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Why would you contact us? We’re mad and probably bad for your Health, still at your own risk here is how you contact us.

Submit Articles:
To Submit an Article that you have written please contact Malcious Vuckovic in-world. Copy/Paste everything into a notecard and shove it in his face. Since Mal is mostly tired or drunk, please include a small note explaining what it is your sending.
Please note all articles must be relevant in some way to Second Life Naval, Aviation or RP Period Combat. They must be factual and contain actual facts about facts that are crammed full of vitamin facts (which you can back up if questioned) and not be biased, slanderous or an advertisement.
The MalQusition reserves it’s right to pull any Article for whatever reason.

We always try but sometimes we get stuff wrong.
If we’ve gotten something tits up contact the Editor at explaining the article in question, the area’s you feel we are incorrect, the corrections you feel should be made as well as any evidence you feel are required.
We can’t guarantee we will make the changes if we feel our version is accurate however we reserve the right to report an “Alternative View” to events.

If you wish to Advertise with us, please contact Malcious Vuckovic in-world with a notecard explaining what you want, or we can meet for coffee.
Our rates for advertisement vary depending on what you want and we are always required to label paid articles as advertisements.

All complaints must be in writing. Our Address is:

Biffa Waste Management Services
Complaints Dept.
Coronation Road,
High Wycombe,
HP12 3TZ