Links to sites that ain’t ours.
How dare you.

The SL Aviation Wiki
A standard Wiki for all things Aviation in Second Life, it can be a little outdated at times but it remains a very good source of information.

The SL Aviation Channel on Youtube
Youtube video’s relating specifically to Aviation in Secondlife, if the name wasn’t already a major give-a-way. Plays hosts to the somewhat popular SL Aviation Magazine, a light hearted Youtube series covering what DOR does on weekends.

The Second Life Wiki
According to Linden Labs, when Second Life users get together on voice and chat, the conversation inevitably turns to Anal Fisting.

The SL Newser
Moderately entertaining News Articles that span the width and breath of Second Life covering all manner of Nice things. Regardless if you read the Newser or not you do have to be impressed at the scale in which they operate.

WaterBank News
A Newspaper style blog that covers various goings on in a number of communities, does it all in snappy short articles, kept me amused for hours.

Steve Cavers: Metaverses, VR, Food and Writing
If you don’t know who this guy is you need to turn in your Pilots Card.

Second Life AirmenShip
Occasional Rants and Product reviews mixed in with some more serious Pilots Knowledge stuff.

Starbuckk’s Blog
Inoffensive but worthwhile product reviews and general meanderings. Good fun.