her then does the scripting. Her friend Sylvira was handed an unfinished AT-802 model by a friend and told she could use it. So they finished it off only to find her Sly’s friend had got it off someone else who had finally finished the model and put it up for sale.

Realising their mistake they quickly removed the offending parts, re-did most of the model and updated the Aircraft. The 2.0 version no longer uses any copyrighted parts from the ShareCG model and is, to my satisfaction, an original model.

And that’s it, an honest mistake, a simple fix and an apology from Tig. No conspiracy, no hypocrisy, no back room dealings in dimly lit area’s where everyone smokes. Just a bunch of idiots who thought they had the opportunity to finally kill off Tig Spikers and leapt into the fire a little too quickly.


Of course I assume all the blogs that were set-up to make sure this story went public will be updated to reflect the new information presented here and will do their best to hunt down and expose those people who do sell ripped products and are not so apologetic about it.

Somehow I doubt it.

Lack of Content Update

I’d like to apologize for the lack of content, recently my Real Life took a turn for the worst and I’ve not been in the correct frame of mind to make any articles.

I will start posting again soon but for now consider me on Holiday at the Shitsvillie Inn down in the deepest darkest pits of Fuck.

Another Day another Mesh Ripper

I have another couple of articles in the works but as you would expect Real Life pops up when least expected and demands you pay the toll. Until then here’s another person putting freebie scripts into Flight Simulator models and pass them off as their own work.

Wireframes are a perfect match, a few modifications have been made around the cockpit, some details have been replaced with flat images a few panels mixed around bu otherwise a perfect match.

Oh and we’ve already contacted the original creator incase they purchased a Retail Licence, they haven’t.

Subject Bell 212 FSX

Dear Cera,

I would be interested in your terms and conditions to resell your products on Second Life as scripted models. The notion comes from seeing that someone else is doing just that.

Best Regards,



Cera Sim support <>
4:21 PM (41 minutes ago)

to me
Hi A****,

this Copy is illegal, they don’t have any permission for commercial use.

Hello Cera Sim Team,

I thought as much and wanted to bring this to your attention.
I hope you will file a DMCA Take Down Notice to Linden Labs to stop this sort of practice.

Best Regards,


Not that you’d want to buy it anyway. at L$2,900 you get the following script time Script info: ‘AeroFly Bell-212 fuse mod 01′: [78/78] running scripts, 4992 KB allowed memory size limit, 0.305777 ms of CPU time consumed.’

Meaning you’d have better luck trying to cross a Sim Border by charging at it backwards with your ass in the air trying to hold a jelly in your hand bouncing on a pogostick while trying to write that Novel you’d always promised yourself you would.

Discuss quietly among yourselves

A Rope of Sand

I’m not sure why this always happens to me. Perhaps it was because I skipped home from work 10 minutes early because it was one of the hottest days in Scotland*1. Maybe it was because I forgot the pearls of eating Icecream without a shirt on, or perhaps it was because I happened to spot my shirtless bod in a Mirror and notice that the 6-pack I haven’t seen since I was 19 was very (very, very) slightly making a comeback and threw up my arms screaming “Yay” only to remember I was holding icecream.

Very, Very cold Icecream.

Either way when I logged into SL, ready for a weekend of pissing about reviewing the Cubey Atom, I had angered a God.

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): oh mal dont know what im mentioned in your note. we are far from ever gone
Jayson Zorric: howdy\
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): and you might want to get some of your infor straight.
Mal (malcious.vuckovic): You haven’t been seen in nearly two full years
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): im not on your friends list so how would you see me
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): and we have been on
Mal (malcious.vuckovic): You announced, to incredible fanfair that you were moving in with Jayson and leaving SL
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): but like i said get your facts straight would make for good reporting to be accurate

This was only the start, for over half an hour Jewels dominated the SL Aviation channel demanding that I “get my facts right” and that I was deliberately lying with Slanderous intent to cause Drama, cause Slanderous Drama, be Dramatically Slanderous and Slanderously Dramatic. Her issues? This Blog, specifically my last article, specifically this line

“Once stood shoulder to shoulder alongside the now long gone Jewels Silverbade and her husband Jayson in condemning Aeon Voom and his company AMOK for allegedly using assets downloaded from Turbosquid in their mesh Helicopters and tanks.”

Yup, that’s it. Despite

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): i have not spoken in sl avaiation in years

Jewels was insistent that she and her Husband were still active in the Community and just as relevant as today’s big builders because her Region stayed open for six months after she closed it nearly four years ago.

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): we kept the sim open for six months after we moved it
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): i close dthe sim in december <redacted>*2 (2011)

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): we are still here and actively building
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): on other accounts

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): next time try to get the story straight if you are going to call it news
Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): great then try not to mention me in your drama hacking schemes them pls

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): tell you what to give you a fair chance.  since im a person of many chances  when we do we will let you know.  meanwhile we build in private.

Eventually she calmed down, it took nearly an hour and the efforts of four admins but the odd life of SL Aviation was allowed to continue and the chat eventually moved onto Aircraft and Toilet Brushes.

Jewels has been granted Notice powers in which to reply to me, as a comment on this blog is outwith her capability.

Jewels Zorric (jewels.silverblade): nah i dont post things outside of sl

Thus presumably if she hears the phone ring she rushes to her computer and logs into SL to answer it.

In essence I don’t really care about Jewels, she very clearly hadn’t read the article and presumed it was all about her. She had been told by someone that she was mentioned and dove straight into the SL Aviation channel to cause Drama then accuse everyone else of causing drama.

Knowing her from my past ,when I was an Admin at NATO, Jewels lives in her own world and views everything around her in a very special way only she can see and there is very little ,almost nothing, that can drag her out of it, it’s best we just smile, nod and then move quickly and quietly to a safe distance.

So I apologize and have corrected the line in question with something far more factually accurate.

Jewels Silverblade is still active in the community and wishes you all to know that she is back building again but would like to remind you all that she doesn’t want people to know that she is in SL building in private and has asked that we don’t talk about her but remember to mention that she is still around.

*1 Because I live in Scotland, not because I base my personal life choices on the Celtic Weather System

*2 Personal Real Life Information

The Great Second Life Temper Tantrum.

When I started this newspaper blog last week I did so during the greatest SL temper tantrum since Warships started appearing in the Blake Sea.
The issue of downloaded aircraft has been a hot topic since the first mesh aircraft began hitting the market place and recently it spiked due to an alliance of airport owners and builders issuing ,what has been described as, a blockade against proven downloaded aircraft, disallowing the vendors at certain airfields or even banning the aircraft from landing altogether.

This has sparked a massive backlash and the man who lead the campaign, Tank Kwaszes, finds himself one of the most hated men in the community.
Something I found rather ironic since the same people who lead the campaign against him, once stood shoulder to shoulder alongside the currently secretly publicly hiding Jewels Silverbade and her husband Jayson in condemning Aeon Voom and his company AMOK for allegedly using assets downloaded from Turbosquid in their mesh Helicopters and tanks. That was later proven to be a false claim, yet for years, even as the various AMOK builders proved otherwise, “Aeon Downloads to make Money” was preached as Factual and anyone who disagree was shrugged off as being part of some monopoly against true, honest builders.

Now the opposite seems to be occurring, the rather desperate sounding protest rallies from the anti-blockade camp call for honest, true builders to stop trying to form a monopoly and allow people to download and steal whatever they want without consequence and be expected an equal share of the market.

And for the longest time I couldn’t understand why anyone would support this.
I originally assumed thus was because of the.some basic argument put forward by Dogs on the Run last year “but it’s a nice plane and I want it, why can’t I have it?” Which is what young children say when they are caught stealing.
But it seems its a little more in depth.
The reason this bizarre and pointless protest has any ground to stand on is pure and deliberate miss-information. talking about the protest or even the products that are banned is forbidden in the SL Aviation channel, something I feel is wrong, and it has allowed the anti embargo camp to use the Orwellian excuse of censorship and persecution to control what the public knows about the situation. This allowed them to paint a completely fictitious picture of the aviation community and the dark evil masterminds that are coming to control what you spend your money on.

So until recently the Pro camp hasn’t yet had a chance to publicly address peoples concerns specifying why they can’t fly certain planes, specifically Dani_Weapon planes. Since no-one cares about E-tech who’s planes use freebie example scripts or Fastronics who’s Huey is the first result in Google when you type “free 3d Huey Model” or even Aneta Babii who’s perfectly obvious downloads from HAWX models uses the same scripts as E-tech. Nope it’s all about Dani.

It’s almost odd how Airports, Aviation groups and even RP Charter Airlines have all came out in support, not of Anti-Blockade, but in support of Dani Weapons. Now his display models are everywhere, as is his Logo, his group has doubled in size and entire airports have been constructed (always often towering over Pro-Blockade airports) as “Dani Ports” with the usual cavalcade of Dance Parties, Sploders and bots designed to increase traffic, while his fans pour fourth into Alcoholic Anonymous style meetings where they cry a bit, get angry and try to convince themselves that they are doing this “for the community”.

No such attention or affection is attended to E-Tech or Aneta yet we are told, and expected to believe, that this is most defiantly not a Marketing Ploy, absolutely not, the other creators effected by this blockade are equally as important, just Dani sells the planes we like and we’re not allowed to use them anymore and that makes you a bad person.

Not that it’s all about people not being allowed to use their favorite toy because it’s stolen and deliberately inflating a rather dull topic to migraine enduing political levels for purely selfish means, it’s not that at all, it’s all about the community. Promise.

The arguments for the blockade are ,in comparison, very concrete if a little scary. Regions such as Jeogeot and the Blake sea as well as aviation groups such as Flying Tigers and DOR are all supported by true builders who put the lions share of the money they make back into the community to support Aviation community projects. When you buy an aircraft from a true builder you are directly supporting the community and projects they invest in, even if its rental for their vendor its still supporting an airport.

Your also supporting , and encouraging, new builders to get into the scene.

By supporting people who download we encourage the concept to people who care only about money who support nothing and can afford to undercut the competition and push products onto the market as fast as they can Google search. In turn this leads to a loss of true builders as old ones feel they can no longer afford to spend time on products which sell poorly and the various projects they support start to die off leaving the downloaders with a true monopoly meaning they can finally push up those prices and if there is no competition then why bother including those extra paint jobs when the ones included in the download will do just nicely, why bother filling in an interior when the download didn’t in include one, why bother making working landing gear when its easier just to aloha them out etc etc.
What we end up with eventually, as the current protesters feared back in 2010, is an aviation community that is forced to use inferior, expensive products sold by people who are simply out to make as much money as possible. Where new and upcoming builders and forced out of the market by people who are free to rip their mesh and resell it at a reduced cost.

This scenario ,aptly called the Walmart Scenario, seems a little far fetched and many would consider it a laughable concept, but think of it in a different way.

If you spent a full year of your life coding yourself an App, stuck it out on the market and Apple came along and said “nice App” then made a perfect 100% copy, stuck it on the market at a lower cost and made themselves a small fortune while you received nothing, would you be angry? Would you consider that theft? or would you shrug and say “well I guess if people like it then it’s ok”

Outlaw Acker passes away.

Posted on behalf of Debbie Carminucci over the SL Aviation group notice.

[12:46] Debbie Carminucci: I lost about my oldest friend in sl today Outlaw OHare, later on known as Outlaw Acker. He was a great guy and he really was one that was responsible for helping to promote flying and sailing in sl in the Blake Sea region. I helped him with Pirate Air when it was in the Blake Sea and other locations. I will miss his great voice, his confidence, and all of his advice he gave me. He is one of those types of guys that you never will be able to replace. Rest in Peace John, now you are out of pain and sailing onto the water of Lake Michigan you so loved.


Outlaw Acker was the founder of Pirate Air, a flying club which used to sit on what is now Honah Lee Surf many many years ago. He quit following a disagreement with Nikki Wylder who he had been a long time supporter of. Not to be dismayed he recently set about trying to re-build the Pirate Air group but sadly passed away before his dream could become real.

He will be missed dearly by his friends.

outlaw acker